Posted on: August 12, 2019

Have you gotten to the point where finding your first deal has become really challenging that you’re considering throwing in the towel? If you answered yes, then you already have one thing in common with today’s guest.

Kenya Evans is mechanical engineer who’s doing wholesaling on the side. While she sent mail pieces religiously each week, finding her first deal didn’t come easy. Fortunately, the rockstar rhino powered through setback after setback until she finally closed her first deal and walked away $15,000 richer!

If you’re considering throwing in the towel, do yourself a huge favour and listen to today’s episode first. If anything, Kenya’s wholesaling journey will surely inspire you to power through and make things happen!

Key Takeaways

  • How she got into wholesaling
  • What made her decide to get a mentor
  • The marketing channel she used and the reason she chose it
  • What an unknown equity list is
  • The number of mail pieces she consistently sent out each week
  • How her call with the seller went
  • Amount she sold the property for
  • What she’ll do differently if she has to start all over again
  • Game-changing book she recommends


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