Episode 312: How to Get Rich Wholesaling Storage Units

Are you looking for an untouched niche in wholesaling that’s going to put as much as $50,000 in your bank account? You’re in luck as today’s phenomenal guest discussed in detail how you can completely dominate an untouched but highly lucrative wholesaling niche!

Fernando Angelucci has been making a killing wholesaling self storage units. The senior managing partner at Titan Wealth Group has been active in real estate and wholesaling for quite sometime. However, he’s experiencing massive success wholesaling self storage units since it’s a niche that’s almost untapped and has very minimal competition.

In today’s episode, the amazing go giver generously shared pretty much all you need to know about wholesaling storage units and how you can dominate said market. If this is a challenge you want to take on, you can’t afford to miss this episode!

Key Takeaways

  • How he started wholesaling self storage units
  • What wholesaling self storage units is all about
  • What motivates people to sell their self storage units
  • What seller financing means
  • How he earns assignment fees from self storage units
  • His average assignment fee
  • Different types of motivation for selling
  • How he finds self storage units
  • ROI he makes from the self storage units he keeps
  • Good thing about commercial properties like self storage
  • Resources he recommends listeners should check out
  • How people can get in touch with him


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