Episode 344: How to Get Everything You Want in Life

Ever wonder how you can develop laser focus so you can be as successful as Wholesaling Inc’s very own Tom Krol? You’re in luck cause in this special episode, Tom himself will share the tips and tricks that has helped him master focus and enjoy massive success!

While several key factors have contributed to Tom’s monumental success in the wholesaling world, there is one component that ranks high on his list: laser focus.

Make no mistake about it, developing laser focus is no easy feat. The good news is there are several proven ways to develop laser focus so you can take your wholesaling business to the next level and achieve pretty much everything you want in life!

Today’s episode is short but it’s loaded with so many gold nuggets that can dramatically improve your productivity, enhance your focus, and help you get ahead of the pack. Have a pen and paper handy. You have plenty of awesome (and proven!) tips and tricks to take note of!

Key Takeaways

  • What the 50-10-50 rule is and how it works
  • Great book on focus that he recommends
  • What a “brain dump” is and how it’s done
  • Possible setbacks people will experience when they use the 50-10-50 rule and how to address them
  • How doing a countdown can help you beat procrastination
  • What the “shiny object syndrome” is and how to overcome it
  • Why it pays to have a “someday, maybe” folder
  • The game-changing book he recommends and refers to all the time
  • The importance of seeking discomfort when prioritising tasks


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