Episode 334: Why Probates Can Be Your Best Lead Source

What 2 leads have the most equity and have highly motivated sellers willing to sell at deeply discounted prices? If you answered probates and pre-probates, then you’re definitely right!

Unfortunately, this is a fact not many people know about. The good news is, today’s guest is an expert on probates and pre-probates and will share all you need to know about them.

Tangie Cousins is a probate, pre-probate, foreclosure, inherited, and absentee owner leads senior account manager for 16 years now. She works at Foreclosures Daily, the Internet’s number one destination for the most accurate, timely, and detailed probate and foreclosure listings.

In today’s episode, Tangie not only shared expert guidance, knowledge, and information on probate and pre-probate, she’s also giving a massive discount (plus a few additional exciting freebies!) to those who would like to try their services. So much to gain from today’s episode so don’t you dare miss it!

Key Takeaways

  • What probate and pre-probate means
  • How to find probate and pre-probate deals
  • Characteristics of a probate deal
  • What makes probate and pre-probate deals different from other deals
  • Worst mistake most people make
  • Other types of leads they are offering
  • The benefits of using pre-probate
  • How people can get in touch with her


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