Posted on: December 16, 2019

What 2 leads have the most equity and have highly motivated sellers willing to sell at deeply discounted prices? If you answered probates and pre-probates, then you’re definitely right!

Unfortunately, this is a fact not many people know about. The good news is, today’s guest is an expert on probates and pre-probates and will share all you need to know about them.

Tangie Cousins is a probate, pre-probate, foreclosure, inherited, and absentee owner leads senior account manager for 16 years now. She works at Foreclosures Daily, the Internet’s number one destination for the most accurate, timely, and detailed probate and foreclosure listings.

In today’s episode, Tangie not only shared expert guidance, knowledge, and information on probate and pre-probate, she’s also giving a massive discount (plus a few additional exciting freebies!) to those who would like to try their services. So much to gain from today’s episode so don’t you dare miss it!

Key Takeaways

  • What probate and pre-probate means
  • How to find probate and pre-probate deals
  • Characteristics of a probate deal
  • What makes probate and pre-probate deals different from other deals
  • Worst mistake most people make
  • Other types of leads they are offering
  • The benefits of using pre-probate
  • How people can get in touch with her


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Episode Transcription

Tom Krol: Hey guys, I am so excited to be with you today. I have got an excellent guest on the line. Welcome to the Wholesaling Inc podcast guys. We’re going to have a great adventure today. If you don’t know what wholesaling is, wholesaling is the art of consistently finding discounted properties, that’s it. And I am so excited about that because if you can get good at finding discounted properties, you can find financial freedom. There’s no doubt about that. So I’m really excited to share some good tactics and strategies with you guys today. I’ve got an excellent guest on the phone, somebody who has personally helped me a tremendous amount to get a ton of deals and to find motivated sellers. These are people who want to sell their property at a discounted price in exchange for speed and convenience. So we’re going to be interviewing this young lady today.

Tom Krol: Her name is Tangie Cousins from Foreclosures Daily, one of my secret weapons in my arsenal to find super, super, super discounted properties. And you know me guys, I’m going to hold her feet to the fire. We’re going to pick her brain. We’re going to find out how you can do this on your own or if you just want to cut through all the fat, we’re going to show you how you can work with Tangie, but Tangie can you hear me? Are you there?

Tangie Cousins: [00:02:17] Hi Tom. I can hear you perfect.

Tom Krol: It is so good to have you on the line. You guys, I have been working with Tangie from almost the beginning when I started my wholesaling business and it’s been such a great adventure. She’s taught me a lot and I’m so honored to have her on the podcast because she really is an expert in her field. So Tangie, before we get into it, can you just tell everybody a little bit about who you are and how you kind of got involved in real estate and then we’re going to deep dive right in because I know our audience wants to hear all of your tips and tricks, but can you tell us a little bit about who you are?

Tangie Cousins: Yeah, absolutely. Tom. I’ve lived in Florida for about 22 years and I’ve been with Foreclosures Daily 16 of those 22 years. I have a family, children, husband, been married for 25 years, so that’s a huge milestone right now for us.

Tom Krol: Awesome.

Tangie Cousins: We’ve been in business now for 16 years at Foreclosures Daily and I’ve been with them since they opened the doors. I actually helped them start the business and I’ve been with them ever since. That’s pretty much it and-

Tom Krol: All right. Well good. That’s enough then because I know our audience loves to dive in, so congratulations on 25 years. That’s an amazing blessing. All right, so guys, here’s what I want to talk about with Tangie because she provides Daniel, which a lot of you guys know, Dan is my brother and acquisition manager for my home buying business and my wholesaling business. And a lot of the leads that we get come directly from what Tangie does and the leads that she provides us. So I really want to deep dive that.

Tom Krol: So the number one lead source that we get from Tangie and Tangie provides a lot of leads, but for us the number one lead source we get are two different types of leads. One is called probate and the other is called pre-probate. And amazingly, I know very little about what that actually means which Tangie and I always joke about every time we see each other at different events because all I know about them is that they earn us a lot of money. And I kind of have a rough idea of what they are, but I won’t do it any justice.

Tom Krol: So before we get into this Tangie, can you kind of tell everybody what the heck are probate and pre-probate leads? Can you kind of give us a little overview of what that actually means?

Tangie Cousins: Absolutely. Now probates and pre-probates are kind of like each other in some form or fashion, but they also are different at the same time. A probate is when a person has died, typically a loved one is left behind to be named the personal representative of the estate. Some of you may know it as the executor or the applicant, but that’s the person who is in charge of liquidating the assets and settling the estate. So it’s their job to put the property through a process called probate, which they go through the courts. And we provide the probate information one week after the probate is filed and we verify there’s real estate attached of course. Now, a pre-probate is basically one week after they die, we verify that they own real estate and we’d provide the lead to you one week later.

Tangie Cousins: Probates and pre-probates, both by far are some of the best leads nationwide you’ll ever get. Honestly, Tom, they have the most equity. They typically don’t mind taking a discount and they’re very, very motivated because people tend to be like 50 and 60 when they lose their parents so they usually don’t want the property. They usually want to sell the property. So this becomes a very motivated seller who can sell their property at deeply discounted rates because they didn’t buy it to begin with and there’s a lot of equity. Sometimes they’re even free and clear.

Tom Krol: It’s interesting guys because the avatar of the seller that we find that we buy from, there are certain characteristics that we see that are pretty consistently almost, it’s the 80 20 rule, but it’s pretty consistent across the board. And what we find with the leads that Tangie gives us is that they always fit that typical seller. So for instance, one little trick you guys that we do, a little strategy is we always mail people who for the most part are 45 years or older. That tends to our avatar and like Tangie just said, this fits the bill. Those people who are inheriting a property, I live in Florida, many times the parents live here, the children are out of state. Either one child or multiple children are out of state. They don’t want to fly to Florida, they don’t want to deal with the property.

Tom Krol: In an unfortunate situation when somebody passes away and they inherit this problem property, it really is exactly that. It’s a problem property and this is a way to set up everything so that when they are able to sell it, it literally just goes directly to us. There’s a closing and we’re able to sell it very quickly or however you decide to exit the property. It really fits the standard mold and there is a lot of those deals that people just aren’t aware of. A lot of people know about inheritance, which we love the inheritance list too, but the pre-probate and the probate is really where we can build some early rapport and then get those amazing leads from Tangie, and they usually have a lot of equity. Tangie makes sure that these people that we’re contacting actually do have real estate attached to it, which is really important.

Tom Krol: Now Tangie, let me ask you a question. A lot of people who are listening, they want to figure out how to do this, and I know you guys, obviously it goes without saying, I know Tangie she absolutely sells these leads and she’s the best in the business. But if somebody is just curious, they say, “Hey, I want to look into this.” How can somebody in a local market … is there a way to find pre-probate or probate deals? Do they make relationships with attorneys? Do they go to the newspaper or the County or the city? What would somebody do to find a pre-probate or probate deal?

Tangie Cousins: Well, first of all, we’re the only one that I’ve ever known who does a pre-probate on a nationwide stance. We checked into all the businesses that we know of. So we’re kind of got a niche thing there, Tom, and we don’t want to give away all our secrets, but basically what you’re looking at, as you’re looking at person who died, so you can either pull death certificates or you can even go as far as doing obituaries. But the problem with that, Tom, is it doesn’t say if they own property. 300 people will die in let’s say, Hillsborough County in one week and only seven to 10% of those people may own property.

Tangie Cousins: If you have time to take John Smith’s name and go to the property appraiser’s site and the tax collector’s site and sift through all 50 John Smith to find the right one that died with property and taking chances of picking the wrong one, then you’re obviously not putting all of your time into investing the way you need to. But if they want to do their own research, that’s what they’re going to have to do. And picture doing that 300 times because there’s going to be like 50 John Smiths in any given County and you want to try and delegate your minimum wage tasks to other people. But if they want to do it themselves, that’s how they would do it Tom.

Tom Krol: So you guys Tangie is definitely preaching what I preach, which is you can do it on your own. I’m sure there’s a way to figure it out. It’s not neuroscience, but definitely better to have an expert come in and do it. And yeah, Tangie, we agree. I mean, I’ve never pulled it myself, we’ve used you from the beginning. So I totally agree with that. It’s interesting just to see how that process works. So let me ask you this, I know that one thing that Daniel always reports back is that we have standard deals that we do here.

Tom Krol: A seller will call in either through our marketing or direct mail or see us on our website and they will say, “Hey, I own a home. I want to sell it quickly for cash.” With probate and pre-probate, it’s a little bit different. Can you take us through some of the unique challenges or some of the unique aspects of a probate or pre-probate deal that is not typical with a standard, just like, hey, the owner wants to sell quickly to move out of state. Can you take us through some of those characteristics of a probate deal?

Tangie Cousins: Yeah, some hard times you could run into is other beneficiaries getting involved because even if you have full authority or partial authority, Tom, and by the way, if you have partial authority, it means you have more say on what you can sell the property for but if you have full authority, you have all the say. In other words, a judge can step in and say, “Okay, well if you want to sell this property for 100,000 and it’s worth 190 tell me why you’re wanting to sell it so cheap.” And then the person that’s doing the probate basically says, “Hey, it needs an updated kitchen. It needs this, it needs that.” And he usually just signs right off. But some of the problems you could run into is, I had a guy, and this is a great story to tell you real quick, is he got a probate property for like $50,000 Tom, and it was worth 160.

Tangie Cousins: He was so excited. They got the contract signed, he got all the way up to the point where we were getting ready to close it and the heir stepped in and said, “Hey, you’re not going to sell that property that cheap.” They found out that the personal representative was going to sell the property for 50,000 when it was worth like 190 or whatever and they stepped in and started raising cane and they can very much step in petition the court and cause a lot of chaos, right?

Tom Krol: Sure.

Tangie Cousins: That’s not your typical standup problem. But things like that can really put a damper on your plans. So what I’m going to recommend is not only do you need to get a contract signed obviously, but sometimes contracts don’t hold up, Tom, because he had a contract. So what we tell everybody to do is you can go down to the courthouse and file a memorandum of interest, which is also known as an affidavit of interest and it kind of locks up the title so they can’t sell that property without that person. It’s kind of like a contractor’s lien but it’s not.

Tangie Cousins: But some of the things that can happen is beneficiaries, heirs, they can all step in and cause a lot of chaos. If you’ve got five people fighting over the same property, that can also be chaotic. But your typical average standard probate usually goes through in about two months with no hitches. We had a probate attorney on a webinar last month, Tom, and she taught us a really unique thing here in Florida and in other states may be different, but she said you don’t have to wait for the probates to complete. She said once the judge signs off on the property, they can buy that property. She said, all they do is they have to be named the personal representative of the estate, which takes about a week. She said, and then they can bring any offer they want to the judge and all the judge wants to know is why you’re selling it for this amount. Once he finds out it needs updates and repairs, she said he usually signs off with no problems and I have people getting them like almost ASAP.

Tangie Cousins: They have some waiting period because there are certain things you have to go through in the probate process, especially if there needs to be an ad ran and certain things like that. But in general, probates don’t really take that long. We hear about these crazy horror stories. But like I said, that’s usually when the heirs and beneficiaries are fighting over the property.

Tom Krol: Yeah, I mean it’s interesting because guys, we see the same thing with our probate deals. They’re sitting on our pipeline report a little bit longer than the standard deal. So the close, the sales cycle is a little bit longer. What we like about the probate deals is that the size of the assignment fee is so large or the profit margin is so large on these deals, so we really have grown to like them. One of the advantages that we have, there is a lot of real estate investors or wholesalers or what I like to say is business owners, they try to become an expert in learning all about probate and the processes and all of that. But really guys, what I would recommend for tribe members and for listeners of the podcast is just hire the right people to do it.

Tom Krol: Your title company will have an attorney or if you’re an attorney state will have an attorney who can handle all of these different stages for you and usually will not even charge you until the deal closes. So really look into that and find these experts at your title company who can really handle the entire closing. When we first started to learn about this and we just said this is not the right way to do it. It’s much more effective to start from the beginning with the intention that you are going to have a business and not a job. You want a McDonald’s not to be a five star chef, an executive chef in a five star restaurant. So one thing I would say is get with your title company. Find a local attorney who they know, who they like and trust, who understands how probate deals work. And if there are little strategies that you could implement to actually shorten that sales cycle like Tangie was just talking about it, absolutely 100% do it. So Tangie let me ask you this, are there any-

Tangie Cousins: Before we go any further Tom, one rule … I want to touch on that because I’m so glad you brought that up because I’m so excited to tell you this. That same guy, he hooked himself up with a local attorney. In let’s say, Hillsborough County or I’m just using that as an example because that’s my area. What he did is he said, “Look, I’m working a lot of pre-probates and probates and a lot of the pre-probates haven’t filed yet,” obviously because it’s one week after the death. He’s like, “I want you to be my acting attorney. I want to pay you to do my probates for me, for all these people. I want you to do it cheap, quick for a flat rate, one time fee.”

Tangie Cousins: She’s doing it for 1,500, he’s only putting 750 down. He pays the filing fees and the processing fees. She doesn’t take the rest of the payment until the probates is done and judge signs off on the property. And he has himself a local attorney doing his own probates for all of his pre-probates. So I’m his marketing. He sent out a marketing, Tom. Then he also offered to help pay for their probates and he had five wholesale deals come through in three weeks by offering to help pay for their probate.

Tom Krol: Yeah, I mean that’s the secret guys, the better you get at handling this from 50,000 feet, the more the lead flow comes in. So yeah, I think that these deals are amazing, Dan and I love them. They’re a little bit unique so they take a little bit of extra time, but a lot of the people in your territory are not going after these deals. They’re waiting for them to be inherited and this is a way to build rapport, find out what’s going in a property and kind of get in there. So I love the fact Tangie calls these pre-probate. What it really means is like this is like a peek behind the curtain of what’s coming on the market very soon and allows you to kind of just pounce, build rapport, get these deals under contract for really good prices and then move that along as fast as possible.

Tom Krol: It takes a little bit of extra skillset with your acquisition manager or with you if you’re the person, the guy or girl who’s actually doing the wholesaling business but definitely a lead channel you do not want to miss. So Tangie is there anything else about probate or pre-probate that you could tell us about that makes it a little bit more unique or different from other deals?

Tangie Cousins: I do, absolutely. I got a couple of things to tell you real quick. Pre-probates. The benefit of using pre-probate is not only will you be first at the door, but if they’ve inherited that property via a trust, they’re never going to make it to the probate step. So when you work pre-probate, it’s so hot because you’re reaching them first and if they inherit it, you could possibly buy the property right now.

Tom Krol: That’s a really, really good … You know what, I totally forgot about that Tangie. So you guys, that is absolutely accurate. That’s 100% true. I totally forgot about that. Yeah, I totally forgot about that, but that’s something that we’ve experienced and is totally awesome. There’s no other way to explain it. So terrific. Well, I love it.

Tom Krol: You guys, Tangie has a lot of services that she offers and a lot of additional lead sources. Those are the ones we’re most familiar with. I know when we first got started we get approached all the time and people will say, “Oh try this or try that. This really works well.” And most times we test it and we get the results and they’re either not very much better than what we’re already experiencing or … so we do some split tests. We’re actually doing a split test right now with a new mail piece and with a new list. So we’re really excited about that. But I will tell you when Tangie first contacted me and we started doing this, I was kind of like, “Oh, I don’t know. It kind of sounds weird. What the heck does pre-probate mean?” I mean, Tangie, I’m sure you remember when we first got started, but it was-

Tangie Cousins: It only took me a year and a half to convince you to.

Tom Krol: It did. It took a long time. But I am glad that I took that journey here with Tangie because it has paid off tremendously with these deals that we’re getting that a lot of people are missing. A lot of people say, “Tom, how do you and Dan you stay so …” Last year we did over $1 million in deals and it was amazing. It’s 2019 now, so that was 2018 and people say, “Well, how do you do that in your market?” One of the tricks is staying consistent with our marketing. So our marketing is going out every single week without fail, no matter what. Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, New Year, Memorial Day, it doesn’t matter. Summer, winter, spring, fall, marketing is going up every single week it’s dropping no matter what.

Tom Krol: It’s consistency, it’s large volume. And it’s also the specialty list. You guys know about the specialty list that we talk about, people whose water get turned off, people who are behind in taxes, people with code violations, the 24 hour rest record list which we have podcasts on so I encourage you guys to go back and check those out. But this is one of those little sharp shooters that we have that are just laser focused on these deals. This pre-probate and probate deal source is a game changer for us. And like Tangie says you guys, you can do this on your own. You could figure out how to do it.

Tom Krol: So if somebody is out there and they’re listening we have some people in the crowd who are kind of do it yourselfers, it can be done, but I will tell you on this particular channel it’s one that I think that you’re better off having a service do. The other thing that comes to mind here is that one of the things that Tangie does that we didn’t really review is it’s the recency of her list. So sometimes we have companies that will provide leads or they’re list companies and they provide sometimes general lists, sometimes specialty lists. But one thing that Dan and I really like about Tangie’s list is the recency. So we’re getting these leads constantly instead of having to wait a quarter or six months. Some list companies don’t change a list for almost a year.

Tangie Cousins: Every week.

Tom Krol: Yeah. So we’re getting them every week. Are you pulling them every week? Is that how it works to Tangie?

Tangie Cousins: Every single Wednesday we give you access to all of the probate and pre-probates that were just filed last week.

Tom Krol: I mean, it’s awesome. So guys, I love it. I fully endorse this program and Foreclosures Daily, I’m a big fan of everybody over there. I’ve met Joe and I’ve met the owner and I’ve met everybody over there. I trust them. We have been working with them for a long, long time now very, very successfully. A lot of the tribe members really like Tangie. I mean, Tangie, is there anything else that you want to tell us about what you guys do?

Tangie Cousins: There is a couple of things.

Tom Krol: Yeah.

Tangie Cousins: Tom, the one thing I want to tell people is talking about coaching. Coaching is important and I’m going to tell you guys one thing about learning about probates. One of the worst things and the worst mistakes people make is when they want to work a new list, the first thing they say is, “Oh, I can’t work probates. I really don’t know how to do it. I don’t know the process. I’m not sure. I’ve never done it before.” What I teach people is if you want to pay for training, don’t pay for training on probates. Don’t pay for training on divorce, don’t pay for training on code violations, evictions, all the leads we offer. What you want to pay for training on is reinventing yourself with your coach. You want to pay your coach to train you on your job and your job is answering the phone, marketing, making phone calls, doing direct mail, writing contracts, knowing how to estimate rehab and repair costs, knowing how to wholesale properties, so pay your coach to do your job.

Tangie Cousins: Don’t go out and pay a coach to train you on how to go through a probate process for $5,000 or a divorce, because all you’ve taught yourself at the end of the day is to how to go through your own probates or divorce when your parents pass or when you get divorced if you do. My point is, is don’t pay for other people’s jobs guys, pay for your job. Because at the end of the day, if I’m outside washing my car and I’m a homeowner and you’re my neighbor, you’re just going to come out and say, “Hey, when are you guys going back to court for your probates? I’d like to buy your property.”

Tangie Cousins: You’re not going to go say, “Hey, hold on. I’m going to go pay $5,000 to get trained on how to do probates before I come back and talk to you.” So that’s what I want to teach people because it’s the biggest thing. I have a whole slide show on my webinar that talks about fears and people’s fears about working lists. And also another thing, Tom, I’m so glad you said little and small because when you work these types of leads, you’re working a small group of people, but you’re yielding a much bigger return and you’re yielding much bigger results. There’s so much equity in a lot of these probates and a lot of times they’re paid off because it was the parents’ biggest investment they ever made in their whole entire lives.

Tangie Cousins: Now just to mention a few different types of leads we offer. We do things like probates, pre-probates, inheritance, code violation, eviction, divorce, absentee owners with high equity, free and clear, cash buyers list. All kinds of different things, but just know all of our leads are weekly and fresh. They’re all farmed for real estate. Everybody else’s is typically quarterly and they’re typically not going to be farming for real estate. If somebody has given you 300 probates, that’s a problem. I don’t know of one single state that has 300 probates with actual real estate attached. By the time you pull out the real estate attached, you’re left with seven to 10% of those people that have actual real estate attached. Most of our data will come with property appraiser’s information such as bedrooms bazz, type of properties, stuff like that as much as we can get.

Tom Krol: When Tangie had approached us and she said, “Hey, I want to tell the tribe about this.” I really was holding her feet to the fire. I said, “Okay, if we’re going to do this, we got to get them the best deal possible.” So if you guys call up Tangie and we’re going to give her contact information here in a second, but if you call her and we have a code, I think it’s TK 1000 right? TK 1000, is that right?

Tangie Cousins: That is correct.

Tom Krol: So if you guys use that code on, what we’re going to do is first of all, Tangie is going to give you guys a massive discount. So it’s going to be 20 to 30% off depending on what you buy and what you-

Tangie Cousins: How long.

Tom Krol: Yeah, and how long and what you invest in on this program. So take a look at that. Definitely consider it. The other thing that I had her put together for you guys is how we work with these leads. So she built this webinar that is going to be exactly how we use these leads in a really a super effective way. And she also put something together with how to get an attorney to work with because I really feel strongly guys that when you use this program, you really have to up your game just a little bit and get the right team and one of those people are going to be an attorney.

Tom Krol: So she has a special thing that she put together with how to find and work with the right attorney. This is something that she did for us. So it’s just a benefit to say, “Hey, listen if you’re a fan of the podcast or if you’re a tribe member, if you’re a rhino or you’re going to become a rhino. Use this code.” Check out Tangie. Tangie, how can people get ahold of you so that they can kind of find out more about pre-probate and probate deals?

Tangie Cousins: Yeah, they can just go to and that’s plural on there. A lot of people tend to leave out the e, so just be careful. It’s or they can call me directly, 813-563-0005 extension 2 is my office line.

Tom Krol: There you go.

Tangie Cousins: And they can still email me Tom, and if I don’t respond within 24 hours, you may have gotten my email wrong. So just call me as a fail safe as well just in case.

Tom Krol: And if you guys want to, I’ll make it easier, I’m going to put … because there’s no way that Mr 990 SAT score could spell the word foreclosures. So if you want, I’m just going to put the contact information. I’ll put the phone number and the email address and the website on. If you go to and go to the show notes under the podcast, just look for Tangie Cousins and this podcast, all the contact information will be there for Tangie. Tangie before I let you go, any last words of advice, words of wisdom, parting advice or a book to read, something that helped you kind of on your journey, something that you would recommend, something that’s kind of been impactful for your own personal journey in investing and in business and all that good stuff?

Tangie Cousins: Well Tom, I know you’re a big fan of reading and you are very strict with your rhino tribe that they all have to read. And that’s the wealth of knowledge. And let me tell you something. When they get our leads, Tom, we took upon ourselves to give all of your students a probate book called Probate Real Estate Sales 101. That probate book is wrote by Kevin Sayles and that’s S-A-Y-L-E-S. And we know the author personally and he flew here from California to basically do a webinar and meet in person. And he did a webinar with us and we’ll share that replay with you for an hour and a half long on all your students teaching the seven ways to make money in probate real estate investing. So you’re going to get my webinar, you’re going to get his webinar, we’re going to give you some bonuses, you’re going to get all kinds of bonuses for being referred by Tom Krol guys.

Tom Krol: Awesome. Well Tangie we really appreciate it. I’m sure the rhino tribe is going to want to check out that book. So thank you so much for that. And thank you for all you do for Dan and I in our personal wholesaling business. It’s been really a great adventure guys. I know, this topic of pre-probate and probate, it’s a little bit more difficult to … At least it is for me to understand and really wrap my brain around, but it has certainly been worth it.

Tom Krol: Working with the attorney who’s in our title company has been a game changer for this particular lead source. So I would really encourage you to do that. But you guys, this is like Tangie said, this is one where you want to be … you’re working with a smaller group of people, but you’re a sharpshooter, you’re going in there and it’s laser focus and you’re just hitting those people right at the right time. Really a game changing lead source. And I’m honored to have you on the show, Tangie. Tangie is somebody we trust and work with and we love her. So Tangie, thank you for your time today on the podcast. We really appreciate that.

Tangie Cousins: Tom, thank you so much and I just want to reiterate that they don’t need to get the book because when they get our leads we mail them a book on your behalf.

Tom Krol: Baam! There you go. I love it. A free book. I love it. Easy, who is the author? Kevin Sellers?

Tangie Cousins: Kevin Sayles.

Tom Krol: Sayles.

Tangie Cousins: S-A-Y-L-E-S.

Tom Krol: He’s in the right business. I love it. Very cool. Tangie, thanks again and I’m looking forward to releasing the podcast and I’ll put all your contact information on the show notes. Thanks so much. We appreciate it.

Tangie Cousins: Thank you.

Tom Krol: All right. Talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

Tangie Cousins: Bye.

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