Episode 310: How to Dominate in a Crowded Market

WI 310 | Discounted Properties


Apart from being lucrative, one thing that makes wholesaling truly amazing is you can do it on the side. In fact, today’s guest has a full-time job and just sets aside an hour each day for the business!

Jordan Tinning is a hardworking rhino from Lynnwood, Washington. While he spends only an hour each day on his wholesaling business, he was able to do a lot of impressive things: he provided value and service to others, closed a deal, and walked away $10,000 richer!

If you’re considering getting into wholesaling but don’t think you can find the time, you can’t miss today’s episode. Ever the go-giver, Jordan not only shared how he was able to make things happen, he also provided a lot of sound wisdom and insights. You’ll have plenty of gold nuggets to take note of so make sure you have a pen and paper handy!


How To Dominate In A Crowded Market With Jordan Tinning

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