Posted on: August 12, 2019

Have you gotten to the point where finding your first deal has become really challenging that you’re considering throwing in the towel? If you answered yes, then you already have one thing in common with today’s guest.

Kenya Evans is mechanical engineer who’s doing wholesaling on the side. While she sent mail pieces religiously each week, finding her first deal didn’t come easy. Fortunately, the rockstar rhino powered through setback after setback until she finally closed her first deal and walked away $15,000 richer!

If you’re considering throwing in the towel, do yourself a huge favour and listen to today’s episode first. If anything, Kenya’s wholesaling journey will surely inspire you to power through and make things happen!

Key Takeaways

  • How she got into wholesaling
  • What made her decide to get a mentor
  • The marketing channel she used and the reason she chose it
  • What an unknown equity list is
  • The number of mail pieces she consistently sent out each week
  • How her call with the seller went
  • Amount she sold the property for
  • What she’ll do differently if she has to start all over again
  • Game-changing book she recommends


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Episode Transcription

Cody H.: You’re listening to another episode here on Wholesaling Inc. My name is Cody Hofhine, and I will be hosting today’s podcast. And I am super excited as always, you’re probably like “No, you said this last time Cody, you’re always excited.. And this is true, but I will tell you there’s something unique about this story that will resonate with so many individuals listening today. Now for those of you that are new to the podcast and are just listening for the first time. First and foremost I want to say welcome to Rhino Nation. Welcome to Wholesaling Inc’s podcast. We are going to be talking about wholesaling real estate and simply all that is is just the art of finding deeply discounted properties that you can then turn for a huge profit. And, some of those ways we’ll be talking about, but you might’ve heard of like an assignment of contract or fixing and flipping homes or keeping them as rentals.
Really the exit strategy is totally up to you, but the whole point is if you can learn to find deeply discounted properties over and over again consistently, you are going to be the one that can ultimately live the life of their dreams. And so we have with us today, Kenya Evans and she’s from Orlando, Florida. She joined the tribe just a few months back in December of 2018 so it’s been a few months, and she just did her first deal. And I love this whole story. It’s going to touch a lot of you. It’s going to reach to many listeners today because it wasn’t easy. It was a struggle. We hear so many people not getting into wholesaling because they’ve heard of all the struggle or “Oh I gave up because of the struggle.” Kenya did not give up and she is grateful she didn’t. So let’s bring on miss Kenya Evans, how in the heck are ya’ Kenya?

Kenya E. : Hey, hey, Cody, how you doing?

Cody H.: Good.

Kenya E. : I’m glad to be on doing the podcast. Thank you for having me.

Cody H.: Oh what an honor. And your story is awesome. I’ve already got a little bit of chills going on here. It’s going to be some good stuff. So tell our audience, our listeners, what got you involved in really even wanting to get involved in wholesaling?

Kenya E. : Sure. So for those of you who don’t know. So I work full time as a mechanical engineer, and I always wanted to get out of the rat race. And I came across this video from The Breakfast Club with a guy named Mark Whitten. And he started talking about how you can make money with investing in real estate without getting in a lot of debt. So I was like, “Oh really?” I started doing some research, and I found out he was talking about wholesaling, and I kind of got into it and I started seeing people like Max Maxwell, Wholesale the Millions, you guys. And I started listening and catching on and thought it was about time for me to find a mentor to guide me in this whole process.

Cody H.: Tell me a little bit about this Kenya, cause this is, you say something interesting that I think a lot of the listeners listening today. What is it…And this is not to say us in general, but what is it about mentorship and guidance that made you want to go that route versus just trying on your own?

Kenya E. : Great question. So a lot of people had…So I went to something we call YouTube University, right? Yeah, YouTube University.

Cody H.: The location that has killed more entrepreneurs than cancer. No, just kidding.

Kenya E. : Right, right. So everyone had their own advice, their own contracts. Everyone had their way of doing things, and I’m a systematic person. You know, my dad was in the air force and everything and very disciplined. I need a system. So I decided to…

Cody H.: And you’re a mechanical engineer. Engineers are definitely system individuals.

Kenya E. : Yes, exactly. We need a process. We need a system, you know, step by step. I can’t be scatter-brained. So you know, it was put in my heart to find a mentor, and I didn’t want to come across any scammers or anything. So I prayed about it and that’s when God led me to you guys, and I signed up.

Cody H.: Awesome. Awesome stuff. So was it unicorns and rainbows, Kenya? Was this just the easiest thing? Like, “Oh my goodness. All I did is I just listened to Tom and Cody and then wow, the doors opened. I found my first deal.”

Kenya E. : No, definitely not. I want to relate it to in at least the story that I’ve heard about marriage is the honeymoon phase. And then stuff starts getting a little shaky and everything and I’m like, “Oh man, I don’t think if I can do this.” Doubt kind of came into my mind but that’s where you surround yourself with good people. My mother who’s a pastor, she always gave me words of wisdom words of encouragement. She say, “Kenya, don’t give up. Don’t give up.” So that actually helped me a lot, and I thank God for her for that.

Cody H.: Kenya, you say something that I think is crucial. And we learned this and we say this a lot and, and you’re, you’re living proof of this. That you’re the average of the five closest individuals you hang out with. And who are we surround ourselves with? And the reason is because when times do get tough, which they always do, no matter what occupation you’re in. Times do get tough. And what is your support that you can lean back on? What is someone that you can go to and share these struggles and trials and challenges and are they the right people? Because, Kenya, you could have went to someone and said, “Hey, I’m struggling, I’m trying to do wholesaling and real estate.” And they’re going to be like, “Well that’s your problem. I mean, didn’t you see what happened in 2008? Like you’re crazy. Why did you get into real estate?”
And that would have been the wrong people to surround yourself with. But you surrounded with someone that said, “No, Kenya, you got this girl. Like go get it. Like you’ve got this, don’t give up. You’ve got this. Go after your dreams.” And that made a huge difference. I mean here you are now. We’re going to talk about this deal. You’ve done a deal, and now you don’t even have to worry about this hope or this faith. It’s now a fact that you know this works, and it’s going to snowball from here going forward. So keep going. Let’s go right into this, like, let’s break this down for our listeners. How did you come across this deal? Let’s talk about what was the marketing channel even like what was the list? And let’s, let’s start right there.

Kenya E. : Okay. So the marketing channel that I chose was direct mail. And the reason why…

Cody H.: You mean it’s not dead Kenya, you mean direct mail actually worked?

Kenya E. : It works. It works. You got to be consistent. But it does work. It does work. It does work. And the reason why I chose direct mail, Cody, is because, like I said, I’m a full time engineer. So it was just the best thing to do for my schedule. You know, I didn’t really have time to make calls, so I chose to use what I was making from my job to support and to invest into direct mail. So that’s the way I kind of looked at it. And the deal came from the unknown equity list.

Cody H.: Do you know…What is it to maybe help our listeners? They’re listening to this like “Unknown equity?” Well first of all, what is equity? But what is unknown equity in just like a, in just a short answer.

Kenya E. : It’s basically a list of people where you don’t really know how much equity they have in a house. Yeah, pretty much.

Cody H.: Perfect. And equity is just simply the balance or the difference between what the home is worth and what they owe on the home. So you want a deal to make a deal. And what Kenya’s even eluding to is to make a deal there doesn’t just necessarily have to be a motivated seller, but also a seller that has enough equity in the home that will make a deal, will actually make a deal happen. So, okay, so keep going. So you sent out direct mail to this unknown equity list. Meaning people have equity in their homes, you’re sending them a direct mail. Are you sending them a letter? Are you sending them a postcard? What does all that look like?

Kenya E. : Yeah, send them the other postcard that the tribe uses, the white, I would like buy your house.

Cody H.: Damn.

Kenya E. : Yeah, that’s what I used.

Cody H.: Good old tribe postcard. Okay.

Kenya E. : Yeah.

Cody H.: So it’s just a simple, handwritten, simple message that you want to buy their home for cash. And how many mail pieces are you sending out? Where are you sending out just a few hundred a week? Were you sending out a few thousand a week? And how long were you mailing before this phone call came in?

Kenya E. : So I started my mailing campaign February 1st. I’ll never forget it. February 1st is when I started, and I was on a schedule of doing 2000 mail pieces a week, so 8,000 a month.

Cody H.: Awesome. Which is amazing. And I think this is crucial though, to really have people jot down some notes here. 2000 a week. A lot of times we think, “Oh, I’ve got a lot of hustle, I’ve got a lot of drive.” And yes, that is absolutely necessary in wholesaling, but there’s a third component that all of us need in any kind of business, whether it’s sports, whether it’s mechanical engineer, whether it’s real estate, and that is enough, enough shots or enough attempts or enough swings are enough…Like when Steph Curry…Why does he make the most three pointers? Maybe it’s James harden, I don’t know who it is, but it’s because they also shoot the most attempts. They also put out there they’re going to shoot the most threes and without fail they’re going to make the most threes.
And so I love this. You did not just dabbled, it didn’t just put 10 mailers out or 15 or 500 direct mail pieces. Because you really have to give yourself a lot of volume so you can have a lot of shots to let that hustle and drive bring you those deals. So 2000 a week, this is awesome. Keep going.

Kenya E. : Right. So I started back in February 1st, 2000 a week, and you know, I would sometimes I would get a call here and there, and the response rate was a little bit low. I admit here in Orlando, which is why I picked up another marketing channel of a bandit signs. But yeah, so it was pretty steady. You know, I will go out, but it gave me exposure when when people called, I made sure I went out to the appointments, looked at the repairs, and made sure I did my comps and my research before I went. So it actually gave me good practice, but for some reason it’s just either the price was too high, or something else happened, or it was always something. So it, it never really worked out to my benefit until now.

Cody H.: Kay. So let’s walk this through. What did the phone call come out to? What did it sound like when you got this phone call? Was the instantly, “Hey, I’m motivated. Get out here. Make me an offer.” Or what did that all come?…What did that all sound like?

Kenya E. : So basically the seller gave me a call, actually missed it. I had to call right back, and they were pretty much trying to rush me off the phone a little bit. I was trying to see where the motivation was, and they didn’t really have time. And, they spoke very little English on top of that. So it was a little bit of a struggle. So I said, “Hey, you know, I’d love to meet with you. You know, when can I see the property?” And they said, “Yeah, sure, come on this Saturday and I’ll be able to show you.” So I stopped by Saturday morning, and I met the seller. He was very nice and he said his wife couldn’t make it, but she was also on the title deed as well. So she would have to agree with everything and the price and everything.
And I already did my research. I knew I couldn’t buy their property for more than 80,000 it came out to be and…

Cody H.: Okay.

Kenya E. : So I actually came in at 70,000.

Cody H.: Okay, now let’s give a…Let’s give me some even context behind this. If it’s something like, “Okay, I know I can’t spend more than 80,000,” what was the after repair value? If a home was absolutely gorgeous, fixed up, what would it sell for when that is all taken care of?

Kenya E. : So it came out to around from the research that I put up…Houses were selling in that area anywhere between 150 to 160,000.

Cody H.: Okay. Okay. That gives us great context. And in that you knew, “Hey, to make this work, I can’t spend more than 80 so you started negotiating at 70?”

Kenya E. : Correct.

Cody H.: Okay. Talk us through the conversation. How’d that go?

Kenya E. : So it was a little…it was a little tricky because like I said, the seller didn’t really speak that well of English, so I just continued to build rapport while I was there.
And I remember them saying that they had children and the kids were all grown up now. So I was like, “Okay, what if I ask him if I can speak to his daughter or his or his son?” Because usually nine times out of ten the kid usually knows, you know, a hundred percent fluent English. So he gave me the contact information for his daughter, and pretty much I did everything through her. And he trusted her so that she was like the point of contact between those two. And she made sure that everything was signed by them, and that he was understanding what I was saying.q Because I didn’t want to pull a fast one on him or anything. I wanted him to be sure that he understood what was going on and what I was offering.

Cody H.: And how did it go? Did you get it at that $70,000 price? What did you end up getting it under contract for?

Kenya E. : Yes. So I got an under contract for 70,000. He actually agreed, and to be honest, I probably could’ve went lower to be honest, but 70,000 he actually agreed upon that, and we got the contract signed, him and his wife, they signed it. I actually used a system called DocuSign because of, you know, cause he lived in another town and it was hard for him to go back and forth, and he’s a little older so we just use DocuSign to make sure everything was signed and squared away.

Cody H.: Perfect. So you have this home under contract. From there, did you end up buying it? Did you keep it as a rental? Did you fix and flip it or what did you do with it from there?

Kenya E. : No, I immediately blasted it out to all my cash buyers through a system called MailChimp. That’s what I did.

Cody H.: So you do with what’s called like an assignment of contract where you’re just going to try and find a cash buyer to assign the contract to.

Kenya E. : Yes, I already knew I wanted to assign this. This is a hot, a very hot area where cash buyers were flipping, so I figured if I signed it, I could probably find somebody within 48 hours or less.

Cody H.: Nice. Nice. So you send it out to your cash buyers. How many people were interested?

Kenya E. : I had 200 people on my list. Half of them opened up the mailing. I also advertised it on Facebook. I had a few hits on it. Some people contacted me and asked me more about the property, but no one committed to my property inspection date which kind of discouraged me just a little bit.
So I didn’t know what to do at that point. I got a little discouraged when no one really committed to my property inspection date, even though it was Easter weekend coming up. So it could’ve been the holiday, I’m not really sure, but I didn’t really get a lot of huge feedback as I thought because the price was under 100,000 and it was in a hot area.
So I didn’t understand, and I just went to God and prayed. And I remember specifically saying, “God, I know you gave me this seller. I know this is you. I just need you to help me to close this deal. I need you to give me some type of thoughts, some type of wisdom to close this deal.” And that’s when he gave me the thought to go on Zillow and start researching the companies that recently sold in that area.
And I started skip tracing the people that recently bought homes directly in that area within a month. And I remember, yeah. So I started skip tracing them, skip traced three companies. It was kind of hard because they were all an LLC, so I had to do like reverse engineering type of thing. I got the names, and I skip trace three numbers. Two of them answered. They said no. The last one, I could not find her number. So then I try looking them up on Facebook, could not find them. So then I try looking them up on LinkedIn, and I found them. I messaged them, “Hey, I have this property, I see you doing some properties in the area. Are you interested?” I went to sleep, woke up, he said, “Yes. Here’s my number. I’m interested. I’ll give you a deposit right now I want it.”

Cody H.: Wow. Well here’s something, Kenya, I think is incredible. My goodness. I’m, I think I’m going to write more notes than anyone here. Like I’m loving this. So couple things is, and we talked about this before we started the podcast that I think is crucial is it was, it was getting tough. You were spending marketing dollars, and it was getting tight for you. And I remember hearing this story along the way saying, “Man, I need to get a deal soon because my marketing dollars were running out and I got to I got to make this happen.” And you were coming into this trial challenging moment.
And you kept pushing, which is incredible, but then you get the home with a contract. You have no one respond to it. Instantly, you could be like, “Oh man, like bag this like, no, this, this is awful. I don’t want to do this anymore.” Or you could have blamed someone. You could have blamed me. You could have blamed God. You could’ve blamed anyone, but you took a different approach.
You went…First, I thought what’s cool is you went to prayer, and then you get inspired to go on Zillow and start seeing who’s working in the area and start reaching out to them and then that didn’t end up being your answer exactly. It led you on the journey, but then you started trying to find them, skip trace them. That didn’t, that wasn’t your answer, but it led you on a further journey. It led you to go to Facebook, couldn’t find him. That wasn’t your answer, but it was definitely your journey, but you never gave up and all the sudden it leads you to think, to go to LinkedIn. You find him and you create this deal. This is so huge because most people probably would have given up. And so, Kenya, what an amazing story of just pushing forward. Just the sticktuitiveness, the just get out there and get it done and I’m going to make this happen. And ultimately, what did you sell this deal for?

Kenya E. : I sold it for…I signed it for $85,000, Cody.

Cody H.: Holy smokes, Kenya. Hold on, 85,000 that means a $15,000 payday.

Kenya E. : Yes.

Cody H.: Okay. You know what’s coming, right, Kenya?

Kenya E. : I know what’s coming.

Cody H.: You know what’s coming right, Kenya? You hold on, here it comes.

Kenya E. : Wooo! Yeah, I’ve been waiting for that.

Cody H.: Holy smokes of $15,000 assignment. Now here’s something I…She put in a ton of work guys. Rhino Nation, this was not easy. This is not to say that, “Hey, anyone that just gets into wholesaleing, they’re going to do a deal.” However, when you have this much determination, this much grit and this much faith and hope to keep pushing forward, what does this feel like now that it has happened? What does that feel like? All that hard work that you put towards this.

Kenya E. : It feels very, very, very good. I can’t even put it into words, and I can’t tell you, Cody, how many times, you know, I wanted to give up and, you know, I just turned to the Word of God or I turned to my mother, cause I know she’s not going to fill my ears with any doubt. She was the one who actually told me, “Do not give up. Keep pushing, keep praying. I know it’s not easy, but keep pushing and keep praying and a deal will come your way.” So that just meant so much to me. So I mean honestly that’s all glory to God. But I’m also very thankful for my mother as well and my father as well too. You know, he’s a man of few words, but he’s definitely a great guy. Yeah.

Cody H.: Awesome. Well Kenya, holy smokes, amazing. $15,000 for your first deal. It’s now going to just snowball into many more. We always end our podcast the same way. And I know you know what’s coming because you’ve listened to the podcast, and I want to ask you two questions that help Rhino Nation, our listeners. The first one is looking back hindsight. Is there anything you would’ve done differently if you were starting all over again? Or is there something that you had made sure that you’d done the same if you had to start over again?

Kenya E. : Great question. If I had to do anything differently, I think one thing that stuck out in my mind about this still, I was a little timid to give my offer. And one thing you guys kind of always preach is “If you’re not uncomfortable with your first offer, you didn’t go low enough.” Sorry. I mean…I’m just saying so I wasn’t as uncomfortable, and I realized that I probably could have gone lower, but at the same time, Cody, you know, my thing is I wanted to be a help to him too. And I know that he put in 50,000, so I wanted him to get a little bit of return. You know what I mean? So, it was kind of a balance. Like, you know, I’m not a greedy person. And yeah, I think, I think he was happy, and I was happy and the person who purchased…Who ended up purchasing the property was extremely happy as well. So…

Cody H.: Just a win, win, win all the way around.

Kenya E. : Right.

Cody H.: Awesome. Okay. And the last one is what is a book that you’d recommend to our listeners that has been game changing that might’ve helped with mindset or just create ways that you continue to win?

Speaker 3: I would have to say Rich Dad, Poor Dad for sure changed my mentality about making more money and getting out of the rat race. But my favorite all time book I have to say by far is The Go-Giver, because it’s just incredible.

Cody H.: So good.

Speaker 3: Yeah, it really is because it really encourages somebody like myself…I’m constantly giving and giving and I sometimes that can be discouraging when you know, when you’re surrounding yourself with people who are takers so to speak. So it kind of empowered me to kind of keep on giving, just to hold all of the law of sowing and reaping and how if God doesn’t use one person to bless you, he might use it in another way or choose another person. So it’s always going to come back to you. So never stop giving and never stopped loving other people.

Cody H.: Awesome. Awesome, awesome, great, great way to end this podcast. Kenya, I want to thank you so much for sharing your story today. This is going to inspire, motivate, lift up so many individuals that are listening today. So thank you so much for taking some time out of your day to hop on the Wholesaling Inc. podcast and grateful for you.

Kenya E. : Thank you so much. I appreciate it so much, Cody. Thank you so much.

Cody H.: You are so welcome. Holy smokes, Rhino Nation. What a podcast. Kenya, who goes out and gets uncomfortable, almost comes down to the point where she has no more money left but keeps pushing forward. Never gave up, surrounded herself with incredible people, including her mom and her dad, but incredible people. The tribe that were just big cheerleaders to say, “Let’s roll. Like you got this, you could do this.” And ultimately doing her first deal that paid her $15,000.
Now rhino nation, this can be you. You can do this. This is not just luck. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, it takes a lot of work, but you can do this. This is living proof that anyone can do it, that’s willing to get out there and get uncomfortable, stay uncomfortable and push forward. And if you’d like personal help, head on over to, book a call with our team, and if it ends up, sounds like it’d be a fit, we’ll be super excited to help you along your way to get your first wholesale deal as well. Until next time, guys, God bless and we’ll see you on the next episode.

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