Episode 300: 2 Deals in the First 30 Days of Wholesaling

Most people who are new to wholesaling expect that finding their first deal can be challenging. However, given that you do the right things (and with a bit of luck thrown in), finding deals can be a breeze. And yes, even if you are still new. In fact, our guest today found his first 2 deals during his first 30 days as a wholesaler!

Jesse Alcala is a young new rhino from San Antonio, Texas. The 23-year-old father of two is working full-time as a project manager and only doing wholesaling on the side. However, he was able to accomplish something truly impressive: he was able to close 2 deals within his first 30 days as a wholesaler.

So how did Jesse do it? Fortunately, for us, Jesse is not only a rockstar rhino but also a total go-giver. That being said, he candidly shared how he made things happen in today’s episode. If you can’t wait to make your mark in the wholesaling world and close one deal after another, don’t miss today’s show!

Key Takeaways

  • How his first deal went
  • How he found his first deal
  • What you need to do when working with others on a deal
  • What one can learn from his first deal
  • What he did after closing his first deal
  • How he found his second deal
  • The importance of tithing
  • Resources and books he recommends
  • His advice to those who would like to get into wholesaling


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