Episode 32: Are Bandit Signs a Waste of Time and Money?

Are Bandit Signs a Waste of Time and Money?

“Bandit signs are dumb!” Sound familiar?

Has anyone ever said that to you? That was exactly what today’s guest thought when he first started out in Wholesaling.
Now he’s eating those words after making a SMOKING hot deal off of bandit signs.

Adam Balsinger is a tribe member and an absolute rockstar! This guy has been investing for three years mainly as a fix and flipper.

Knowing that Wholesalers ALWAYS get the best deals (and wanting to cut out the middleman), he joined the tribe (about 4 months ago) and has been CRUSHING it ever since!

In just a few short months, he has been able to do SIX WHOLESALE DEALS generating over $46,000 revenue! BAM!

The most interesting part about all of this?
He does this part time!

Don’t miss this amazing episode on how marketing could totally change the name of YOUR game.


  • Who is Adam and how he got into the real estate
  • Breaking down the marketing for this deal
  • Finding homeowners with code violations
  • Part-time Wholesaling and what that looks like
  • Initially thought bandit signs were dumb!
  • How to strategically place bandit signs
  • Taking action the next day!
  • A phone call from Clara, a motivated seller
  • Building the buyer’s list
  • Getting more cash buyer phone calls than motivated sellers
  • Staying consistent with marketing
  • Avoiding the shiny object syndrome
  • and so much more…

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