Posted on: October 21, 2019

Want to build up your cash buyers list but don’t know how? In today’s episode, you’ll discover an effective strategy guaranteed to boost your buyers list in just days!

Nick McGowan is a new rhino from Houston, Texas. An entrepreneur at heart, he fell in love with wholesaling and decided to join the tribe. Even if he’s only been a tribe member for less than a month, Nick already achieved something truly impressive—he was able to build a massive cash buyers list in just 7 days!

If your efforts to build up your buyer list has been futile, today’s episode is for you. Discover Nick’s ninja strategy and give it a go and watch your buyers list grow by leaps and bounds!

Key Takeaways

  • The ninja strategy he used to find 530 cash buyers
  • How he reached out to the cash buyers on his list
  • Number of mails he sends out weekly
  • Game-changing book he’d recommend
  • His advice to those who would like to give wholesaling a try


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