Posted on: September 02, 2019

If you’re considering running a wholesaling business with a partner, it is likely that you’ve come across all those horror stories about partnerships gone wrong. Today however is a breathe of fresh air as you’ll hear about a dream partnership.

Brett McCollum and Thomas West are two rhinos running a successful wholesaling business. The two tribe members leverage each other’s strengths and are absolutely crushing it. In other words, they have formed the perfect partnership!

If you want to take on wholesaling with a partner, sit down and listen to today’s episode with your partner. You’ll surely learn all you need to know to get your partnership off to an amazing start!

Key Takeaways

  • How they are running their wholesaling business as partners
  • Type of marketing they are doing
  • What dispositions is
  • Challenges of doing dispositions remotely
  • Challenges they experienced while putting deals into contract
  • The importance of building rapport
  • How to create a feeding frenzy among buyers
  • Their advice/recommendations for new wholesalers
  • Why consistency is key in wholesaling


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Episode Transcription

Darren: Hey guys, happy Labor Day and welcome to another episode of Wholesaling Inc. Now some of you may recognize my voice. You hear me in the intro, and in case you were ever wondering who is that guy and what does he do? Well, my name is Darren Bentley and I have the luxury of working together with Tom and Cody every single day. I work in the marketing department for the company, which I have to say, has been a lot of fun, and we really have a lot of laughs together, but it’s really been very gratifying, I have to say, because we are doing something really awesome here at Wholesaling Inc, and we’re all on a mission that we truly believe in, and we just all love working for this company and doing the things that we’re doing. So now that you know a little bit about me, on today’s episode, Tom is going to be talking with two people who connected by meeting in the tribe and they formed a partnership, which is really cool, but what they share in this episode is just totally awesome because you only usually hear about bad partnerships.
Think about it. You know, you always hear the horror stories like when things go wrong between partners, and you hear a lot of people say stay away from partnerships. After listening to today’s episode, you’re going to walk away, I think, with a totally different perspective on partnerships. And these guys really drop a ton of value on today’s episode. Really talking about how to form the perfect partnership and how to leverage each other’s strengths. And be sure to listen to this entire episode for a very, very special Labor Day offer at the end. Trust me guys, you are not going to want to miss this, so enjoy the show.

Tom: All right guys, welcome to another exciting episode of Wholesaling Inc. I’m so excited to be with you here today. I am going to dive right in. This is going to be a great episode. I’ve been looking forward to this call all day yesterday because this is something that is totally unique. I’ve got someone on the phone here, or a couple of guys who are just crushing it and they’re doing something that we never talk about when it comes wholesaling and it’s going to be a great episode. So I want you to strap in and we are going to hold their feet to the fire so that you can copy what they’re doing and experience the same success. So get ready guys. Here we go.
I’ve got on the phone with me, Brett and Thomas. Guys, can you both hear me okay?

Brett: Yes sir.

Thomas: Yes sir.

Tom: All right, well it is great to have you on the show. Thank you for doing this. Thank you for having an abundance mindset. Brett and Thomas have nothing to sell. This is only them being go-givers and they are, without letting the cat out of the bag, absolutely crushing it and we are going to be picking their brain right now. So here’s the deal guys. Nobody cares about you. Nobody cares about me. They want to know how they can copper results. So I’m going to skip the introductions because I want to get right to the meat and potatoes, because I’m super excited about this episode, and I’ve got to fly out to California here and get ready to go to a Mastermind. So we’re going to cut right through all the fat and get right to the meat and potatoes. Is that okay with you guys?

Thomas: Yes sir.

Brett: Sounds good.

Tom: All right, well I am excited to be on the phone with you, so let me under… I just want a little bit of the backstory so I can understand what the approach here is. So where do you live in Florida?

Brett: Gainesville.

Tom: Gainesville. I should know that because my son goes to UF, and I knew it but I just couldn’t think of the city. So you were in Gainesville and you kind of got started wholesaling in Gainesville. And tell me a little bit about your story in Gainesville. How did that all work out and what were you up to there?

Brett: Yeah, so I got started in the tribe in June of 2018. So before that, did three or four deals, something like that, and then joined the tribe. Followed the modules, yeah, the mentorship that I absolutely needed because I thought I knew something but I realized I didn’t know much of anything.

Tom: Bam.

Brett: Yeah. Anyway, long and short, did 10 deals from June to beginning of October/November, and then it just blew up from there. Really blessed to be able to get off the ground pretty quickly after I joined the tribe. And then in doing so, I mean Thomas jump in and helped me out. What month did we meet? I mean it was probably May/April, April or May, right?

Thomas: Yes sir. Yes sir.

Brett: Yeah. And Thomas was on so… Too many Tom’s here. So Tom, Mr Krol, I like the network a lot. That’s kind of what I attributed a lot of small successes that I may have started to gain, is via networking. And then Tom was on Facebook one day and said, “Hey, I’m in Jacksonville. Are there any other tribe members around?” And I just shot a message that said, “I mean I’m not in Jacksonville but I’m in Gainesville. Let’s talk some time.” And Thomas, being the man that he is, is just instant action, which is amazing, and he’s like, “Let’s get breakfast.” And I’m like, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Tom: Awesome.

Brett: Yeah. So he comes in to Gain… I mean he comes to Gainesville. I didn’t even go to, he came to me and we sat down, we had breakfast together and we just started talking a little bit, and I’ll kind of pause there if Thomas, you want to jump in.

Tom: So Thomas, you are also a tribe member?

Thomas: I am.

Tom: That’s amazing. I did not even know that the power of the tribe beginning together, having an abundance of mindset. I can’t tell you how many deals are done just because of the rhinos knowing each other. So you decided you’re a new tribe member, and you said, “Hey, let me get in the car and go from Jacksonville to Gainesville and visit Brett.” So that’s amazing. And how did that breakfast go?

Thomas: So I drove down to Gainesville and met Brett. We had breakfast and I’ve seen the entrepreneurial spirit in him and I knew he was a guy that just attacks things very strongly. So on my way back home I said, you know, I want to partner up with him and see if we can put things together, and that’s what we did. We just started putting deals together and started working together. And we just put five deals under contract, or should I say we’ve got… Go ahead.

Tom: Yeah. So, so let me, let’s get to that. So I want to, before we get to the deals, because I know you guys have had some home runs and I want to pick your brain, because with a lot of our listeners are sitting here going, they’re thinking, “Well for whatever reason, whether it’s not enough population, over saturation of wholesalers, the market is not the right market.” Whatever it is. There’s a lot of people listening saying… Or there’s some people listening who are crushing their market and they want to expand to another market. But that other market might be two or three hours away. There’s a lot of people saying, “How the heck did you do it?” So let’s break this down a little bit.
First of all, it sounds like Brett was moving into Jack… Or wanted to move into, had some interests of doing this with you in Jacksonville. So my first question is, did he pitch an idea or did you pitch an idea? How did that even come about? Did you contact him and what is your arrangement? Obviously, you know you’re a new rhino, and Brett is kind of seasoned and he’s done, you about 10 deals, he says, right? So what does that look like? He obviously has cashed it. It was like he was paying for the marketing and your feet on the ground, but tell me a little bit more about that arrangement because that’s what everyone’s really interested in.

Thomas: I think what the whole thing was is I put out the marketing and I said, “Brett, let’s go at this where the marketing that I’m putting out and let’s really, really dive into the Jacksonville area.” And that was his mindset as well, is let’s go into the Jacksonville and let’s crush it in Jacksonville. And that’s what we did, is just focused in on the deals in Jacksonville. And I couldn’t get my mindset of how to do it, and Brett helped me open up that valve of thinking how to really attack this market out here.

Tom: That is super powerful. So, and what kind of marketing are you guys doing?

Thomas: [crosstalk 00:08:30].

Brett: Direct mail.

Tom: Awesome. Okay. I guess you’re following the tribe list, the tribes’ postcards, all that kind of stuff.

Brett: All day, every day.

Tom: So you guys do the marketing. Now, Brett are you paying for the marketing or how are you contributing to this relationship?

Brett: I asked that question all the time, right? In fact, Tom and I, we talked about that a lot. It was like, “Tom, am I doing enough to help? Am I doing enough? Am I doing enough?” Because I got to give… I was telling him before we even jumped on this call, and I’m going to let you drive man. Like this is your baby, this is your world. I feel like there’s a lot that I’m not in.
But basically what it is, is for lack of a better word… yeah. So I’ve closed a number of deals and I’ve walked through a bunch of situations and I know how to negotiate with sellers and how to do the dispositions and all of that. So we’re like tag-teaming that approach. Meanwhile, Tom’s been developing and forging relationships with the sellers when they call in. And so when they come in, we talk about this is where we need to get it under contract and I’ll write up the contract, making sure everything’s… purchase agreements, let’s call them purchase agreements. I’ll write up the purchase agreements and then I’ll… I’ve been handling a lot of the dispositions end of it as well.

Tom: Got it. So is the marketing budget split 50/50 or is it-

Brett: No, no, Thomas-

Tom: Thomas is… Okay. So Thomas is doing the mar… So he’s doing the front-end, so he is feet on the ground, doing the marketing and then you are, once there’s a hot lead, you’re, I guess, coaching in a way, saying, “Hey, here’s how we’re going to handle it. Here’s how to do the valuation. Here’s the purchase agreement. The agreement is signed, now we’re going to handle dispositions.” And for anybody who’s listening, dispositions is how you are actually going to sell the contract or the property if you buy the property first. So you’re handling the backend, the selling of the contract or the selling of the house portion.

Brett: Right.

Tom: Understood. Okay. So I love it. That is so amazing when people get together. So let’s talk about some of the deals that you did, because I know you guys just did a big one for like, how much was it? It was $40k or something?

Brett: What was it? I think it was… Was it $37000 Tom?

Thomas: I think it was $37000 at the… Because we had a security deposit that came back to us too. That was pretty unique. But I think it was $37000.

Tom: $37K. That’s so great. I love it. So take me through that deal a little bit and what were some of the challenges doing dispositions remotely? And what were some of the challenges, Thomas, that you had, locking up the deal and putting it under contract? And can you guys kind of walk me through that deal a little bit?

Brett: Yeah, Tom start on the front-end of it and I’ll pick up.

Thomas: Okay. I have a really good relationship with these people. I build relationships very, very easily with people and we had these two people, husband and wife, and again, I’m going to be really strong about built this relationship with them, and I should say I did, and we locked this deal under, I think it was for $45000, correct me if I’m wrong. Brett was it 45?

Brett: 45.

Thomas: 45, and what happened was we didn’t even think we’re going to get 45 we thought, Oh, we’ll just, we’ll handle one deal and we’ll do the-

Brett: Let’s pause for a second there. Sorry to cut you off there Tom. What he’s not telling… He’s kind of being nice. So what Tom is… Yeah, he’s not giving it enough credit there. So the husband and wife, they have a number of rental properties. They’ve had a bunch of other wholesalers come in and speak with them that have tried to put them under contract and through the relationship that he’s been able to build with them, it’s gotten to the point where it’s like… He’s calling them, “You’re like a second mom and dad to me,” and it’s a beautiful relationship and I’ve witnessed it firsthand now and seeing them together even.
And that being said, she was able… She struggled with the side of, “How do I let these properties go for this much?” They’ve had these rental properties for years, and then the three of us had a three way conversation about, “We know what you’re looking to do and we know this is the best way to help you.” Because of that relationship of trust that she had with Tom, we were able to get the purchase price down to $45000. So that’s really where it came into. It’s the only reason we did anything at all is because Tom built that relationship. But go ahead Tom. Continue.

Tom: Yeah, and I just want to double down on that for anybody who’s listening, guys, that is the most important thing is the rapport building. And the reason you hear this excitement on the phone with Brett and Thomas is that this is the whole key, is that if you can just get good at that, you don’t really have to know sales and negotiation tactics and really too much about even real estate, which is so key, but it’s all about the rapport. So Thomas, yeah, I applaud you there man. Great job. That’s awesome. Very, very cool.

Brett: Definitely.

Thomas: You know, the funniest thing about the whole story is that Brett got on a three-way and she… we’re chuckling about this, but she says, “I don’t want to deal with Brett. I only want [crosstalk 00:13:15].

Brett: She did not want to talk to me.

Tom: That’s awesome.

Thomas: And I said, “Well, he’s my partner and he’s really a good guy,” and dah, dah, dah. She goes, “I just only wanted to deal with you.” But you know, fast forward it. We, we’re not… We’ve done… What now, we’re on our third deal Brett?

Brett: Yeah.

Thomas: We close tomorrow on our third deal, and two more in the pipeline. I’ve already got the contract signed. It’s been amazing. Brett has really, really been attentive through the whole situation. It’s teamwork and it’s networking and it’s been a positive situation and I thank the good Lord, because Brett is a God-fearing man and he’s brought a lot to me, teaching me, as well as I think I’m teaching him. We’re both teaching each other. I think that’s what the name of the game is, is that we’re both working together and teaching each other in this to move forward to close deals. Where Brett is not… Brett is great at everything. He doesn’t miss. It’s just that when you build a rapport with a person, it’s hard for that person to, I guess what I’ve seen is to… I guess when you’re dealing with the older generation, it’s hard to break that-

Tom: Yeah. Thomas, not to cut you off, but I just want everyone to really hear what you’re saying. Everyone should rewind this about a minute or 30 seconds here and just re-listen to what Thomas just said, because the key is, it’s not that Brett obviously is a bad guy or anything like that. This says so much about strategy. When you get that phone call from your direct mail, get to that property immediately. Don’t listen to the strategy of be last so you can make the best, most competitive offer. That is bad advice. When you get there, response time is everything. And the key is to get there and build rapport, because once that seller who has a sinking ship knows that you are a rock, once they know that and they throw that line to that rock, they don’t want to hear anything from anybody.
They’ve made their decision and they are going with Thomas and that’s the key. So when anybody else comes in, that’s why you want to avoid partnerships where there are two people going into… If Somebody speaks to the seller and then somebody meets with the seller, or two people go to the seller’s house at the same time. These are huge mistakes. You want to get there quick. You want to build a rapport. You want to make it rock solid. Know their birthday. Know their kid’s birthday. Know their pet’s names. Just like Brett said about Thomas a minute ago, he said he was calling him his second mom and dad. That’s because he’s creating true long lasting relationships. When somebody comes up to those sellers and says, “Hey, I’d like to sell my home fast for cash. Do you guys know anybody?” Who do you think they’re going to call? Thomas.
It happens to us all the time. In our business with Daniel, they call him there. Referrals is actually one of our line items of what we consider marketing for us because it’s happening so frequently. So it cannot be overstated. Get that phone call quickly. Get to that seller’s house quickly. Build a rapport quickly. Put the house under contract quickly. So I just wanted to double-down on what you’re saying Thomas, because so, so, so key to success. I love it. Very cool. Great. Good stuff. So let’s talk about… Awesome. So let’s talk about disposition. How did that go? Brett, if you could just give us a little insight on that one.

Brett: Yeah. So interesting enough. So I’m not in the… In Jacksonville. I’m from afar, but I did, previously to joining the tribe, I closed my first handful of deals in Jacksonville. So I kind of knew some of the quote, so to speak, power players, some of the big cash buyers there and whatever. And then I was like, well, yes, we want to build our cash buyers list as fast as humanly possible into this. Because I’ve closed a number of deals, I know how to get the ball rolling. Well I was able to find and work with a broker that will allow us to a list via MLS and the way our contract was written up.
So we were able to do that and, and caveat, please speak with your attorney before you do such things, which I’ve done. So I’ve listed on the MLS and the phone must have just melted. We were in a good area but I wasn’t sure how good the area was. So I listed it conservatively, purposefully to get the phone to ring. I mean, but Tom, the phone melted like off the hook. I mean Thomas, how many buyers? We set one appointment from that day… From that listing where everybody shows up, as you teach us to do Tom. And they were probably… What was it like 12 some people there, Thomas?

Thomas: We are close to, yeah, between nine and 12 people come to that first deal, that $37000 deal. We had like nine to 12 people there.

Brett: It was crazy.

Tom: So you created a feeding frenzy around your deal?

Brett: And it went berserk. I mean offers on top of offers on top of offers, on top of offers, and we were getting full-price offers without anybody ever looking at the property, just in a phone call, like right now. But ultimately it came down to the point where… So I’ll just tell you what it was; that’s what everyone wants to know anyway.
So we were at 45 was the contract purchase agreement price. We listed it at 56, thinking we’re being conservative on it because we want to have a decent spread between us. And then after it was all done, we initially, and I’ll… Tom alluded to this a few minutes ago, we initially got a contract sent to us written and accepted at $90000 initially.

Tom: Oh wow. Okay.

Brett: Yeah. And then long and short of that, they, for whatever reason, backed out of it. We had a non-refundable earnest money deposit that we were able to keep on that, but we had next man up, and so we were able to sell it at $82000 within less than 10 days. So it was a crazy experience. But I mean we listed it at $56000 and closed at $82000. I’ve never seen that before.

Tom: Yeah. That’s the key. So I mean obviously you guys used MLS. I would definitely check with an attorney to make sure for anybody listening. That is definitely something you want to check with an attorney, make sure that he or she has written up your contract properly, and see if the regulators are okay with doing that before you do it. But yeah, I mean that’s the way to create a ton of cash buyers bidding on your property, creating a feeding frenzy and then waiting for the highest and best offer to come in. So key. So you guys, what is the plan to dominate Jacksonville in the future? It sounds like you’ve got more deals under contract. What are some of the plans that you guys have here for this year and next?

Brett: Thomas, I’ll let you jump in and I’ll piggy back if need be.

Thomas: I think what… Just basically is just stand strong and build more. I mean, just get out there and use… We’re doing the mailers and we’re thinking about maybe doing some cold calling and we’re just trying to… we’re really trying to figure out which avenue would be the best for us because Brett is in Gainesville and I’m here, so we’re just trying to hone in on what would be the best for us in this situation. And we’ve talked about it, we sit and we chat about it of what… Which Avenue we should go. But I think we’ve got a good setup going on. I think it’s a positive flow and I think that we’re going to probably go into maybe cold calling, maybe some other marketing. But Brett, you throw it in there, get in there.

Brett: Yeah. Well I, so that on top, so we can… Because we have a unique relationship in that we’re two people. He’s able to commit in time into potentially doing that cold calling. But we’re not going to take the foot off the gas on the direct mail either, just because I know that works. It works for me. That’s all I do in my business here locally in Gainesville. So we know definitively that our way it’s a proven system, a proven model. So we’re not taking our foot off the gas on that and I can spearhead more of that side of it while at the same time Tom is able to get that cold calling side setup. So we’ve set up some strategies and getting that ready to move forward as well. But Jacksonville is such a great market.

Tom: That’s awesome. I love. Can I give you guys a little coaching?

Brett: Sure.

Tom: All right. You guys are okay with that?

Thomas: I love it.

Brett: I’m ready.

Tom: All right. Let me say this. One thing I learned from Todd when I first got started, don’t get cute with what works, right? So first thing I would say is, before you move into cold calling, if that’s what you want to do, which I think cold calling is great, I would definitely suggest TTP by Brent Daniels, it’s the best program in the country. But what I would say is before you go into cold calling, dominate direct mail. Don’t get cute with what works. So what I would suggest is, before you move away from direct mail, which… Or what I would say is before you move into another marketing channel, make sure that you have a mail sequence that is tight and totally kicking butt, that the entire marketing sequence runs without you, meaning that there’s a VA who is making sure that you have 5000 pieces a week going out every single week.
You know all of your different lists. All of your different vendors and suppliers for list. You’ve tested different postcards. You have list company vendors, and you have ways to pull a list directly, like eviction, water, turn off, 24-hour arrest record, code violation, tax delinquent. You’re pulling those directly either daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly from the County, township, city, municipality, whatever it is. So I would make sure before I moved into another marketing silo, I would totally dominate and make it a consistent channel that is fully delegated and consistently producing results with a full mail sequence. Before I did that. The other thing too, because Brett, I heard you say this about cold calling. I would suggest Thomas, if you are going to do with that, one of you guys gets an office either in Gainesville or in Jacksonville and gets cold callers or you outsource it, whatever Brent Daniels teaches. But I wouldn’t start cold calling myself.
So I don’t think either one of you guys should be on the phone, cold calling. I would definitely just… I mean, I’ll tell you what I would do, is I would just… I would take Brent Daniels’ advice, and whatever he says to do, but definitely not doing it yourself because you really don’t want… you don’t want to have any distraction. The business is built to be a servant to you, not to create a job that you serve, right? So if we’re chasing the business instead of chasing the dollar, then you want to create a system that is consistently producing a result, right, without you guys, delegation. So yeah, I mean I think that that’s awesome, but that’s what I would suggest there. But I think you guys are going to kick butt and take names. I’m super excited about the Jacksonville market.
Daniel keeps calling me and saying, “We should get in the Jacksonville market.” I say, “No, no, no.” But I think that’s great what you guys are doing, and I love the model you have with Thomas’ boots on the ground, which is awesome. And then you’re handling delegation. What a great system. You guys are going to continue to crush it. I have no doubt about it.

Brett: Awesome.

Tom: And very, very cool.

Thomas: Thank you.

Tom: So I want to ask each of you, before I let you go, you get started in wholesaling, you are crushing it right out of the gate. What are some resources, books, what have you looked to for motivation, insight, guidance? Give us a little bit of people who are listening now, what could they do? What be a good first step to kind of get into this game if they’re thinking about it?

Thomas: [crosstalk 00:23:48]

Brett: Go Tom. I was going to say… All right. So having been, not like I’m this crazy successful person or anything, but having been doing it a little while now, I mean you hear it. It’s almost cliche at this point, but there’s a lot of people we get in our head about what’s going to work, what’s not going to work and we trial and Tom, you hit the nail on the head. We try a lot of different things, trying to figure out what works. I’ve been there, done that and that doesn’t work.
What works is consistency. And that’s the biggest thing I can promote is consistency. Doing the Gary Keller. I preach is, do the one thing and just really nailing down on the one thing and making that really, really focused and lasered in. And that’s what I learned when I joined the Wholesaling Inc program. And that’s really what spearheaded me moving forward. But that’s the biggest thing I could teach to any new wholesaler is, because I know most wholesalers when they’re jumping in, want to do a lot of deals, they want to get a lot of things done. They hear the myths of making $37000 on one deal. They hear those things but they don’t have a system of doing it. And the only system is consistency. So-

Tom: I love it. That’s so key. And just to double down on that point. Yeah, consistency, the one thing. All of our listeners have heard it a hundred times. It is so important to dominate one channel. One way to find deals. One way to buy deals. One way to sell deals. Don’t get cute with trying to figure out a different exit strategy for every single property, because then you’re just chasing money and you will make a little bit of money, but in the long run you’ll end up working way too many hours and having a frustrating business that is inconsistent. So I love it. Consistency and focus on the one thing. Thomas, what about you… Any resources or recommendations for anyone who’s just kind of getting started in wholesaling houses?

Thomas: You know Brett said was consistency is really a key factor, and following the people that have mastered this and just following their ways of doing things and not doing it the way that do you want to do it, do it the way that the people that have done it, and just being consistent is really the key factor. And just going forward and not trying to do it your way. And that’s something I had to learn through this. And I think you told me, and I was driving back, and you told me, “Go put that deal under contract,” and I don’t know if you remember this, but I called you or we were talking on one of the calls, and I was chatting to you about it and I said, “You know, I can’t get this deal going,” and da da da, and you go, “Get out of your… Go do it. Go put it under contract as today.” And you know something, the minute I did that is the minute that things opened up for me. It was just getting that mindset, the right mindset.

Tom: Oh, I remember that. That was on a support call.

Thomas: It was on a support call and you told me, “Don’t wait a minute. Get over to that property and put that under contract right now,” and I did that and I followed through.

Tom: Oh that’s great. I love when that happens. That happens so much in a tribe. We’ll be on a support call and someone will be talking about a deal and I’ll say, “Well, this is another country.” They’ll say, “No,” for whatever reason. And I’ll say, “Get back there and and get it under contract,” and that’s because Todd used to do that to me.
But Thomas, I got to tell you there’s a reason you and I have the same first name and it’s because I struggled with the first… with what you said first, which was getting out of your own way. I kept trying to figure it out on my own and when my older brother finally said, “would you stop being such a blank blank, blank, blank, blank and just do what I tell you to do,” it was difficult, especially for me it was my older brother and we’re competitive. It was difficult to submit, but I was so ready to just get out of my own way and take instruction and stop trying to figure it out on my own. And I just did. I had blind faith. I did what he told me to do and thank God I did because what a blessing it’s been.
Wholesaling is the greatest business. So I agree. Instruction, not education. Listen to the men and women who have come before us and take their instruction. Do what they tell you to do if you want their result. I couldn’t agree more. That’s awesome guys. Thank you for sharing so much information today. It’s been great.

Thomas: Awesome.

Tom: Yeah, thank you so much. I’m so honored that you’re both in the tribe. Such a blessing, so anything you guys ever need, you just let me know. I’ll be on the next support call and we’ll go from there, but it’s going to be… I know you guys are going to have great adventures in the future and I’m looking forward to hearing about them. An honor to be a part of the journey, so thank you.

Brett: Great. Thanks Tom.

Thomas: Thanks Tom.

Tom: Thanks Thomas. Thanks. Have a great day guys. God bless. Talk to you soon.

Thomas: Thanks.

Darren: Okay, as promised, I am back with a really awesome offer for you guys listening right now. When Tom and Cody and I were meeting recently, we were talking about doing something really, really cool and special for Labor Day. Now, if you’ve been listening to us for any period of time, you already know that Tom and Cody are all about delivering value to our listeners. If you know us, you know that there’s a reason why Wholesaling Inc is the number one real estate coaching program in the country and that’s not to brag, but it’s something that we’ve worked very hard to achieve and in case you didn’t know, it is our mission to create 10000 successful wholesalers because we believe quite honestly that wholesaling is the best business on planet earth. We truly believe that. So this Labor Day, what Tom and Cody and I decided to do to celebrate this day for you, for anyone who’s listening right now who joins the Wholesaling Inc coaching program this week, Tom and Cody are going to pay for your first direct mail marketing campaign.
That’s right. They are going to cover the costs of your first marketing campaign. And we all know that to be successful in this business, this business of wholesaling, you need to market, but you also need to know how to market and that’s what really differentiates us from the competition with this amazing program that we have here.
So in order to take advantage of this special offer, here’s what you do. You got to go to, fill out the short application form and schedule a time to speak with one of our awesome team members about the program. But, and this is important, in order to qualify for this offer, you must schedule your call, not actually have the call, not actually speak to us, but you have to schedule the call by or before midnight on Labor Day. If you schedule the call at 00:01 unfortunately you’re not going to qualify for this offer. So again, you must schedule your call with our team by or before midnight on Labor Day. And if you’re speaking with us and you decide, to join our program, Tom and Cody are going to cover the cost of your first marketing campaign. So there you have it. Your first marketing campaign on us and access to the number one real estate coaching program in the country. Sounds like a win-win for me. So thank you guys for listening and enjoy the rest of your labor day.

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