Episode 340: How To CRUSH IT In 2020 With Chris Jefferson

WI 340 | Wholesaling


Are you ready to dominate the wholesaling world this 2020? If so, you can’t miss today’s awesome episode!

On the show, Cody interviewed Chris Jefferson, a successful wholesaler (he averages at least 70 deals per year!) from Richmond, Virginia. Aside from being a prolific wholesaler, Chris also has significant real estate experience under his belt. In fact, he has tried several aspects of real estate, including fix and flips and wholetailing.

Ever the go-giver, Chris never held back and candidly shared many of the techniques that are currently working in the market right now. Not only that, he also provided real-time value and feedback so you can get your wholesaling efforts off to an exceptional and profitable start!


How To CRUSH IT In 2020 With Chris Jefferson

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