Episode 317: Wholesaling Anywhere—How One Woman Did 40 Deals Virtually

WI 317 | Virtual Wholesaling


Looking for a business that provides total freedom and flexibility while allowing you to earn as much as $400,000 a year? Virtual wholesaling might be perfect for you!

In the virtual wholesaling arena, Lauren Hardy is a total rockstar. The doting mom of two is currently crushing the virtual wholesaling market and is earning an average of $10,000 per deal!

After having two kids, she realised she wanted to have more freedom and spend more time with her family. Wholesaling virtually gave her the freedom she was looking for. Not only that, it also gave her income a massive boost.

In today’s show, Lauren candidly shared the processes, mindset, and techniques that has helped her successfully dominate the virtual wholesaling market. If getting into virtual wholesaling is something you are considering, you just can’t afford to miss today’s episode!


Wholesaling Anywhere—How One Woman Did 40 Deals Virtually

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