Episode 330: The Hidden Marketing Channel Everyone Knows About But Nobody is Doing

If you’re looking for an effective yet really affordable marketing channel that can totally explode your wholesaling business, you have come to the right place!

Today’s special guest talked about a marketing channel that has helped him run his virtual business successfully for several years now. What makes this marketing channel extra amazing? Even wholesaling newbies with minimal marketing budget can afford it!

Chris Arnold is a total rockstar who’s been in the real estate business for 14 years now. The total go-giver has already done a staggering 2,000 deals and is living his best life in Tulum, Mexico.

In today’s episode, Chris generously shared the marketing channel that has allowed him to run a very rewarding virtual business. The “set it up and forget it” marketing channel is not only scalable, it also requires very minimal maintenance both from the front and back ends.

Excited to know what the marketing channel is? Tune in to today’s awesome episode and find out! Oh, and make sure you have a pen and paper handy. You’ll have so many gold nuggets to take note of!

Key Takeaways

  • What got him into real estate
  • What a day in his life is like
  • What running a virtual business is like
  • How he runs his virtual company successfully
  • One of the key things he loves about the marketing channel he uses
  • How he found out about said marketing channel
  • The marketing channel everyone knows about but nobody uses
  • What an avatar is and why it’s important
  • What the conversation rate of the marketing channel he uses is
  • What makes said marketing channel so powerful
  • Number of years it took him to perfect the marketing system he’s using


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