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Posted on: October 03, 2019

Ever wondered what top traits successful wholesalers in the country possess that has helped them dominate the market effectively? Wonder no more!

In today’s episode, top wholesale real estate coach and TTP guru Brent Daniels discussed in detail the top 10 traits winning wholesalers share. From thinking big daily to creating a positive environment, you’ll discover all the key traits that has made winning wholesalers a force to be reckoned with in their markets.

If you can’t wait to join the circle of top wholesalers in the country, listening to today’s episode is a huge step in the right direction!

Key Takeaways

  • Why thinking big daily should be a part of your life and schedule
  • Why you need to compete against your goals and business plans and not other wholesalers
  • The importance of creating a positive environment
  • Why it’s important to have great communication skills
  • Why you shouldn’t back down from confrontations
  • The importance of learning to love failure
  • Why you need to develop discipline and absolute focus
  • Why you always need to be in the lookout for the next deal
  • Why you need to be a master at delegating
  • Why it’s important to be coachable yet opinionated


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels: Have you ever asked yourself what are the top traits, the top characteristics that the most successful real estate wholesalers around the country possess? Right? Like if only there was a list. If only there was a list that you could start understanding and implementing into your business, put into your mindset, put into your life, put into your business, then you could be as successful as they are. Well, I’m telling you, I’ve put together this list. I’ve put together the list of the top 10 traits that the most successful, the winning wholesalers around the country possess. Now, this has taken some time. This has been from networking with incredible people around the country. This has been talking to the most successful Wholesaling Inc. students, the most successful TTP family members. I mean, this list is going to jump out at you and you can start taking action on it right away.
My name is Brent Daniels and I am the host of this podcast and I’m absolutely thrilled because it’s about time that we had the top 10 traits of winning wholesalers. So let’s start with number one. Number one, they think big daily, the top wholesalers around the country, they think big daily. This goes to speak to that identity part inside of you, right? That winner part inside of you, the part that believes that you can do amazing things. The part that sees people being really successful instead of saying, “Wait a second, why are they so successful?” You start thinking, “How are they so successful?” There has to be a path. How did they get so successful? You start thinking big. You start thinking about paying off all your debts. You start thinking about buying apartment buildings and buying big pieces of land or maybe dozens of homes.
Or maybe it’s just you think big about the company that you want to build, the amount of people you want to employ, the amount of sellers that you want to help out in your community. Every single top wholesaler around the country, they think big daily, and this is not an easy task because we get caught in the whirlwind, the cyclone of daily activities, daily actions that we have to take time every single day to remember to think big. Think about those big goals that we have out there. Do we want to be a millionaire? Do we want to be a multimillionaire? Do we want to be so well off or have so much passive income that we can commit ourselves to our church or our family or to coaching sports or whatever it is. The thinking big daily is part of your schedule. It’s a part of your life. It’s something that you implement every single day so that you know where you are going. Top winning wholesalers all think big daily.
Number two, I love this. They are competitive against their goals and their business plan, not against their competition. Okay, let me say that again. They’re competitive against their business plan, not against the other wholesalers or the other real estate investors in their market. They don’t matter. The only thing that matters is how are they doing versus what their goals that they set. Where are they at in their business plan? Because here’s the thing. If you put together an effective plan, if you are constantly having quality conversations with distressed property owners, you cannot lose. You always win. So if you’re going from a framework of you are going to win, then you put together a business plan to achieve whatever financial goals or whatever business goals you have. That’s your competition. It’s not the guy down the street. It’s not the people that you meet at the RIAs or at the meetup groups or online or that you see at different seminars or conferences. No, that’s not the competition. The best people are competitive against their business plan, against their goals. That’s what fires up their competitive juices, right? Not the other people in their marketplace.
Number three, they control their positive environment. Okay? Nothing is going to take you down as an entrepreneur, as quick as being around a bunch of negativity. So the most successful, the winners in this industry, they create a positive environment that they go to every single day. Now, maybe that’s just literally their environment. Maybe it’s their workspace or the room that they work at in their office has inspirational quotes or it’s playing inspirational YouTube videos, or it just gets their mindset right. Or they only hire people that are optimistic. That’s a huge one. They hired people that aren’t coming in pessimistic, aren’t complaining about the market, they’re not complaining about leads. They are optimistic. They are ready and willing and able to go out every single day and find the problems that property owners have in the community and solve them. They control their positive environment. You never want somebody coming in and trashing your mindset with negativity on a daily basis.
There should never be that friction in your daily life, when you are trying to solve the problems of people in your marketplace. You can’t bring negativity to those people because there’s so much negativity coming from people in distress, not necessarily towards you personally, but just in their life. Their life is full with a lot of drama or they’ve had some unfortunate circumstances happen. We need to be that shining light. We need to control our positive environment.
Number four, they have great communication skills. This comes down to versatility. Versatility with the different types of personality types. You can look it up. You can find a million YouTube videos on it or podcasts or books describing the different personality styles, but basically there’s four main ones and it is on us or on the winning the, the top absolute top real estate wholesalers to be versatile in the way that people want to communicate. It might not be your personality style, but it’s the way that other people want you to communicate with them that make you successful. There’s a great book called Versatile Selling that I think you should all go and get if you’re listening to this. Go out and get Versatile Selling. It is really dry, but it is really, really good at explaining the different personalities types. So being versatile, that’s number four.
Number five, the winning wholesalers around the country are not afraid of confrontation, okay? They’re not afraid to confront the people that work for them. They’re not afraid to confront the service providers in their business. They’re not afraid to confront title companies or private money lenders or anything that is not up to their standards. There has to be confrontation. You cannot back down to it.
Let me give you a great example. This is crazy. I have an office here on the 19th floor of downtown Phoenix, and I have a guy just wandering to the office. You can’t even get past the people at the front desk, but somehow this guy slipped past. He’s wandering around, he finds my office, he doesn’t knock, he just opens the door, old school home builder. And he’s like, “Hey, are you Brent Daniels?” And I said, “Yeah.” And I was like, “Okay, this should be interesting.”
And he goes, “Well, I was talking to your acquisition manager, Julie, and I’m interested in selling my piece of land.” And I said, “Okay, great, and have a seat.” So he sat down and he said, point blank, “I’m a blunt guy. I think that I rub people the wrong way sometimes, but I just got to tell you that I’m blunt up front.” And I said, “Okay, that’s fine. Let’s talk. What are we talking about?” And he says, “Well, I want $250,000 for my land. You want to give me $210,000. I think that there’s some compromise in the middle.” So I looked up the property and I pulled it up on my computer and I said, “No, you know, at $210,000 it’s even high for us.” I said, “$210,000 would be the absolute most that we can do. I can front in it right away.”
Boom. I’m telling him I’m not wiggling. I’m not saying maybe we can get you more. I’m not doing anything because I know this piece of land is going to be tough to sell at $210,000. I know it. It’s not like a single family house it’s just super easy to sell. So he points blank tells me, “Well, you’re an asshole.” Then I said, “Okay, but that’s the best that I can do.” Okay, so he kind of was in a huff. He was kind of, you know, we didn’t have the best rapport, let’s say. So he left the office and he signed the contract. Two hours later we sold it. We made $15,000 and we just moved on. But that’s a point that confrontation, you got to be able to be comfortable when people are coming to you. You have to be certain and you got to be likable, okay?
Certainty and likability, but do not back down from confrontation. I see it all the time with business owners, with their employees. They don’t want to confront the problem because they feel like it’s going to ruin the culture of their business. That is not the case. If you show that you can confront, you will get the respect of the people that work for you. Boom, boom.
Number six, learn to love failure. They all learn to love failure. They’re always testing. They’re always trying new things. They’re always playing with their business to try to get the highest profitability, okay? They learn to love failure. If it doesn’t work great, they learn something from it and they add it to their toolbox. They added to their resume. All your resume is a list of all your past failures. You know what I mean?
You’ve got to learn to love failure. “Oh, Brent, I called somebody up and they were mean to me on the phone, so now I’m never going to make a call again.” What? No, that’s great. Why were they mean to you? What happened? Tell me what lists they were from. Tell me how they responded to you. Tell me what could you have said anything different in the moment. Think about it. All of a sudden it opens up your mind to start thinking about the ways to succeed in that moment. Okay? You learn to love failure.
Number seven, discipline and focus. Discipline is just what you do every single day. Discipline is that boring part, right? Discipline is that part that says, “When I go to work, when I get ready to start my wholesaling day, I’m at work. I am focused. I am 100% focused on my lead followup. I am focused on my marketing. I am focused on my prospecting. I am focused on developing the talent around me. I am focused on being absolutely present in the conversations that I have with property owners.” That’s the discipline you have and the focus, the absolute focus. Who’s going to sign a contract today? That’s a question you’ve got to ask every single day. Who’s going to sign a contract today?
The whole focus of the business is to solve problems in the marketplace, solve problems in your community. That is the focus of wholesaling real estate, discovering opportunities in your community, in your marketplace in your market whatever. It is all about being disciplined so that you’re doing the small actions every single day that is going to lead you up to be successful and then focusing on the outcome. How can I solve the problems of the homeowner? How can I solve the problems of this person going through probate or tax default or foreclosure or inheritance? That’s the focus. Discipline and focus number seven.
Number eight, top wholesalers around the country are always hunting for the next deal, always hunting for the next deal. They forgot that check that they got that wire they got into their account instantly. They’re always looking for the next thing and it makes them so excited. Their deal hounds, they’re ready to find that next one. It’s like an insatiable thirst or hunger. They have to find that next deal because it’s just, it’s so rewarding. This business is so rewarding. Wholesaling real estate is so rewarding. Not only do you get to help solve the problem of a property owner, but you then get to match it up with somebody that’s going to put food on their table for their family because they get a flipper property or hold it in their rental portfolio and get cashflow from that.
It is so rewarding. It just… you want to find the next one. You want to constantly find the next one. You don’t want to just get complacent. What are the biggest problems I see is people go… they take advice from this podcast, they take advice from the YouTube channel, they join the Wholesaling Inc. program or the TTP program and they get a big massive deal and then they stop hunting for the next deal. They get complacent. They start thinking of grand ideas or they want to grow their team too fast or they want to just rest on it or go on vacation or do whatever. Right? Do not get complacent. Always hunt for the next deal.
Number nine, top traits of winning wholesalers is they are masters of delegation. Listen, you are not great at everything, okay? Nor should you be. This should be a business that serves you, not a job. Okay? 90% of the people in this industry have the job of wholesaling real estate, because they are in it, okay? Until you get to the point and I get it, maybe you’re just starting out and you’re building it up and you’re building your bank account, you’re building your experience and you’re building, you know your network and you’re building your relationships and you’re building your skills and your sales skills and your ability to communicate with people. I get it, but at some point you’re going to get to the point where your bank account is healthy enough where you can start delegating responsibilities, right? You can start taking yourself out of the day to day to day activities and start owning the business, being a business owner, okay? I haven’t been on an appointment in 16 months, 16 months.
I’ve got the most amazing acquisition managers. I’ve got the most amazing disposition manager. I’ve got a lead manager. I’ve got people that keep me organized and keep the business running and it is, I am telling you, it is the most amazing blessing of all time. It is so incredible, but that is only because I had to learn how to delegate, how to let go of the little things. It was really hard. It’s really hard having somebody else pull your list. It’s really hard not going on the appointment to close that deal. It’s really hard not being in charge of lead followup. But as you start looking at this as a business and the top real estate wholesalers around the country, look at this as a business, not as a job. Okay? And listen, have self awareness. If you love all the tasks, if you love doing these things and stand in the mix every single day, then stay there.
But if you are a true entrepreneur, if you want a business that is going to serve you, then you need to be number nine a master of delegation.
And the last one, number 10. They are coachable, yet opinionated. Okay? Follow me here. They’re coachable. They want to be around people doing way more than them. They want to be around people that have more experience than them. They want to follow a path that’s already laid out, but yet they stay opinionated so that they can sell themselves every single day on what they’re being told so that they know that they’re not just being taught something that doesn’t work because it sounds good, right? They have that radar up, that opinionated radar that says, “Is this for real or not?” And it’s so important, but they know that the path has already been laid out there.
They know that there’s somebody where they want to be and they are willing to be coachable. They were willing to take instruction. They’re willing to take mentorship so they can get to their goal faster. Okay, but their opinionated so that they make sure they’re not going down the wrong path. And I’m telling you right now, guys, the right path, is laid down with instruction. It is not theory. It is not education. And it is not what is the most prevalent entertainment. Listen, you can be entertained by so many different other things. Do not be entertained by people trying to teach you how to wholesale real estate. You find instruction and you implement it with action. That’s it. It’s as simple as that. Don’t get sidetracked by all the fancy stuff by the Instagram, by the big cars, and the watches and the mass amount of people on teams.
Look for what instruction are you personally getting? What coachable point are you getting that you can implement into your business? That is what makes us successful. That is what cuts the learning curve from three years down to three months. That’s what gets things going. That’s what’s so exciting about this podcast, about the YouTube channel, Brent Daniels Real Estate if want to go to that and the Wholesaling Inc. YouTube channel. Check that out. Really great resources, but guys, that is the 10 traits of winning wholesalers. Think big daily. You’re competitive against your goals and your business plan. Control your positive environment, great communication skills and versatility, not afraid of confrontation. Learn to love failure, discipline and focus. Always hunting for the next deal. Master delegation and be coachable, yet opinionated. Do you feel that? Oh, I hope you guys are feeling that. I hope you guys are feeling that.
Really think about these things. Write these down. You know what I mean? Listen to this again and write these down so you can put it on your wall in that positive environment that you’re creating and you could say, “Okay, yes, this is who I am. This is the person that I am. This is who I’m going to be. This is where I’m going. This is what the most accessible people are. This is the traits that I want to emulate.” And you will win. You will win huge. It is incredible. I love it. So, 10 traits of winning wholesalers. If you are interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate investing, the most proactive program in real estate investing, I encourage you to go to Wholesaling Check out the video, check out the breakdown of the program, check out the testimonials. If it feels good in your gut, then sign up for a call. I’d love to work with you personally. Until next time, guys, I love you and I encourage you to talk to people. Until next time, see you guys.

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