Episode 303: 24-Year-Old Makes $58,000 On ONE TTP CALL!

WI 303 | 24-Year-Old


If you think making a whopping $50,000 from just a single TTP (Talk to People) call is not possible, you have to listen to today’s episode! The amazing wholesaling story of today’s young rockstar rhino is proof that when it comes to wholesaling, the sky’s definitely the limit!

Cedric Vinson is a phenomenal 24-year-old from Lenexa, Kansas. While he has a successful career working for a billion dollar company, he knew working for others is not something he’d like to do for good.

After discovering real estate, there was no looking back for him. Even if he started just like most people—totally clueless as to what he’s doing—that didn’t stop him from going out there and making things happen.

Fortunately, his hard work and courage to fail his way forward has been rewarded massively—he just joined the TTP $50,000 Club, earning an epic $58,000 from one TTP call!

If you’re itching to join the TTP $50,000 Club and would like to know how Cedric made things happen, you can’t afford to miss today’s episode!



24-Year-Old Makes $58,000 On ONE TTP CALL!

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