Posted on: November 25, 2019

While wholesaling is very lucrative, some people give up on the business without even closing a single deal. Let’s face it, just like any other business, wholesaling can also come with its own unique challenges. However, today’s guest can attest that as long as you have faith, you take action, and you stay determined, you will be rewarded handsomely.

Steve Pastor is a rockstar rhino from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. While he flipped properties on the side, he never really had the courage to quit his full-time job. All that changed when he got laid off. Fortunately, rather than feel sorry for himself, Steve decided to bet on himself and give wholesaling a try.

It took 3 months for Steve to close his first deal but things got a lot better once faith turned into fact and he knew for sure wholesaling is something he can really do.

If you’ve been struggling to find that first deal, you’d surely love today’s episode. Steve not only shared what his inspirational wholesaling journey has been like, he also provided incredible action items so you can get your own wholesaling venture off to an exceptional start!

Key Takeaways

  • How he found Wholesaling Inc.
  • His mindset getting into wholesaling
  • Struggles/challenges he experienced when he first started
  • How he was able to overcome his self doubts
  • Marketing method he used to get his first deal
  • What his mindset was like when he encountered a few setbacks
  • How he was able to sell his first property
  • The amount of money he made on his first deal
  • What took place a week after he closed his first deal
  • Best advice he can give to listeners
  • Game-changing book he’d recommend


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