Posted on: December 02, 2019

If you’re looking for an effective yet really affordable marketing channel that can totally explode your wholesaling business, you have come to the right place!

Today’s special guest talked about a marketing channel that has helped him run his virtual business successfully for several years now. What makes this marketing channel extra amazing? Even wholesaling newbies with minimal marketing budget can afford it!

Chris Arnold is a total rockstar who’s been in the real estate business for 14 years now. The total go-giver has already done a staggering 2,000 deals and is living his best life in Tulum, Mexico.

In today’s episode, Chris generously shared the marketing channel that has allowed him to run a very rewarding virtual business. The “set it up and forget it” marketing channel is not only scalable, it also requires very minimal maintenance both from the front and back ends.

Excited to know what the marketing channel is? Tune in to today’s awesome episode and find out! Oh, and make sure you have a pen and paper handy. You’ll have so many gold nuggets to take note of!

Key Takeaways

  • What got him into real estate
  • What a day in his life is like
  • What running a virtual business is like
  • How he runs his virtual company successfully
  • One of the key things he loves about the marketing channel he uses
  • How he found out about said marketing channel
  • The marketing channel everyone knows about but nobody uses
  • What an avatar is and why it’s important
  • What the conversation rate of the marketing channel he uses is
  • What makes said marketing channel so powerful
  • Number of years it took him to perfect the marketing system he’s using


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Episode Transcription

Tom Krol: Whoo-whee! Whoo, what an amazing show I have for you guys today. You guys are going to be blown away. If you are driving, you may want to pull over, because this one is going to knock your socks off. You guys, I have never been so excited to do a podcast before. I have got a young man on the phone who is actually, I don’t know, young, it depends on who’s listening. Today as we’re recording, it is his birthday and he is 40 years young today and I am so honored that I get to be part of the birthday celebration of this young man sharing information with you.

Tom Krol: He is a total rockstar, 40 years old, has been in real estate for 14 years and has done over 2000 deals. You guys, you heard that correctly, right? He has done over 2000 deals. It is incredible. He is a total rockstar and he has a method of finding deals that everybody knows about and nobody is doing and I cannot wait to share this with you because it’s something that you can do immediately. It is going to change your business.

Tom Krol: We’re going to get into that with our guests here and we’re going to hold his feet to the fire, but I want to tell you guys that not only is he extraordinarily wealthy and healthy and happy, but he’s married, he lives down in Tulum, Mexico and he actually has the life that everyone is trying to get when they get into real estate. He is actually living the dream. He’s actually living what he’s talking about and he is just a rockstar. Everyone on the inside of this industry knows his name, knows his face. He’s an honest guy who is just an absolute rockstar and he’s blown us all away. I am so honored to have him on the phone today. His name is Chris Arnold. Chris, down in Tulum, Mexico, can you hear me?

Chris Arnold: Yes, sir. My man. How you doing?

Tom Krol: My man. Brother, What a great adventure to have you on the phone. I’ve never heard so many people speak so highly of a person. You are like when it comes to Todd Toback, Brent Daniels, all my friends, all my peers, all my mentors. They are like, “Chris Arnold? Authentic, wholesome, good human being.” what an honor to have you on my show, brother, a real estate rockstar.

Chris Arnold: We’re going to have a good time.

Tom Krol: Bro, I know it. I’m already having a good time.

Chris Arnold: I know you are. You know it.

Tom Krol: This is so awesome. Thank you, number one, for doing this. We have some really big announcements coming down towards the tail end of this podcast with Chris, guys, and you guys are going to be blown away. Chris, before we jump into how you are doing so many deals and you’re doing them virtually, you don’t even live in the territory, you literally live in a vacation spot year-round, I got to ask: How the heck did you get started? Were you just born into real estate? Was it your parents? What does that adventure look like, man?

Chris Arnold: Yeah, it’s actually a funny way that I got in. I’m a seminary graduate and when I tell people that, they’re like, “Well, shouldn’t you be a pastor or a youth pastor or something like that?”

Tom Krol: Right, right.

Chris Arnold: I just didn’t fit that conventional role. I was actually talking to somebody about this just yesterday. I was finishing up my grad degree and I was sitting in Chick-fil-A eating a chicken biscuit and I was looking up on the wall and there’s a big mural, if you go into Chick-fil-A’s, where Cathy Truett shows how they’ve taken the income from Chick-fil-A to impact the world. It was the first time in my life that I thought, “You know what? I really feel like I’m being called to build a business as a vehicle to be able to use those resources to impact the world how I want.”

Tom Krol: Awesome.

Chris Arnold: That was when the seed was planted, so it’s like, “Well, how do I do that?” The only two things I knew were real estate or get into the stock and my strength is not math, so by elimination, it ended up being real estate. I said, “Let’s go, let’s do it. Let’s use this as a great vehicle.”

Tom Krol: I love it. I’m a huge fan of Chick-fil-A. I was there yesterday with my wife and my daughter. I went to go pick up food because Lacey was getting a cavity filled, so she was not having a great day yesterday, but she feels much better today.

Tom Krol: Let me ask you this question. I want to get into the 2000 deals. I want to get into your amazing marketing channel that everybody knows about that nobody is using that is a game-changer for people. Just, brother, if you will, because there’s so many people, they might be driving to work or commuting to work right now and there’s gray skies outside and they’re living someplace and they’re like, “Man, Tulum, Mexico. Palm trees, coconuts, fresh fish.” I mean, I’ve heard about all my friends have gone down to visit you all. I mean, you guys, if you knew the list of people who have gone down, it is incredible, and have spent time with Chris. They tell me about this location and they’re like, “Tom, you’ve got to go immediately.”

Tom Krol: Can you just take me through a day in the life of Chris Arnold? What are you doing all day? I know you’re into paddle surfing. What the heck is that? Brother, what is going on? What do you do down in Tulum, Mexico all day? Because it sounds really awesome.

Chris Arnold: Well, yeah, man, for me, I always dreamed about having the Caribbean life. If I finish up a good day’s work, you get in your grind, you accomplish what you want to, you want to have a finish line, something that you really look forward to. When I was in the city of Dallas, I really didn’t have that, so I wanted a place where there was some time and some freedom to go do something that I love to do and to have a great finish line.

Chris Arnold: I’m an outdoor guy, so if I finish up my day, I want to be out in my board shorts, I want to be out on the water, I want to be on the beach. For me, it’s just such a replenishing activity. You’re asking me what’s one of the main things I’m into, I bounce around between different outdoor activities here, but right now it’s about paddle surfing. I’m sure you’re familiar with paddleboarding?

Tom Krol: Right.

Chris Arnold: You combine that with actually trying to ride some waves, then you get paddle surfing. It’s great, man. I literally finish up my day, there’s a little surf shop that a buddy of mine owns and I go down there right after work. My wife lays out, I grab the paddleboard, and I go hit the water.

Tom Krol: That’s awesome.

Chris Arnold: It’s just a great way to finish up the day. My wife loves it, she gets a tan, and I get to get out and get some more exercise, so that’s fantastic.

Tom Krol: Now, what does your wife do? Is she in the real estate business with you or does she …? What does she do down there? Does she work in Tulum?

Chris Arnold: No, she doesn’t. She doesn’t work and does a great job of helping me stay organized.

Tom Krol: That’s awesome.

Chris Arnold: You always know for us drivers that live with our head in the clouds, we tend to drop a lot of the details. My wife is incredible about making sure that all the details are taken care of, so she’s awesome at that. Huge support.

Tom Krol: Brother, you are literally living the dream. This is what people who get into real estate want to do. I am in Florida, so I’m close. I made it pretty far south, but I didn’t actually cross the border. I think that that is awesome. What you’re doing out there is incredible and really, I mean, they write books about it. Tim Ferriss did, right? They make movies about it. Really, really something special. Very impressive and very cool, very inspirational.

Tom Krol: You have done over 2000 deals, mostly single-family homes and you don’t even live in the States. What the heck is going on? How did you learn how to do that? I mean, do you find that you have to fly back and forth a lot to go visit these properties? Are you totally virtual? How much time do you put into your business? What does that look like?

Chris Arnold: Yeah, from a travel standpoint, when I first got down here, it was like, “Eh, I’ll go back maybe once every couple months,” but as it’s panned out, I really only go back once, maybe twice a year to Dallas, Texas.

Tom Krol: Wow, that’s incredible.

Chris Arnold: That’s because I have an incredible team. A lot of people will say, “Well, how can you run a company virtually?” You have to have a fantastic team that you can depend on that can run that day-to-day operation, so I have to tip my hat at the team that I have.

Tom Krol: That is really something. I am thoroughly impressed. You have really mastered a marketing channel and you guys, this is really incredible because, Chris, when it comes into this industry, when people say, “Hey, I want to really grow my business, or I want to go into a new market, or I want to start a business, who is the best way?” Chris’s name gets thrown around. They’re like, “This is the guy.”

Tom Krol: Before we tell everyone what this channel is, can you tell me why is this such a good channel that everyone knows about and everyone is ignoring? What are some of the power plays or some of the just incredible aspects of this marketing channel that make it so good and so consistent?

Chris Arnold: Number one, first and foremost, without question, and I’ve been doing real estate, as we mentioned, 14 years, the competition has heated up, particularly around certain traditional pieces of marketing and they’ve gotten saturated. The more people that are on one specific type of marketing, the more challenging it is to get that ROI that you’re looking for.

Chris Arnold: One of the things that I love about the channel that we’re going to talk about is that there is virtually no competition. You know, as I do, that one of the things key things to having a successful marketing program is the fact that you’re not competing against a bunch of people.

Chris Arnold: There’s an old principle that talks about the most important decision that you make is what table you sit down to play at. Regardless of how good you are at the game, if the table is crowded, you’re going to have a difficult time succeeding, but if you can go sit at a table where there’s no one really playing, then, man, it’s wide open for you to be able to have the ROI that you’re looking for. That’s first and foremost. There’s not a lot of those out there right now that aren’t overly saturated.

Tom Krol: It’s so true. I just heard that analogy, that metaphor just recently from someone else. I can’t remember who told it to me, but that is absolutely 100% true.

Tom Krol: This channel is incredible. Let’s go ahead and talk about what it is. I want to know, how did you find out about it? How have you mastered it? Through split-testing or your trial and error? What have you found out about it? Tell us a little bit more about what the heck it is that you’re doing and how it is just giving you so much tremendous success.

Chris Arnold: It’s funny. When I say it, people will go, “Yep, I’ve heard of it,” and then the very next thing is you’re going to go, “You know what? I don’t know anyone doing it.” It’s-

Tom Krol: Right, absolutely true. What is it? Go ahead.

Chris Arnold: … It’s radio.

Tom Krol: It’s radio.

Chris Arnold: It’s radio.

Tom Krol: Bam!

Chris Arnold: It’s radio. Everyone knows radio.

Tom Krol: Everyone knows radio.

Chris Arnold: I want you to ask yourself, “Who do I know that’s advertising and utilizing radio?” No one utilizes it.

Tom Krol: No one.

Chris Arnold: It’s amazing to me. You know as well as I do, Tom, you and I, with as many relationships that we maintain around the country, I talk to guys all the time, I mean, I keep up with hundreds and hundreds of guys, particularly running the Mastermind I do. Literally, I can name a handful of guys in the entire country that I know use radio.

Tom Krol: It is so true.

Chris Arnold: We all laugh about it a little bit because we’re like, “I just can’t believe no one does this.”

Tom Krol: Well, I’ll tell you, for me, the first thing when I heard radio, I thought, “Oh, radio. That’s old, right? Do people really do that? It’s not cutting edge.” It’s so funny though because I’m in direct mail, which makes radio look like a little spring chicken because direct mail has been around. Way before the radio was even invented, there was a post office, right?

Tom Krol: The other thing I always thought about it is it’s expensive. I think of radio and I’m like, “Man, radio. That must be a fortune: radio ads and executives and production studios.”

Chris Arnold: That’s what’s great about it, Tom. That’s what I feel like has kept people away from it. There is the automatic assumption along with television as well, which we’ve done, that it’s too expensive: “I can’t afford it. I’m going to have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars.” Once you get in and understand how to negotiate radio stations, Tom, we have 60-second spots that we run on radio stations as low as 10 to $15 for a full minute spot. Most people are like, “I didn’t realize that. I thought it was going to cost me so much more,” and it’s not true. Not true.

Tom Krol: I love it. It totally makes sense to me and it’s super affordable. Chris and I have gone through it and we are implementing it in my territory right now. Chris is my coach for radio and I am super excited about it. What I love about radio is the people, my sellers, what are they listening to? I can tell you, when I gave that some thought, I’m like, “Hey, you know what? That goes after the perfect avatar, the homeowner that I want to be contacted.” Can you tell me a little bit more about that avatar and why that’s important?

Chris Arnold: Yeah, I mean, the great thing about radio is that you really can get in and hit a particular avatar demographic that you’re going after. That’s what’s great about it. If you want to go after, particularly, let’s say, an avatar that’s over the age of 50, right, well, then you can go in and match the genre of the station. You’re not coming in and just blasting radio stations that make no sense, you can actually get in and narrow it down to the type of seller that you want to generate for your business. That’s what’s great about it.

Tom Krol: What I also love about it is, can you talk a little bit about, because we all know about conversion rates on whatever channel we’re on, whether it’s bandit signs or direct mail or cold calling or whatever, we all know about what is the response rate. Tell me this, what is the conversion rate of radio? When the phone rings, what does that conversion rate look when somebody hears you on the radio and they call in? Can you speak to that a little bit?

Chris Arnold: Yeah. What I might tell you is that the quality of lead that comes through radio is higher than anything I’ve seen before. Think about some of the other marketing pieces that are blasted out at a mass number. You get a lot of people that call in to complain, that are frustrated, that say, “Hey, stop sending me this or that.”

Chris Arnold: When somebody calls in on the radio, you get rid of all of those angry seller calls. You get rid of all those, “Stop reaching out to me,” and you get the person that calls in genuinely interested in selling their home. I mean, think about it: If somebody is riding down the road, they hear your ad on the radio and they call in, they’re pretty serious.

Tom Krol: Right, absolutely, because people are used to being advertised to on the radio since the inception of the radio.

Chris Arnold: Yeah.

Tom Krol: Totally, totally makes sense. It’s funny, I felt the same way about the reservations about it, but I could totally see how this is going to explode and I am super excited about getting it set up. Is there anything else that you found about this channel that makes it unique or more powerful than other channels out there for attracting and finding homeowners who are motivated to sell quickly?

Chris Arnold: Without question. There are some ancillary benefits to radio that you don’t find with the other types of marketing that are out there, so let me give you two that overlap but are really important. The first one is instant credibility. If you advertise on the radio and a seller hears you, they automatically assume that you are an expert, even above the other competitors in your area, because if you’re on the radio, you must know what you’re talking about, so there’s automatic instant credibility, expert status that’s created.

Chris Arnold: The other thing is, and we know this with television, but it also happens with radio, is that it creates celebrity status. We know that there’s something about if you’re on the television that something that happens in our brain. That’s where celebrities come from. The same thing happens on radio and over time, people will begin to look at you as a local celebrity. They’ll be like, “Oh, you’re that guy on the radio that I hear all the time.” They’ll almost look at you in a way that you are a celebrity.

Tom Krol: Absolutely.

Chris Arnold: They get a little bit of that awkwardness.

Tom Krol: Yeah, yeah.

Chris Arnold: It’s true. If you think in your area, if there’s a couple people on the radio that advertise a lot, maybe it’s an attorney or maybe it’s someone that has a local business, but think about your perception of that person that you hear in your town on the radio all the time, I guarantee you that you have an elevated perspective of that person because they’re on radio. It’s true.

Tom Krol: It could not be more true. I’ve met really big people who are big, huge authors who are very popular in our space. I remember I was in a meeting once and Than Merrill was there and I remember, I saw him, I was thinking back to the 1500 commercials I heard where it’s this: “This is Than Merrill. I’m going to be coming to your area.” I was like, “Oh, man, this is the guy.”

Chris Arnold: It does. You go, “Oh, that guy’s an expert and he’s a celebrity. He’s both.”

Tom Krol: This is the guy. Yeah, absolutely. That’s amazing. I love it. I also, as you and I have been going through this process, setting it up, because Chris is my coach in this, as we’ve been setting it up, there were little things that I found out, too, that it also was helping with branding your name or your company name because they were telling us, “Oh, while we’re doing the weather, we’re going to keep saying your name and while we’re doing this report, it’s going to be brought to you by your company name.” I just think that that is awesome. I really am so excited and I know you’ve helped so many people.

Chris Arnold: I assure you this: There are some marketing pieces out there that I know that the audience is using that they won’t put their company name on.

Tom Krol: Okay. Wait, tell me a little bit: What does that mean, exactly?

Chris Arnold: That means that depending on the piece of marketing that you’re sending out, let’s say direct mail, right?

Tom Krol: Right.

Chris Arnold: Not to pick on direct mail, I think direct mail definitely works, but I can tell you within our company, we don’t want to put our company name on there when we’ve just blasted out X amount of 10,000 pieces of postcard because the people that didn’t want that piece of postcard will associate that negativity to your company, so we didn’t get the branding of our company via postcards.

Tom Krol: Right. I totally get it. I know, I hear this a lot with bandit signs.

Chris Arnold: Exactly. I wouldn’t put my company name on a bandit sign.

Tom Krol: No way. I’m not putting my company.

Chris Arnold: No way.

Tom Krol: I don’t even know if I’m putting a Google number on a bandit sign.

Chris Arnold: That’s my point. You don’t have to have that feeling here. I’ll use the word, if you want to ask one of the biggest things in my team who manages these leads and my acquisition managers that close them, the number one thing that your team will tell you that they appreciate about radio is it doesn’t make them feel sleazy.

Tom Krol: Yeah, yeah. I love it, it makes you, actually. Oh, and it… Yeah-

Chris Arnold: If you feel that way, it’s hard to convert a lead-

Tom Krol: … That’s incredible.

Chris Arnold: … because there’s a little bit of shame of how I generated this call because I know I really pestered someone to do it.

Tom Krol: Sure. I mean, well, they’re used to advertisements on the radio. It totally makes sense: the coming into a seller’s meeting with authority as an expert from the radio with a little bit of celebrity status, it is super exciting and it explains why because it adds an element of professionalism to your company. I think it also helps explain why you’re able to be paddle surfing in Tulum, Mexico and doing 2000 deals when you’re not even there. I think that probably has a lot to do with it.

Chris Arnold: That’s an important point. I’ll put some language to that, Tom. That’s a set it and forget it marketing. There are some particular marketing pieces that we’ve utilized that require a ton of maintenance. You got to better the list that you’re going to be sending to, so you’re always coming in and trying to layer that list and sharpen it and make it better than the other 10 wholesalers in your town and the list that they’re sending to. Then you’re tweaking whatever you’re sending into: Should it be blue? Should it be pink? Whatever that looks like.

Chris Arnold: With radio, once it’s set up, it requires very little maintenance moving forward. You have to do a little station rotation here and there, have to look at a little bit of analytics, maybe this station is producing better than the other, but by comparison, it’s so much less maintenance-

Tom Krol: I know-

Chris Arnold: … both on the front end and the back end.

Tom Krol: … That’s amazing. I’m with you on set it and forget it. I remember when I was in college, everybody had the George Foreman grill. I was the only guy who had the Ron Popeil rotisserie set it and forget it machine in my dorm room and I was like, “Set it and forget it. I’m going to be an entrepreneur. I love it.” I’m totally with you.

Tom Krol: I think I want to ask you, I know that you have this totally dialed in with the script, with the language, with the action words: How many years did it take you to split test and narrow all of this down to a process that is kind of like a plug-and-play system that you could just now go into? Because I know you have a lot of our friends and peers are using your system with some of the greatest wholesalers in the country, how long did that take for you to figure out?

Chris Arnold: I’ve been doing radio a total of nine years, so that’s a lot of time to tweak and test. I will say I was able to start off on two different occasions right when I started and then later on in the career with a radio maybe about four years later to work with two different types of radio coaches. What I am talking about is not something that I had to get in and invent from scratch. You know as well as I do, when you can get in and work with someone as a coach that’s come before you that’s done the refinement, it’s really going to accelerate your learning curve tremendously.

Chris Arnold: To answer your question: I had some coaches, that definitely helped. Then for it to really kick off and get going, it doesn’t take as long as you think because there’s not a ton of tweaking. For instance, with what we’re doing, we’re giving and handing over the exact ad that we do, the exact script, everything that we’re doing. We’re actually doing something much more turnkey and much more of a plug-and-play. There’s not going to be a bunch of split-testing to get this off the ground, which allows those calls to come in quickly and those closings to come in.

Chris Arnold: People ask me, “Well, if I launch radio, how quickly can I expect the closing and calls?” Well, I tell you two things: The majority of your calls, like your highest peak will be within the first 90 days before it starts to settle down. People don’t realize that because the audience has never heard you before. The second thing on top of that is the closings literally can start to come in and close within 90 days.

Tom Krol: Beautiful. I mean-

Chris Arnold: Pretty quick turnaround, yeah.

Tom Krol: … That’s incredible. Let’s talk about exactly that, guys, because you heard Chris allude to it just then. This is a massive, massive announcement because since Brent Daniels with TTP, we haven’t asked any other students or any other peers or partners in the industry to come in as a coach, but we have officially brought Chris Arnold in as an REI radio coach. He is going to be teaching you guys exactly how to do this, sharing the step-by-step instruction, not education, giving you the exact script, exactly how to negotiate the lowest rates on radios, which he’s done for me. I can’t believe how affordable radio is and he’s going to talk about the actual script, on when they call in, how to close those deals quickly. It’s going to be an amazing journey. You guys, yeah, without further ado, Chris Arnold, man, new Wholesaling Inc coach. Whoo!

Chris Arnold: Yeah. Yep, very excited, man.

Tom Krol: Yeah.

Chris Arnold: I’m extremely excited about this-

Tom Krol: It’s such a-

Chris Arnold: … because it’s such a game-changer for us, Tom.

Tom Krol: … Yeah.

Chris Arnold: After nine years, I still don’t see anyone doing it.

Tom Krol: Absolutely.

Chris Arnold: People ask, “Well, why do you want to teach this?” Because you know as I do, there’s a lot of pain out there right now in the market and the market is hungry for something new. It really is.

Tom Krol: Absolutely.

Chris Arnold: Everyone knows about radio, it’s not a new concept. What is new about it is the application of this tool to find discounted properties, that’s what’s new about it.

Tom Krol: I love it. It’s my responsibility for you guys to give you cutting edge, stay on the cutting edge of what is working right now and I am absolutely confident that Chris is on the cutting edge. He has helped some of the greatest wholesalers in the country create phenomenals business, not to mention his own. He’s a total go-giver, he’s a total sweetheart. I got to spend a lot of time with him. He recently came down, we spent some time in our conference office, which is a Club Med in Florida, which is so awesome. We spent a few days together and it was a great adventure. We got to know each other and he told me all about this. It is official. He is in as a coach for you guys.

Tom Krol: Now, if you want to find out, all you’ve got to do is go to Wholesaling Inc: Again, that’s It stands for real estate investor radio, so REI radio. Now, I know that with radio, what we’re going to do a little bit differently is there is going to be a cap on how many people can get into each territory. We can’t flood the market.

Chris Arnold: This is important.

Tom Krol: Yeah, tell-

Chris Arnold: This was one of the key things I told you, Tom, because my concern, just like anything else is we don’t want to create a duplication of what’s happened with some of the other pieces of marketing where everyone is doing it. We want to be able to share the concept, but we also want to preserve it for those of us that say, “You know what, this is what I’ve been looking for.” Rather than going, “Hey, anyone can do it,” we are going to narrow them down to exclusivity per market. We want to do that to protect this concept and not ruin it for those of us that are doing it.

Tom Krol: … Awesome. Yeah, I mean, this is key, guys, because we don’t want to saturate the radio market. Chris has created a map with territories and he’s got all that good stuff. If you want to find out more, if you want to get on the phone and learn more about finding homeowners who want to exchange a low price for speed and convenience, head on over to right away. Secure that spot, secure that territory because this is going to be the next marketing channel that everyone is talking about. How do we know this? Because the best wholesalers in the country are advertising on the radio.

Tom Krol: Chris, what a great adventure, brother. I am so excited to get the ball rolling and to get rhinos and people who are fans of Wholesaling Inc in the show and listeners to start doing radio. We’ve got to start.

Tom Krol: What I’d like to do is actually have you host the podcast and take some of your current students who are just exploding in their markets with using radio ads and actually have you interview them on the show and some of the new students who are going to be joining us who are going to be actually doing deals. Is that something that you’re open to doing? Can I put you on the spot here?

Chris Arnold: Oh, absolutely. No, I’m really excited to bring my guys in because it’s one thing for us to talk about it, it’s another for the guys that I’ve helped set up to do this, to let you hear the success that they’ve had with it. There are few key people that I’ve come in and just help them all the way from the ground up and they’ve been doing it for a while. I still get texts from them on how they continue to increase their radio spin because it’s creating a great dollar-per-dollar return. Absolutely.

Tom Krol: Now, Chris, the people who are going to come in and be mentored by you or learn how to do this, this is everything from start to scratch, they’re going to have the script, it’s-

Chris Arnold: Oh, it’s a full blueprint. This is completely turnkey.

Tom Krol: … Okay.

Chris Arnold: We’re literally going to come in and give you the entire roadmap, the entire blueprint from A to Z on step one to the very last step that I need to do to set up radio.

Chris Arnold: I do want to say this: People will say, “Is this for only the seasoned investor?” Right?

Tom Krol: Right.

Chris Arnold: Radio was one of the things that I actually started with in the beginning. The very first thing that I started with was a little bit of direct mail and I followed it right up with radio. This was the second lead generation piece that I ever launched and I don’t want people to think that “Oh, this is something for the seasoned investor.” No, this was something that we started out doing from the beginning.

Tom Krol: I love it. I mean, what a good point to make because if you are looking at wholesaling and you were looking for an affordable, effective marketing channel that no one else in your market is doing that you could totally dominate right now to get the ball rolling, absolutely, 100% this is worth checking out. A lot of the bigger guys, I know they’re going to jump on and they’re going to try to gobble this up right away, but I will tell you guys, if you’re listening and you’re new and you want to find a marketing channel that you could dominate in your local market, get with Chris, go to, get with Chris and get him to get you set up in your market. It is exciting and I can’t wait to do it myself. Chris, what a great adventure, man. This has been-

Chris Arnold: Oh, it will be.

Tom Krol: … Yeah, this is going to be awesome

Chris Arnold: I also, Tom, if you don’t mind, I want to speak to the guy that’s listening that is more of the seasoned investor. They might be asking, “How scalable is radio? What type of limit am I going to hit on that?” A couple of things I would say for the season guy out there, right now in Dallas/Fort Worth, we spend $27,500 a month on radio. If you’re looking for something that you can actually put a lot of money into and you’re like, “Can I go on eight, nine, 10 stations in my market?” absolutely, you can. If you’re wanting to go in and to other market, it’s a great way to break into additional markets as well, virtually. It’s really a great fit because for the new person coming in, it’s affordable and for the seasoned guy, if you want to go all out and blow this thing up, radio is very, very scalable.

Chris Arnold: I’ll tell you this, Tom, imagine this: It’s 100% inbound calls. All you got to do is answer the phone. There’s no outbound call that you have to make, you’re literally just answering the phone when it rings. That’s a great marketing piece.

Tom Krol: Do you guys do live answer or do you have it go to voicemail and then call them back?

Chris Arnold: No, I highly, highly recommend, because, again, you’re not going to get as many calls as you are, let’s say, off the direct mail, you would probably get literally maybe a third to 25% of that call volume, you want to answer those calls live and you want to answer them, too, because they’re quality. If someone calls it on the radio, you want to see them up immediately to get that appointment set and get that contract done, so we actually track that and we answer all of our calls live off of radio.

Tom Krol: It’s so funny because this is like the new Internet getting re-introduced, right, because everyone’s fighting over PPC in the ranking on a Google page. Meanwhile, most of my sellers, they don’t even have an internet connection. I am telling you, everyone’s like, “Everybody has an internet connection.” No.

Chris Arnold: Nope.

Tom Krol: Everyone listens to the radio. I love the fact that it’s like old school and also new and we couldn’t have asked for a better leader in the space than Chris Arnold. Again, guys, I just spent some time with him and he is just such a rockstar. Every single person, big, big leaders in this field have such respect for this individual. I cannot even tell you. It is such an honor even just to not only have you on this podcast, but to be joining us as a Wholesaling Inc advisor or coach like another Brent Daniels, I love it.

Tom Krol: I know Brent Daniels is a big, big fan. As a matter of fact, Brent Daniels is in Chris’s Mastermind, so that’s how they know each other, so is Todd Toback, and we spent some time with Chris down in Tulum.

Chris Arnold: I’m really excited, Tom. The reason that I stepped in with you guys, twofold: You and Brent and Cody and just your whole team, you guys are incredible. I stepped in and I said, “This is a group of people that truly care about the success of their students,” and that was what drew me into you guys. Just absolutely amazing and I love that about you guys and to be a part of this family that you’ve created and to come in and to be able to add some value to the real estate community that has benefited me and my life so much, I’m excited to be able to come in and just bring some value, bring something new that’s really going to change some people’s businesses. This is a lot of fun. I’m really excited about this.

Tom Krol: Chris, I’m honored to hear that from a man like you, honestly. Thank you. Guys, if you want to just cut through all the fat and start dominating a marketing channel that nobody is on right now, of course, this is going to change, it’s going to start to change quickly after this podcast, but if you want to start to dominate a channel that no one is on that is going to give you instant credibility in your market, instant celebrity, a very, very high conversion rate, smoking hot leads, reaching people that no one else has reaching, and having inbound calls that you pick up instead of any other approach, go check out and we’ll see you guys on the other side of that.

Tom Krol: Chris, thank you for being with us today, man. What an honor to have you on the show and I can’t wait to start. We’re going to start to talk about this all the time. I’m very, very excited, man. We’re going to have to jump on some other shows, do some video. It’s going to be a great adventure.

Chris Arnold: Oh, it’s going to be a lot of fun. That’s the best part.

Tom Krol: This is going to be awesome.

Chris Arnold: It’s going to be fun.

Tom Krol: I can’t wait to interview some students who start to get deals from radio now. This is going to be awesome.

Chris Arnold: Oh, yeah. They’re going to be guys that your audience knows, so I can’t wait for you to meet them.

Tom Krol: I have no doubt about that. I know it’s some of the biggest names out there. This is like the little hidden secret channel that everyone knows that no one is using, that a lot of the most successful wholesalers have been using, and now everyone’s about to know about it. Jump in and let’s get started. Chris, thank you for being on the show today, man. It’s been awesome.

Chris Arnold: Oh, thank you so much. Enjoy.

Tom Krol: Thank you, brother. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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