Posted on: November 14, 2019

Do you have a full-time job that pays well but somehow deep inside you have this nagging feeling you want more? Do you dream of someday running your own business, spending more time with your family, and enjoying more freedom? Then you already have something in common with today’s phenomenal guest!

Kyle Stines is a rockstar rhino whose passion and commitment is truly worth emulating. While some wholesalers have it easy, closing deals within weeks, he was not able to close his first deal until a year after!

Fortunately, Kyle and his wife chose not to quit even if it seemed like they were not getting anywhere their first year. Their commitment, drive, and hard work eventually paid off (and BIG TIME at that) when they closed their first ever deal and walked away $125,000 richer!

If you’re considering throwing in the towel and quitting wholesaling for good, today’s episode is exactly what you need to hear!

Key Takeaways

  • What happened the first 12 months when he first started his wholesaling business
  • What he thinks he did right early in the business
  • How he stayed committed
  • How joining a community has helped him and his business
  • List where he found his first ever deal from
  • Why it pays to not know too much at times
  • How much they got the property for and how much they were able to sell the contract for
  • How he felt after closing his massive first deal
  • Why reaching out to people who knows the market is ideal
  • Who makes the cold calls for him


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels: 00:55 Welcome to the Wholesaling Inc Podcast. I am your host, Brent Daniels. And if you are one of those people that is working a full time job and you have a dream, you have a passion to quit your job or better to fire your job from your life forever.

And really, really, really dedicate yourself to your entrepreneurial pursuits, to your real estate business, then this interview is going to be an absolute lightning rod for you. Because this is a true example of what happens when you take massive action. When we talk about Rhino nation we’re talking about charging forward and taking massive action but not only that, being very, very strategic on when you commit full time to this business. So with that, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce from San Diego area Mr. Kyle Stines. Kyle say hello.

Kyle Stines: 01:53 Hey guys. Appreciate it, Brent. Good to be on.

Brent Daniels: 01:55 I appreciate you. Your story has been ripping through our TTP group, and it has been ripping through the Wholesaling Inc Facebook page. It is just absolutely inspirational what you have done with your wholesaling business while also being committed to the responsibilities that you have with a full time job, family, the whole thing. So why don’t I let you take the platform from here, and you tell me … give me your background, give me your history, let me know your job experience and what has led you up to where you’re at now?

Kyle Stines: 02:26 All right, I’ll try to summarize all that as best I can. So my journey has been two and a half years in the making with Wholesaling Inc. I joined you guys as course and the tribe in January 2017. And before that going back to the beginning, I guess, or not quite the beginning but high school. So I dropped out of high school my senior year. I worked hard. I had a very good work ethic because that’s all I had going for me. I was smart in class good on test but I didn’t do homework. I didn’t have a good situation at home.

Kyle Stines: 03:02 And I eventually, during my senior year, I had to pretty much just be on my own. I spent some nights at friends houses, I spent some night in my car. So I decided to work, and I had a good work ethic. That’s all I knew how to do is work hard. So after about a year or two working in construction, working for a local electrician that took me on to show me the ropes I decided I would like to pursue more of a career and see what other opportunities are out there.

Kyle Stines: 03:30 So I went on to join the Marine Corps, and I had to go back and get my diploma from my local Junior College in order to do that. So I went back, finished up my schooling, it wasn’t much left, got my diploma, went off to boot camp, got trained as a marine, and my job that I had, and that was a really good experience. They teach you a lot there. They instill a lot of discipline in you. How to talk to people, how to be confident and confident yourself. So after that I got a job with some of the guys I used to work with before because I was a reservist. When I joined the Marine Corps I joined as reservists.

Kyle Stines: 04:08 So I came back from my basic training and I got a job with some of the guys I worked with before doing handyman work for all the grocery stores here in Southern California. Albertson’s, Smart & Final, you name it, everything from floor tile to electrical work, replacing parts, et cetera. So then still, I was like, “Okay, you know, I’m happy being a Marine. I’m doing the part-time Marine thing as a reservist.” I went to Iraq and came back. I’m doing this job working with these guys just doing manual labor, driving all over the place, sitting in traffic, doing repairs, fixing things.

Kyle Stines: 04:40 And again, I wanted a career and I wanted a career that I could be proud of. So I joined the Border Patrol it took me two years to get in, but I joined the Border Patrol started off in New Mexico and I moved my wife out to some small farm town in New Mexico. And I’m out there, I’m proud of my job, I make good money and I’m thinking what’s next? What’s next? Like, this is cool, but I’m not home with my family. I’m not back in California. The main problem with the Border Patrol was that is it going to be very tough for me to get back to California because it’s all seniority based. It’s hard to transfer and the whole story behind that. So, how do I get back to California? I just don’t want to go clock in and clock out and do a job for the rest of my life. Like, I know I want more. So you have a lot of time in the patrol vehicle and drive, commuting to and from work to listen to podcasts. And we listen to a lot of cool stuff like that. The podcast I listened to the most was Bigger Pockets. Very, very good podcast, to learn everything about real estate investing, great resource, probably one of the Tom Krol number one recruiting methods was going on that show and being a ball of fire like he is.

Kyle Stines: 05:50 And at that time, we were actually temporarily stationed in California because of some health issues with my wife and being pregnant. We were going through recurrent pregnancy loss stuff so we’re in California at the time and I thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if we could sign up for this course they’re going to teach us how to make money in real estate. And we don’t have to go back to New Mexico, right? We could settle down here in California.” So few months go by didn’t quite happen. So I ended up going back to New Mexico, we transferred to Arizona for a year South of Phoenix down in Ajo. So if you’re not familiar with where that is if you leave Phoenix and go to Puerto Penasco I believe it is, on the 95-

Brent Daniels: 06:31 Rocky Point. Yep.

Kyle Stines: 06:33 Rocky Point yeah. You’re going to go through those checkpoints down there. You’re going to go through that Lukeville port of entry crossing everything so. I was down there hiking around in the heat in the summertime, try not to die every day. And so then I actually got a chance to go back California, which was supposed to be near impossible to do. But I did it. I kind of did some backdoor stuff I went ahead and rehired again, as if I was a new agent and I took a spot. And I got to California yes I’m Border Patrol in California. And I have even less seniority that I had before. I’m working nights, midnight shift I’m working weekends. And I work in holidays so even though I’m in Southern California, I might as well be out of state because I don’t get any time off to be with my family, to see my family back home in Los Angeles area.

Kyle Stines: 07:22 So, it was great doing both, and I know I kind of skipped over a lot Wholesaling part. So I’ll go back to that. So in 2017, we started Wholesaling Inc with you guys. And then we went the whole year and didn’t get any deals. We spent all our money on marketing did 12 months, no deals at all. And luckily, there was times I wanted to quit, my wife wouldn’t let me quit. There was time she wanted to quit, and I would not let her quit. And luckily, we never wanted to quit the same time because it might have happened. But luckily we didn’t it and in January 2018 we got our first deal we made $125000 of one deal, which is just ridiculous when you have a background like my you don’t have anybody that’s in business in your family. Your actions generate a check that that’s big, and you can’t even comprehend it at first. It’s like, [inaudible 00:08:13] for a while.

Kyle Stines: 08:15 So that was our first deal, and like okay at least the last 12 months of work paid off with one deal like we are getting our money back, we’re making a profit. So through the rest of 2018, we did more deals, because these things take time. It’s all in the follow up, they take time to happen. They don’t happen immediately sometimes they do but so you just got to have faith and wait for those deals to happen and go through the follow-up and go through the process and commit. So 2018 we did more deals six or seven in total that year, made a good profit. And then fast forward to 2019, by the way, we joined TTP in February of 2018, I believe and we started implementing those systems slowly but surely.

Kyle Stines: 08:57 And I don’t think we got our first deal from those efforts till September of 2018, so about six months process, which I know is, I think we you put out there to expect six months from when you get started to see in some deals. So, that process really paid off. I don’t know if you can see the board behind me, I think it’s kind of small in the background, but all the red or pink writing those all TTP deals. And the thing about those deals is that we mailed all those people also, we never stopped mailing but we just added the cold calling portion to it. So it worked really well when they have responded to our mail if we didn’t call them who knows, but calling I’m sure helped.

Brent Daniels: 09:35 And just for everybody listening to this on the actual podcast, if you want to see this interview, go to Brent Daniels real estate on YouTube, but you will see on the back he’s got this beautiful whiteboard segmented with all the different deals that he’s done. And at the bottom is tallied TTP 387000, Mail 210000. So really, this is a beautiful blend of the two programs, the Wholesaling Inc program, which focuses more on direct mail and marketing and the TTP program, which is proactively reaching out on the phones. So is that a tally so far have closed and pending? Is that what that is?

Kyle Stines: 10:13 Yeah.

Brent Daniels: 10:14 Incredible.

Kyle Stines: 10:15 So though the TTP Mail breakdown those include pending deals, a couple of squares over to the left of the board that shows what we’ve actually closed and what’s pending. So we’re at 499 closed, and 147 in pending. And one thing cool to point out Brent is if you can see on the right hand side versus Mail TTP. There’s two deals that were derived from texting, which we just dabbled in for one month, like a year ago. And they were closing deals from that one month of texting homeowners a year later. Another cool thing is there’s three or four deals on there where it says TTP times two. And what that means is that there’s actually another TTP member involved in that deal.

Brent Daniels: 10:58 Awesome. I love it.

Kyle Stines: 11:02 Actually all three of them they brought us the deal, we helped them get it closed because they were either not in the area or they were new getting started. So yeah, this business everything you guys teach and prepare us to be able to do is just amazing. You literally come up with the idea that you want to do something put in the action and all of a sudden when you come from a W2 employee, like your view of potential and money just changes especially in Southern California with the deal being so large a lot of times it’s almost like, I don’t want to say this because I’m very still like, trying to understand what we have what the potential is but, it’s almost like Monopoly money like once you start this machine that prints you money, what are you going to do with it? How is it going to change your life and how are you going to change your priorities? Once I make a couple more hires, and I make this a business versus another full time job I created for myself. What am I going to do then? When am I going to do my interests, my hobbies, my passions, my pursuits, but now I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to do to make money.

Brent Daniels: 12:12 Yeah. The answer to that is you have a freedom of schedule. The answer is whatever you want to do you know what I mean? Always when we’re building up our business, and when we start hiring people and getting people into those roles that you’re taking right now. The hats that you wear, we’re always keeping an eye on what’s going on in the market. We’re always keeping an eye on what’s the best list to go after, how do we have those quality conversations with distressed property owners every single day. It’s just an exciting business that it surprises me each and every week, even though now in my business I work like 10 hours a week. It’s exciting, it’s fun there’s different things every single week, every single day, which keeps it exciting and going.

Brent Daniels: 12:55 But I want to go back real quick, Kyle because I think a lot of people are going to relate too. When they get out of it a lot of people think that they’re going to find their first deal within that first 30 days, in that first 60 days. And some people do honestly some people really do sometimes you just … and you know as well as I do sometimes you talk to somebody on the first conversation, and that day or the following day, or a couple days later, you sign up that deal and it’s phenomenal. But that is few and far between. Right?

Brent Daniels: 13:24 If we are having real speak right now. If we’re talking real, those people, those low hanging fruit that are ready right now, you have to talk to a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of people to find those people, they are out there and they’re phenomenal. But to build this into a business to be able to put all your responsibilities and all your financial expenses and everything into this business like really this is going to support your whole life. You got to set this thing up to where it is absolutely a business. It’s a machine and you can get some predictable results, which over the last two and a half years you have.

Brent Daniels: 14:00 So what happened that first year? I think everybody listening and watching is wondering what happened during the first year? Were you not able to commit the time because of the transition? Was it just there was nobody there that was really like ready to go right now? What was going through your business, your mind in that first 12 months?

Kyle Stines: 14:20 Time was a big issue. When I was out in New Mexico my first few years with the Border Patrol I was on horseback, hiking all the time very remote, mountainous terrain, very busy out there. And there’s times where I’m tracking a group out there, and we’re going into a canyon and we got to get the satellite phone out and called the station and my wife, whatever to say. “Just say, you know, I’m not coming home tonight. We’re going to be out here for a while.” There’s no way for other people to come in and help you out. There’s no way out there. You just have to commit.

Kyle Stines: 14:57 So first thing was we were just getting started and we’re new even though you guys coach us what to do, you’re still new, everything is experienced to you. So we’re just getting started, it’s hard to identify what really is motivated seller versus somebody that sounds motivated, but they’re not. How to get the deal well enough than just getting a deal that looks like a discount to you because you’re new, but really it’s not. Because you don’t understand the how money costs and all that stuff involved with buying properties. But when I was working time was a huge issue I had a two hour commute each way. And there’s just so much that the job held me back, but the good thing that I did was I hired a virtual assistants early on. It was obvious I couldn’t answer the phone as well as I should be able to and that not very my wife’s forte either so I had to hire somebody to do that. And that helped me a lot grow the business.

Kyle Stines: 15:50 But the first 12 months we didn’t get deal, we marketed everywhere like we didn’t live in California yet. We weren’t settled down in California. So we cast a wide net was the marketing. We did like 10 different counties, just because we didn’t have a backyard, we didn’t have a home, we were out of state when we started. So we had a lot to figure out. And we couldn’t just work with a cash buyer that lived in the same town that we lived in and figure it out. And the first 12 months, we did a lot of marketing, we talked to a lot of people, but our data or big part of it is having the difference between good data and bad data, even when it comes to mailing. If you’re doing a list, when’s the last time that list has been scraped or scrubbed against county records or whatever motivating factor that you’re using for that list? Are you removing sold properties from that list? So we improved our lists and really, as time went on, we just got more and more hungry. The longer you go hungry, the more willing you are to do whatever it takes to find something to eat.

Kyle Stines: 16:53 So after those 12 months part of it was building up a pipeline. It was learning, it was talking to other members and figuring out what are we doing right. What are we doing wrong. The first couple of deals, we had a local partner that was real estate agent and they actually helped us out with them a little bit. So we gave them part of the deal but that helped.

Brent Daniels: 17:16 Well basically just what was going through your mind in the first 12 months of going through it, and how did you stick with it? It’s crazy and I give you all the credit in the world because we live in a I-want-it-now type of environment, we really do. And it happens. It happens sometimes, but not all the times and for you. You’re on horseback you don’t know your schedule, you’ve got four hours of commute, you’re in New Mexico, but you’re doing your marketing to California, you’ve got other people answering your calls that may or may not have been experienced with high level sales. You know what I mean? There’s a lot going on there that I can see why it took some time to kind of get it going, to build up that pipeline to where you found some consistency. But how did you keep your mind right? How did you stay committed to your business?

Brent Daniels: 18:07 Because truly I think anybody listening to this or anybody watching this, if you truly commit to this business, you cannot lose. I truly believe that. I truly believe if you stay in it long enough, if you have enough quality conversations with distressed property owners, you cannot lose. But what stops people is those initial periods of time where they feel like nothing is happening. They’ve got a sledge hammer, and they’re just pounding it against a piece of concrete and it’s not doing anything, and they just feel like all their efforts are not working or the market is too saturated or there’s too much competition, or the learning curve is too high. All these fantasies, all these hallucinations that we tell ourselves, you didn’t fall victim to that, like is it just your background of maybe military training is your background of just, “Hey, I’m committed to this like I’m going to be disciplined to this business.” What is it?

Kyle Stines: 19:01 Yeah, bottom line is like if I could do this business, Tom Krol says it to you right. And I’m sure you say the same thing. “If we could do this business. Anybody could do this business.” Like, it’s not rocket science. It’s just commitment all those one liners, those kind of cheesy sounding one liners, but they’re there for a reason, because they’re true, and they’re there to keep you going when things get tough. Massive imperfect action. The best one relating to what you’re talking about right now is persist until failure quits. If you just keep going, put one foot in front of the other, climb that mountain, and eventually you’re going to figure out how to climb it better. You’re going to be walking instead of crawling, you’re going to learn how to navigate it better. You’re going to run into other people along the way they’re going to help you along the process. So that’s the number one thing is if you’re struggling getting started, just don’t give up. There’s no reason to give up, if you do you wasted everything. If you stick to it every single thing that you put into it so far is going to be worth it in the long run.

Kyle Stines: 20:08 It’s just the fact that I wanted more and I wanted … nobody in both of our families knew anything about business and anything else but having a job, right. So, I had one of the few jobs left in the world that provides a pension when you retire. People are thinking I’m crazy for wanting out of that and now that I have my wife and Ella, we have a seven month old child, I don’t want to be somebody else’s employee. I want us to decide what we’re going to do when we’re going to do it. And we just put our heads down and we got to this point and eventually things worked out. A lot of it has to do with the coaches and you guys putting out.

Brent Daniels: 20:50 Well, and I think it’s unbelievable. I think people can probably piece together this business certainly through the Wholesaling podcast or YouTube channels through everything. The one part that you miss is the community. I’m just going to speak for myself here, when I joined the Wholesaling Inc program in February of 2016. It wasn’t because I didn’t know how to wholesale, is because I wanted to be around people doing way more than me and I wanted a community. I felt like I was in an island by myself and when you’re on an island by yourself, you feel like every time something bad happens or a deal falls out, or somebody outbid you on a deal or something happens, you get into a shell and you’re like, “Oh, well was me.”

Brent Daniels: 21:31 But now when you’re in a group, and you’ve been absolutely phenomenal in the private TTP Facebook group, with support, with cheerleading other people in the group with people supporting you, like you’ve got three deals on your board that I can see right now that you’re doing with somebody in the TTP program. These things matter. Not just from a mental standpoint, but also from a financial standpoint. These things really work out. That’s the power of joining a program really. That might sound kind of like advertising, but it truly is. That’s just the basis of what the whole platform is built on is supporting other people in the group, in the community. And I think with you being in it, and for two and a half years, you’ve always contributed, whether it be on social media, be it’s just picking up the phone and talking to people that are going to refer you deals or vice versa. It’s just a phenomenal resource for people to be able to really stay in the business because if you’re out there floating by yourself, that is when I see people quit. I love that. What was it persist until failure quits? Is that what you said?

Kyle Stines: 22:40 Yeah.

Brent Daniels: 22:40 I love I’m going to put that on the glass walls. I love that. It’s true. It truly is and you’ve got over 500, almost 600000 in income that you’ve made over the last two and a half years from this business with the first year nothing. So that’s for a year and a half worth of work. So you built and built and built and built it’s just like planting and harvesting, planting and harvesting, planting and harvesting. And during that time you’ve stayed committed. You see with a goal that you have, and you stay committed to that even though you’ve got hours on horseback, you’re moving from New Mexico to Ajo, which is just … that’s like the end of their world to get back to California to everything. It’s an incredible, incredible story. I love it. Do me a favor, let’s get people excited about because I truly believe once you do a deal that’s over $50000, once you do a massive deal, your brain chemistry changes forever. And you mentioned it took you a year but your first deal was $125000. Can you break down that deal? What list did it come from? What marketing or prospecting did you do? And kind of give me some of the pre-qualifiers that let you know that this was actually a deal? Can you break that down for me?

Kyle Stines: 23:57 I will and before I do so just one comment on what you said earlier the community had being a part of a group like this. Sometimes what we do with helping other people is self-serving. But for a reason we don’t like spending too much time of our lives, if it’s not with our family, or if it’s creating more business, but one of the things that I’ve realized recently is I don’t care how much money that the other person’s deal when they come to me for help with a deal and if it’s going to bring us money, great. But if it’s one of their first deals for them, and I know this is life changing for them that’s like the fact that I could help somebody with that is amazing and I’m sure that you guys sharing that also. That influence and that you’re just helping that person get started and is life changing. So it’s great to be part of the community.

Kyle Stines: 24:46 So the first deal $125000 it was off the tax delinquent list. So, like I mentioned earlier, be careful where you’re getting your tax delinquent list and where you’re getting the information from and how fresh it is. Put in the effort to make sure it’s good list. So I came from a tax delinquent list it was an old cabin property in a really kind of unique, exclusive area. And we had no idea what we had when we got it. When we first got this lead, we were like, “Oh my gosh, we have to spend time like looking at this old, dilapidated house cabin thing in the desert. What are we doing?” “Why did we always get these leads?” And the one of the things I was hoping to talk about, but I’ll bring up right now in case I don’t get to it later. It’s good in this business to not know that much. Without saying be dumb or be stupid, sometimes it’s good to not know a lot.

Brent Daniels: 25:43 Oh I say it. Kyle, I say it all the time. I tell people all the time you got to be dumber. You’re overthinking, you got to be dumber. Yeah, I 100% agree. But go ahead.

Kyle Stines: 25:51 So we go through our process and we tell those guys look, “This is a story that we hear many times from you coaches and other people as well in the tribe. This isn’t my specialty I don’t know what this thing is even worth. But I think we’ll be okay if we offer you this much for it, would you be open in taking that?” They said yes. So we got on a contract for 60000 I think it was like 40000, 60000. 20K in back taxes we got the cabin for 40. So 60 total, we were just going to try to put it out for like 10 or 15K higher, and try to find a buyer for it who knows what was going to happen. And we were working with an agent at the time he was kind of our boots on the ground in Southern California when we couldn’t be in the area. This is the easiest money he’s ever made in his life. So we asked him, “Hey, can you look at this and comp it out and tell us what you think.” He is like, “Oh actually this area is you know, blah, blah, blah. And you should probably put it out for about 160.” Like whoa 100 grand higher than we opted out for? I don’t understand that but you’re an experienced agent so I’m going to go ahead and listen to what you say. We put it out for 160. Somehow there is multiple buyers interested in it and we got a bit up to 185.

Brent Daniels: 27:10 Oh my gosh.

Kyle Stines: 27:11 So we’re like, for this to be your first deal and having gone through this whole process and we’re in Ajo at this time. Okay, so we’re at a little restaurant in Ajo hole in the wall place and we’re like watching the offers come in and I’m doing what you guys teach call them at the last minute like “Hey, I’m about to accept your offer. Make sure highest is the best offer is in. I really hope you get this deal.” And all of a sudden the offers jump up another 5, 10 grand. So yeah, the highest offer is 185 we got it closed, which was just like a gut wrenching, sickening experience when you have that much on the line.

Kyle Stines: 27:51 It was really one of the easiest deals we’ve done, if not the easiest, just amazing blessing and I went back there recently to check what they did with it, and they just leveled it. I know they own a few properties in that area, they’ll probably build something there eventually. So, that was a great experience and the second largest deal we’ve done was also 400000. We had a double closing, so there’s some extra closing costs involved. But that was a deal that one of our deal finders brought us driving for dollars and he split the deal with that person. We were partners on it, we split it with them. So we just got 50K minus our costs. I was driving for and cold calling right there.

Brent Daniels: 28:33 I love it. Well hold on a second. So for a year worth of working and working and working and working and trying to figure out when you can do this business and how it’s going to fit into your life, into your schedule and then all of a sudden, bam 125 a massive deal. 125 I’m going get this [gong 00:28:54]

Kyle Stines: 28:54 Sounds good.

Brent Daniels: 28:54 Incredible men. And once you’ve got that money in your account, how do you feel?

Kyle Stines: 29:07 It was just amazing. I’m not going to lie, we took the family and we went and celebrated. My wife and I before that we worked hard. We saved money, and we pinched pennies and we did everything we needed to do to … The first thing we did was pay off our debt together. So the debt that we had together, we paid it off. The next thing we worked and saved for was to pay for our wedding honeymoon in cash and be debt free. And then the next day we put our money to after that was starting a business, which was this business and never in our life had we had anywhere near the amount of money in our account at one time, so it’s just yeah, it was amazing. We celebrated, we’re like, holy cow. What is the future of the store, if we could do deals on paper that are making over 100 grand? That’s like we didn’t have to buy it. We didn’t have to fix it. We didn’t have to do any of that stuff with it. And it’s just it really is amazing.

Brent Daniels: 30:00 Yeah, and the collateral effects are all of a sudden now you’ve got another $100000 deal, now you’ve got $50000 deals, now you got 25 you know what I mean? Like your mind is open to you were saying, well, maybe we’ll just put this up for 10000. And I think is a huge, huge point of view breaking that down is if you’re in an area and you’re not sure what’s going on, reach out to real estate agents that work that area. I do it all the time. Anytime I go outside of the Phoenix bubble, I will reach out to two or three agents in the market and get their opinion on what’s going on. And they’re happy to do it. Because I could send them referrals up there, I can close on it and have them listed. There’s a lot of different reciprocation there but reach out to somebody that knows the market. It’s incredible how many people just kind of antenna on to it and sell it and then all of a sudden they see a way bigger spread because somebody knows that area.

Brent Daniels: 30:58 Remember when you’re starting out the toughest part is, is this a deal or no deal? And then the second toughest part is how big of a deal is it? You can erase those doubts by reaching out to people with expertise in the area, have a conversation, as long as you’re likable and certain and you’re not trying to be weird or strange with them or timid. They’re going to have a conversation with you, and they’re really going to help you out. I think that’s a huge learning lesson when it comes to you getting that deal and getting it for as big as it … If you didn’t have that conversation with them, who knows what would have happened? Who knows where you would be?

Kyle Stines: 31:36 Yeah, no we wouldn’t have made that much, that’s for sure. On one hand that guy never went to the property. He never went to get the contract signed. He didn’t do any of the leg work because we happen to be in town at that time during my military reservist weekend. He didn’t do any of the leg work. But what he did do was say “Hey, put it off for a lot more than you’re going to put it out.” And because of that we paid him a good sum of money. Deal and a lot of times with the local agents especially if you’re not area where it’s obvious it’s not easy to comb.

Kyle Stines: 32:07 All the houses aren’t the same and everything. The agents are going to either know buyers or they’re going to be buyers themselves, the brokers will be buyers, and there’s a buyer for everything I don’t care what remote city town you’re in, there’s going to be a broker there that’s has been there forever knows the area, and they play Monopoly in that town. And they’re the local buyers. So that’s a great resource to have for sure. If you need help understanding what you have it’s a great resource.

Brent Daniels: 32:36 And then you close that deal you joined TTP in February and now from February till to now 387000 closed and pending you are an animal. Who’s making those calls for you?

Kyle Stines: 32:51 So I started off doing it and just realized that it’s hard to juggle everything and if I was able to squeeze in the hours I wasn’t performing as well as a cold caller should in reality. [inaudible 00:33:04]. So, man, I’ve been through the gamut of available of types of cold callers to hire. So right now we’re down to one cold caller and it’s my mother-in-law so that’s great that she’s blessed to be paid to do that. She’s really good at it. She’s probably about to become our lead manager. And so she could focus with all the follow up stuff and I could just go on appointments and get the deals done. But I’ve hired with St. George Edwin’s callers in Philippines. I think he was one before right? [Redame 00:33:39] call for me before I know they do a good job for other people. Unfortunately, I think I gave them … I experimented with the new list and it’s a great list, but it was kind of bad timing it really overworked. So I think I did a huge campaign on that and didn’t work out well, but it wasn’t their fault.

Kyle Stines: 33:56 So I’ve had Filipino cold callers. I found my own, hired my own. I’ve used His service. I’ve hired family members to do it. I’ve done it I’ve hired random people in San Diego and Los Angeles areas to do it. At one time I had four cold callers I was paying $20 an hour and it’s hard sometimes when those deals take a while to come to fruition and your account is draining pretty quick when you have four people at $20 an hour who are part-time and then if it gets to be too much for you to handle you either need to hire people to help you out or cut it back. So anyways, yeah I have had all kinds of people answer my phones from all kinds of countries and whether that’s both inbound calls and cold calling.

Kyle Stines: 34:42 I’ve gone through the ringer but right now it’s my mother. If I didn’t find any other family members or people like my mother-in-law, that want to do cold calling I’ll probably just go to the call motivated sellers now company make it easier for me to hire some people to have them assist with the training and management of it. Because it’s a lot of work managing all that, training them up. But I’ve had all kinds of different people make my cold calls for me and they get paid a nice besides hourly paying they getting paid a nice little bonus when a deal closes. So yeah, that’s great.

Brent Daniels: 35:16 Awesome. Yeah,, that’s who I use. I’ve got four callers going on at all times. And my lead manager talks to them once a week and make sure they do it. So it’s really it’s an unbelievable resource. But back to you to wrap this up, I saw recently you posted a video, you posted pictures of you leaving your job for the last time and then you did that beautiful thing on social media where you switched your profile to self employed. Like how does that feel and give some advice in closing to the people out there that are working full time, but they have that passion. They’ve got that pilot light inside of them to be an entrepreneur to be a real estate wholesaling superstar like you.

Kyle Stines: 36:06 So it feels amazing I’m in charge of my day, I’m in charge of where I am. Whether that’s anywhere in California, out of state, wherever I want to go, I get to include my family right now I don’t have that office, besides my home office. So I’m here during the day with my family, and I love it. I’ll be honest, Brent. I took three weeks of vacation before that day that I officially resigned, and it’s a couple of weeks since then. So four or five weeks into it. I’ve been lazy, I got deals going I don’t wake up to an alarm clock except for my child, which might as well be an alarm clock. But I get to spend all the time with my family that I want to, I get to work when I want to. If I’m going to go on an appointment somewhere I get to bring my family with me go on the appointment and then either stay at nearby a family’s houses or stay at a hotel or something, whatever.

Kyle Stines: 37:06 And it’s just really amazing to have the ability to set your own schedule and do what you want to do and work as much or work as little as you want. When I get back from vacation I’m going to step up my game and really get back into grow the business, but I’ve been really enjoying my time and my freedom and I plan to forever. And it was not easy to quit no matter how good Wholesaling was for us or investing in any way or whatever. It’s still not easy I was making over 100000 a year, I had really good benefits, I had a pension I was putting in towards and with a baby and we’re hoping to have more babies like health insurance is a big part of that. So there’s a lot of fear and you have to make sure your family’s going to be okay with that. So I’ll saying is if you have wife and kids or family, whatever that’s relying on you, you have to step up your game and you have to make them feel comfortable. That look, “I could do this, it’s going to be consistent, it’ll be reoccurring income, I’m going to do this till we have years worth of expenses in the bank for our family and for the businesses as well.” So, I’ll never say it’s an easy decision, and especially if you have a family already that you’re responsible for taking care of.

Kyle Stines: 38:29 So, but luckily she’s very supportive of me and she helps me a lot in the business, she runs the numbers on everything. And that’s one tip I would like to tell people is if you have somebody else that can count the properties for you, and tell you what to offer. It makes it a lot easier to make those offers because if you’re on the phone, doing the report building, listening to their situation as to why they’re motivated seller, you’re just going to offer them more money. You’re going to offer them too much money almost every time. [inaudible 00:39:03] make him a good offer. So it helps if you can separate those two things. Make sure that you could do it, make sure it’s going to be recurring and make sure it’s going to be consistent and don’t blame whatever it is that you want to do for not working out. If somebody else is doing it, it works. You have to do the work, you just have to do it. You have to do what it takes, if that’s what you want.

Brent Daniels: 39:24 Love it. Love it. Kyle, thank you so much I think a lot of people out there are going to see this as like real talk, right? You can tell just by the way that he’s communicating guys, this has been a journey for him, but he’s being real, real here. He’s telling you that he didn’t do a deal for … instead of people coming on the podcast, which it happens that they get a deal in the first two weeks or something. Took him 12 months. You’ve got this, you can do this. Here’s a perfect example of what happens when you stay committed to it. But maybe your schedule is hectic, maybe you’re not as committed to it as you want to be, but just stay in. Just stay in, persist until failure. What was it?

Kyle Stines: 40:04 Quits

Brent Daniels: 40:05 Quits. I love it. I love it. And if you guys are interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate with Kyle and I go to, check out what the program is about. Check out all the testimonials if it feels good in your gut, then sign up for a call. It’ll be the best call of your year. Kyle, thank you so much for being on here. You are just an absolute inspiration. I really, really appreciate it. Everybody out there. I encourage you to go out there and talk to people. Until next time. See you. Love you.

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