Episode 337: Wholesaling Dynamic Duo Does 6-Figure Deals

WI 337 | Delegating


To say wholesaling is a highly lucrative business is an understatement. If truth be told, many wholesalers have made so much more on a single deal compared to people who work 9 – 5 jobs. And the wholesaling story of today’s dynamic duo is a testament to this.

Bryan Martineau and Clay Rockwood are two rockstar rhinos currently running a thriving wholesaling business. Just like most wholesalers, their business didn’t explode right away.

However, their willingness to take massive imperfect actions has made a world of difference. After discovering TTP, working with the right mentor, and employing the best people, they were able to close 2 deals worth a whopping $214,000!

If you and a partner would like to give wholesaling a try, you can’t afford to miss today’s episode. With all the wholesaling tips and wisdom you’ll learn, it will only be a matter of time until you become wholesaling’s next dynamic duo!



Wholesaling Dynamic Duo Does 6-Figure Deals With Bryan Martineau And Clay Rockwood

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