Posted on: November 25, 2019
WI 328 | Perseverance On Wholesaling


While wholesaling is very lucrative, some people give up on the business without even closing a single deal. Let’s face it, just like any other business, wholesaling can also come with its own unique challenges. However, today’s guest can attest that as long as you have faith, you take action, and you stay determined, you will be rewarded handsomely.

Steve Pastor is a rockstar rhino from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. While he flipped properties on the side, he never really had the courage to quit his full-time job. All that changed when he got laid off. Fortunately, rather than feel sorry for himself, Steve decided to bet on himself and give wholesaling a try. It took 3 months for Steve to close his first deal but things got a lot better once faith turned into fact and he knew for sure wholesaling is something he can really do.

If you’ve been struggling to find that first deal, you’d surely love today’s episode. Steve not only shared what his inspirational wholesaling journey has been like, he also provided incredible action items so you can get your own wholesaling venture off to an exceptional start!


Why Some People Will Never Make It In Wholesaling With Steve Pastor

Episode Transcription

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I’m super excited to be with you guys. For those of you that are tuning in for the first time, I want to tell you, welcome to the show. We call this Rhino Nation because we are a bunch of rhinos that keep charging. What I want to do is introduce our guest, whom I am super excited about. We are going to be talking about wholesaling. For those that are reading for the first time, wholesaling is simply the art of finding deeply discounted properties that you can then turn into a huge profit. We are going to be interviewing one of our students that just did their first deal and has snowballed into multiple deals since then. He’s going to share his whole story.

It took about three months to get his first deal. We are going to break down what that three months look like to him, the trials, the challenges, maybe even the lack of like, “What does this do to my faith? Will this happen? Will this not happen?” For those of you out there that are already trying to do wholesaling and it’s not working, this story is going to resonate strongly with you and keep pushing.

This will be a story that is going to help you be inspired and motivated to keep moving forward because once you get that first deal, it starts to catch on like a wildfire. We have Mr. Steve Pastor from Pittsburgh. He joined the tribe. A few months into working this, he finally got his first deal, and then it started snowballing. He’s going to share his story and break this down to you, Rhino Nation, so get a piece of paper and a pen. Get ready to jot down some incredible action items that you can take action on so that you can get out there and get your first sale. Mr. Steve Pastor, how in the heck are you, my friend?

I am fantastic, Cody. Thank you so much for having me.

It’s such an honor. I have had such an incredible time over the last few months that you have been in the tribe. Whenever you would get on the weekly coach call that we do, I love that you bring questions. The questions you were coming up with were some of them might have been thinking ahead but most of them were because you went out and took some action. It led to a result, and then you would come back and say, “This is what took place. What should I do next?”

Little by little, you went on this journey, and it has been exciting to watch from the beginning to do your first deal until now, snowballing into many deals. We will get into that but share a little bit about yourself. Tell them a little bit of background of who you are, what occupation, and what field you are coming from, and let’s get to know Steve.

I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I come from a corporate job. I ran and managed a large company that did all the sales and service work for the coal mining industry. I did that for about fifteen years, and that industry started taking a nosedive. Things didn’t weren’t going too well with the company but in addition to that, I always had a passion for real estate. It was always something that I wanted to do. I was doing a little bit of that on the side, in addition to my full-time job.

When you say you are doing real estate on the side, was it the traditional side like listing homes or fixing and flipping homes? What was the real estate side that you were doing?

I had taken my 401(k) from my job and was borrowing against that. I was buying rental properties and doing flips on my own. I was doing that and always loved it. I never had the courage or anything to quit my full-time job. I am married with three kids. I got married at a young age. I met my wife in high school. I ended up getting married when I was 21 years old. We started having kids and settled down very early. I never had the guts. It felt more of an obligation and a responsibility to my family, the consistent paycheck with the healthcare benefits. It scared me to leave that.

Eventually, the company ended up laying me off. I got laid off, and it helped make my mind up for me. Luckily, I had the real estate thing going on the side. I did have something to fall back on, and it was a struggle for me because I had an Associate’s degree in college. It’s nothing fancy. I was working this job when I was in college, and they hired me right out of college. I had fifteen years’ experience but these days, for that type of job, you need a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.

I couldn’t just walk in and get another job. I definitely had no urge to go back to school, so I was handcuffed to what I could do. I stuck with the real estate thing, and that was back in 2015. I decided to change course a little bit, still wanting to stay in the real estate field but wanted to try a different avenue, and that’s where I found wholesaling.

You are like, “I have been doing real estate for this long, and I’ve never heard of wholesaling. What’s going on?”

I have not. When I found Wholesaling Inc and started doing this, my brother had something about wholesaling and I said, “What in the world is wholesaling?” I don’t even know what that is in real estate.

WI 328 | Perseverance On Wholesaling

Perseverance On Wholesaling: Real estate investing is not a get-rich-quick system. It’s a business that requires dedication and hard work.


You are sharing these real-time stories of things that took place, and they will resonate with some people. Maybe not everyone but it will resonate was many readers that sit here thinking, “I’m working for Corporate America or 9:00 to 5:00, and I’ve always wondered, will my job be here forever?” It sounded like it was a great company you were working for but things started to shift in a different direction, and they let you go. At that moment, did you find a different drive or motivation? When you got laid off, were you thinking, “I want to get back to Corporate America,” or was your focus like, “My back is against the wall? It’s now time to go in all on me. I’m going to go bet on Steve.”

Honestly, at that time, I was very excited because I looked at it as another opportunity for myself, and I decided I was going to bet on Steve. I was excited about the challenge but it was scary at the same time. I decided to go all-in and bet on myself.

I hope everyone that’s reading this is jotting this down. The best investment we could ever make is not in real estate and not in our 9:00 to 5:00 job. Our best investment is in ourselves and the ones we love. I love the fact that there was that shift, and sometimes it takes being laid off to realize, “It’s now that I go all-in on myself.” I’m going, and I’ve learned this from a guy on our team here at Wholesaling Inc. I shared this on a couple of episodes but he talks about going to the casino of life and finally betting on yourself. There’s that moment that when you finally commit to betting on yourself, you will realize this is something that’s going to come back with the best return on investment that you will ever see.

We are going to get to how this has turned into a great ROI on investing in yourself but this is stuff that happens all the time. For you that are reading out there like, “Should I bet on myself?” Let Steve’s story sink in with you guys that it’s worth investing in yourself and going all-in. Keep going, Steve. You get into wholesaling. I want to pick your brain. You heard about this from a brother-in-law, right?

My brother.

Before you hear wholesaling, were you starting to do research, and was this a quick process like, “That sounds fun. I’m going to do it,” or did it take months? What did the process look like before hearing about it to actually taking action on it?

I did a ton of research and stuff on it. I’m not one that just dives in. I don’t want to set myself up for failure. I want to set myself up to succeed, and it’s my own mentality that I sat there, read, and studied. I found every single article I could about wholesaling. I watched YouTube videos and podcasts. During that whole scheme of things, doing my research on the internet is how I ended up finding Wholesaling Inc.

You weren’t even referred to us by your brother. He heard of the concept of wholesaling, and then your research stumbled upon it.

Nobody referred me. I was doing my own due diligence, researching wholesaling on the internet whenever I was on. It was maybe YouTube, watching different videos and things I actually stumbled across in one of the Wholesaling Inc episodes. That’s how I found you guys.

How long did it take from start to finish before you read the concept of wholesaling to like, “Now, I’m on the phone with Cody, Tom, and their team, and I’m going to get into this?”

It was probably not a tremendous amount of time because I put a lot of time into it. I would say maybe a couple of months.

You get involved. It took a couple of months to process. Was it easy making that choice? This is something that is crucial for all of us to know because it definitely wasn’t for me. I’m curious as to what it is. Even when you get on the phone with a mentor, I’m talking general guys. Whenever you get on the phone with anyone, it doesn’t have to be just us at Wholesale Inc but is it easy to pull the trigger and say, “I’m going to rock and roll.” Was that an easy yes to you or is it still like, “This is uncomfortable but I’m going to do it.”

It was not easy whatsoever. It was very hard, to be honest with you. I was sitting here one day, and everybody was different. I’m a Christian. I come from a Christian household, and my mom gave me this stone, and it’s a little stone with a lion on it. It has the Bible verse Philippians 4:13 that says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I’m sitting at my desk and looking at that stone. I had one of those moments like, “I can do this.” I kept looking at that stone, and that’s when it hit me. “Steve, you are not going to know unless you try it.” Nobody ever is extremely successful or makes it by saying, “I wonder what if.” That’s when I decided to pull the trigger.

You’re not going to know unless you try. Nobody ever is extremely successful or makes it by saying, “I wonder what if?”

You get in. You find this strength to say, “Okay, but I must. I know it’s going to be uncomfortable but I must.” Here’s where it gets good for everyone to read. Even though you had step-by-step guidance and instruction, was everything just unicorns and rainbows right out of the gates and is like, “This is amazing. I’m going to do it right out of the gates,” and all of it was also easy and the deal came easy. Walk us through actual reality, even when you have step-by-step instruction.

It’s like anything else. If it were that easy, everybody would do it. Everybody would be rich. It’s not a get-rich-quick system. It’s not a get-rich-quick business. This is a business that still requires dedication and hard work. In the beginning, it is a natural reality. You are instantly skeptical, and I’m sure a lot of people out there feel the same way. “This is just another one of those programs. This is another money maker thing.” Believe me. I would be lying if I didn’t think the same thing.

As a natural reaction, it goes through your mind. It’s one of those things that, after talking with you and the team there, I felt at peace with myself because I have tried so many different things in the past. I could be watching TV and seeing a commercial for something. The next thing you know, I’m on the phone and be like, “That sounds great.”

“It’s the cash driving, nd I will want to know. What’s that phone number again?” I’m dialing a phone number. I’ve tried all kinds of goofy stuff. This was different, though, and it does require work. Anybody that thinks, “All I got to do is follow the program, and the money is going to fall into my lap.” That’s not the case but it does work. It is a legit business.

What were some of the early struggles or challenges that you face during the first three months before you did your deal?

My biggest challenge was myself. The way the system is set up teaches you to go step-by-step in order at a pace for a reason. The biggest hurdle I had to get around was myself because, at times, I can get impatient. If I don’t see instant results, you instantly jump to the conclusion, “All this doesn’t work or I don’t even see this panning out for me.” You got to battle through those thoughts at the beginning while you are getting things going, lined up, and all your ducks in a row, so to speak. Early on, my biggest hurdle was me. Getting myself to focus, slow down and stay on course and not veer off.

That is such good wisdom to be sharing because I feel like when it comes to entrepreneurship in general, it’s going to test and try you. Naturally, as human beings, it’s so much easier to have a comfortable road. I know that in any area of my life. For example, my wife and I wake up at 4:45 every single morning. We head to the gym, and then we start our morning off. It’s not like there’s a point where 4:45 is ever convenient and fun. There are times when I wake up that it’s turning into the winter months, and I’m like, “I would much rather stay comfortable right here in my bed.” That is such a natural thing for each one of us to go into that comfort zone because comfort, initially, feels right.

It feels like it’s the best place for us to be but then realizing that our successes and everything that we actually want are found on the other side of comfort. It’s when you get uncomfortable that you are able to reveal all these different successes that you have been looking for the whole time. I was the same way. There are so many people that are reading this and can attest that we are usually our worst enemies. We are the ones that are always in our way.

I love that you shared this because this is true for many of us. We are the only ones that are in our way. Nothing is in our way. A cheetah will run as fast as a cheetah can run. A tree will grow as tall as a tree can grow, yet we are the only creation that places a limit on ourselves. No one is placing it on us. It’s us placing it on ourselves. Once you get over this, you are able to move forward. Going through this, Steve, how were you able to overcome this self-limit or this self-doubt or, “Do I do this? Do I not do this?”

The biggest thing is, as you progressed in this business and got everything set up, one of the things that helped me, even the smallest of things. When you start seeing things come together, even if it’s as simple as your real estate attorney finally emailed you your revised contracts. Now, you have your legitimate contracts in your hand. Even the smallest of wins or successes as you are going along and keep you going and motivate you. That’s the way it was for me. All the little things that I’ve seen falling into place and getting me closer and closer to that finish line helped drive and keep me going.

You go through what everyone is going through, trials, challenges or anything that steps in your way. You keep pushing forward, you find these little moments of success, and success is not determined by the amount of dollars you make but it’s stacking wins. As you said, “My contract came back from my real estate attorney.” That’s a win. “I built a cash buyers list.” That’s a win. “I made ten phone calls this day.” That’s a win. What success is stacking these wins over and over again? You start stacking these wins together. Let’s break it down and talk about the first deal you did. You go through three months of stacking wins, and it leads to what it sounded like your first deal and how you got it. What was the marketing method that you did to get this lead?

The sole marketing method that I do is I do all direct mail.

Direct mail is not dead.

WI 328 | Perseverance On Wholesaling

Perseverance On Wholesaling: When you start seeing things come together, even the smallest of wins or successes keep you going and motivate you as you’re going along.


I’ve done direct mail from day one. I have done nothing but never veered from it. I have always focused solely on direct mail. I have a pretty good success rate as far as to contact versus mailers. I have a pretty good rate on phone calls. If there was a deal that could text somebody to the hilt, this is the deal. I worked on this deal actually for a couple of months. I got this contact very early on, and this was a guy that was an agent. He was the kind of guy that seemed to know everything in anything about real estate.

You can’t tell him anything he doesn’t know. It’s one of those deals, and everything I said, he would correct me. He would tell me what I’m doing wasn’t the right way. “You need to do it like this.” It was one thing after the other with this guy. Finally, what he wanted for the property, I felt, was too much. I had it under contract at his price. I knew in my gut that it was too much but I went with it anyways to gain the experience and didn’t know because my opinion wasn’t the same as everybody else’s. I said, “Maybe it’s not,” but the thing that happened that I thought would happen happened. I had to go back and cancel the contract because it didn’t sell.

He then came to me probably about a week later and said, “I’m going to give you another shot at this. Let’s drop it down to this price.” I went back over and got it under contract again for the second time. I ended up marketing it. As an extra incentive, they had purchased brand new appliances for the property. I used that as part of my marketing tool. It comes with all brand new appliances and everything. Long story short, I still couldn’t sell it. There was absolutely no interest in it whatsoever.

To go into the feelings. What was your mindset when you couldn’t move it? You have to cancel your contract. You put it under contract again at a lower price, and no one still wants it. What is this doing to your feelings, your emotions, and your mindset?

You start getting into that natural discouragement stage and all the second-guessing and questioning. Everything that you went through at the beginning to even make the move of starting wholesaling all starts snowballing back. You are like, “I was right.” You start getting discouraged, and it tries to throw you off course.

Did you ever second guess to like, “I need to go back and get a solid job with a consistent paycheck with benefits?” Did those things ever cross your mind again?

Honestly, they did. I said, “Maybe I can’t do this. I’m not smart enough to do this or I’m not savvy enough. I’m not a salesman.” All these thoughts start running through your mind like, “Can I do this?” Is this even a thing? Can I wholesale a property?” I’m in the discouragement stage and feeling down. This was a week of the coaching calls earlier. I waited for the coaching call, and it was you, Cody, that was on that week. We talked about some things. I asked you some questions. I got rejuvenated a little bit. I got a little bit of my mojo back.

I had told you there’s a local REIA meeting and you told me, “Get down there. Meet some other people, and go and talk at all the REIA meetings that you can. I did that. I went down to the REIA meeting. That was by me that week. It so happens I sat down right next to a couple who were buyers. We started talking, and one thing led to another. I was telling them about this property and they said, “Why don’t you email it over to us so we can take a look at it?” I did that. I came home that evening and sent it to them. They called me the next day and said that they wanted to buy it. They are the ones that closed and purchased that property for me.

Here you are going back and forth. Your faith is being tested. Your belief in wholesaling is being tested each and every day to the moment where you are thinking about going back to Corporate America. Not that that’s a bad thing but that’s a thought that you had. Like, “Give up on this and go back, get something consistent.” You go out on your last hurrah. You throw the Hail Mary. You go to a Real Estate Investor Association and meet someone that happens to be sitting right next to you who wants the deal. They buy it. What was this? Even though it was a couple of months process, what was that for you on a payday? What were you able to make on this particular deal?

In that particular deal, I made exactly $3,000.

Before I get deeper, you know, what’s coming now. We’ve got the victory bell rang for Steve Pastor. This is awesome. I remember asking you this question. I want you to share what you shared with me when we had our student coach call $3,000 to some people it’s like, “I was hoping he’s going to be $8,000 or $15,000 or $20,000.” Is this $3,000 going to be something that you will always remember?

Absolutely. It was such a moving moment for me. I can’t even explain to you how I felt that day. I didn’t go to the closing. They mailed me the check, and when I received that check, it was so overwhelming. I remember my son came up to me, and he patted me on the back and says, “Good job, dad. I told you you can do it.”

I got chills when you shared it right there.

A tree will grow as tall as a tree can grow, yet we’re the only creation that places a limit on ourselves. No one’s placing it on us.

He’s my youngest. I’m sitting there and looking at the check. You get a little emotional, and I was so overwhelmed and happy. I remember my son patting me on the back and saying, “Good job, dad.” I was standing there, and they took my picture holding the check, and that is now framed on my desk that I look at. Anytime that I have any doubt or anything, I look up there and keep reminding myself, “Do you see that? I can do this.” You are going to have trials and everything in this business. It’s like that with any job. Anytime you go to a job, even if you have a 9:00 to 5:00 that there’s a taxing moment or a frustrating moment or anything, you don’t just quit. You can’t do that in this business either.

Here’s what is valuable from this story that we are going to roll right into. You get this deal. You see that it’s a reality. You are holding that check in your hand. You have a beautiful experience with your family. At that moment, it turns from no longer having to be relying on faith. It’s now a fact. You’ve now seen it. It’s like, “This is a fact. This works for me. It happened. When it turns from faith to the fact, let’s step through this quickly. One week you told me on a Wednesday call, “I did my first deal? I close it this Friday. It’s $3,000.” The next Wednesday, I’m on the phone call with you. What took place in that week time?

Everything sprung loose. I had such a tremendous level of motivation after that. I’ve seen the whole process now go from start to finish. I knew what to expect and what worked. Shortly after that, I assigned my second deal. I ended up getting several other properties under contract as well.

I remember we are talking and I’m like, “Are you talking about the one that you just got $3,000. You were like, “No. Cody over at above that. I did two more deals under contract and assigned one,” and then the week later, I’m on the phone and you are like, “Cody, it’s even better. I put seven deals under contract,” and I’m like, “What in the heck are you doing? Let’s fly you out to Salt Lake. Get over here.”

It has been amazing. Having the confidence level, even in your conversation with sellers, goes a long way. As I was telling you before, “I put three more under contract yesterday.”

Unbelievable, and here you have this momentum, this traction. I compare it when I learned about your story and many of our stories. My own personal story. In the beginning, what’s hard to see is how this is all going to come together and how are we ever going to gain traction because we are pushing this train that’s at a complete stop. You are pushing so hard, look down and can’t even see it moving but maybe it’s moved an 8th of an inch.

You keep pushing, and maybe it’s moved to a 0.25-inch, a 0.5-inch or 0.75-inch, and then 1-inch. Pretty soon, that wheel makes its first full revolution, and then all of a sudden, it’s like, “I’m gaining traction.” Soon it will be like, “I don’t have to push this anymore.” Now, it’s going. The momentum is pushing it. I feel like that is what took place right here. You were pushing so hard, and all of that was not in vain. It was pushing that train, making it move to get that first revolution in, and all of a sudden, you have this momentum going.

You have to stop making excuses and learn to get out there and do it. You can always find an excuse not to do something, whether it be money, time or a busy schedule. You have to set all that aside and do it. Every single credit card I had was maxed out. There was zero money in the bank. I’m thinking, “How am I going to buy groceries this week?” You talk about stressful stuff. It’s not a good feeling at all.

That’s what I was dealing with, and your mind is going a million miles a minute thinking about all this other stuff, “Is the debt collector going to call on the phone? The phone is ringing. Who’s that? What are we having for supper tonight or do the kids need new shoes.” Let alone trying to focus on running a business. I completely understand. I have been there. I know how stressful it can get but it definitely can be done.

Steve, you did one that was $3,000, and then you have two that are going into closing. What will you make on those two deals?

One is it’s scheduled the clothes here. That one is $6,500, and then the other one is $8,500.

There’s $15,000, plus the $3,000, so it’s $18,000 within, let’s say, 30 days from the 1st one to the 3rd one?

Yes. They are all within a month.

WI 328 | Perseverance On Wholesaling

$15,000 is coming in. Some of that’s going to go back into marketing, so I don’t want to mislead you guys but that is an awesome payday. We were talking about this before we started the show. You are going into the holidays and it’s like, “How awesome is it to know that you have that cushion going through the holidays,” and you still have even more deals.

You put under contract three more deals. There’s so much momentum and good going on. In closing this show, Steve, we always like to ask two questions. What would be the advice that you would be giving people that are reading this that are like, “I need a golden nugget from Steve?” What would you share with them?

The best advice that I could give you is to stay focused. Don’t sway off track. Put your blinders on and keep the focus on what’s in front of you. You got to stay motivated. A huge benefit is a motivation because if you are not motivated, you are not giving it your all. When I wasn’t feeling as motivated, I would sit down and watch one of Tom or Cody’s shows. I would do something to get that motivation back for me to inspire me. I would say to stay motivated and positive and keep charging forward.

The second question, Steve, is a recent book that you may have read that would be beneficial. Something that was game-changing for you that you would share with someone.

I’m starting to get into the probate section of wholesaling. A good book is Probate Real Estate 101 by Kevin Sayles. It gives a lot of helpful guidance in there and good information. That’s a nice little helpful tool that somebody can check out if they are interested in going in that direction.

Steve, I want to thank you from myself and also from Tom that if he were on this episode, he would be the same thing. Both of us want to thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to get out here and do this episode and share your story to inspire and motivate other individuals, readers of this that are looking for that little bit of kick, drive, motivation, and inspiration to let them know that they can do it too.

Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

Rhino Nation, this has been an incredible episode where Steve had shared step-by-step what it was like, what the journey was for the three months before he did his first deal, and how did he get that same contract that was finally closed three months later. It was only a month into the process, and how he had to still work it all the way for a couple of months before it even came to a closing.

From there, how it turned on for him, and it caught like wildfire. This is something that will motivate and inspire you. Download this episode and read this over and over again. Jot down the notes and write down and commit yourself to taking a small and simple action now. This inspiring show won’t do anything unless you get out there and take action and then let your action lead to a result, and then let those results bring up your next question of what you must do.

Don’t build a perfect plan. They don’t exist. Just get out there and take massive imperfect action like Steve did so that you can turn this wholesaling business from faith to fact so that you can start catching wildfire and start doing consistent deals over again. Like Steve, if you want our help building your wholesaling business, head on over to, where you can learn more about us but also that’s an area where you can book a call with our team members. Get on the phone and begin to explore the conversation to see if this is something that would be a fit. If so, we would love to have you part of the tribe. Until next time, guys, keep charging, stay focused, stay motivated, and take massive imperfect action. We will catch you on the next episode. See you later.


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