Episode 307: From Realtor to Wholesaling Behemoth With Steve Kiser

WI 307 | Wholesaling Land


Are you interested in wholesaling land but don’t know how to go about it? Today’s rockstar guest will show you how!

Steve Kiser is an exceptional wholesaler from Charlotte, New Carolina. While he had the opportunity to land a secure and cushy job, he chose to give it all up and go after his dream of becoming a real estate rockstar. With the way things are going, there’s no denying it was one of the best decisions he has made.

However, while armed with a real estate license and ample real estate background, Steve’s venture into real estate and wholesaling has not been a walk in the park. Fortunately, Steve’s positive attitude and his willingness to take action has made a world of difference.

If you want to make your mark in the wholesaling world (and make a killing wholesaling land), today’s episode is exactly what you need to hear!


From Realtor to Wholesaling Behemoth With Steve Kiser

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