Episode 306: From the Movie Business to a Thriving Wholesaling Biz

Do you want to give wholesaling a try but think you might not be able to pull it off while working full-time? The wholesaling journey of today’s guest will surely change your mind!

Chris Campbell is a new rockstar rhino who’s running a thriving wholesaling business. However, that’s not the most impressive part. What’s even more impressive is he’s totally crushing it while still working 80 hours per week!

Just like most people who got into wholesaling, Chris had no real estate background. He also candidly admitted he does not have any idea what he was doing at first. In fact, he experienced several hiccups along the way.

Fortunately, Chris didn’t allow his full-time job or his lack of real estate experience to get in his way. He joined the tribe, strictly followed instructions, and took massive imperfect actions. So far, he’s now $35k richer from the deals he has done and has plenty more in the pipeline.

If you want to know how to successfully navigate the wholesaling world even if you are working full-time and has no real estate background, today’s episode is for you!

Key Takeaways

  • How he runs a successful wholesaling business while working full-time
  • How he found his cold caller
  • List they called
  • Time it took for them to generate their first leads
  • Service he used to skip trace the telephone numbers
  • One of the primary reasons people quit wholesaling
  • An effective trick one can use to reinitiate leads
  • Lists he used to find his first 3 deals
  • CRM he’s using
  • His advice and recommendations to those who would like to try wholesaling


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