Episode 305: Cracking The Code To Cold Calling

WI 305 | Cold Calling


Have you always wanted to make a killing in the wholesaling world through TTP (Talk to People)? Today’s your lucky day! Our special guest has cracked the TTP code and is richer by over $100,000 because of it!

Eli Rose is a phenomenal rhino from Canton, Georgia. While he has a career in the corporate sales world, two and a half years ago, he decided to get into wholesaling full-time. With two big cheques to his name ($50,600 and $51,593), there’s no denying it was one of the best decisions he has ever made.

Thankfully, the doting family man candidly shared how he made those two massive TTP deals happen in today’s episode. So be prepared to see what it’s like to think outside of the box and walk away a thousand dollars richer!

Cracking The Code To Cold Calling

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