Episode 322: How To Become A Deal Machine With David Lecko

WI 322 | Deal Machine


While wholesaling is pretty straightforward, using an app designed to help you easily find deals in the market can definitely make a world of difference.

The DealMachine is a revolutionary app hailed as the ultimate real estate investing tool. And DealMachine’s co-founder and CEO is here to share all you need to know to make the most out of this truly amazing app.

David Lecko, the brains behind DealMachine first created the app just to fix his own frustration with real estate investing. Over the years, he has added more awesome features and has helped countless users of the app find their first or nth deals.

If you’re looking for a great tool that can help you make a killing in the competitive but exciting and highly lucrative wholesaling world, today’s episode is exactly what you need to hear!


How To Become A Deal Machine With David Lecko

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