Posted on: July 22, 2019

Regardless if you’re looking for your first or nth deal, you’ll find tremendous value in today’s episode.

Our special guest is Dave Payerchin, rockstar real estate investor and co-owner of Columbus Turnkey Houses. Columbus Turnkey Houses aims to be the one-stop property investment solution by providing clients hassle-free investment properties.

Ever the go-giver, Dave candidly shared the wisdom, techniques, and insights he used that helped him make a killing in the real estate market. If you’re ready to make your mark in the real estate and wholesaling world, you owe it to yourself to listen to today’s episode!

Key Takeaways

  • The methods he uses to find deals
  • The mail piece he uses
  • The best source for comparables
  • Why you need to go after properties that are going to rent for at least 1 percent of the value or more
  • Reasons people are selling their properties
  • The importance of hiring an internal sales agent
  • His average deal size
  • What he’ll recommend to those who are just starting out
  • The best way to understand value in the marketplace without taking a lot of risks
  • Biggest caveat to watch out for
  • What properties to focus on if you’re still starting out
  • How to get reviews to rank high in Google
  • Three questions to ask when doing reviews
  • Tool he uses to outrank the competition
  • Good resource for people who are starting out


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Episode Transcription

Tom Krol: Guys, we have an amazing podcast here for you today. One of my friends from Collective Genius, Dave Payerchin, who is going to go over some of the art, or I guess the business, the art, whatever you want to call it, about how to cherry pick your pipeline for smoking hot deals that you can hold no matter where you’re starting, even if you’re starting at rock bottom. So strap in and get ready for a really awesome episode. We’re going to cut through all the fat and all the BS and get right to the point so that Dave can help you achieve your dreams and financial future. It’s going to be exciting.
My name is Tom Krol from Wholesaling Inc., America’s number one real estate training program. Check out our reviews more than any other real estate training program in the country. Bam.

Dave Payerchin: Let’s go!

Tom Krol: There’s that’s beautiful victory bell. I love it. There you go. And if you don’t know what wholesaling is, wholesaling is simply the art of consistently finding discounted properties. That is it. If you can get good at finding discounted properties, I promise you you can be absolutely … You can hit all of your financial dreams and goals. There’s no doubt about it. So without further ado, let’s get started. Dave, can you hear me okay?

Dave Payerchin: Yes sir.

Tom Krol: All right, there he is guys. This is a great opportunity. We’re going to pick his brain. So strap in guys, and let’s go so deep. Before we get started, just quickly because our listeners, they care about you but they care more about about what they can do to repeat to get what you’re getting, the same results.
So tell us just quickly a little bit about who you are.

Dave Payerchin: Sure. My name is Dave Payerchin. I have a business partner, RJ Pepino. We’re in the Columbus, Ohio market. We started buying single family rentals in 2012 and we find off market properties through our own direct marketing. We cultivate our own inventory, we buy homes, rehab these homes, get these homes rented, and we bundled these homes together and then we will refinance these homes and pull a whole bunch of tax-free money out for our own portfolio. But we also flip investment properties.
So we do that in the form of turnkey properties that we are the founders of Columbus Turnkey. So we are in the investment property business. We buy single family homes, we rehab these homes, we get these homes rented, and then we either keep them for our own portfolio or we sell them to investors all over the country, all over the world. And that is a turnkey property in which we will then manage this property for our investors. It’s like one big happy family. We’re all about longterm relationships. And Tom, I have been waiting forever to get on your podcast.

Tom Krol: I have been waiting a long time to have you on the podcast. You guys, I will admit this. This was my fault. We had a podcast already. It was great. Nobody got to hear it. It had an audience of one, which was me because I forgot to hit the record button if I remember correctly. So this has been a long time coming and I want to tell all of our listeners, guys, first of all, Dave is very humble, but he is very successful. So I really want you to take to heart what he’s going to suggest. We’re going to pick his brain and get specific instruction.
And I know what Dave just said, it sounded like it was maybe complex or advanced, but I want to let you know, just like me, Dave is a super simple guy. So if he could do it, you could do it. Even if you’re starting at rock bottom, we’re going to go through this step by step by step. So one of the things, Dave I heard you say is you cultivate your own leads or your own opportunities, your own houses. So let’s start with that.
What do you mean by that? How do you find these deals? What is the methodology that you’re using to find sellers who are willing to sell their properties at a massive discount?

Dave Payerchin: So the the age old saying in this sport that we play called real estate investing is you make your money when you buy and you get paid when you sell or when you refinance or rent a property out. So how do we make our money when we buy? We cannot be driving around with a realtor. I love our realtors, by the way. I am a licensed realtor here in the state of Ohio, but if we think we’re just going to drive around with a realtor and find a great deal on a piece of property, as you know, Tom-

Tom Krol: Not happening.

Dave Payerchin: It’s not happening. Go find your own. We do a lot of direct mail and we try to target our direct mail to go directly after the product that we know we are going to be able to refinance. Okay. Or sell as a turnkey property that’s going to provide a good ROI to the person buying it from us.
So we’re not going after these big $500000 rehabs because that’s just not suiting our business model. We are in the investment property business so we target zip codes and we target properties that we know we are going to be able to hopefully buy at a discount, but then after we fix the property up we’re going to get a good rent to value ratio. I think this is where we need to start. Y.
You got to go after what your business is. Don’t just blast out marketing all over a marketplace or all over a city and just take what the market gives you. Be more of a sniper rather than a shotgun. And for us being a sniper, we go after homes valued between ARV 80000 and 140, that’s the bread and butter because we know two things. Number one, those properties are going to provide a solid rent, right. A solid rental amount when we rent it out. And number two, we know that we will be able to get permanent financing in the form of a bank, will refinance these properties.
If we go too low on the spectrum and too low on the ARV scale here, Tom, the bank is not going to want to do a loan for us. And if we go too high, now we’re getting out of a good profitable rent to value ratio. So number one, go after what makes sense for your business.

Tom Krol: So let me slow down just a little bit because we’re moving really fast guys. So you know me, I want to do this. I’m going to ask questions as if I’m going to do it myself because I probably am cause this sounds awesome.
So my first question is, you said direct mail and now I have to put you in the hot seat. What mail piece are you using? Is it something that you invented? Was is it important for it to say?

Dave Payerchin: No, we didn’t. We didn’t invent it. We use the good old fashioned Google image postcard and it says right on there, “Hey, we got this, this image from Google images”, but still a day does not go by Tom that somebody does not call us and say, “Why are you taking pictures of my house?” So anyway-

Tom Krol: Guys, I want to interrupt you for one second. Guys, listen to what Dave just said. I’m ringing the victory bell so you can hear this. Dave goes to Google images and he gets a picture of the house and he puts it on the mail piece that goes to … So this shows you, he is definitely a sniper, a sharp shooter. He’s not just going out there mowing down, wasting money on marketing. I love that.
So now you said that you target, in your geographic area, you target houses that have an ARV that stands for after repair value. Or if you’re a rhino, it stands for assumptions, reduced victories, depending on where you’re at. But you’re saying that you target ARV of 80 to 140 and that has something to do with the amount of rent. So it’s a calculation of the rent that you’re going to or how do you … Okay, so Dave, I’m starting off, I’m on day one, I’m going to do a mailing. I know how to pull the image off of Google images of the picture of the house from Google Earth and now I’m about to do a mail campaign.
How do I say, hey, well there’s 500 houses. How do I know which ones have an ARV of this number? How are you actually doing that?

Dave Payerchin: So you got to know your comparables, number one. That’s a major pitfall. If you’re just getting started, you can’t really just take somebody’s word for it on what something is worth. So I have found the best source for comparables is the MLS. The multiple listing service. If you don’t have access to that, then you’re going to want to find another way to do it. But you’ve got to know your market. You don’t want to just be willy nilly when it comes to the value. You want to know the true value. But here’s the biggie, Tom, get ready. You’ve got the bell ready?

Tom Krol: Let’s do it!

Dave Payerchin: You need to go after properties that are going to rent for a least 1% of the value or more.

Tom Krol: Got it. Bam! Okay.

Dave Payerchin: If it’s an $80000 valued house, it needs to rent for at least $800 or more, or it’s going to just at face value, at a glance, you’re not going to want to go after that property. So you want to be in the solid value range, but you also need to make sure this property … And just check on Zillow, guys. Zillow is a great source for comps, but for rent. It is very accurate for rental values, I’m not kidding.

Tom Krol: Yeah, we find the same.

Dave Payerchin: Rent and value is the key. Rent amount and value amount. You want to be 1% or greater.

Tom Krol: So let’s just recap. So if the house is worth 100000, then you can call property managers and just say, hey, what will this house run for? That would be 1%, a thousand would be 1%. If it’s 1200 it’s great if it’s 800 for 100000 a house, it’s too low. So that’s kind of the range of where you’re targeting.

Dave Payerchin: That’s correct. And if you don’t have a property manager, like I said, hey, Zillow is not always the best, the most accurate when it comes to property values, but when it comes to rent amounts, you’d be surprised. It is actually pretty spot on. At least we have seen in our marketplace.

Tom Krol: I will also say when I first got started, Tony Robbins teaches us guys, that when there’s a lack of resources, we become resourceful when we want something bad enough.
I just had to make a phone call to a few agents and I got MLS access like almost immediately. So not a big deal to do. Everyone can get that if you need it, not a big deal. Now do you go ahead and you find those opportunities. You send them mail. What is the number one reason, number two, number three reason that you find people are selling their home at a discount because this is something that our listeners always want to know.
Like who are these people, these homeowners who need to sell fast for cash? What kind of reasons are you seeing in your market that say, hey, this is a person who needs to get out of this house quickly.

Dave Payerchin: Here’s the deal, Tom. Just go after people who have owned their home for quite a long time because that’s going to mean two things. Number one, most likely there’s equity in the home if they’ve owned it for quite a while. But number two, more than likely the home is going to need work. The typical person that contacts us, Tom, is somebody where their house needs work and they don’t feel like putting the work into the house and before they sell it. So they just want to sell it as is.
We sell to people who want to sell or need to sell, but they don’t want to deal with realtors. They don’t want to pay commissions. They’re looking for a fast, smooth, convenient transaction, but most importantly they’re looking for someone to buy this property as is. That is the name of the game. The majority of the properties we purchase are from sellers who either own a property, they’ve owned it for a long time. It’s either a rental property or it’s where they live, but the house needs work and they don’t want to deal with it.
So if you’re targeting your target zip codes with good rents and good values, next thing, make sure they’ve owned that property for a least 10, 15 years or else if they just bought the property in the last couple of years, chances are they’re not going to be that motivated to sell or the house isn’t going to need work. There’s no motivation to give you a good deal.

Tom Krol: You guys, everyone should rewind this and listen because Dave just gave you … When you have someone on the phone who is where you want to be financially and they’re literally sitting here being a go-giver, telling you exactly where to go, how to do it, what is the mail piece, and then what these people are expecting when they call.
I would assume at that point they call in, do you take the calls live? Do you have an acquisition manager or a lead manager? These are all crazy terms, but what does it look like? A postcard is received by us, a homeowner. What happens at that point? Do they call in? And who do they speak with?

Dave Payerchin: Here’s the thing, let me backtrack for your listeners as well because I’m going to get into some high level stuff, but if you’re just getting started, just do something. If you’re just getting started, do something because even if you just do half of what we’re talking about here today, 50% of something is better than 0% of nothing. So before we get into this stuff, I don’t want somebody thinking, Oh, I’ve got to hire a staff. I got to do all these, jump through these hoops and everything before I get started.
Get that stinking thinking out of your brain and you’ve just got to take action. So if you’re just getting started, I would get a basic list from a company like list source, go after target zip codes and just send the cheapest mailer that you can get your hands on. Don’t worry about the Google images, just send something. And if you can’t take the calls yourself, just send them to a voicemail. That is the most bare bones basic thing. Send them to a Google voice number and have people leave messages. That is the rock bottom bare bones right there.
What we do and what we have found the most success with Tom is taking these calls live, and I’m not just talking about a live answer service like PATLive or Call Porter is another one. Those are great services. Nothing beats taking those calls right there in your office and hiring an internal sales agent, an ISA. This way you control the script, you put it in, right into your CRM. Immediately it comes right into your office. This way, if this person’s super motivated, guess what you’re doing. You’re transferring that call right to an acquisitions manager or yourself and you’re getting the contract over the phone.

Tom Krol: I love it.

Dave Payerchin: We’re not wasting time here, Tom. We’re rhinos.

Tom Krol: Rhinos! Bam! I love it. Well guys, that’s how I started. I started with voicemail. So voicemail is the best. One that we used to do is say, “Hey, leave your name, your phone number and the address of the property you’re interested in selling.” And Lorraina, my VA at the time, who’s now pretty much runs all the companies I own. She would say, “Hey, Tom, Sally homeowner, she left all three pieces of information. Her name, her phone number, and the address of the property.” And she would know to pass that to me right away. It was smoking hot.
So when I first started I was broke and I love it. So I’m with you. Voicemail is the best way to start. I had a Google number. I then went to ring central. No, not ring central. Ring fire. I don’t remember now. CallFire, whatever.

Dave Payerchin: Look, you use CallRail, you can use CallFire.

Tom Krol: CallRail, that’s it!

Dave Payerchin: Use whatever you want, send it. Just do something. That’s the point, but there’s plenty of services out there. CallRails great. We use CallFire for a number of our marketing phone numbers. You could use a Google phone number. Just do something. If you’re bootstrapped, you don’t have a lot of cash. Send them to a voicemail or just send them right to your cell phone and if you do have a little money, if you’ve got a business already, you’re looking to hire.
I think the first person somebody should hire and you can agree or disagree with me here, Tom. The first person somebody should hire is an administrative person. The second person they should hire is this lead manager, an internal lead manager to help you with your followup sequences because there is more money sitting in followup up, then there is on the street in new direct mail campaigns. We are more about following up with people than we are even sending out new marketing.

Tom Krol: The money is in the database. You guys, isn’t this the greatest business in the whole world? I mean anybody … Dave doesn’t have a PhD. I mean just for inspirational purposes, and I don’t know the answer to this guy, so I haven’t asked Dave this question before. What is your average deal size?

Dave Payerchin: The average deal size? Are you talking about profit?

Tom Krol: Just in general? Yeah. If I said to you when you do a deal, no matter what your strategy is, what are you typically walking away with? Do you have an idea of per deal just on average?

Dave Payerchin: Sure. I would say 15 to 20K.

Tom Krol: That’s exactly mine too. Mine is 15300 as of right now, and it’s amazing guys. This business is … I’m so excited. I love it. I can’t get over it.

Dave Payerchin: We have more opportunity now than ever before because there’s so many financing options out there. We have access to funds. Banks are lining up to lend us real estate investors money. We have to maximize that or we will regret it.

Tom Krol: So let’s talk about exactly that because I know there are some people listening and they’re saying, “Well, you know, Dave, that sounds really good and good for you” because we don’t have any listeners who are jealous or anything like that. They’re all happy to see that you’re doing well, but they’re like, “Hey, you know what? I am just starting. I just graduated college or I’m just in a job where I’m paycheck to paycheck. What about the people who financially are starting on rock bottom or even below zero because just society allows people to get into debt.”
What would you say to those people? Are there financial resources available? Hard money lenders, things like that? What should those guys do?

Dave Payerchin: This is a great question, so here’s the thing. I’m going to say something that’s somewhat counter intuitive and we live in a day and age, Tom, where everybody’s an entrepreneur. You pull up Instagram right now, everybody’s driving a G wagon and everyone’s really cool and [inaudible 00:16:28]. and people try to maybe somehow belittle somebody who has a job. Well, I’m going to talk to your listeners right now. If you’re just starting out and you have a good W2 job, don’t quit. Don’t quit your day job.
Keep your day job not because you’re not a great entrepreneur or something like that, because that’s leverage ability. Folks. You have a W2. You could walk into a bank and you could get loans. As soon as you quit, you lose that leverage ability. So don’t be so quick to just jump off the job and whatnot.
Keep your job. That will allow you to get loans and if you’re just starting out, what you got to do is figure out values. You’ve got to understand values in the marketplace. The best way to do that without taking risk is be a wholesaler. Wholesaling Inc. folks,

Tom Krol: I love it.

Dave Payerchin: This is what we’re doing.

Tom Krol: There you go.

Dave Payerchin: You’re going to how to negotiate with sellers. You’re going to learn how to attract leads. Most importantly, you’re going to understand your market. You’re going to understand values, but then you don’t have to take a lot of risk because you’re just putting these properties into contract and you’re lining up a buyer like myself. Let us raise the private money, let us take the risks until you are comfortable and then still keep your job. You can do this stuff part time on the wholesaling end.
Start to pocket some money, use that money for down payments for rentals and then maximize your W2. Banks will give you good fixed rate, low interest, longterm debt. We want to get as much low interest, longterm debt on the street, backed by cashflow-producing real estate as we possibly can. That’s the game.

Tom Krol: I love it. And in the course for the rhinos, we do have a hard money lender, so if you have an opportunity you found and you’re a rhino, it’s in the modules. And absolutely, I couldn’t agree more. Wholesaling is the way to start. It’s phenomenal.
Okay, so you have a property. Now let me ask you this question. You decide to hold it because you want to produce longterm or monthly passive income or cashflow. How do you make the determination, should you do that right away or should you just turn some of those properties immediately for a profit? What if you have no experience rehabbing? Like what would you tell those people?

Dave Payerchin: Well, that’s one of the biggest caveats to watch out for in this business, Tom, is taking on too big of rehabs. So if you’re just starting out and you don’t have a lot of rehab experience, get the whole HGTV mindset off the radar. Okay, take on these major construction projects, it is going to bog you down, and because now you’ve got a hard money loan against this crazy rehab that you’re taking on and it really could put you in some hot water.
So what I would say is if you’re just starting out, focus on properties where in a worst case scenario, if you had to rent it out, you’re still getting a positive ROI. So don’t get it too fancy here. Don’t try to get into properties that are unique and custom. We’re not Frank Lloyd Wright here. We’re bread and butter here.
We’re all about boring bread, butter. That’s Dave P’s BBB formula for success. Boring bread and butter. Keep it simple. And I would say paint and carpet. That’s the old adage. Folks, nobody’s using carpet anymore. We’re using tile or laminate. Paint and carpet. Nobody uses carpet. Even if it’s a rental, especially if it’s a rental property for you, unless you want Kool-Aid stains and be on your hands and knees scrubbing Kool-Aid stains when the tenant moves out, stick to laminate, stick to tile, stick to easy rehabs. And this way you’re not knocking down walls. You’re not adding additions, nothing like that. Boring bread and butter. Keep it simple.

Tom Krol: I love it. Great advice. Okay, so phenomenal. You’re crushing it. I love what you said about there’s still opportunity. You guys, this is what the winners know is that there is still a massive opportunity out there to do deals right now more than ever. So don’t be bogged down by this idea that you’ve missed the boat. You haven’t.
But before, I got to ask you this Dave, because I know this is what prompted our first podcast and we were right in the middle of it and I messed it up. So a lot of our wholesalers, a lot of our rhinos especially, and we may even just make this a module right in the course. They know that you are known as the guy who can basically rank right at the top of any Google page via some little trick you have in YouTube.
Now guys, the reason that this is important is because when you do your first deal or your 10th deal or your thousandth deal, what you want to do is you always want to capture a testimonial or what a better word is a review. Because that’s what all of these homeowners look up, is they search for you with your name and the word review. And what they want to do is they want to see you.
So you grab these reviews, testimonials, as soon as the seller closes, right in the title company. You guys will see Daniel do this, my acquisition manager, they’re all over the place. Dave has a trick for ranking these so that when they look up your name or your house buying company, that the sellers review video pops right up on the top of the page. So Dave, can you just walk us through step by step, how do we get these reviews to rank so high on Google?

Dave Payerchin: Well you nailed it and then I got something that you’re the only person in the whole world that I’m going to share with you, Tom. I got something for you that I’m going to share with you.

Tom Krol: I love it!

Dave Payerchin: So first things first, you nailed it when you said you’ve got to get it in the moment because you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. And there’s no impression like sitting at a closing table and handing somebody a check. So what you’re going to do is show up to every closing and say, Hey, will you just do this for our scrapbook? Well, I’m never going to use your name, because you’re not going to use their name. You’re not going to use their whole name. You don’t need to do that. Okay. So first things first, Hey, we’re just going to do this for our scrapbook and I just have three simple questions for you.
You care if I catch this on the video and I’m going to share it with my team. Nobody cares, you just do it basically.

Tom Krol: Love it.

Dave Payerchin: So first question is, well, how did you find out about us? And they’re going to say, “Oh, I got something in the mail, or I heard about you online, I saw one of your ads, or something like that.” So you want to ask that question, how did you find out about us? Because other people who are checking you out, most likely found out about you from the same way. This way they are rest assured, Hey, I’m not the only one contacting these people. I received a postcard as well. So always ask, how did you find out about us?

Tom Krol: Love it.

Dave Payerchin: Number two is how did your experience go working with us? What do you think they’re going to say? They’re holding onto a check in their hand. They’re obviously going to say, “Went good to me!” It’s just something simple. And what was your experience like working with us? They’re always going to say it went well because they’re holding a check in their hand. And finally, the third question to keep these things short and sweet is what would you say to other people who are considering selling to us and in looking for a cash offer and they’re going to say, “Oh, I think, yeah, definitely call you guys” every single time like clockwork.
They’re going to give you a positive review because you’re asking the right questions at the right time. So that’s how you get it. But once you have this video, now you got to get people viewing the video. So the first thing you should do is, well, what you want to do is set up a Google My Business profile.
Google My Business is you can just go online, it’s forward slash business, set up a business profile, and then post that video on your Google business profile. Always post your videos there. That’s going to help your website and add your website link to a Google business profile. But there’s a little tool out there and this tool is … it works wonders and what it does, it basically … you put in your keywords to this tool and it’s going to show you all of your competition.
So if I’m looking to buy houses here in Columbus, Ohio, I would put in sell my house, Columbus, Ohio. And it searches the internet for, and it searches YouTube because by the way, I don’t know if your listeners knew this Tom, but Google owns YouTube. Were you aware of that Tom?

Tom Krol: I was. And the reason I’m being so quiet is because I’m taking very good notes guys, which if you are driving, you should pull over and do too.
This is a phenomenal, Dave knows what he’s talking about. So Dave, I am not going to interrupt you. You just keep going, I’m here.

Dave Payerchin: Perfect. So you’ve got the video and there is a tool out there and I’m going to tell you what the tool is here in just a moment, but let me first explain what it does.
So you put in the keywords of what you’re looking to accomplish. For instance, we buy houses, Columbus, Ohio. Sell my house fast, Columbus, Ohio. Because that’s what you want to do. That is your intention with this video is to get more sellers. We want to buy more houses. So you put into this tool, Sell my house, Columbus, Ohio, or what keywords you’re going after and it’s going to show you what your competition is, but then it’s going to show you how you need to write your description and how many keywords you need to use and where to put them and exactly what you’re missing from a description to outrank your competition.
And the name of this tool … it is a paid tool. You buy it right from them. I’m not getting a dime here, neither are you Tom. You know that we’re here to help. It’s called Tube Rank Jeet. That’s tube as in YouTube. T-U-B-E rank, R-A-N-K and then Jeet is the name of the developer that is spelled J-E-E-T.
So Tube Rank Jeet, you put in your keywords and it’s going to tell you exactly how to write up your YouTube description and write up your Google business profile so you immediately are starting to get more traction and you can outrank your competition. Guys, you don’t have to figure this stuff out yourself. Developers have already figured it out. Tube Rank Jeet is a phenomenal tool.

Tom Krol: You guys, what is the motto of the rhino, is ask who, not how. So I love this. Keep going.

Dave Payerchin: So we got ourselves some videos, we got ourselves testimonials. You’re going to want to put them on your website. You should have a we buy houses website. If you don’t yet, go find a website. I like to use InvestorCarrot. Quite honestly, Trevor Mauch is the owner of the company. Great guy. I don’t know if you’ve had him on the podcast. You should.

Tom Krol: Awesome.

Dave Payerchin: A man of integrity. Let him know that Dave P. sent you. I really appreciate that person. But they’ll build a site for you, and then you could actually use this video footage for Facebook ads as well. So we talked about getting yourself a list to market to. You can go to list source. Did you know Tom, you can actually upload that list as a custom audience into Facebook and you can market right to the same people you’re sending direct mail to. So you hit their mailbox.
Next thing you know, they pull up their phone. Now they see you again. The same sell house Columbus, or we buy houses brand. So you’re going after them. And so showing the testimonial, the testimonial video. You don’t even need to do your own videos. You let your audience, you let your customers speak for you.

Tom Krol: So guys, this is something where we actually have in an upcoming podcast. It is what Dave is referring to. It’s this little secret of Facebook. If you don’t know about it yet, we’re going to be exploring it and deep diving it for you. What you do is you pull your list source. If you are a rhino, you have a massive, massive discount on list source. It actually pays for the whole course. You’re only paying 3 cents a name or less with our list companies. We get no affiliate commission for that.
So all of the benefit goes to you guys and what you do is you pull that list and you actually can upload that to Facebook to target them and other people like them. We’re going to deep dive this, but this is a whole new topic and something that is phenomenal and it’s working and it’s doing really, really well. So we will discuss this on … and what we’ll do is we’ll put a link in the show notes when we upload the new podcast with our guests that’s going to talk about this, what David’s referring to now for sure. Bam!

Dave Payerchin: You know what we’re getting ready to do Tom, just like you see on the game shows and publisher’s clearing house, we found a little promotional company. They just make little party supplies and stuff like that. We’re getting those big old cardboard checks for the closing table. So when we take pictures and we do this, we’re going to write in the amount the seller is netting. So it is still … they’re getting that amount.
Obviously the check is just for show, but I think we’re going to be the only company in town doing these big old checks. It’s going to be pretty cool.

Tom Krol: Guess who else is going to be doing that?

Dave Payerchin: You.

Tom Krol: Bam! I love it. That is a great idea. That is awesome. We’ve got to be ringing a victory bell in our review videos too, but go ahead. I won’t keep interrupting you. That’s awesome.

Dave Payerchin: Well I mean I think we’re off to a good start, Tom. I mean, where are you at with your notes? Where else can I provide value to what we’re doing? So-

Tom Krol: On my last note, I had a note about actually titling. You had said, let me just make sure I’m reading this properly. You had something about in the title about putting like a dash or a slash to get a longer title with let me just see here.

Dave Payerchin: Oh, okay. Okay. So everybody, look, if you’re sitting in front of your computer right now. You will be. If you’re not right now, you will be later. So here’s the deal. This is how you separate keywords. This is what Google recognizes as a true separator. So in our business, we’re all about, we buy houses, Columbus, Ohio. But then we want to add more keywords to make it even stronger.
So everybody look above the enter key on your keyboard. If you hit shift and that key, it’s a straight little line. It’s a little divider. Use those dividers.
So you’re going to want to put in there … for us, it’s Columbus, Ohio. We buy houses, space, divider, and then we buy houses, Columbus, Ohio, space, divider, sell house fast, Columbus, Ohio.
We’re getting the benefit of all those keywords. This way, Google knows to separate it. It’s not one big hodgepodge of keywords because Google is going to know that’s a hoax. Google is going to know that is not a true sentence, if you will. They know if you’re just throwing stuff at the wall. Use your little divider, and Google then is going to give you credit for each and every one of key phrases.

Tom Krol: So I’m just typing as we’re doing this and it looks essentially, the key is right above the enter key all the way on the right side of the keyboard and it looks essentially like a capital I, it’s just a straight vertical line up and down. That’s the one.

Dave Payerchin: Correct.

Tom Krol: Awesome. Bam!

Dave Payerchin: Let’s go buddy.

Tom Krol: Dave-

Dave Payerchin: We’re getting started.

Tom Krol: Let me tell you, this is fantastic. This is pure gold. I love it. So very, very exciting. People are going to want … because I know we have shared energy and we are, for sure guys, Dave is a go giver. Plus there’s a whole bunch of stuff about Dave you don’t even know. He’s a total sweetheart. The stuff that he does in the community and nationwide to help people is incredible. So I’m honored to have him on the show.
Dave, people are going to want to reach out to you. You have the same energy I do. You’re excited about this. It’s a game changer guys. Wholesaling is the best thing in the world. I love it. He loves it. So anybody who wants to get ahold of you, Dave, how can they follow you? I know you have a Facebook group. What’s the best way to reach out?

Dave Payerchin: I do, I do. And real quick, let me just touch on that man. You have always been such a genuine guy, Tom. Ever since we first met at a mastermind from day one, you’ve been pumping out the value. So for you to say that I have the same energy or like we’re fruit of the same branch. That is a true compliment because you are a genuine human being and it’s an honor for me to be on your podcast. I truly mean that Tom.

Tom Krol: Thank you, brother.

Dave Payerchin: It’s long overdue. I love talking to you. Every time I see you, I can’t help but to just put a big smile.

Tom Krol: Well I feel the same way. Honored. Thank you. Thank you.

Dave Payerchin: So yeah, here’s the deal. We’re at a point in our business where early on we were all about driving people to a website and building the list and this and that. We’re kind of at a point right now where we’re letting the abundance flow just like you are Tom.
So we created a Facebook group and we just add a ton of free value and that’s what it’s all about. The name of the Facebook group is The Cream, The C-R-E-A-M, The Cream, because Tom, the cream always rises where?

Tom Krol: To the top!

Dave Payerchin: To the top buddy. And The Cream stands for the Columbus Real Estate and Mindset Group. It is The Cream, and eventually when we go national, if it gets big enough it’ll be the Creative Real Estate and Mindset Group. But it’s The Cream. Follow us online, jump in the group. We’re always sharing resources, but we’re also raising a lot of money for charity and I just wanted to touch on a foundation we found who was doing the right thing and they’ve really just grabbed my heart and we are raising them.
Mr. Tim Broths came down for a Cream meeting here in Columbus a couple of weeks ago. We raised over $7700 and we found a foundation. It is called the LENN foundation, that’s and what they do is raise money for people who have babies or have children who have cerebral palsy. So these are children who have this and they’re special needs children. And let me tell you, you know as well as I do Tom, the insurance business is a joke. It’s a huge game. People are getting ripped off out there.
So this LENN foundation money to help these families so they can provide the proper care to their children that the insurance companies are just not picking the tab up. If any of your listeners have a inclination to check it out, the LENN foundation, and hey, every dollar counts. Give your money to them. I don’t need any of your money. Tom is not looking for your money either. What we’re doing is adding value and putting the money where it’s going to make the biggest impact.

Tom Krol: I am looking it up right now and we are going to be making, Wholesaling Inc. will make a $1000 donation today.

Dave Payerchin: Bam!

Tom Krol: Absolutely! Bam! That is coming. [crosstalk 00:33:17] It’s on its way. Yeah, and we’re sending you a victory bell right now.
Send Dave Payerchin a victory bell, done. Bam! And I got it. I think I might have it, is it L-E-N-N dot O-R-G?

Dave Payerchin: Oh, it’s The LENN Foundation. The LENN, L-E-N-N foundation dot O-R-G.

Tom Krol: Oh there it is. Beautiful. I will have that sent out today and I will have a victory bell sent out today and Dave, we thank you. And David before I let you go, I’ve got to ask, we have a lot of listeners who are just getting started. They might be on their way to a job, they might be on their way to the gym. If someone wants to get started.
What was a resource, a book, something that you did when you first started, when you were just starting out and things were still tough and you really weren’t sure where to go, where to step and if there was going to be footing underneath your step, what would you say is a good resource for people to start out?

Dave Payerchin: I got a phenomenal resource and I want everybody to check this guy out. He’s one of my original mentors. He’s still out there teaching today. You may know him, Tom, but Mr. John Schaub, do you know John Schaub?

Tom Krol: No. Oh, John Schaub? Yes! He’s the guy. He has a book. I have his book somewhere sitting behind me. Isn’t he an author?

Dave Payerchin: He is an author and he’s a teacher. He’s one of the most genuine people out there. I’m actually pulling up the name of his book right now, but John Schaub has been a mentor. I usually just go to his live events, but he’s just genuine. He’s there to help you and anyone who’s just getting started, learn from this guy. His last name is spelled S-C-H-A-U-B and John Schaub. The best book is just bread and butter for real estate.
Build Wealth One House At A Time by Mr. John W. Schaub is a great resource.

Tom Krol: I have that book! How did I not. I read too many books.

Dave Payerchin: I know you’re a big reader. Are you still doing those 10 pages a day?

Tom Krol: Eight pages. Well, I recommend eight pages a day. So for any rhinos or listeners who are listening, every single … There’s one common thread with all the people in the 1% of the 1%. They all read. So if you’re just starting out, it’s eight pages per day. You don’t count the pages, you just count the physical pages, not the page number.
So it’s one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Eight per day. You commit to that. I do a little bit more than that, but eight is a really good starting point. And right now I’m reading some real game changers. Gorilla Mindset. Mike Boleyn recommended that one to me and that that has been a fantastic book.

Dave Payerchin: Can I give another one?

Tom Krol: Let’s hear it! Building Walls One House At A Time by John Schaub and what was the other one?

Dave Payerchin: It is High Performance Habits by Mr. Brendon Burchard. It is B-U-R-C-H-A-R-D. Brendan, B-R-E-N-D-O-N. Last name Burchard, B-U-R-C-H-A-R-D. High Performance Habits. It’s just very practical info on basically raising your energy, keeping your energy high, how to lead a team, how to add value. And it’s just really nuts and bolts. It touches every aspect of life.

Tom Krol: I love it. We’re all over it. I have that one as well and I haven’t read it yet. I did just finish Atomic Habits, which was pretty good, but awesome. Dave, you’re the man. We have gone 40 minutes, which it’s got to be one of the longest podcasts in history of our show, but it feels like it’s been three minutes. You have given us so much value.
You guys, everyone should listen to this podcast twice. When you have someone on the line who is actually out there making it happen, getting the results that you want. Follow Dave, pay attention to what he’s saying. He’s a good guy. He’s a go giver and he’s an expert, so if he can do it, you can do it. No PhD from Harvard, right Dave?

Dave Payerchin: No sir. Barely finished high school. I’m a just a kid from Cleveland who is ambitious and I’m not afraid to add value to guys like yourself and other mentors and teachers. Expect nothing in return, but just knowledge and just for the right to sit at their table. That’s how we start out. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, just surround yourself around the right people and that’s going to take you farther in life than really any degree I feel.

Tom Krol: I love it. Guys, I have seen Dave with my own eyes climb a rope from the floor to the ceiling. I don’t know how high it was, but it seemed like it was a hundred stories. He’s a rock star. Follow him. The Cream Facebook group, check it out.
Thanks for listening guys and we’ll catch you on the next show.

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