Episode 294: What You Need to Do to Make it Happen

Are you a new rhino looking for that seemingly elusive first deal? Then you’d surely love what today’s guest has to share!

Quinn Thomas is a brilliant new rhino from Louisiana. While looking for his first deal, the determined 25-year-old devised a creative way to find deals and he candidly shared the tricks he used in today’s show.

If your search for that first ever deal has been futile, you owe it to yourself to listen to this episode. Who knows, the tricks Quinn used might just work for you too!

Key Takeaways

  • How he found a motivated seller
  • The list he sent mails out to
  • Number of mail pieces he sent out
  • The response rate he got
  • How he got the seller to sign the contract
  • One of the things that can kill a motivated seller deal
  • The best thing to do after going for the lower number
  • What he did to sell the property
  • The number one point of failure for new wholesalers
  • The importance of courage
  • One of the hurdles that kept people from moving forward
  • Book he recommends


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