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Posted on: September 23, 2019

Apart from being lucrative, one thing that makes wholesaling truly amazing is you can do it on the side. In fact, today’s guest has a full-time job and just sets aside an hour each day for the business!

Jordan Tinning is a hardworking rhino from Lynnwood, Washington. While he spends only an hour each day on his wholesaling business, he was able to do a lot of impressive things: he provided value and service to others, closed a deal, and walked away $10,000 richer!

If you’re considering getting into wholesaling but don’t think you can find the time, you can’t miss today’s episode. Ever the go-giver, Jordan not only shared how he was able to make things happen, he also provided a lot of sound wisdom and insights. You’ll have plenty of gold nuggets to take note of so make sure you have a pen and paper handy!

Key Takeaways

  • Why he started cold calling
  • Unique list he called
  • Number of calls he has done
  • What he learned from the data he has gathered
  • What he did to let people know what he’s doing
  • Why it’s important to let people know what you’re doing
  • How he found his deal
  • What he’d do differently if he’ll start all over again
  • Game-changing book he recommends
  • His advice to those wholesalers who are still starting out


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Episode Transcription

Cody Hofheinz: You’re listening to another episode here on Wholesaling INC. My name’s Cody Hofheinz I’ll be hosting today’s episode and I’m super excited to be with you guys and I am really, really excited about today’s guest and what this episode will do for each one of you. Now, for those of you that are new to the podcast, first and foremost, I want to welcome you to listening to the number one wholesaling coaching programs slash podcasts in the nation. And we are going to be deep diving how individuals across this nation are finding deeply discounted properties and then turning those for huge profits, whether it’s through assignment, whether it’s through, some may do a fix and flip or some may keep them for longterm buying holds. But if you know how to find those deeply discounted properties, you my friend can become wealthy in real estate. So today we have Jordan Tining with us from Lynnwood, Washington.
He’s been part of the tribe now for eight months. Been wholesaling part-time because he has a full time job. So he has spare time that he sets aside each and every day to work on wholesaling. And he just did an awesome deal right there in his local market. And he’s going to share a little bit about step-by-step how he’s able to do it. So to each one of you listening, pull out a pen, pull out a piece of paper and get ready to jot down some gold nuggets because he’s going to be sharing a ton of them. So let’s get going right now and let’s take some action. So Jordan, my man, how the heck are ya?

Jordan: Bam. Hey Cody, it’s a pleasure to be on the podcast. I’ve listened to so many of these as a listener. So it’s an absolute pleasure to be on the podcast myself, deep dive in the deal and sharing some gold nuggets.

Cody Hofheinz: Let’s do it. So fill in the gaps a little bit about, help us understand what is it that you do full time. And when we say you do wholesaling part-time, what does that look like? Is it 30 minutes a day, an hour a day, three hours a week, 15 hours a week? So let them know a little bit of what you do full time and how much time you dedicate to this part time?

Jordan: Yeah, that’s a great question Cody. So full time, I do IT staffing and consulting sale, big technology companies in the Seattle area and we’re replacing a high level technology consultants for a fee, right? So my job is to connect with decision makers in these companies and then provide our services, which is providing talent for their projects for a fee. So essentially I’m acting as a broker in that business as well and that’s really kind of what attracted me to wholesaling because you’re essentially doing the same thing. You’re brokering a deal and you’re adding value to both parties. So I’m doing sales, I’m cold calling every day I’m doing meetings with decision makers and in terms of wholesaling, that is a pretty busy job, my day job. But I set aside about an hour a day, Monday through Saturday to work on my business and really create something that I’m passionate about. I love real estate.
That’s the great thing about wholesaling is there’s so many different ways that you can acquire these deals and then the backend really doesn’t matter. It’s just getting the property at deep discount and whether you assign that property, whether you keep that property for yourself or whether you flip it, I mean there’s really…, The options are limitless really, and that’s what I love about real estate. It’s really a beautiful thing.

Cody Hofheinz: Love it. So Jordan, tell me this. Go an hour a day. What I love about this is yes, it could take a little bit longer than someone that’s doing it full time or someone that’s able to do two, three, four, five, six hours a day. Doing it one hour a day has still been able to help you maintain and still serve well at your nine to five job. And it’s something that’s really doable to anyone that really, whether you are married or not married, whether you have kids or not kids, usually anyone out there can find an hour in the day. Meaning maybe that’s all it is, is cut back your Netflix time or maybe it’s cut back your football time on TV, whatever it is. Maybe it’s social media time.
Typically anyone, when I hear that schedule it’s like man this is encouraging because you can carve out an hour a day to do what you’re doing. So let’s jump right into this. Let’s talk about what these past eight months have looked like and how you were able to get this deal. So walk us through step by step what the past eight months have looked like.

Jordan: Yeah, that’s another great question. So I… January is really when I decided, and you and I spoke about this on the phone, I was super excited. I was like I’m doing this, I’m taking the plunge. I’m going to sign up and be a Rhino. Bam. And I did some of the coaching calls with you and Tom and I really…, Really you guys’ story is what kind of got me into the whole guru thing because there is definitely some other coaching programs that don’t add as much value. So it’s kudos to you guys.
But I decided to do the course starting January of this year. And I’ve got through it in about a month and a half. And so I started cold calling and the reason why I did that is because Dan Goshka who you guys know and who’s awesome Rhino is crushing it in Spokane right now. He and I connected about finding a good attorney in the area and then ever since then we’ve kind of cultivated a friendship and I told them a little bit about my background and he’s like, man, just start diving in there, do cold calling. Man, I wish I would have done cold calling when I started the program.
And now Cody, that’s not something I would recommend everybody do. But since I’ve been doing cold calling and-

Cody Hofheinz: Yeah this was like a natural fit for you, Jordan. This sounds like this is something you’re like, man, yeah, why not? I do this every day.

Jordan: Exactly. Yeah. And that’s it. I don’t mind, Dan was like, there’s a triple dialer, you call three people at a time. And I was like, man, that’s so cool. I can’t wait to try that. So he encouraged me just right out of the gate to just jump in and do cold calling. And so I said, well why the heck not? I’m already doing that. So from basically from February till now, I’ve been cold calling in the evenings and the list I’ve been using, I started with the high equity hot zip codes, which you guys talk about in the course.

Cody Hofheinz: Uh-huh (affirmative).

Jordan: It’s just a unique list and everybody in this area, at least Cody is hitting the high equity list. So I did thousands and thousands of cold calls. I mean between February and now I’ve made over 6,000 cold calls.

Cody Hofheinz: Wow, did you say over 6,000?

Jordan: Yes. Part time.

Cody Hofheinz: Over 6,000 cold calls in this time.

Jordan: Yes.

Cody Hofheinz: Good gravy. So you were going to town, you were picking up the phone, you weren’t going to give up. It’s like it’s on. I’m getting a deal. I’m doing this.

Jordan: Yeah and all the stuff you say is true. Most of those folks…, Tom always says you’re going to call a hundred people and 99 of them are going to say, “No, I don’t want to sell my property at a discount.”. And that is so, so, so true. Right? In that time I got, let’s see, I have it right here. I have all the data here. I have 539 nos out of those 6,000 so I mean, that’s a lot of time to hear no, right? But again, you just got to Rhino through, you’ve got to power through, and I got 54 maybes, and then only five yeses, right?
So another thing, Cody, that I think is interesting is that I’m tracking these numbers and what that data tells me is that this list just isn’t good in my market, right? So what I’ve found was a lot of these high equity hot zip codes, is a lot of these folks because Seattle is a tech hub, they’re technology people. They have signing bonuses from Amazon. They’re buying these houses all cash. So they’re not investors. They’re buying it for themselves. And so what I’m learning is I got to find areas that maybe are a little bit more up and coming or a little bit outside of the city that are still growing.

Cody Hofheinz: Yeah.

Jordan: And so I’m learning looking at state and saying, man, I got to I got to refine my list a little bit better and figure it out. And another thing too, which is interesting cause I did really want to follow the course in terms of not reinventing the wheel, but I went to the county and asked for the code violations and the tax delinquent list. And what I found was that they were willing to give me that information, but I had to sign a piece of paper that said, you will not use this list to profit. And so, I’m a Christian and I run my business with integrity and I just didn’t feel comfortable signing something like that, Cody. So, I had to just get out there and just like every newbie probably does, I’m just going to hit the high equity list right.
That’s what everybody says. So that’s where I started and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m learning as I go that I have to find areas maybe that aren’t quite so hot. There’s a lot of different zoning laws that are changing because it was growing so fast that the cities are changing the zoning laws. So I can go to people and maybe even give them a whole price cash offer or getting them close to retail because I can turn around and wholesale that property to a developer who can put two or three town homes where there was a dilapidated single family home. So, that’s kind of a win-win.

Cody Hofheinz: Wow. So there’s just this uniqueness about your market in general that maybe not everyone is seeing, but there might be people listening to this saying, oh my goodness, that’s the same as my market. That’s exactly how it’s working.

Jordan: Yeah, you’re right. And Seattle is absolutely a unique market. Behind San Francisco, it’s the biggest tech hub in the whole country. And so Amazon is expanding like crazy. All the big tech companies, Starbucks, Disney, Microsoft, all their headquarters, except for Disney, are here and so there’s just a lot of cash influx. There’s a lot of jobs. You just got to find that niche right and that’s what I think is cool about this because you know I powered through it and then the deal didn’t come through the high equity, although I do have a few that I think pop because of that. But-

Cody Hofheinz: But Jordan, one thing I was going to say before we even push record on this, I just kind of reviewing some of my notes. One thing I thought was really brilliant that maybe you can touch base on is here you are doing this cold calling, but you also did things pretty dang right out of the gates that I think a lot of people will fail to do because they may not want to be vocal about what they’re doing, but maybe brush up and touch up with us a little bit about what was it out of the gates that you did that was pretty unique on just making sure people knew what it was you’re doing?

Jordan: Yeah, I know. So basically and that’s a really good point Cody, because my mentality was I’m just going to start cold calling. That’s what I’ve always done. That’s what I know and there’s nothing wrong with that and that will help me down the road once I sharpen my ax a little bit and figure out the leads. But really I just started telling my family and friends, I’m really passionate about real estate. I’m really passionate about wholesaling. I love the program you guys did. There’s a really cool community and I got plugged into that community right at the beginning. I just wanted to share that with other people. And it wasn’t like a fake, oh I just got to tell people and this is what I’m doing. It just came from a natural desire to share, hey this is what I’m doing.
And if you guys know of anybody who may have a property that they aren’t selling on the MLS or they just, it needs a lot of work and they don’t want to fix it, just let me know. I’d love to see if I can add some value there. And just really sharing it with family and friends. I’m not a huge social media guy, I’m on Facebook once in a while, but wasn’t blasting it all over social media. It was just a natural organic conversation. So people can kind of sense that. And then when deals come up they’re going to come to you cause they remembered that conversation that you had with them. [crosstalk 00:11:57]

Cody Hofheinz: This is brilliant Jordan. I think there’s a lot of people out there that are sitting here that are listening to this podcast that are already doing deals and there’s definitely people that maybe are listening that have never done a deal or just this is new to them, but they’re already thinking, oh my goodness yeah, I didn’t even think to just talk to people that are right here in my own network, my friends, my family, let them know what it is I’m trying to do what it is I want to do and that is crucial. It’s crucial to let people you do know because you just never know who’s going to come across a situation or an incident where they know someone or they hear about someone that is needing to do a quick sale or has problems going on and they want to sell their home super fast.
Or their neighbor next door has a home that’s been completely ran down and it’s just awful. It’s an eyesore to the neighborhood and it’s like, oh my goodness, I’ve got an incredible referral for you cause I want this home to be fixed up cause my home looks bad because it’s next to this home. So you just never know. And I think that’s something to point out and take note on right now Rhino Nation is if you have not let people know what you’re doing, let them know because this is going to come into play on why Jordan was able to find a deal and how he was able to find this deal that we’re talking about. So keep going. So let’s talk about the deal and go right into it. How did you find it? And let’s go through it.

Jordan: Yeah. So I got the deal, I got wind of the deal from my mother-in-law who’s a real estate agent and she’s been a real estate agent in this market for 20 years. And she knew somebody who wanted to sell and came to her and she took one look at the property and said, no way, I’m not going to touch this. And then I just got the call. She called me and said, Jordan, you know there’s this property in Tacoma actually, which is one of the hottest markets for investors in this area and what can you do for me? I don’t want to touch it. There’s no way it’s going to pass inspection. It’s going to take a lot of work. I’m just hoping to walk away with a little something, what can you do for me? And so I just, took that information and ran it through my systems.
I use Colligo, which up in Washington is a fantastic tool. It provides comps, provides rehab budgets and it’s just a really great tool for running numbers. So I print some initial numbers and didn’t initially think, Cody, that it was going to work. And that’s when, this is another good thing that Rhino Nation I think should jot down, or at least keep in mind is partnerships. And you’ve talked about it on the show a little bit before Cody, but-

Cody Hofheinz: So true. So true.

Jordan: Yeah. I had this partner, his name is Ken. He’s in Tacoma, actually the city. He lived in the same city or near the same city. And so he’s been sort of mentoring me. He’s been doing wholesaling for 10 years and I got connected with him because he worked at the county of assessment with my wife. My wife’s a residential appraiser.

Cody Hofheinz: Uh-huh.

Jordan: And I just said, Hey Ken, let’s take a look at this deal. These are my numbers, I’m not sure it might be too skinny to make this work. And he took a look at the numbers and he was actually able to tell me, because real estate again is so based on the territory, the numbers can be different based on how hot this market is or the price point and things like that. And he’s like, oh no, this is definitely, you’re being too conservative here. We can definitely get a higher ARV out of this property and I think we can make this work. And so really the seller just wanted to walk away from the property and if you want to get to the numbers, she owed about 183 grand.

Cody Hofheinz: Okay.

Jordan: And she wanted to walk away with something. Right. And so because this was a referral, I wanted to make sure that we were able to get her a little something. So we ended up offering, well we ended up going down to see the property first. So we did a walkthrough, we took pictures, we did a video walkthrough as well. And then we had to go to the title company and make sure that what she owed was what she actually owed. As you know, sometimes people tend to over underestimate what they actually owe.

Cody Hofheinz: Sure.

Jordan: So it turned out that that was correct. And then, so we made an offer for her for 200,000 so she could walk away with, what was that 17 grand and have enough money to go buy an apartment, or not buy an apartment, rent an apartment excuse me. So we were able to give her some cash in her pocket and then we turned around and marked it up about $20,000 and then we sent it out to our cash buyers.
And the other interesting thing, Cody, is that initially it was crickets man. And I don’t know, maybe you can remember your first deal, but my first deal it was I sent this out and I didn’t hear anything for like 24 hours, man. And I have like nothing-

Cody Hofheinz: You were like, no, no.

Jordan: Nothing crickets. I mean it was discouraging man, but I didn’t know any better. Again, I’m all just taking massive action. I’m always just doing things that I’ve never done before and fortunately at least had a partner. So I was able to talk to him a little bit about it, but nothing, I mean it was crickets. I mean, I blasted it out and I have a MailChimp so I can see who opened it and that’s at least nice. But you see people opening it multiple times and you’re like, gosh dang it. Like why aren’t they responding to me? You know what I mean?

Cody Hofheinz: But here’s something to learn Jordan, here’s something hindsight while everyone’s listening to this. So, Oh, it’s been 24 hours and I haven’t heard from someone, here’s what’s great is even with our deals today, we’ll have people come in, in the 11th hour, like five days after or one hour before we’re done taking any kind of offer. We’ll have this happen all the time and it’s more like five, six, seven days from the time we presented it to them and they’ll come in. So keep going.

Jordan: Yeah. And to your point, Cody, that’s exactly what happened is, and as I was speaking to my partner Ken, I said, “Hey, what’s going on? I mean, did we miss on the numbers here? Like what the heck?” And he said, “No, this is normal Jordan. People just got to run their own numbers.”. And even though we made a nice little package with the marketing, we broke down all the numbers. What the estimated rehab was, which I know you guys say not to do that and we probably shouldn’t do that, and going forward I won’t do that.

Cody Hofheinz: It’s more of just like, here’s hard with it, right? So you could say, Oh, estimated repairs are $30,000 but you could bring in 10 different contractors and all 10 contractors are going to give you a different price. And so at the end of the day, they’re going to run their numbers anyways and know what their costs are and they’re not going to even go off my cost or your cost because they’re like, nah, actually 33 or Oh no, it’s actually 25, it’s like an appraisal. I can get 10 appraisals and all appraisals will come back different. So it’s just one of those things. It’s like, do we want to spend time worried about that or should we just let them go do their numbers?

Jordan: Exactly. And I also, and again, I’m just being very candid here, and I did the ARV as well, I know Tom hates that right? And I got beat up on it a couple of times. But you know what’s funny is, I got beat up on it a little bit but we still ended up getting it done. So to all you out there, I think ARV is important. You should keep it in mind. And I think some people like to add it, some people don’t, but just let the investor make up their decision on that because Cody just nailed it. You know, you can bring in a contractor and one will say 35 grand, one will stay 20 maybe you can 15 and it really just depends on what the exit strategy is and then what that contractor wants to do to the property.
And that’s such a wide variable. You don’t even want to get involved in that because that’s not what we do. Our deal is to find deeply discounted properties and present it and let the cash buyers figure out what it is they want to do with the property. And as soon as you start putting a number to that, it can kind of make things a little more difficult or they could start arguing with you on that. And that’s not what you want to do. You just want to keep the focus on the deal to get it to the finish line.

Cody Hofheinz: That’s right. Okay. So you send it out. How many people start getting some interest in what gets going?

Jordan: Yeah, so we had, I want to say like three or four emails trickle in and then again it was all, Oh, I need it to be 20 or 30 K less than that. It needs to be under 200 K or I could do it at 200 K or Hey, let me know if it’s not moving. You know? It’s like, Oh my gosh I’m just feeling depressed or-

Cody Hofheinz: Just quit it I’m sweating already. Stop it.

Jordan: Yeah, exactly. And not only that, but this is a referral. So, you know, the other thing about referrals is that you really want to make sure that you do your homework on that because you know your name and reputation is at stake. Right. So I was just feeling it even more. I’m like, man, I really want to deliver, I really don’t even care if I make that much.
I just want to deliver for them so I can get to the finish line. And that’s some value here, you know?

Cody Hofheinz: Yeah.

Jordan: Anyway, so we got a couple of emails trickle that we also do not, I have a Facebook group that I’m involved in. So I posted there and I got a bunch of responses there, but really not that many bites from it. People wanted me to send them a deal on their email. So after we got a few folks, I reached out to each and every one of them on Facebook to say, Hey, are you interested? And I say three or four people got back to me. And at that point we decided to set a walkthrough for the next week, I believe it was. And then, there was three or four people that were confirmed and then there was only actually two parties that showed up and a couple other people didn’t.
And so that was a little bit like I, and again, eye opening, I’m just learning through this whole process. Like, okay, I expected these people that accepted my invite to be there and really only 50% showed up. But again, Ken was coaching me, this is normal things happen. And it was good too because those two parties showed up at the exact same time. So it kind of created a little bit of-

Cody Hofheinz: Feeding frenzy, let’s roll.

Jordan: Yeah, exactly. Like, Oh there’s somebody else here that’s interested in what are they…? One of the parties brought his whole entourage. He brought like three other guys with them. So that was kind of cool too. One of them was a contractor and then the other one just sent his contractor out. The actual, the cash buyer. He wasn’t able to make it he sent his contractor out.
But, so there’s two parties that came, and then we got feedback that same evening, so later that evening. Actually my cash buyer that I brought, he needed it to be a little bit lower. He needed it to be around the 200 K mark or maybe even a little bit less. And then Ken, he had a cash buyer that he’d actually done deals with before and he was interested, he wanted to do the…, But the thing is, it wasn’t just an assignment, he wanted to do a seller financing, right? So he wanted to basically take over the mortgage because it’s cheaper than going and getting a hard money loan, rehab it and then sell it at the end. And so the way we were going to get our assignment fee was we would get a little bit upfront just for bringing him the deal.
We pay out the seller. So we pay her, her money so she could walk away, go get an apartment, we could get a little bit of money and then he would get the keys to the place and he could have his contractor start working on the property. So, and then on the back end is when once the sale happens, that’s when we’ll make the rest of our assignment fee plus a little bit of equity and then it’ll be done. Everything will be good. So we’re most of the way through the rehab as we speak.

Cody Hofheinz: Uh-huh (affirmative).

Jordan: And it’s kind of going into the slow time for real estate but it’ll all work out. And he’s been doing this for a long time. So it ended up working out man. But it was really-.

Cody Hofheinz: What does it look like, tell me the numbers, let’s do it. Let’s hear it.

Jordan: The numbers. So the numbers for which one? For the rehab?

Cody Hofheinz: Well numbers in general. Like what will it be? So you get this under contract. He got a guy that does some unique financing with it. Unique like deal. But that’s what I love about real estate. You can always find a way to do deals. Just can you structure it right? What will you end up making on this deal?

Jordan: Yeah, so the fee was we initially put $20,000 so we got under contract for 200 grand. We put it out to the market at 220 grand. So the end buyer agreed to the assignment fee of 20 K but he basically said, we’ll do 7,000 upfront. So my partner and I made three and a half thousand and on the back end we’re going to make the six and a half or 13,000, and six and a half is just divided by two for him and I, and then on top of that we should get a little bit of equity. So my wholesaling partner and I can, we’re going to make 10% of whatever profits the property generates at the time of the sale.

Cody Hofheinz: Wow.

Jordan: So we could make even more on top of that 10 K.

Cody Hofheinz: Yeah. So each of you made $10,000 and then if the property sells for what you guys think it’s going to sell, you get 10% of those profits as well.

Jordan: Yeah, that’s correct. Yeah.

Cody Hofheinz: Boo, yeah. Well you know what’s coming up. Hold on one second.

Jordan: Oh yes.

Tom Krol: We have ourselves the victory bell.

Cody Hofheinz: And I know you have been waiting for that victory bell. You have been consistently working with the time that you had because you do have a full time job but doing this part time, here you are a few months later now having a 10 K check and then potential making even more on that. Dude, I am super proud of you. This has been something that hasn’t come easy for you and nor does it come easy for anyone. So I want everyone listening to this. I don’t preach get rich quick or that this is easy. It does test you. It does try you. Jordan was tested and tried in many ways like will this ever work? There’s so many people out here and Oh now I’m at month four, month five, month six, month seven like it takes time. And he only had a little bit of time to dedicate each and every day. And it still worked because he stayed consistent. That is the crucial part to know about this story. And so Jordan, you’re a complete rock star and I want to thank you for sharing your story today.

Jordan: Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. I’ve been waiting so long to hear that victory bell, and to be on the Podcast yeah, this has been great. And the thing is you learn. I have another mentor who’s not really in the real estate space but he was telling me it’s not about the money at the beginning, it’s more about the lessons learned. You and Tom do a really good job about doing it the right way and preaching that and then putting that into the course. And I would echo that sentiment. We get all caught up with the money and that’s great. And definitely we’re in this to make money. It’s not a nonprofit here, but we’re really in this to add value. And Cody, you say it all the time, the more value you add, the more you’ll be compensated accordingly. And so just take those lessons, those failures at the beginning. I mean, man, I made six over 6,000 cold calls and I got over 500 nos, but I just kept going. I kept rattling through, I’m in sales and there was plenty of days where I thought, this isn’t going to work, or what am I doing? I feel like a fake. I haven’t closed a deal yet. I’m calling these people, you know what I mean? It’s just-

Cody Hofheinz: Yeah. It starts to play with you. Yes it does. It starts to play a game with your mind. And we started to look at like, well, maybe it’s not meant to be, you know what? Maybe it’s not in my deck of cards to have this work and maybe I’m just supposed to do what I’m supposed to do and be grateful for what I have. And so many times these fake thoughts start to take over our mind.

Jordan: Exactly. And it’s like, Oh well, I do pretty well at my job and…, But I just knew this was what I supposed to do. I just kept going. I just felt prompted to do it. And there’s been so many doors that open just from this one deal. I mean I have two or three contractors that I know now and I have a really great relationship with the cash buyer who closed it and just I added a whole bunch of people too. It’s funny because I sent that email out and like you said, Cody, five or six days later, things would trickle in. And I got people that forwarded my message to other investors and then they were reaching out and calling me. And so it took a little bit of time and I definitely sweat a little bit at the beginning, but ended up getting more value because of that time.
But I couldn’t see it in the moment. I just thought, Oh, this is excruciating. I want it to be done. But looking back at it now, it’s like being patient, doing it the right way and then the things I didn’t do right, it’s learning how do I do those better next time? And then just getting better and better and learning from that experience. And then you’ll just be that much of a better wholesaler, better investor, and you’ll be able to more confidently cold call these folks and explain the value that you deliver.

Cody Hofheinz: So true Jordan, those are words of wisdom right there. For those of you that are listening to this, go listen to the last three minutes. What he just said. It’s not just about the money, it’s the learning along the way. It’s who you’re becoming along the way because the more we can become someone better, someone greater. That’s when also our income starts to follow. It’s very rare that you see someone’s income outperform who they’re becoming, their self development. So if you want to have the life of your dreams and be able to live the life on your terms, you’ve also got to become someone better each and every day because really your income, your lifestyle is just a reflection of who you are at this current moment. There’s so much room for each one of us to grow and to get better in so many areas. And as you do so you start to see the world in a different way and the world starts to get better. Life starts get better and living it the way you want to live, it starts to get better. So Jordan is sharing some true wisdom here, but Jordan and ending this, we always ask two questions that are always, always fun to hear from our guests. So the first one, what would you do differently? Looking back if you were starting all over again and you’re starting right at ground zero.

Jordan: That’s a great question, Cody. I really, really liked the course. I probably would’ve gotten the Wholesaling Inc. program along with the TTP program. I just, like I said, I spoke with Dan Goshka and he suggested, Hey man, you’re already cold calling, just do that. And so I was really attracted to the program because you and Tom do such a good job of saying, Hey, we can break this down step by step, and I wanted to learn the business cause I want this to be a business. I don’t want it to be a hobby. I want to be a business that serves me.

Cody Hofheinz: Or a glorified job.

Jordan: Yeah, exactly. Right now it’s a job and that’s okay. I’m a very hard worker. I put in the work but I don’t want to do that forever. My wife and I are expecting our first son in January and so I don’t want to be cold calling at six or seven at night for the rest of my life. I want to be able to outsource that and create a business. And so I probably would have gone back and gone the TTP program. I got a little bit of input from Dan and a few others, but I probably would have done both of those right out of the gate just so I have some more cold calling specific scripts and lists and advice and I love Brent Daniels. He’s awesome. So I probably would’ve done it.

Cody Hofheinz: He’s a complete stud. Okay. The second question is the book. What book has been game changing as you’ve read it?

Jordan: Well, my favorite book of all time is the Bible, and I know this is not a religious podcast so I’ll just leave it there. But the game changing book for me is the book on Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner, of BiggerPockets. I love, love, love that book. I want to be a landlord and build my investment portfolio and there’s just really well written from start to finish. Kind of the same way Wholesaling Inc. is where it’s I knew nothing about wholesaling to now I’m hiring a Virtual Assistant. The same way with Brandon’s book. It’s, Hey, I know nothing about rental properties to how do I screen my tenants and get my first property filled. So I really enjoyed that one. And then the other one more mindset related, Cody is The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.

Cody Hofheinz: You just struck a cord right there. That’s a phenomenal book.

Jordan: I love, love, love that book. It’s so practical. Anybody who picks up that book will gain value from it. I mean, no matter where you are in your life, it is such a game changer. Just full of gold nuggets, man. That is a great book.

Cody Hofheinz: You are a rock star, Jordan. Thank you so much for being on this podcast. There’s so many people that are listening to this saying, man, this resonates with me. I do have an hour I can carve out. I know I have a busy life. I have a full time job, I have a family, but I do have an hour that I can carve out. Yes, it may take a little bit longer, but it’s okay. That’s your journey. And if you don’t start today, when are you going to ever start? And so your story brings so much clarity, so much peace, but so much hope that even with our busy lives you can still carve out an hour a day, six days a week to make this happen. And then you can start to see how much more you’re going to carve out and finally get to the point where maybe you’re going to leave a nine to five. And so I want to thank you for sharing this cause I know there’s a lot of people wondering how will they do this? And you just really mapped it out how they can.

Jordan: Absolutely. I’m happy to share. And for those out there that are struggling, I just want to leave with this Cody, if I can.

Cody Hofheinz: Sure.

Jordan: You know those thoughts that creep in. They’re real. And some of you might be thinking, Oh well he’s in sales. So he’s used to it. But guys no, it was just as hard for me as it is for some of those other folks. But just follow the program guys, just keep taking action. That is so, so true. It’s so basic and everybody says it, but it’s true. Take action. Do the right steps, do business the right way, in an ethical way, and the deals will come, I promise. And it wasn’t as fast as I wanted it to either, but it came. And once you get that deal, you build on that momentum and it’s worth it. I promise you it’s worth it. Listen to Cody and Tom. Don’t reinvent the wheel and just take action today.

Cody Hofheinz: You’re a stud, Jordan. Thank you so much. Rhino Nation, what an amazing episode here. This is going to be one you’re going to want to download. This is the one that you’re going to listen to over and over again. So much value is given because so many lives here listening, so many of you can resonate and actually listen to his story and say, man that is much like mine. That is something that I want to do and I know I can do. And he shared with you how you’re able to do it. So get out there and make it happen. Carve out that hour. Find ways to make happen. Wholesaling is still live, wholesaling is still active, deals are still out there and they will forever be out there and it’s up to you to see if you want to carve out that little piece of time to go find those deeply discounted properties. If you need help building a successful wholesaling business, head on over to Book a call with our team and begin the conversation, but it starts by just a simple, simple phone conversation so that we can help you get one step closer to your next deal. Guys, take care and we’ll see you on the next podcast. See you later.

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