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WI 303 | 24-Year-Old


If you think making a whopping $50,000 from just a single TTP (Talk to People) call is not possible, you have to listen to today’s episode! The amazing wholesaling story of today’s young rockstar rhino is proof that when it comes to wholesaling, the sky’s definitely the limit!

Cedric Vinson is a phenomenal 24-year-old from Lenexa, Kansas. While he has a successful career working for a billion dollar company, he knew working for others is not something he’d like to do for good.

After discovering real estate, there was no looking back for him. Even if he started just like most people—totally clueless as to what he’s doing—that didn’t stop him from going out there and making things happen.

Fortunately, his hard work and courage to fail his way forward has been rewarded massively—he just joined the TTP $50,000 Club, earning an epic $58,000 from one TTP call!

If you’re itching to join the TTP $50,000 Club and would like to know how Cedric made things happen, you can’t afford to miss today’s episode!



24-Year-Old Makes $58,000 On ONE TTP CALL!

Episode Transcription

Remember, when we are talking about wholesaling real estate, we’re talking about sourcing opportunities. If you are new to wholesaling, you’re wondering what wholesaling real estate is, you’ve been in the real estate industry for a long time, and you’re still confused about what wholesaling is, it is simple.

Wholesaling is the sourcing of opportunities and you have three ways to do that. You can get referrals for it, where you’re essentially waiting for people to send you referrals because you’re the guy or the gal that gets these deals done. That’s one way. The number two way is that you market for these opportunities through direct marketing, direct mail, pay-per-click, bandit signs, or something like that.

Something that is a true marketing channel or number three, you go out and prospect for it. That is either done two ways, typically. That is from door knocking, or my favorite approach, the TTP method, the Talk To People, where you pick up the phone and you phone prospect these people now. In my TTP program, I have been pushing one main goal for 2019. That is for every buddy in my program to do a $50,000 deal as quickly as possible.

Join the TTP $50,000 Club. I’ve been pushing it because there is something that changes in your mind. Your brain chemistry changes when you get a check that is big because it’s not big enough to where you’re like, “I’m retiring.” It keeps feeding that beast inside you, that hunger and hustle muscle that you’ve got inside you but it’s big enough to the point where you’ve never gotten a check like this and you’re like, “I did this from one phone call.” That changes everything in your business and mind.

I have an unbelievable guest out of Kansas. He’s from Kansas but he does business in Missouri. Let me read to you the post that he put on Facebook because it’s going to hit home and let you know about this unbelievably unique young man. He said, “When I set out and started my house-buying company, I told myself I’d be able to leave my job before 2019, and I did. It took eight months. You miss every goal you don’t set. I set another goal to have massive success in my first quarter working my business full time. Another goal accomplished.”

“I had another goal which was to be interviewed by the top national real estate investor podcast in the country that only BAMM business owners make it on. Small victories turn into big wins but if you never start setting goals and following through with execution, you won’t get enough to start building momentum.” Without further ado, I’d like to introduce the author of this post. Mr. Cedric Vinson. Cedric, say hello to everybody.

How’s everybody doing? I’m Cedric Vinson, 24 years old this 2019. I’m in Lenexa, Kansas. I’m excited to be on the show. I appreciate you for having me, Brent. To all of Wholesaling, Inc., I appreciate everything you guys do. Let’s hit it.

Let’s start with the first part of this. You said that you had a goal to leave your job. What was the job that you were doing before you started your real estate business in 2018?

I was working inside sales as a business advisor for a software company and marketing company, so I would literally call out to contractors. Preferably contractors for me all throughout the country. I would sell them lead generating programs, website, search engine optimization, phonebook ads, and everything marketing.

Were you working out of an office or at home?

It was a big office with hundreds of people. The company is a couple of billion dollars and we were the main workforce in bringing on new business. I was good at it as well, but I just didn’t want to do that forever.

This sounds like a big business. If you put your mind to it, you probably could have stayed in that business, been successful, moved up the ladder into a billion-dollar business, and lived a happy life. What are you doing out here being an entrepreneur?

You really want them to trust you.

That’s what I’m meant to do. I can’t take it. I was only in the workforce for three years. The whole time, I was trying to figure out what I was going to do to get out. I started a painting company and multi-network marketing companies. I thought I wanted to be a contractor. This is a ton. I even thought of wanting to go back to school a little bit but that didn’t take long.

You then found real estate. Where did you find it? Was it YouTube, somebody that you know, a referral, or a podcast? What brought you into this crazy world?

I was very non-skeptical because of the way that I was introduced to it. My cousin, mid-30s, who lives down in Atlanta, Georgia, introduced my family and me to it. He put us on a game as to what videos to watch and how he was doing it. I started talking to him and took it from there. I watched my first video in April 2019. Two weeks from then, I was calling the house. I was cold calling and meeting the owner. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was trying to negotiate. I didn’t know anything but I was out there trying to make something happen. We’re still in contact.

You got a phone number and you took action. How did you know who to go after, how to get the phone number, and how to even do something? How did you know to get started?

I watched some videos. They talked about bandit signs, vacant houses, and driving for dollars. I started doing it but I didn’t have the system laid in place, so it was inconvenient. When I worked in sales, I’ve got a nice system set up. I didn’t necessarily like it, so I didn’t look further enough into videos to start seeing about a dialer system, targeted list, or more effective ways to get data in and do deals. I only did that for about a week, and I kept putting up bandit signs for eight months.

How did that go?

I got calls from it. I still get calls. I just didn’t get any sales. I spent good money. I had websites. I was going out at night. I was trying to make this thing happen. I was taking off from work and doing everything. I thought it was going to pop for me and it wasn’t popping.

You have a full-time job in sales, get done with your job, put bandit signs up, take calls in, and trying to negotiate deals. You’re doing all this stuff. That’s crazy. Why wouldn’t you just take the job afterward, relax and chill out? Weren’t you exhausted or are you full of energy?

I was 24 years old. I was a young man. I don’t have any kids or a wife. I’m a single bachelor. I figured this was the time for me to be up all night, wake up early, go to bed late, not go to sleep at all some nights and be out late. I believed this was the time. I don’t have to do it for ten years. I just had to do it for a period of time until I could get the business to a point where you guys talk about automating and scaling.

That is a beautiful part that you touch on. It’s building the foundation of your business based on your experience, hard work, and putting together the systems. You can follow a path, a plan, and it’s laid out there, whether it’s Wholesaling Inc., TTP, or whatever it is. When it comes to learning how to be a real leader and understand what your people are going through. How do you know that if you haven’t been through what you’re going through now, which is phenomenal?

We’re hitting it.

Let’s talk about what happened. How did you get your first deal? Walk us through that, and then we’re going to talk about when you decided to just do it and hit it out of the park and join the $50,000 Club. Let’s talk about your first deal.

WI 303 | 24-Year-Old

24-Year-Old: I didn’t know anything but I was out there trying to make something happen.


I’m going to preface that first deal, which was a $12,000 and $1,400 assignment check to a check I made three months into the business, which was for $2,100. It wasn’t all by myself. It was a deal with a wholesaler out of Texas, an eighteen-year-old kid was calling off Craigslist. I helped him negotiate the deal. I got it under contract. I sent it out to my buyers’ list. Within 24 hours, I had a buyer but I didn’t get another deal until January 2019.

Brent, I’m frustrated. Anywhere I could go, I started to look at videos. That’s when I stumbled on Wholesaling Inc. I started following the steps. Get a list, go to, coupon code TTP to get it at a discount, and put it in your Mojo Dialer and call it. I even had the TTP script off of some of the podcasts. It wasn’t the real script but it was enough. I’ve made a lot of calls to strangers all over the country, so I don’t need a script.

I take off work one day. It would have been a Tuesday or a Wednesday. I spent all day putting in a probate list. That next day, I couldn’t take it anymore. I said, “I’m taking off work again.” It’s the end of the year. I told myself I was going to leave by the end of 2019, and I was nowhere close enough. That second day, after cold calling for two hours, I got a guy on the phone that said he would consider an offer. I asked him how much. He only wants $24,000 for the property. I’m like, “Let’s go out.” I met him at the house a few more hours later.

In that timeframe, I got an ARV put together. The house was about $75,000 to $80,000 ARV. It only needed about $15,000 in repairs. The max offer would have been around $37,000. I knew I had a deal there. I offered him $18,000 for it and we fell in the middle at $21,000. I sent it out to my buyers’ list. Once again, I got some hits on it. About 2 or 3 weeks later, I don’t know how long it was, I had a $12,000 check.

I’m going to save this bell for the big one because we’re going to get into that. There are some really important things. I want you to peel back a little bit of the story here. What was the list that you called on to get this?

This one was a probate list for Jackson County, Missouri. I went up to the courthouse one of those days and figured out the code violations, probates, and some pre-foreclosures. The probate was the one that I went with.

What do you mean you figured it out? You went up there, you asked them for it, and they gave it to you?

No. I asked around. I went through multiple steps. The list was not even with the county. It’s at a newspaper or something. I don’t know.

You got it, you filtered it, and you got the numbers. Here’s the moral to that story, don’t stop. Find some way to get that list. There is a way to get these lists, especially probate. Here’s the deal. The statistics show that 75% of probate property sells within the first 90 days of new ownership. That’s facts. That’s data. People that inherit these properties don’t keep them.

You would be surprised how many people are not real estate investors and have no interest in wanting to keep rentals, fix things up, flip them, or do whatever. People want to sell these properties, so go after those probates. The second thing that you talked about is that you sent it out to your cash buyer database. How did you start from zero cash buyers to having cash buyers? What did you do to build your cash buyer database?

When I got things started, I got a couple of websites. I had a buyer’s website and a seller’s site with Carrot and I started putting them both on Craigslist, and one of them worked.

You’re saying Investor Carrot. Now it’s It’s a real estate, specific for wholesalers’ website service.

If you have some questions, reach out. But if you don’t have an answer in five minutes, just figure it out.

I plug and play. I’ve been drawing buyers off of Craigslist every single day.

What do you post?

Sometimes it will be a ghost ad. It may be a property I have or a property I already wholesaled. Now, it’s usually one I used to have. I put a description of it. It’s generally a property that looks good, and then I’ll let them know, “If you would like to be added to our buyers’ list, go to my website.”

Do you put pictures or is it just text?

I’ll put a link to Dropbox. If they want to see pictures, they have to go to the website and get information.

That’s how you’ve been building up cash buyers. Now you’ve got their email and name and you send it out to them. Did they call you up or respond by email? Do you remember?

I had a lot of people calling me. I had quite a few people emailing me. The guy that ended up getting it was somebody that had called me off of one of my bandit signs. He was a younger investor. He paid more for the house. Everybody else wanted it for $30,000 or $31,000. This guy took it for $35,000.

That’s an important thing because not only are you talking to people all the time, but you need to be adding them to your cash buyer database. Even if somebody has a bunch of properties, they sold properties, or they don’t want to sell their properties, they might want to buy a smoking deal in an area that makes sense to them. Do what Cedric is talking about. Get those and add them to your cash buyer database.

Let’s talk about the big daddy. Let’s talk about a big deal and what we commonly refer to as a massive deal where we go and change our whole financial future. We get a deal, we make a call, we have a conversation, and it makes $50,000 or more. When I introduced this, I hyped this thing up. I’m like, “This changes your life.” Let’s see if this is true. Tell us about your experience with what I’m saying.

Thinking about it, it’s incredible by that happened. It’s been a couple of weeks but it’s absolutely incredible. It’s your confidence and personal belief in yourself, business, and industry. I don’t doubt myself but I didn’t personally think my next deal was going to be $58,000 and some change.

Walk us through it.

I first made contact with this guy probably that first week when I left my job, which is crazy. That was the first time I talked to this guy. The house I initially talked to him about, he ended up having other investors out to see it. He had real estate agents out and it was going dead. I asked him if he had anything else. We had already built up rapport. We had been talking once a month for 2 or 3 months. Nobody else called him. That’s the thing. Each of my probate deals was never called by anybody else, only mailers.

WI 303 | 24-Year-Old

24-Year-Old: You don’t have to do it for 10 years. You just have to do it for a period of time until you get the business to where you automate and scale.


His name was Mike. He’s friendly. A lot of rapport was built. That’s something I like to pride myself on doing. I want him to trust me. We’re buddies and I’m going to make this happen. He told me about a few other properties that he had inherited that weren’t on any of the documents anywhere. One happened to be a fourplex in Parkville, Missouri. I didn’t even know where Parkville was. It’s up North. It needed work, but he didn’t know how much he wanted for it. He didn’t know if he wanted to sell it or not.

I stayed persistent with him. He ended up finding out a number and had a contractor go by and tell him that it could be $40,000 to $80,000 to fix it up. When I first asked him, he didn’t know. I called him again the next week. He wanted $100,000 to $150,000 for it. I’m thinking, “This is a wide gap. I’m going to get this deal for $100,000.” That’s the way I see it. If he wants $100,000, it’s a deal. That’s a win-win for him.

I had no clue how much this fourplex would cost and how much it would be worth. I knew that if I could get it for $100,000, I could at least make a couple of grand off of it. He gets more of a precise number at $115,000 to $140,000 and I’m like, “Let’s see the house. It’s time.” Before meeting him at the property, I met him down the street, and I had a questionnaire of some questions. I sat down and we just talked. I wanted to get to know him a little bit more and understand the situation better.

I feel like that questionnaire got me over the hump because he liked it. He was reading it and I wasn’t even asking the questions. He was just answering. It brought us a lot closer as to me understanding his situation, what he was looking to accomplish from the deal, and what he wanted for it. We went to the property and it was cool. We walked in. It was nice, too. I wish I would have had the money to keep it myself.

The guy that got it, minimal and cosmetic, is going to be renting this bad boy out. We walked the property and it looked great. He wanted $115,000. I knew it was a deal. I didn’t know how big, so I’m not going to try to offer him $100,000. I offered him $110,000 just to not give him what he asked. With all the rapport built, he said, “What the hell, Cedric. Let’s do it!”

You went from $115,000. It’s important, even if they say $115,000, you go, “Is that the best you could do? Could you do $110,000?” Remember the psychology of a seller. If you’re selling your car on Craigslist, out there, or wherever and you put it out for $10,000, somebody calls you instantly, gives you $10,000, and they’re on their way there, what’s your first thought? Your first thought is, “I sold it too cheap. It sold too fast.” You’re always thinking. If you go, “Will you take less?” “No.” “Okay, that works.” He goes $115,000, you lock it up, and then what happens? Did you send it out to your buyers?

I locked it up at $110,000. I can’t accept what he offered. I love negotiation. I couldn’t wait for that. I had all my lines ready. $110,000, locked it up, got pictures and video. I did take a contractor out to this one. A contractor had called me off of my bandit signs. He called me looking for a business. I don’t usually use a contractor but I wanted to make sure that my repairs were in the ballpark. I got a professional estimate put together. The estimate was good.

I then sent it out to my list. This one came off of a Craigslist buyer as well. There was a lot of traffic. I gave everybody two hours to come for the inspection walkthrough. Four guys showed up and 1 of them got the deal. He was serious. He was an out-of-state guy. He offered about $10,000 more than everybody else, so I had to go with him.

With this deal, did you assign this deal, or did you close it and then sell it? What did you do?

It was a double close. There were a few steps. Throughout this process, if I had some questions, I might reach out. If I don’t have an answer in five minutes, I’m going to figure it out. I found out how to do contracts for the double close to make it legal in Missouri. I figured out a title company that does double closing, which I hadn’t found at this point in time. I did all that, and it worked.

For everybody reading that might not know, sometimes when you have big spreads, what you want to do is close it yourself and then have the buyer close it as well. You could do this with a double escrow or a double close. A double escrow means that you use the funds from the end buyer to pay your side of the transaction. You’ve got to see which title companies in your area do those and are familiar with those.

Essentially, what that does is it doesn’t let the end-buyer know how much you are making. Sometimes people get freaked out that you got such a good deal. If you’re working with buyers that you work with a lot, they don’t. If you just want to avoid any friction, any discomfort, or whatever is coming from the buyer or them trying to beat you up later, you do double close or a double escrow. It doesn’t show them what you make, and somebody’s got a $58,000 check. Is that how much it was? What was the total?

You just have to have that confidence about yourself. Even if you don’t, just tell yourself you do. Just say, “I am that guy,” “I am that woman,” and eventually you’re going to be it.

It was $58,700. The title company told me that is the biggest deal that they have done. Before you ring the bell, let me get the bell for my Snapchat. I’ve been waiting for that one.

$58,000 and some change. You’re part of the $50,000 TTP Club. When did you join TTP?

I joined TTP on January 16th or 17th, 2019.

When did that deal close?

This deal closed on March 27th, 2019.

If you guys are watching this on the YouTube channel, which I hope you are, Brent Daniels – Real Estate Coach, is behind him, he’s got all of these really great affirmations, tracking, or looking at the different focuses that he has on different lists. It’s incredible. I’ve got stuff everywhere. It’s important to be surrounded by these things. It’s exciting when you go into a room, a space, and all of a sudden, the rest of the world is the rest of the world. I’m in a productive space where I can go, talk to people, and make an impact. I love that. That’s awesome.

From one call, you pulled out this $58,000 deal and it wasn’t even for a deal that you were going for. You asked the all-important question, which is part of the script. When they say no or they might not want to do it, “Do you have any other properties you would consider selling?” Asking that second question is what got you that deal, which is incredible. Don’t you feel like the sky is the limit like you could keep going, building, and doing bigger deals?

All I did in sales and entrepreneurship, I’ve always had a larger order size. When I worked in sales, if you could sell a $60 program or $3,000 program, I’m going to sell more $3,000 programs than $60 programs. Honestly, the amount of work effort that it took between this deal and even the deal of $2,200 or $14,000 was the same.

It’s the mindset. For everybody out there that’s wondering, how do you develop that mindset?

You got to instill it in yourself. I’ve been a baller my whole life, whether it was sports or whatever. You’ve got to have that confidence in yourself. Even if you don’t, tell yourself you do. Say, “I am that guy. I am that woman. I am this. I am that.” Eventually, you’re going to be it. Behind me, “I am the best closer. I love cold calling.” There would be days I didn’t feel like cold calling, I looked up and it’s like, “I’m the best. They should be afraid that I’m calling them because they’re going to sell me a house they didn’t plan on selling.”

We talk about it in this show. That identity part of yourself, that winner part of yourself, that pilot light that you have inside you that says, “I’m going to win. I don’t care how many times I have to fail here, here, and here. I don’t care how many times I’ve got to get rejected. I’m going to win. It’s inevitable. I might as well win big.”

On that note, there’s something I need to say because I feel that it’s not mentioned a lot. I got two houses under contract after three weeks of watching videos and hanging some signs, and they didn’t sell.

WI 303 | 24-Year-Old

24-Year-Old: The amount of work and effort that it took between a $2,200 or $14,000 was the same.


Why didn’t they sell?

I did it wrong. I got them at a price too high.

It’s priced 100% of the time. That’s the hardest part. It is a deal or no deal. How much did you learn from those ones? How much did you learn how to comp properties right to understand values and opportunities?

If I hadn’t got those deals, it would’ve been a rough start. That’s when I learned how to comp properties. It’s with those deals that didn’t go through.

You’ve got to get into this business and fail forward. That sounds like such a cliché thing. There are so many deals that I started out with that I thought were smoking deals and nobody wanted them. You learn and you’re like, “There’s no way you could get a deal for $110,000 and sell it for $168,000 or $170,000.” You do it and are like, “What else is possible?” I’m pushing everybody towards the $50,000 Club in TTP because I want everybody to feel that.

Cedric was doing deals off of this show, tuning in to this, and going through the steps. It’s unbelievable. Here’s what’s going to happen. People are going to find your name, they’re going to find you, and you know what they’re going to ask for. They’re going to ask for that questionnaire that you brought to that appointment. Get ready for that.

The questionnaire, that’s fire. I’m telling you.

People are going to reach out to you. How do they reach out to you so you can provide some value to this audience?

I’m most active on Facebook, Cedric Vinson. You can find me on Instagram, @Bound_4Greatness. I had that back in high school. I knew I wasn’t bound for greatness in football even though I was a good football player, but that’s not what I wanted to do. That wasn’t my dream. I kept that handle and this is what it was.

Thank you so much for getting on here. You’re a young man at 24. You’ve already had your brain reprogrammed with a $50,000-plus deal. You pulled it out of thin air from talking to people. Anybody out there reading, if you are interested in joining the same program that Cedric went through, the most proactive group in real estate investing, go to

Set up a call with us. It will be the best call. If it makes sense to you, if it’s the right fit, if it’s the right program for you, I will be working with you personally, like Cedric. What a phenomenal podcast this week. Keep reading. We appreciate everything. All the feedback that you give on this channel, either YouTube or the show, we love it. We do it for you. Until next time, I encourage you to talk to people. See you later.


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