Episode 304: How to Create Partnerships that Work

If you’re considering running a wholesaling business with a partner, it is likely that you’ve come across all those horror stories about partnerships gone wrong. Today however is a breathe of fresh air as you’ll hear about a dream partnership.

Brett McCollum and Thomas West are two rhinos running a successful wholesaling business. The two tribe members leverage each other’s strengths and are absolutely crushing it. In other words, they have formed the perfect partnership!

If you want to take on wholesaling with a partner, sit down and listen to today’s episode with your partner. You’ll surely learn all you need to know to get your partnership off to an amazing start!

Key Takeaways

  • How they are running their wholesaling business as partners
  • Type of marketing they are doing
  • What dispositions is
  • Challenges of doing dispositions remotely
  • Challenges they experienced while putting deals into contract
  • The importance of building rapport
  • How to create a feeding frenzy among buyers
  • Their advice/recommendations for new wholesalers
  • Why consistency is key in wholesaling


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