Posted on: September 26, 2019
WI 311 | Cold Calling


For some people, getting their first cold calling deal didn’t come easy. However, if you’re a go-getter like today’s guest, it can come sooner than you anticipated.

Cameron Miller is a trustworthy and driven rhino from Orlando, Florida. While still new in the wholesaling world, he has already closed deals and shows no signs of slowing down.

Apart from the fact that wholesaling has given him the opportunity to earn more, it has also provided Cameron with something even more amazing—the chance to help others and provide exceptional value to his community.

In today’s episode, Cameron candidly shared the techniques, insights, and wisdom that has helped him close deals and provide value to others. If you’re looking to do the same, today’s episode is exactly what you need to hear!



How to Get Your First Deal Through Cold Calling With Cameron Miller

Episode Transcription

If it is your first time reading, thank you for finding us. We are so happy that you found us because we are the number one show when it comes to wholesaling real estate. As you read to this show and these stories and the testimonies of everybody around the country that are doing amazing work in the wholesaling space, you are going to get instruction and little golden nuggets in every single conversation.

I want to start this show with the framework of having an open mindset and try to find 2 or 3 things during this incredible interview that you can write down and take action on now. The whole point of this show is for you to be out there making an impact in your community. This leads perfectly because making an impact in his community in Orlando is my guest. His name is Cameron Miller. I want to say hello and welcome you to the show.

It’s such a pleasure to be here. I remember when I first got into wholesaling, I was reading this blog, and this is how I learned how to do my first couple of deals. It’s an honor and a blessing to be here. I’m excited.

We are happy to have you on here. It’s exciting to me because Orlando is an interesting market. Orlando has a lot of neighborhoods. You can go neighborhood to neighborhood and get a lot of opportunities out there because it was built in the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. These properties need some love if they haven’t been totally updated. You can drive up and down the streets and find some unbelievable opportunities. Tell us about your market.

It’s a very unique market. If you know the areas where to go, you are absolutely right. There were times when I could find 50 properties in 30 minutes if I went to the right areas. It’s a market where there are a lot of opportunities but there’s a lot of competition here too. Having said that here, you have to be a go-getter. You have to really grind. You have to hustle.

How did you even start listening to podcasts and finding wholesaling? How did you find it? Did you go online one time when you thought you wanted to be a real estate investor? How did this manifest itself?

As everybody in the world who gets it to his industry, I read Rich Dad Poor Dad a couple of years ago. From there, I knew I wanted to get into real estate. I ended up moving to Orlando a couple of years ago for a job opportunity. While I was working, I told a buddy of mine, “I want to get into real estate,” because he was doing it already. He tells me about wholesaling. He’s like, “You go get a property under contract, find a seller, and then from there you find a buyer, and you sell the property.” I’m like, “This is not real.” I didn’t believe it. I left it alone for about a year.

A few years later, by then, I had gotten my real estate license. I tried to be a listing agent and make calls. I found a brokerage company here that was wholesaling. They happened to be doing cold calls for wholesaling. I got with them. I am figuring out how to do my first deal. The next thing I know, I’m back into wholesaling. I did my first deal, and I’m like, “This thing works.” We then came back around close to the third quarter.

When you were going out interviewing with these people or finding the strategies that they were working on, did you have a proactive mindset that you wanted to reach out to these homeowners or were you thinking everybody was mailing or doing pay-per-click? There are so many different marketing channels, did something speak to you more than others?

What spoke to me the most was a failed attempt and to read the mail. I did the first attempt and spent about $3,000 sending out mailers. I said, “I know I’m going to get a deal. I know a deal is going to come.” A month, 2 months, and 3 months passing, I have absolutely nothing. I’ve got phone calls from people saying, “Don’t ever send me anything again.” From there, I came across the cold calling, so I started to try it. From listening to the podcast, it was a thing where I had a bit of consistency, and that’s where I started to see some sense.

Did you start right away? Did you get the script? Did you get on the phone and start saying whatever?

At first, I tried the whole saying whatever thing, and then I came across this show and other podcasts. They were introducing scripts. From there, I started using those different scripts and the language in those scripts and perfecting my delivery with it. As I got more comfortable with it, I started not having to use a script but still following it. I then got comfortable with it. Over time, things started to snowball.

If anybody is out there reading, if you are looking for the absolute best script, it is the TTP script, it has been used millions of times, email me at, and we will send that script over to you. What you said is so critical. What you do is you get the framework, skeleton or scaffolding of a conversation, and you memorize it. You get it into your brain for one specific reason so that you have it internalized and listen when you ask questions.

This is the issue that I always run up against when people are using callers from a foreign country. They are so robotic in what they are saying that they are not listening to the answer or not effectively or actively listening to the answer. It makes people feel uncomfortable. We’ve all had that call from somebody that you are like trying to talk to them, and they are not engaging in the conversation. It has a lot of friction.

Start taking massive action towards your first real estate deal. You may be overwhelmed or experience failure, but always move forward.

You are like, “This feels weird,” but when you internalize a good script and realize that when you ask somebody if they would consider an offer on their property, there are only six responses that they are going to give you. You know how to keep the conversation flowing. The huge part that you were saying is you’ve memorized and internalized it. You are now in a flow state.

For anybody who’s new and getting those scripts, I suggest putting them on flashcards. I still do it to this day. When I practice, I use flashcards to get back into that rhythm, almost like a basketball player in free throws. Let me warm up using my flashcards that way, once I get ready to get on the phone, I’m already ready to go. It’s game time by then.

It’s just practicing it. Here’s the thing that most people don’t know. You can practice the scripts before you get on the phone with anybody instead of using them as practice. You start getting into some bad habits or feeling that you are not getting to the next step in the conversation. You get stuck at a certain place. That’s like ruts that you can get into if you are not practicing and internalizing the script. That is a huge gold nugget for everybody out there reading.

Internalize these scripts. Understand the six responses when you ask somebody if they would consider an offer on their property. Learn those and keep the conversation flowing. That’s huge. Tell me what your daily and weekly schedules look like. Let’s break this down. Let’s give some people the real nitty-gritty of what your life is like now.

I’m wholesaling full-time. I wake up around 5:00 AM doing all of my journaling and affirmations and hitting the gym to get my mindset right for that day. From 5:00 to 8:00 or 5:00 to 9:00, I do that. Around 9:00, I’m on the phone by then. I’m on the phone 4, 5, or 6 hours a day. I may do three hours, eat quick, and maybe do another three hours. After I do that, I do my follow-up. You got to be consistent with the follow-ups. After I do my follow-ups, around 6:00 or 7:00, I start to reach out to buyers. I do a lot of reaching out to my buyers via social media.

Break that down for us. What do you mean you reach out to them through social media?

I’m a huge advocate of starting conversations on Facebook. I’m going into real estate investment groups and starting a conversation. “My name is Cameron. I’m a wholesaler in the Orlando, Central Florida area. I’m always trying to build my buyer’s list. I’m curious to see if you would like to be added to that list so that you will be one of the first ones to know about one of my deals.” I’m doing that on a consistent basis.

You are DM-ing people and starting that conversation. Do you ask them for their phone numbers so that you can reach out through that or email? How do you get their info so that when you get a deal, you can get in front of them?

In that message, I asked for their email address as well as their phone number. When I get it, I upload it to my database on Mailchimp so that once I get a deal, I send it to everybody in my database in Mailchimp, and they are one of the first ones to get it every time. That’s my main source of marketing for buyers once I get a deal.

If you are giving somebody out there some advice on how to build their buyer database, what groups do you go to on social media that has been the best bang for the buck or the most successful for you?

I will say the most successful one would be the group that has the area REIA members in it. That’s probably the best group to go with. Every area that I have been browsing typically has a REIA group or Real Estate Investors group, real estate investors club or something of that nature. Find out where they hang out or where their group is.

Find out when a group is on Facebook. Get into that group, start having conversations, introduce yourself, and tell them what you want to do. Over time, you will build those relationships. I found mentors and buyers in those groups. I’ve done deals with people in those groups. It’s a resource that you want to use as well as go to those meetings.

WI 311 | Cold Calling

Cold Calling: Hang out in real estate investor’s clubs to meet people and introduce yourself. Start having those conversations that build lasting relationships.


You are not just reaching out to them on social media, you are showing up and putting a real person in front of them. It’s huge.

I had to put a face to a name.

It solidifies the trust that you are serious about this. You are not some dude that’s hired to scrape all the buyer databases or all the buyers and build a database. Maybe you are a real person or not, or a bot. Maybe you are somebody that’s using a different profile or something but you are a real person, you are in the community looking for deals and providing these opportunities for these cash buyers.

You are a reliable professional that’s out there that’s constantly being proactive to help them find the deals that they are looking to get. That’s huge. All of a sudden, you start building that relationship, and then your deal starts selling like crazy. Let’s break down a deal. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty because you’ve got a special deal that we should talk about. I will let you go for it. Was that your first deal?

This wasn’t my first deal. This was my first solo deal because, as I was saying, I did my first deal when I was part of a group. This is the first deal I did by myself. This deal was very interesting. This is the deal I got right before I got into TTP Program. I got it from cold calls. I got it from the call violation list. I will do my calls. I’m calling up. “Would you consider offering your property?” She says, “Yes. $30,000, it’s yours. I’m homeless. We want to do this.” I go ahead and set the appointment right then and there.

I get out that day, I see that house, and it’s boarded up on the outside. I can tell there’s some fire damage. She said, “When you get there, I will be in the back. Come inside.” Once I walk inside, it is four walls and a roof. There’s a shed in the backyard that she’s walking from. She came, and we introduced ourselves. We started talking about the situation first.

I was asking her, “Tell me about the situation and the property.” She tells me that it was a fire-damaged property. The fire totally destroyed the house. In her attempts to rehab it, she tried to rehabbing by herself and got screwed over and over again. People are taking advantage of, “little ladies.” She was ready to get rid of it.

She was done. I asked her, “What do you need to move on from here?” She says, “$30,000, and I will sign now.” In my mind, I already knew my numbers. I knew that for anything under $45,000, I will be good. From there, I ran and pulled the contract out. I say, “This sounds like the deal I want.” I gave the seller what she needed.

It’s important to bring a contract to your appointments. If you are out there and you are going on appointments without a contract, you are missing out on so many opportunities. You are getting 90% there, and then you stop. You have to ask for the close. You have to ask them to sign the contract. You have to present the contract to them so that they understand all the terms so that you can move forward with them being 100% confident that you are going to get this done. Bring a contract to your appointments. She’s living in the back, in a shed?

There was this shed, maybe the size of a closet, where a twin-size bed could fit in there. I stood in her doorway and went over the contract with her to make sure that she understood everything. I wanted to make sure that she was being treated fairly. That’s one thing I’m big on. I want people to feel like I’m treating them the right way. I want you to sense them fairly. I made sure that she felt comfortable with everything. I go over everything and with the contract. We signed it. I ended up closing that deal a month later, and I made $10,000 on that deal.

You got it for $30,000 and sold it for $40,000. She took the money, and where did she go? Do you know?

She went and bought a trailer that way, and she has somewhere to live. Her grandkids to come down, and family can come over. Most importantly, her puppy, Speedy, has somewhere that they can call home.

You will never be perfect when handling real estate deals. Nevertheless, get out there and try it.

How was she afterward? Was she so happy or relieved?

That was the best part of the deal. She was so happy that I was able to help her. She called me and was like, “Thank you so much. When I get settled into my new home, I want you to come over. I’m going to make my famous lasagna for you. I’m so happy that you helped me. I’m going to tell everybody that I can about you.”

We are going to ring this bell here for the $10,000, but more importantly, you changed that woman’s life. That was a huge weight on her shoulders, and you helped her out. Now, she’s so much happier about it. That’s the value we provide to this community. That’s what we do in wholesale. Tell me about your business now. How are things going? How are you progressing? Is it just you?

It’s just me now, a one-man show. I have three deals that I’m waiting to close on. In total, I should have been bringing them right around $11,000 for those. It’s continuing that consistency of constantly reaching out to distressed homeowners every single day and building that pipeline up. Instead of 1.5 deals or 2 deals a month, now I get to a point where I’m getting 3, 4, or 5 deals a month so that I could start bringing people in, callers, disposition specialists, and all of those things to build a business versus a glorified job.

How do you stay consistent? How do you keep the mindset to keep going? Isn’t it boring? Isn’t it tiring? Does it wear you down day after day that you are making these calls for hours?

It does. What changes at some point? It has to go from, “I must call five hours a day. I must call six hours a day. I must go get as many properties a day when I’m driving.” A big part of that is I burned the ship. When I quit my job, I burned the ship. I gave myself no choice but to get out of here every single day and make this thing happen.

Not only because you are succeeding in this and doing this but you know that if you want to make money, you make calls. If you want to succeed, you have quality conversations with distressed property owners every single day, you cannot lose. You want to grow your business. You want to hire other people. You want to have a pipeline of leads that are exploding all over you all the time.

It takes some time to build that up but consistency is the number one thing. When it comes to TTP or Talking To People, it’s consistently speaking with distressed property owners, you cannot lose. You are proof. Time and time again, you cannot lose if you are talking to people. What do you feel is the best list that you call?

By far, the driving for dollars lists because no one else has that list. That list is the most unique list. It has been amazing so far. Out of the deals I’ve closed so far, 80% of those deals have been driving for dollars.

What do you do for it? Are you using an app?

I’m using DealMachine. That app is amazing. It cuts out a lot of time between seeing the property and having to put it into the spreadsheet. That app is a must-have if you are driving for dollars.

Not only that, you can get a whole team of people that do it or the whole Army to do it for you and with you. It’s incredible. If you are reading and you don’t have the DealMachine app, make sure you put it in the coupon code TTP, and you get at $9 cheaper. It’s a little bit of a discount, not a ton but it makes a difference. Check that out. Are you driving yourself and driving around with the DealMachine app every single day? Were you telling me you are getting up to 500 addresses a week?

WI 311 | Cold Calling

Cold Calling: Always treat clients with respect. Make them comfortable and sense the end of the table.


Yes. During the week, I try to do 50 a day. I take 1 or 2 hours at the end of my day between 6 and 7 or somewhere around that time, I go find 50 properties until I get to 50. On the weekends, I do a big driving day where I go get 250. I want as much data in my pipeline as possible and as many distressed homeowners as I can to call so that I can build something here.

It’s huge. It’s a phenomenal list. It’s the pound for pound king time and time again in bigger markets or even in smaller markets, and it doesn’t matter. If the property is in rough shape, they are distressed property owners. It’s the eye test. You look at it and you see, “They are going to have to do something. They are going to either have to invest a significant amount of money to fix up this property or they are going to have to sell it to a cash buyer,” 9 times out of 10, they have to sell it to a cash buyer. Be that buyer. This is important, and we don’t talk about it much on this show but talk about the fifteen minutes before you press go on the dialer. Do you do anything mentally or you’ve done it so much now that you roll into it and you press go?

I do. I have a little routine.

Tell me about it.

I’m big on meditation and being present and part of that routine is meditating. Again, saying, “The person that I’m calling is spending me to call. They are waiting for my call. I’m going to be glad when I call them.” That helps you battle through the call reluctance because I’ve seen a lot of people have call reluctance. I do that as well as those last cards. To this day, I still take those same flash cards. I go through each one so that I’m already prepared. I even added, along with this group, are objections. Any objections I will come across. I had those on that list. I go with the list, script, and those objections before I even get into the call to get my mindset ready.

1) It’s visualizing. 2) You are practicing what to say at the moment so that you are not caught off guard. People could throw something at you and you are like, “I’ve heard and practiced it a thousand times. I’m ready for it.” I’m going to confirm and approve everything that they are saying. You never want to disagree with people. The quickest way to get out of alignment with them is to disagree with them on price or their thoughts and their plans. “I’m going to list it with a real estate agent.” “That’s a great idea. Have you thought about saving some of the money and selling it for cash as-is and not having to deal with an agent?”

You are confirming and approving everything. You are never trying to tell them that they are wrong and whatever they think because they are not. It’s their life and property. You confirm and approve, and you can start building up your experience, not even on the phone, by practicing. I love the idea of flashcards. I have been thinking about putting together an official TTP flashcard thing for everybody because it’s huge. It is. That’s how I learned back in the day. I had the flashcards, and I would go through them, and all of a sudden, it became like it was part of me.

It drills it into your mind. It’s really in it.

Speak to somebody out there that’s looking to get their first deal, and they are reading, give them some instruction on what they can do to get their first deal.

Get off of YouTube and start taking action. Start taking massive action towards getting that first deal. You can learn so much on YouTube to the point where you have that analysis paralysis. You are overwhelmed with this information. Go out there and fail forward. Learn as you go. To this day, I’m always falling forward. I am always learning something different because I’m putting myself out there and being uncomfortable. I’m being comfortable being uncomfortable. You have to be able to do that.

Basically, stop messing around. Stop thinking about it. Stop over-analyzing it. It’s not going to be perfect. Go out and take action. Have those quality conversations with the distressed property owner.

You are not going to be perfect on the perfect. You are not going to be perfect when you show up to appointments the first time. Get out there and try it.

WI 311 | Cold Calling

Cold Calling: Meditating before making calls helps a lot in fighting your reluctance to do your work.


For anybody out there, maybe in the Orlando area or around the country, that wants to reach out to you, maybe have a conversation or pick your brain a little bit. What’s the best way for them to get ahold of you?

You can reach out to me on Instagram, @TheCamMiller. On Facebook, I want to say my name is @CamMiller, and I will go ahead and put my cell phone number out there. If anybody has questions, I just ask that you shoot me a text first so that I know you are someone who’s going to ask me some questions. My cell phone number is (407) 434-1654.

Cameron told me that he read The Go-Giver here. If you haven’t read it, go read The Go-Giver. I warned him. I said, “If you put your cell phone out there, people are going to reach out. People are reading and are proactive.” Without hesitation said, “I’m going to put my phone number out there because I want to help out whoever needs some help and love out there.” Cameron, thank you.

It’s one of those things that this business is wonderfully fulfilling, not from a financial perspective but from our ability, it’s a very unique opportunity that we all have every single day to make a true impact in our neighborhoods or communities. It’s a story like the one you told of a gal living in a shed behind her house, and she got fire damaged.

The contractors were taking advantage of them. It happens every single day. Be that light in your community. Be that unbelievable professional out there that is helping to solve problems because there is not a single wholesale deal that goes on that does not have a problem that you are solving for that distressed property owner.

It’s an incredible business. You should have so much pride in this if you are starting this or getting this going. Like Cameron, go out there, find somebody that is struggling and has a weight on their shoulders and go help relieve it as he did phenomenally. Thank you for being a part and being on this show. It’s really incredible.

No worries. Thank you so much for having me here. As I say, it’s a blessing to be here. It’s an honor to be here. I’m grateful for it.

If you are interested in joining the most proactive group with Cameron Miller. It’s the TTP Program. Go to Check out the page and what the program’s all about. Check out the testimonials. If it feels good in your gut, then sign up for a call, and I will be working with you personally. I look forward to that but until next time, I encourage you all to go out into the community and talk to people. See you.


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