Episode 324: Virtual Wholesaling: How to Wholesale Houses in ANY Market in the Country!

Today’s special guest is a force to be reckoned with as far as virtual wholesaling goes—on average, he closes 4 – 6 deals a month (earning as much as $22,000 per deal!) doing remote calls straight from beautiful Mexico!

John Carney is Brandon Barnes’ exceptional acquisitions manager. Brandon Barnes is a rockstar rhino based in Georgia. He runs REI Live in Atlanta (Click here to learn more about REI Live in Atlanta) and John is undoubtedly his most prolific and successful acquisition manager.

Ever the go-giver, John candidly shared many of the tips, tricks, wisdom, and insights he lives by that has helped him achieve the massive success he’s currently enjoying. Make no mistake about it, virtual wholesaling is not as straightforward as it seems but John breaks the whole thing down to simple steps so it’s easier for you to emulate his processes!

So many gold nuggets in this episode, you better have a pen and paper handy. We even threw in a free bonus! CLICK HERE to claim your FREE copy of the virtual wholesaling script!

Key Takeaways

  • How he became an acquisitions manager
  • The average size of his deals
  • How he does deals over the phone
  • How the phone calls are passed to him
  • What he’ll tell people who are starting out
  • Why money is in the follow ups
  • What he does prior to making calls
  • How he comes up with his numbers
  • Who should make the offer first
  • Method he uses when making offers
  • How he makes things work logistically
  • What percentage of his calls will require a visit
  • How long a typical call lasts when he’s negotiating a deal
  • Top 3 objections he gets from sellers and how he addresses them
  • How he deals with multiple owners of a single property
  • How he handles the reduction
  • Advice he’d give to those who would like to follow his strategy
  • Resources and programs that has helped him
  • Obstacles he has encountered while doing things remotely
  • How he deals with the competition


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