Posted on: July 25, 2019

Do you have a job that’s comfortable, secure, and well-paying but not making you happy at all? If you answered yes, then you have something in common with today’s guest.

Jahmai Nicome is a rockstar rhino from Baltimore, Maryland. While he earns a decent living working as an accountant, he eventually realised it’s not making him happy. Through an entrepreneurship class, he discovered Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad and had a complete change of mindset.

Fast forward many months after and he was able to listen to Tom Krol on Bigger Pockets. From there, he decided to just go for it, take massive imperfect actions, and followed Tom’s step-by-step instructions. And the rest they say is history.

Today, Jahmai is totally crushing the wholesaling market, doing something that makes him happy while getting massive returns at the same time. If you are considering quitting that 9 – 5 job that’s not making you happy but don’t know what to get into, today’s episode would be perfect for you!

Key Takeaways

  • His first cold calling deal
  • The negotiation tactic he employed
  • How much he earned from the deal
  • What to do when you’re starting out and don’t have a buyer’s base yet
  • What his buyer base is like at the moment
  • Number of buyers he currently has on his list
  • How a driving for dollars deal went for him
  • How he built rapport with the seller
  • How much he earned from the transaction
  • What to do when you’re having trouble selling properties
  • List he’s calling right now and how he found it
  • What his virtual assistant does on a weekly basis
  • How to effectively cut the learning curve for virtual assistants
  • How people can get in touch with him


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