Posted on: December 05, 2019

In the wholesaling world, you don’t have to be an expert to make it big. The inspirational story of today’s guest is solid proof that as long as you know what you want, you work with the right mentor, you are persistent, and you give it all you got, you’ll be able to take the wholesaling world by storm.

Dan Green is a rockstar rhino from Jacksonville, Florida. While a licensed real estate agent, Dan’s wholesaling journey has not all been all sunshine and roses. He barely closed deals, he went broke, got evicted, and stayed in a friend’s couch for 3 months.

Fortunately, giving up is not in Dan’s vocabulary. Rather than feel sorry for himself, he worked hard, joined the TTP program, remained steadfast, and gave it his all. Fast forward to today, Dan is enjoying the fruits of his labor and has earned over $300,000 in revenue in just one year!

If you can’t wait to dominate the wholesaling world, don’t miss today’s episode. You just might find golden nuggets that will make 2020 your best and most profitable year yet!

Key Takeaways

  • The biggest challenge he faced when he first started out
  • Where his first deals came from
  • How he looked for deals when he first started
  • What he did after he joined the TTP (Talk to People) program
  • How much he made from his first cold calling / TTP deal
  • How he filters out his cold callers
  • What his current business structure is
  • What he loves about cold calling and the TTP program
  • How people who want to be a part of his team can get in touch with him
  • His advice to people who would like to be their own boss


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels: Welcome everybody to the Wholesaling Inc podcast. I am your host, Brent Daniels, and if this is your first time that you have come across this, either on YouTube or on the podcast, welcome. This is the number one podcast when it comes to learning how to wholesale real estate. Now, if you are a longtime listener, or part of Rhino Tribe, welcome back. You guys are absolutely the most amazing audience of all time because of one simple reason, it’s because you take what you hear and you see on this podcast,, and you go and you implement it into your business and you actually take action. You guys are the absolute best. So here’s the deal. I have with me an incredible young man from Florida, from Tampa Bay, Florida, that is going to take us on his whole story of how he went from not doing any deals to doing over 300,000 this year so far. It’s going to be an incredible story. It is my pleasure to introduce everybody on the Wholesaling Inc podcast and the YouTube channel to Mister Dan Green. Say hello.

Dan Green: What’s up, everybody? Brian, that was a pretty good introduction, my brother.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, well welcome. I’m excited. So Dan came here. He is in Phoenix. He is actually in my office, spending the day with some incredible people, and it’s been great being able to share and learn more about your story. But let’s tell everybody your story. So let’s start from the beginning. Who is Dan Green?

Dan Green: Well, I’m 25. I’m originally from Jacksonville. I moved to Tampa to do wholesaling. Didn’t have any crazy reason like oh, the market’s this, that, and the third. No, it was just a feeling. Just go there and just do this and you’re going to do great. And that’s kind of what happened. I was in Jacksonville, then I moved to Pensacola. That’s where I got my real estate license, became a real estate agent. Did a couple of deals. Didn’t really know what I was doing, went broke, got evicted out of where we were staying, had to move back to Jacksonville. Stayed with a friend on his couch for like three months. I’m like you know what? I’m going to take some time to learn this thing that people saying, “You don’t need any money, any credit to flip houses and make a lot of money.” I’m going to learn this thing and I’m going to go to Tampa and I’m going to get it done.

Dan Green: In those three months on that couch. That’s what I did. I moved after three months, came to Tampa and I was like you know what? I know a little bit. I still don’t know what I need to know, I don’t feel like, but I’m just going to do it. And I just jumped in, made a bunch of mistakes, and three years later, here I am.

Brent Daniels: And you started at like 22 years old, right?

Dan Green: Yeah, 22.

Brent Daniels: You’re 25 now, you were like 21, 22. You hear about this thing called wholesaling, right. What about you brought you to real estate?

Dan Green: My thing was I just felt like I was supposed to be doing more. I got a creative, innovative mind, and I felt like working a 9:00 to 5:00, I couldn’t utilize it. So I felt dead. So I was like okay, what can I do where I’m responsible for how successful I am in my life, or how much money I make this year? Where can I do? And real estate was the first thing that caught my eye. And I’m like okay, I want to kind of get into real estate investing more, but I didn’t know how to. So that’s when I did the agent part. Now still don’t want to do this.

Brent Daniels: Me too.

Dan Green: But this is kind of going to be like the vehicle that’s going to drive me to where I’m trying to be at.

Brent Daniels: See, you were smart. See I got my license, and I did it for like 10 years. You got your license and you did it for a few months type of thing.

Dan Green: Damn, you did it for 10 years?

Brent Daniels: I got my license in 2004.

Dan Green: I did not know that.

Brent Daniels: I know. Yeah. In 2004, you were like four.

Dan Green: I was like eight.

Brent Daniels: Yeah. No, I know. But it’s really smart. I think that you bring up a good point there. A lot of times we feel like we have to be a realtor first to understand what we’re doing in this business, but when you really strip back everything and you look at what is the fundamentals of sourcing really great deals, it all comes down to those quality conversations with distressed property owners. That’s it. And you know what they don’t teach you in real estate school? It’s how to have quality conversations-

Dan Green: They don’t teach you how to have quality conversations.

Brent Daniels: … with distressed property owners.

Dan Green: Right.

Brent Daniels: Right. So that three months you’re sitting on the couch, what’s going through your head?

Dan Green: My whole thing is just I want to do this because I mean I got a crazy background. I haven’t always been on a straight line. You know what I mean? I went through some tough times as far as like legal stuff, or whatever, right. So my thing was I want to kind of find something that is kind of similar to what I already know, if that makes sense. Something that I can hustle it, and I can do this because of my hustle. I know I got a lot of hustle. I know I’ve got a lot of persistence, you know what I mean? I know how to make something out of nothing. And that’s what’s like this kind of seems like that. I want to try to just give it a crack. And it kind of is the same thing almost.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, it is. No, I don’t know. No, I really don’t know. But what I’m saying is from the hustle standpoint, really, if you are just starting out, and you don’t have a big budget, you don’t have a huge network of people that know what you’re doing or supporting you, but you still go out every single day looking for opportunities and you stay consistent with it, you’re going to win.

Dan Green: So when I first started, right, my biggest challenge, right, when I first started, I did not know how to get a deal. The only thing that I knew was if I keep looking, I’m going to find one. But I didn’t know how to, I don’t know … I didn’t know how to formulize how to get a deal. So I’m looking on Craigslist some mornings, I’m looking here, I’m looking on Zillow, I’m doing this, that, and the third. I was a deal finder, but I was hustling every single day. In my first year I think I spent like what? My first year I probably spent less than two grand the whole year, and made $100,000. Everything that I got did not come from marketing, it came from me going out there and looking for stuff, knocking on doors, doing whatever I had to do. You know what I mean?

Brent Daniels: Talking to people.

Dan Green: Talking to people. Exactly. Talking to people.

Brent Daniels: No, I mean really. Yeah, I mean when you break it down. So what were you doing? So you were knocking on doors. Who would you talk to? Would you try to get referrals? Were you talking to people to send you deals? Were you going direct to the seller?Were you going to-

Dan Green: So my very first deal, right. My very first deal came from Facebook. And it’s crazy because, like I said, I spent three months on the couch, right. When I came to Tampa I was like okay, I’m going to do this, but I still need some money in my pocket. So I worked this job. I said all right, I’m going to work this job for three months. I’m guaranteed it for three months as long as I show up on time. All right, so I’m going to show up on time, and I’m going to learn this some more while I’m doing this. I’m going to find a deal. So every day at that job I’m on Craigslist and I’m on Facebook. Every single day. Came into one of my local real Facebook groups that we have, and I’m just looking on there every single day. And this investor, he’s on there. He’s like, “Hey, I need a wholesaler to wholesale this deal for me,” or whatever.

Dan Green: I had tried to do two deals before that that fell apart, but like I said, I just jumped into it, didn’t know what I was doing, and learned a ton, like a ton, in those first two deals. And when he put the deal up I’m like, I think I can move that. I think so. I had one buyer that I ran into when I was driving for dollars and I’d seen a guy with a Porsche and a beat up house. He’s got to be a buyer.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, that’s a buyer.

Dan Green: So I got his phone number.

Brent Daniels: That’s a flipper right there.

Dan Green: That’s a flipper. So I got his phone number, and when he put that deal out there, I texted him, or I messaged him, I got the rest of the details about the property, I shot it over to the guy and in like 30 minutes I had it sold. I only made three grand on it, but that was the best three grand I ever made in my life.

Brent Daniels: That’s the thing. I mean the first deal, going from believing you can, doing it, to having money, income in your hand, in your pocket, in your bank account from your efforts, that makes the whole thing … You understand that it’s real.

Dan Green: It’s real now.

Brent Daniels: And now that you know it’s real, then you’re starting to … Because you went from three grand, and then made another 97 grand in a year.

Dan Green: Because look, this is how it went, right. Like I said, when I got that job, right, I was guaranteed three months. I’m like all right, I’m going to work this job. On the 90th day I want them to tell me I’m fired. That’s my goal. I do not want a job after these 90 days. On my 90th day, I went and picked up that cheque. I closed it on that 90th day. I got fired. I went to pick up that cheque, and I have not had a job since.

Brent Daniels: I love it.

Dan Green: And that year is like all right, it’s real. What do I do? I got to do something. I don’t know. I just got to do something. So I’m talking to people. I’m on Facebook every day. Well my first deal came from this, I’m going to keep doing it, right. Then I got on OfferUp. I got like three deals from OfferUp, just looking on there. Craigslist. I’m literally getting in my car. I’m driving for dollars. I’m getting out of the car, knocking on the doors, going to the neighbors, “Hey, do you know about this house right here? Do you know about this, that and the third?” And that’s kind of how I came along. And just telling everybody, of course.

Brent Daniels: So real quick, because I’m going to get a lot of comments on the YouTube channel, and if you guys are listening to this and want to watch us, just go to YouTube, Brent Daniels Real Estate, you can check it out. But what do you mean you got three deals from OfferUp? So you went on OfferUp and people are trying to sell a property?

Dan Green: Yeah, so basically, so I was on OfferUp, excuse me, and this is back in 2017. I’m on there and I’m just looking for people who are selling houses. People sell houses on OfferUp. So I’m just looking, I’m looking, and I see one guy who had the lowest price on there. He wanted 60 grand for it. So I just hit him up. I said, “Hey, is this still available?” He said, “Yeah, it’s still available.” I put it in Zillow really quick. Zillow had it at like 90 something thousand. I’m like okay, let me just see if I can get them down. You know what I mean? So I talked to him and it turned out the dude was telling me … I actually went out to the house, right. And he told me, “I have cancer and I need this surgery. I need this money. I’m actually selling this house so I can move in with my girlfriend, and we can have this money to kind of support us. I can get the surgery and stuff like that.” I’m like, all right.

Dan Green: So I think that this is a deal based off of being a rental … off it being a rental. So yeah, we made that deal happen like that from OfferUp. Found it. He was going through some deep problem in his life. He had a really big pain. He needed money and he had cancer, and it’s like okay, I’m helping this guy out. And I think from that deal I made like $8,500 from that deal. And I think that was my third deal that I had did on my own. So that’s how that one came from OfferUp.

Brent Daniels: There’s a theme to this though. You are being proactive every single day. And we talked about this in this office, because you’re now growing to the point where you want to go next step, next step, next step, get to that million dollar mark, start working on it, not in it. It’s kind of cliché, but if that makes sense. He wants to make sure that he’s not always hustling every single day to find these deals, because you still have that in you, but you want to build a business to where it serves you, which is huge. And I think, just everybody listening and watching, this didn’t cost you anything. This wasn’t a huge marketing budget. You were just literally thinking creatively, how do I find people that’ll take a discount on their house? How do I find distressed property owners? How do I find somebody that I can help solve their problem? Which you did.

Brent Daniels: This guy, cancer, needed money, was going through … I mean it’s really interesting because we work with a lot of people that … not a lot, but we come across it often that people, their health is not great. And you know what they don’t care about? You know what the number one thing they care about is? Is their health. They just want to feel good again. You know what I mean? And they have all this stress from this house that’s all beat up. They need money, they feel financially strapped. They’re just going through this really difficult situation. You come in, a couple of weeks later, boom, that’s off their plate. They’ve got money, they’ve got a better situation. Now they can focus 100% on what’s going on with their health. And it’s a huge thing. I mean, maybe you take it for granted, or don’t really understand it if you’re a healthy person, but when you’re not healthy, that’s the only thing that you think about.

Dan Green: Right. Especially when your life is on the line. He was part of the cancer like, “I can lose my life if I don’t get,” … I don’t remember what he had to get done, but whatever it was, it was like, “I could lose my life if I don’t do this.”

Brent Daniels: 100%. So let’s talk about you joined TTP. And then out the gate you were like, “I’m going to hire people. I’m going to get a staff.” Let’s talk about that.

Dan Green: Well, so when we came on to TTP, right, we were already doing cold calling, right. But I felt like it was something that I was missing that I was like okay, what do I do now? I’m calling, I was getting deals and stuff, right. I actually got a few. I think my first TTP deal, well, my first cold calling deal, I made like $40,000 off it.

Brent Daniels: That was crazy.

Dan Green: And I was like I want to cold call, but I always wanted to cold call from the beginning, right. But I didn’t know where to get numbers and all that stuff from, or whatever, right. And then I found it out, and I’m cold calling. I found out about Mojo, and I’m cold calling and stuff, and I’m getting the deals, and I’m like okay, I still feel like I’m missing something. And I come across this podcast, and this YouTube video one day with this guy, he’s just talking all about cold calling people, and just I have no patience. I can’t wait. I don’t want to send out direct mail and wait for you to call me back. I want a yes or no right now. You know what I mean?

Dan Green: So I find this guy. He’s on the same type of time I’m on. So I’m listening, like okay. I think by joining this program that, even though I’m already doing it, it’ll be something that I take away from this that’s going to take me to the next level, which that happened. So when we joined, that was like what? Last year September? I had only made like $100,000 each year. This year, we’re not even done with the year yet, I’m already at about $300,000. So I appreciate that brother.

Brent Daniels: Well let’s do this, because we’ve got the victory bell for 300,000. He gets to ring it himself because he’s in the office.

Dan Green: I get to do that?

Brent Daniels: Ring it. Yeah! Victory bell. 300,000 for the year so far. And I mean almost all of that is cold calling.

Dan Green: All of that is cold calling.

Brent Daniels: All of it’s cold calling?

Dan Green: All of that is cold calling.

Brent Daniels: And you’ve got three or four callers in the Philippines, right?

Dan Green: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: We talked about this early. You have a very, very interesting way that you filter out your people, right. You want to make sure that they sound as American as possible.

Dan Green: Right. So I take a lot of time when it comes to hiring and finding my cold calls. Literally I’ll go through 40, 50, 60, 70 people just to hire one person, because I want it to be like okay, I don’t want to be able to tell that you’re overseas. You know what I mean? I want you to sound like you’re an American because a lot of people, when they’re hearing that accent, that’s a red flag.

Brent Daniels: Shake it down.

Dan Green: Is this a scam? Get off my phone. Hang up.

Brent Daniels: We get calls all the time about the IRS taxes and it’s somebody that has a Filipino accent, or has some kind of accent and it’s like as soon as you hear it, that reflex, know that you have to stiff arm that person or just hanging up is strong.

Dan Green: It’s strong. I make calls once a week now, and they listen to me for an hour of it. So I do that every week, and then every week I have one hour set for them individually, and I coach them on how to talk, if you’re pronouncing something wrong, just anything that I can do to kind of get you from here to here when it comes to your language, or your accent, or whatever it is, because that is crazy how much they hang up as soon as they hear that, and I tell my cold callers look, it’s a lot of people who hire people in the Philippines, so don’t take offense if I’m telling you, “Hey look, you don’t pronounce that word like that,” or, “You don’t do this,” don’t take offense to it. It’s just a lot of people who hire people in the Philippines to do scam work, and it doesn’t have good reputation. So I spent a lot of time with them on that.

Brent Daniels: Well not only that, I think they want that help.

Dan Green: They do.

Brent Daniels: It makes them better. A lot of these people are college educated. A lot of these people have degrees. You know what I mean? It’s just the economy there doesn’t support a huge workforce, so they have to do other jobs, and outsourcing your calls to them is an opportunity for them to, one, have a consistent job. You’ve had somebody over a year, right?

Dan Green: Yup.

Brent Daniels: And then you keep getting new talent, and I think it’s brilliant. You told me the one that you have that’s been with you the longest, you get them to post on their Facebook to find other people that are like them. I think that’s genius.

Dan Green: Right, because they know exactly what I’m looking for, exactly what I want, and so when they get their people it’s like, “Okay, I think Dan may like him. He may not like him. Let me send over their voice recording,” and then we go from there. And I found some pretty amazing people this time around. Remember I told you I had to let go a lot of my cold callers a couple of months ago because it was just I wasn’t giving them the time and training they needed, so they were not producing as good as I wanted them to. And then a lot of them got burnt out, and [inaudible 00:16:28] I had to let them go. Now I’m just starting all over and I’m taking my time and dedicate … That’s where I really to spend a lot of my time at.

Brent Daniels: Love it. And it’s paying off.

Dan Green: It is definitely paying off.

Brent Daniels: It’s paying off. So tell me the structure of your company? So you’ve got four callers making calls. You’ve got you.

Dan Green: So right now I have the four callers. I’m trying to get to five, hopefully today. I have an interview later on in the day, so hopefully I’ll have five today. I’m trying to have two more next week, but for right now I have the four. Then I have my acquisitions manager, who we’re slowly transitioning to disposition manager, and we’re actively looking for a acquisition manager. So for right now, just on the front end, it’s just us two. It’s a pretty heavy load, and that’s why I’m here with you today. We’re talking about how we can kind of hire more people to kind of get the process going better from the direction that I want it to go in for. Right now it’s just the four cold callers, me and my acquisition manager.

Brent Daniels: Got it. And the four cold callers. I mean, they’re very affordable.

Dan Green: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: I mean you keep a lot of your money.

Dan Green: Yeah, you do.

Brent Daniels: Since day one, I remember the welcome call that I had with you. You’re like, “Listen, I have no interest in making $1 million and only keeping 10% of it enough.” You know what I mean? You’re like, “I want to keep as much money as possible.” It’s just a smart business mindset. Some people go and they want to spend, spend, spend, spend, spend. You almost are like, I almost have to push you to spend.

Dan Green: Right. Because a lot of people focus on gross. It’s not about gross, it’s about what you take home. And that’s what I’m focused on. Gross is showcase. That’s just the, “Hey, I’m the big guy.” You know what I mean? No, what you take home is what matters. So that’s what I’m focused on. That’s why I love TTP. I love cold calling because, for one, I don’t have to wait around and wait for answers from anyone. I don’t have to spend a ton of money onto it. And then I feel like I get results quicker.

Brent Daniels: Yeah. Well, and, if there’s talent in Tampa Bay that’s watching this or listening to this, how do they get ahold of you to see if you’ve got opportunities to be part of your team?

Dan Green: Yeah, I mean I’m active on Instagram. You can find me on Instagram. I think is @___. So it’s ___moneymandan. And that’s on Instagram. So that’s where I spend a lot of my time at. Facebook, I’m Dan Green, but Instagram I’m [crosstalk 00:18:36].

Brent Daniels: Send him a DM. Send him a message if you are in Tampa Bay, if you feel like you’ve got some talent, if you feel like you understand his personality and what he’s looking for. And if you’ve got an unbelievable work ethic, and you love talking to people, reach out to him. So give some advice now on … Give some advice that people, that maybe they’re the guy on the couch, right. Maybe they’re the one that yes, they have that burning desire inside of them to not have a 9:00 to 5:00, to be creative, to be an entrepreneur. They have that, but they need a little bit of push to take action.

Dan Green: One thing I’ll tell you can have all the motivation and desire and it burns right here. That’s where you feel it. It’s actually like a burn right here, right. It doesn’t matter if you don’t do anything about it. Literally, you got to take that leap of faith and do something. I’m not going to tell anybody to quit their job, like for me and my situation, right. That day I did not do what I was supposed to do at that job except for show up one time because I knew that’s all I needed for three months, so they would have to fire me in 90 days, and I wouldn’t have a job. I risked it all. I only had three grand. I only had $1,500 to my name when I got fired from that job. And then I had three grand from the deal.

Dan Green: I didn’t have a lot. I had bills, I had this, that and the third or whatever. And I’m like all right, I’m willing to risk it all now that I know that it’s real. So you got to be able … you got to be willing to take action. It doesn’t even matter how much it burns, and how much motivation you got, or whatever. If you don’t do anything about it, you’re going to be … My granddad told me this, right. Something that he said and it took me forever to get it, it’s pretty simple, but if you do what you always did, you get what you always got. You want something different, you got to do something different. So if you don’t have a big budget, that doesn’t matter, get in your car, get on your bicycle, get on your skateboard, whatever, go and take down the worst addresses in the neighborhood. Find these people, talk to them. Tell everybody what you’re doing. I mean, you just got to get out there and talk, and it’s going to come to you.

Dan Green: Craigslist, OfferUp, All these things are available to us on our cell phone, these apps, these websites and stuff where people are selling stuff, post ads, do whatever you can, just do something. You can’t just sit around and think about it. And even listening to your podcast is great, but that’s not going to get you anywhere if you don’t take action on the stuff that he’s telling you. All this great information that he’s telling you that the Wholesaling Inc tribe is telling you, and that I’m telling you, I mean, it’s good, but if you don’t do anything, you’re not going to get anything.

Brent Daniels: It’s not going to get anything. Yeah, and all the resources, if you’re listening to this for the first time, or maybe watching this for the first time, there’s a ton of resources down below. You can check it out so you know where to get the numbers, the resources to be able to get the information for the people that you see on the street. It’s all laid out for you. Listen, there is no excuse. The only thing that you need to do is take this instruction, take this advice that Dan’s giving you, this instruction that he’s given you, and just take action. Just talk to people. Just pick up the phone and have that conversation. Step out of your comfort zone and talk to people.

Brent Daniels: Everything that you need is on this channel, on this podcast. You cannot lose if you take action and you’re consistent. [crosstalk 00:21:29]. I want to say thank you-

Dan Green: I appreciate being here.

Brent Daniels: … for being on here. You’re incredible. Thanks for flying out here and spending time with me. It has been my honor, my pleasure. And for anybody out there that is interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, go to Check out what the program’s about, check out all the testimonials. If it feels good in your gut, then sign up for a call and I look forward to working with you personally. Until next time guys, I encourage you to talk to people. See you.

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