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Posted on: July 18, 2019

If you think you need a huge amount of marketing money to succeed in wholesaling, think again! Today’s guest earned a total of $127,000 just knocking on doors and cold calling!

Davin Reynolds is a rockstar rhino from San Diego, California. While still new in the wholesaling business, that didn’t stop the driven 25-year-old from finding lucrative deals in the ultra competitive San Diego market. In fact, his first 2 deals both happened within a month. What’s even better is he was rewarded massively for both deals.

If you want to try wholesaling but don’t have any money for marketing, you owe it to yourself to listen to today’s episode. Without doubt, Davin’s success story will not only inspire and motivate you but will also make you believe that you too can make things happen!

Key Takeaways

  • The first thing he did when he started wholesaling
  • How he got his first deal
  • The list where he got his first deal from
  • The amount he earned from his first deal
  • What his experience was like when he first started door knocking
  • What motivates him and kept him going
  • How he started doing calls
  • The easiest deal he was able to do
  • How much he earned from said deal
  • How he created a healthy tension when negotiating with buyers
  • His mindset advice for those who are just starting out
  • How people can reach out to him


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels: Welcome to the Wholesaling Inc. podcast, the world’s number one podcast when it comes to wholesaling real estate. I am your host, Brent Daniels. If this is your first time listening or watching on YouTube, welcome. If you are one of our loyal Rhino Tribe members, thank you for making this podcast so incredibly special. Each week. Tom Kroll, Cody Hofhine and myself bring you thoughts and interviews to accomplish one single goal, guys, just one goal. And that is to give you the instruction that you need to go out right now today and find an incredible real estate opportunity. Okay? Which leads me to my guest today. This guy comes to us from San Diego, California, with an incredible breakdown of his journey with wholesaling. It is my pleasure to introduce Davin Reynolds to the Wholesaling Inc. podcast. Say hello.

Davin Reynolds: Hey, how are you guys doing?

Brent Daniels: Everybody is doing great. Doing better now, Davin. And so you’re in San Diego. This is, I mean San Diego, Phoenix, Miami, New York, some of these other places. Everybody says, wait a second, wait a second. It’s too competitive there. We can’t do deals there. We’ve got to go into smaller markets. We’ve got to do other things. Have you ever heard this?

Davin Reynolds: Yeah. Yeah, big time.

Brent Daniels: But you just decided you were just going to stay in San Diego.

Davin Reynolds: Yeah, I was going to do it anyway. I was going to make it happen regardless. I live here. So, I just want to do it in my market. So, I want to make it happen.

Brent Daniels: I love it. So let’s talk about you. What’s your background? How did you, what did you do before you started your real estate journey? Your real estate entrepreneur journey?

Davin Reynolds: Just played football. I was a college student, I just played football all my life. And then I got introduced to real estate through my aunts. One of my aunts had her real estate license and one of them had a rental. And it was just kind of cool, they would come find houses and I would have to help them clean it out and stuff like that. It was just a cool experience and I was like, I want to be able to rent my own home one day and make money and cash flow and stuff like that. So, just from there I was like, if football never worked out, this is something that I could really see myself doing and being passionate about. So that’s how I got into it and figured it out.

Brent Daniels: Love it, love it. So they were ju… But they weren’t wholesaling, right? So-

Davin Reynolds: They weren’t wholesaling. My aunt was a realtor and then one had a buy and hold property.

Brent Daniels: Right? Why didn’t you go down the path of hey, I want to be a realtor, or hey, I want to work a regular job and just buy rental properties until I get to the point where I have enough cashflow to where I don’t have to work that job. How did you discover and run into the beautiful business, beautiful industry that is wholesaling real estate?

Davin Reynolds: Yeah, well I was actually trying to do that. I tried to get business funding for credit and the whole nine where, you kind of get the funding and buy a property and get into it that way, but it just wasn’t working. And then during that course I was like, “I’m never going to be able to do this how I want.” Somebody mentioned to me that somebody that I was watching was saying “No, a certain person built their capital by wholesaling.” And I’m like, “Well what is wholesaling?” And then I looked into it and then from there I just was YouTube-ing it all crazy. And then I figured it out. And then I came across a couple mentors that, I mean people like you watching all your videos and other people’s videos, I kind of just figured it out and then started trying to do it on my own.

Brent Daniels: Got it. So what does that mean? What did you do? For somebody that’s getting ready to take their first action, what was the first thing that you started to do?

Davin Reynolds: The first thing I started to do was try to figure out my County, as far as I tried to figure out, what was a motivated seller. And then once I found that information out, through videos that I learned from watching you guys, I went down to the County, tried to figure it out as far as how tax delinquent works.

Brent Daniels: Yeah.

Davin Reynolds: I tried to, I heard of probate and I can try to figure out what probate was and I heard that you get all those answers from going to your County. So I just went in there and just bugged everybody I could and kind of figured it out, as far as where do you get the list? A bunch of people were telling me “There’s no list. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” And I’m watching these videos, there has to be another way. So, I went online and kind of figured it out. I went to the County and found that list that way. So just a lot of failure, honestly man, when it comes down to it.

Brent Daniels: Well, it’s kind of crazy. Here in Phoenix, there’s so many different places that are responsible for different lists, right? So the code violation list is with the Neighborhood Services department and then the property tax’s is with the Tax Assessor and the Treasury. And then the probate’s is with the County Recorder, and all these different things. Now I just have a list provider that gets those. And if anybody’s wondering, it’s Flip This Real Estate List that I get those from. But if your budget’s tight or if you’re just starting out and you kind of want to get that experience, you can certainly go and just ask around, but you get kind of stiff-armed off the bat, right? To put in-

Davin Reynolds: Big time.

Brent Daniels: A football reference for you. Right?

Davin Reynolds: Big time, yeah.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, so how did you, did you just keep going? Did you finally break through? Or did, were you just like-

Davin Reynolds: Yeah, so what happened was I was actually working at a mortgage company at one point, and there was somebody that was friends with the broker that I was working for, and he was actually looking to buy a home from the tax auction. So what had happened was we were kind of scouting out the houses that were coming up on the auction. He had got the list like a week before and I’m like, “Dude, maybe we should just knock on the door and see if the homeowner is there and kind of figure it out that way,” because that’s what I hear from you guys, you got to do that. That’s how you get to the seller first. He was trying to wait until it got to auction and buy it. I’m like, “If we can knock on this door and somebody lives here, we can probably, lock this deal up and get it done.”
So that’s basically… I took that motto and then that’s how I got my first deal. The list came out, I printed it out. It comes out like a month before the auction actually happens. So I went to the website, I got the list, I put it in an Excel sheet and I just went and just door knocked every property on the list until, you know I got face-to-face with somebody who wanted to sell. And it just worked.

Brent Daniels: And this was pre-foreclosure or was this tax default?

Davin Reynolds: This is tax default.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, got it. Love it.

Davin Reynolds: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: And when you were going door to door, I mean if you went to like 10 different doors, how many people actually answered the door?

Davin Reynolds: Honestly, I only door knocked two houses and the second guy was like, “Man, I just want to get rid of it.” But I’m like, “Oh this is it.” So, after that, I was just mad follow-up. This was a very hairy deal. The guy was going through bankruptcy. I had no clue what was going on. I had code violations. It was just super hairy and we wind up, working through it and getting it done. But that’s how I got the information. I went to the County, figured it out from the guy that wanted to buy something from their auction. He bought the list and I figured out that the list comes out a month before the actual tax auction and you get it right from the website. Yeah.

Brent Daniels: Love it. So you got spoiled. So you went to two doors and you got a deal.

Davin Reynolds: Yeah. Yeah, but prior to that-

Brent Daniels: Yeah, And then you were like, “Real estate’s easy.”

Davin Reynolds: Yeah. Prior to that though, I had like a year prior to that, that’s when I met the guy that wanted to buy from the auction. I had door-knocked the person, and I almost got a deal, but they wound up going with somebody else just because, I guess my experience level wasn’t there. Somebody came in with more money upfront, showed them a check and stuff like that, and they wound up going with them. The guy told me I missed out on $20,000 and I was heartbroken. I’ve been working on this, trying to do this for so long, and then it just didn’t work out. So I was like, “Next year when this comes around, I’m going to go and knock on every door until somebody says yes and I get a deal” and I wound up just putting that plan into action, and that’s how I got the deal.

Brent Daniels: So this was… When did this deal go through? When did you get your first one?

Davin Reynolds: This was my first deal that ha… This was all… Both of my deals happened within the same month basically. So the first deal, the tax auction deal, that one closed last month. That’s when I got that one. And this one. That was the one for 36,000.

Brent Daniels: Whew. 36,000 from a tax default door knock.

Davin Reynolds: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, I love that. Hold on, I’m going to give you… cause we have a couple of deals to talk about here, but the great thing about this silver bell is it has unlimited amount of rings that I can do here.
That is amazing. So from one door knock, getting out there. Now, let me ask you this, did you already have a cash buyer in mind to sell this to? Did you know somebody that wanted to buy this? Or did you get the property first and then start finding buyers?

Davin Reynolds: I didn’t have any buyers. So, once I figured out that they wanted to sell and I did my numbers on it, they told me the price and I got it locked up for that price. Somebody who does a crazy amount of deals in my market, I knew that they would be able to bring me a good buyer for the property. And I went 50-50 on the profits with the deal and then we got it, worked it through that way, because I didn’t have any buyers. So they supplied the buyers, and I brung him the deal. And that’s how we were able to find a buyer and close on it.

Brent Daniels: I love it. So that was, was it 36 total, you got 18? Or is it 72 and you got 36?

Davin Reynolds: Yeah, it was a $73,000 deal. And I got half of it, which was 36,000.

Brent Daniels: You animal. I love it. Oh my go… Well, this is an interesting thing and I think it’s really, really, really, really important. I mean, obviously you’ve got to build up your cash buyer database. You want to get that as [crosstalk 00:10:54] as possible because, obviously you had a big, big, big massive deal there, right? And the more buyers that you can go directly to, the more profits that you’re going to keep. But if you find a great deal, do not let that stop you from finding somebody that has experience in your marketplace that can make this as smooth for you as possible and that you can learn from. Right? I’ve even adopted a lot of the buyers, when I was first starting out, all of a sudden that buyer now became my buyer as well. Right. Now, some people don’t like that because they think that buyers are exclusive to them.
Trust me, they’re not okay. They’re dating around a lot. Okay? They’re getting everybody’s emails, they’re checking all these deals out. So I would actually adopt these incredible buyers that were buying a lot of properties, which is a huge benefit. But I think people should not be scared to partner with somebody as they’re getting their business going so that they can get the profits in. They can close the deal. They can keep their promises to the seller. They can have less anxiety, less distractions, and then go out and get other deals, which you did. You got two deals. Right? But let me ask you this before we get into that, because I think a lot of people have an issue with it. And I, like you Davin, I door knocked with a team of people that I was running about 15,000 doors in Phoenix.
Okay. We would just knock whole neighborhoods. It wasn’t specific. It was brainless. I didn’t even know what wholesaling was at the time. I was just trying to be a real estate agent finding off market deals. Right? But I remember the first time going out, man, I was so nervous going to those doors, I was like, “There’s going to be a dog that bites me. Somebody’s going to shoot me. I’m going to get yelled at. Somebody is going to scream.” And then for the first… I don’t know if it was just easy or if it was just the right time, but the first 500 doors I knocked on people were actually pretty cool. You know what I mean? It wasn’t anything too crazy. I was hit on a couple of times here and there by some older gals. But you know, beyond that it wasn’t too bad. I mean, what was your experience? What was going through your head when you were going to those doors?

Davin Reynolds: My knees were buckling, man. I didn’t know what I was doing. You know what I mean? I had no clue. I just knew that I wanted a deal, and I knew that, these people needed help. So, I just toughed it out. Honestly, I didn’t know what I was going to say. I didn’t know how it was going to work out, but I knew once I got in front of them, once I break the ice with someone, I knew I’d be able to work my way through and kind of see if I can help them out. So I just went for it.

Brent Daniels: Do you remember what came out of your mouth when they opened the door?

Davin Reynolds: Yeah, yeah. I asked him. I was like, “Hey, I saw that the property may be going to a tax auction. I didn’t know if you knew that or not. I’m a local real estate investor. I wanted to know if there’s any way I could be of service to you.” Yeah, and then he was like, “Yeah, somebody just left here.” And I guess he was talking to someone and he was like, “You know, you’re the…” And I, we kind of broke in the story. I got to know him a little bit. He was like, “You know? I like you. You’re the only one who’s came here that’s talked to me like I was actually human.”
I guess one guy went over there and he shout at him. He was like, “You’re going to lose the house. You owe 20 grand on it, I give you 30 grand.” And he was like, “He’ll give him 30 grand.” So basically he’ll give him 10 grand for the house, or he’s just going to lose it. And I’m like, “That’s crazy that somebody offered him that.” So, you know, I got to know him. Mad follow up. I had to follow-up with his guy. I didn’t get the contract right there. He was very hard to get close to. After we talked, he just ghosted me. He ghosted me the next day. He was like, “I’ll call you.” He just ghosted me, and I had a full time job that I was working. So I would just, after every day at work, that whole week I would knock on his door again. I’d be like, “Hey, you know, just checking in. Do you need anything? How’s everything going?” He’s like, “Yeah, everything’s good. I was actually going to call you, but I didn’t get around to it.”
People that are in those types of situations, they tend to hold back on taking action on a lot of stuff. So I knew I was going to have to be persistent. It wasn’t just like a lay down deal. So I followed up with him. I went back, knocked on his door pretty much that whole week. And then he told me… The next time I went, it was on a Friday. So it was coming up towards the weekend. I was like, “So, we talked, I know you want to sell, you told me you want to get rid of it. Really what’s holding you back right now?” And then when I asked that question, he was like, “Honestly, I just want to make sure I have something to leave to my daughter. I want to be able to talk to my daughter about this. And then I’ll be able to move forward.” So, they had that conversation, followed up again. And this time he called me. He’s like, “Hey, I’m ready. You can come by the house and we can get the process started.”
And then I went and that’s when I locked it up. I met his daughter. We talked about everything. I told them how the process was going to go from there. And I didn’t even know how it was going to go. I was just, off the top of my head I’m like, “This is how it should go” in my head. I locked it up and then I immediately reached out to a bigger wholesaler in my market and we got it done.

Brent Daniels: Love it. Love it, man. It’s perfect. It’s exactly what we talk about on this podcast. Progress, not perfection. You know what I mean? You’re going to get in there, you’re going to feel unsure. But at the end of the day, if you’re going with a heart to serve, if you’re really going there to provide value and help people out of their problem and really sit there and listen to them and not degrade them or bring them down or try to squeeze the best, tiny… Give them a tiny amount of their equity cause they don’t know any better. If you go there with all those things, you’re going to make it happen. It doesn’t matter the experience level, it just matters on whether or not you can be a decent human being and go there and really, really, really try to help somebody out of the problem. So I think that that is huge and I applaud you. Now, then you joined the TTP program, right?

Davin Reynolds: Oh yeah. Big time.

Brent Daniels: And then you start really taking action, right? Sure. You’re realizing that you don’t have to go out and door knock all over town. You can literally just get the contact information for these people and give them a call. Listen, door-knocking, calling people up. It’s all TTP. It’s all proactive. It’s all being on offense. It is all, everything that I encourage everybody listening to, to implement in their business, even if they are marketing. Don’t wait around for the phone to ring. Be proactive. But you went out and you just kept that proactive nature about you. Do you think that you got this proac… I see this a lot with the military members in the TTP group also with the athletes. The athletes seem to really be attracted to being on offense. Do you think it comes from that kind of background that you had?

Davin Reynolds: I’m not sure, as far as the athletic point. I know it helps me as far as my discipline on everything. But for me, what motivated me was my family. San Diego’s a tough place to live in. It’s very expensive. I was sleeping in my car last year, all in pursuit of me doing this. So, what kept me going was really me needing to get a deal. You know what I mean? I didn’t want to get a job. I didn’t want to… This is the type of life that I wanted to live. I wanted to have freedom in my life. I wanted to be able to live on my own time, my own means, and I wanted to operate my own business. So, I wasn’t going to stop until I made it happen.

Brent Daniels: Love it. So let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about you getting on the phones. How’d that go? How did it start?

Davin Reynolds: Man, honestly, man, it was… I did a Driving for Dollars list and I was sitting on that list for months. I was just too broke to get money in order to call it. So after I got my first deal, I joined the TTP program. I figured out how to work everything and get everything going. And one Saturday, I can only call on Saturday, so I work Monday through Friday, and then on that Saturday I called that Driving for Dollars list for about two hours. And I almost stopped calling too, which was crazy. I was like, “Man, nobody’s picking up, I’m getting cursed out.” I’m like, “Man, this is crazy.” And then I stuck it out going through the script, going through the script. And then I got this nice lady.
This might’ve been the easiest deal I’ll ever do. My first one I feel like was the hardest deal, but this one’s probably the easiest deal I’ll ever do. I asked her. I went through the script, “Would you… You looking to accept an offer on your home, or entertain an offer on your home?” She was like, “Yeah.” And then she opened up and told me everything.
Basically, she told me she was in the middle of fixing it up. She had another property she was working on, that she’s running short on money. She went into telling me that her husband had passed and she would be willing to entertain an offer. She, wasn’t wanting to deal with the property anymore. So she winds up telling me a price, which was a basic… It was a good price for an investor to buy the property. I was like, “That’s a good price based on the numbers that I saw.” So, I set the appointment that same day. I was like, “Can I meet you over there today?” She’s like, “Yeah, I’ll be over there at 1:30.” I was like, “Cool.”
So I went over there, I had the contract in the back seat and then we talked and then she opened up more to me when I actually got to the house. And we went through the house. She was telling me about it, telling me about her life and stuff like that. And I came down to the pricing part and she was like… I was like, “We’re only buying houses.” She said she wanted 500,000 for the property. I was like, “Okay.” I was like, “We’re only buying properties over here for about 475. I like the property, I really want to be able to help you out in this situation. But is there any way we can kind of meet in the middle on this?”
And after that, we kind of took a pause and I just watched her for a second and she was thinking. She was like, “Where would you want to meet at? You know, how far did you want me to go?” I’m like, “You give me a number.” She was like, “Well how about 490?” I’m like, “Ah, I don’t know if I can do 490. That’s kind of tight.” I was like, “You know what? Let me give my partner a call and see if I can make 490 work for you.” Because we’re at 475; you’re at 490. I may be able to make it work. I’m not sure.
So, I went out in the front. I made a fake call and I’m just waiting. I’m just waiting around on my phone. And I’m just walking around and I’m like, “Okay, gave it a good five minutes.” And then I went back into the property. I was like, “Unfortunately the best we’d be able to do is 485 on this.” And she was like, “Okay.” And I was like, “I have an agreement in my car, I can go get the agreement. And then we can get the process started.” So I went. I got the contract out of my car. And then before I could even go through the contract, she just snatched the paper out of my hand and just wrote a… She signed it. I didn’t even write the number in or anything. She just signed it right away. I’m like, “Okay.” So you know, I wrote it. I got it. And then we got the process started.
I sent it out to my buyers. I brung… Somebody came in at 560. I had one at 540. Another person said 500. I sent it out. And then the people that came in the highest are the people that I got to view the property. So the person that said 560 and 540 I made sure that they got there. They viewed it. And then we windup-

Brent Daniels: And is this your own buyers?

Davin Reynolds: Yeah, these are my buyers from the first deal. So when I got the first deal, those buyers that came to that property, I wrote all their number of names and numbers down.

Brent Daniels: You adopted them. You adopted them.

Davin Reynolds: Yeah. Took them down and I blew them up when I got this one. I’m like, “Listen, I got it.” Did they like, “Who are you? We don’t even…” I’m like, “Listen, I got a deal. This is my company, this is my name. This is what I do.” From there, I got them over there and we got the deal done. That will… I wind up going with the guy last time-

Brent Daniels: Which one did you go with? Did you go with somebody that was at the 560 or the 540? And why’d you choose the one that you did?

Davin Reynolds: Right. So the one that was at 560 they actually came to the property and they saw the property and they went down on the price. So they were like, “We can’t do 560” and they gave me a number that was just way out of the ballpark, super low. Cause I think they tried to take advantage of me cause I was newer and I was young. So they were like “Yeah, we’re just going to try to get this deal from this guy.” I’m like “Okay.” So, you know, I knocked it off. And then the guys that came in at 540. I was like, “Listen, you know I have other offers. If you guys are going to perform, you can perform on this.” So I showed them the property. And then immediately after I showed them, I went back home and they gave me a call.
They were like, “Hey man, we really like this property. What do we got to do to get this done?” I’m like, “Cool.” I was like, “Okay. So, you guys are at 540 you know I got one at 560. I’ve got one at 525.” I was like, “How fast can you guys close on this?” And then, they were like, “We can close immediately. Let’s do it for next Monday. We can get it done.” I was like, “Okay, let me think about it. I’ll make sure we can see if we can get this done.”
I didn’t have any other buyers for this property. I had none, nothing that high. I was making them think I had high offers. I had no higher offers. So, I wind up going with them. I sent over my contract for them and they put their earnest money in. I didn’t even know if they were going to put their earnest money in, but they put it in, 7,500 earnest money and then we wind up closing at 540.

Brent Daniels: And you made how much on it?

Davin Reynolds: I made 50,000, $54,215.

Brent Daniels: Yeah. Hold on a second.
And this was from a Driving for Dollars TTP cold call.

Davin Reynolds: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: Yeah. Two hours into your fir… two hours.

Davin Reynolds: Two hours. First time I ever call.

Brent Daniels: Come on man.

Davin Reynolds: First time I ever call, man. Yeah.

Brent Daniels: Second door knock and then your second hour of calling in San Diego. Did you go… That’s the luckiest thing… You’re incredible.

Davin Reynolds: It’s crazy.

Brent Daniels: It’s incredible.

Davin Reynolds: It’s crazy.

Brent Daniels: Well, there’s a few things that I wanted to point out there that I think are so important that then people can take as instruction. When he told his story about this one, he kept using the word agreement. He did say the word contract a couple of times, but he said when he was talking to the client or talking to the seller that it is an agreement. I love that. Agreement is so much more digestible and less friction than contracts. Definitely use agreement. You also said “We’re buying homes in this area for around 475.” You didn’t say, “Hey I can give you 475.” You say we could buy homes in the area.
So it keeps the door open. It doesn’t close it on him fast, which allows the conversation to simmer a little bit. It lets it kind of open up. You know what I mean? And so she came back with the number. So some really, really, really smart things there. The other thing that you did was you kept your guns negotiating and you created what I call healthy tension when you were negotiating with the buyers, right? You were saying, “Hey listen, I want to give this to you. I like you guys, but I’ve got these other people interested. And if you could come to this price, we can make this happen. And how fast can you close?” And you got $7,500 nonrefundable earnest money.
Guys, if you have a deal, until they get their non-refundable earnest money into the title company or into the closing attorney, you do not have a deal. Okay? That is what’s going to secure them. That’s what tells you that they are serious buyers. So, that was absolutely phenomenal. So, just incredible, man. So wait a second. How old are you?

Davin Reynolds: I’m 25.

Brent Daniels: 25. And from your first two deals, what was the total? I know you made 36 but what… The first one was 73 the second one was 54?

Davin Reynolds: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: Woo. What is that? 127. 127,000 on your first two deals.

Davin Reynolds: Yeah, And it all happened within a month.

Brent Daniels: In a month.

Davin Reynolds: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: In a month. When did you start? You started in April?

Davin Reynolds: Well, when I started trying to wholesale?

Brent Daniels: Yeah.

Davin Reynolds: I’ve been trying to wholesale since last year. I’ve been-

Brent Daniels: When you were actually started to be proactive and go out and talk to people.

Davin Reynolds: Oh yeah. Yeah. April.

Brent Daniels: Woo man. It’s going to be a crazy… It’s going to be an absolute pleasure watching your career just take off, your business take off. I mean it’s going to be phenomenal.

Davin Reynolds: I appreciate that.

Brent Daniels: What’s your goal with all this? What’s your goal with wholesaling?

Davin Reynolds: I really want to have a wholesaling business where I can use it as a vehicle to then buy and hold. I want to buy and hold and just own my own assets and then go passive with that. So I definitely just want to keep doing deals, man. I love it. Now that I’m doing it, I really like… It’s a passion of mine. I get that competitive feeling, as if I was still playing football. So, I just, I love what I do.

Brent Daniels: Love you, man. Do you have some advice for anybody starting out? You know, there’s instruction that they get from this, but give them a little bit of mindset advice. Give them a little bit… just something to think about, like a sliver in their brain to think about when they’re starting out this business. How can they turn off all the other noise, stay focused, and really commit to it. What would you suggest?

Davin Reynolds: Honestly, I would just say if you’re just starting, man, and you, this is something you really want to do. You really got to have the mindset where you’re willing to risk it all. That’s the mindset that I had. I was like, “Well, it doesn’t matter how much debt I get in, but I’m going to make this happen.” You know what I mean? “Until I get where I want to be at.” I would say that to anybody that’s out there trying to do it. Just definitely stay consistent and you got to take action. You got to keep doing it. It’s going to be a lot of trials and tribulations throughout what you’re doing. But as long as you stay consistent and you’re ready to give it all on getting done what you need to get done. I think anybody can do this.

Brent Daniels: Awesome.

Davin Reynolds: Sure.

Brent Daniels: I love it. Davin, I appreciate it. You’re the man. Thank you for coming on here. Incredible. You’ve got the bell rung twice, man. That’s incredible. For anybody out there, guys, if you are looking to join the most proactive group, the most on offense group in real estate, you got to check out Check out the TTP program. Scroll down. Check out what it’s about. Check out all the testimonials. If you feel in your gut that it is right for you, then sign up for a call. We’d love to talk to you and I’d love to work with you personally. Until next time, guys around the country, around the world listening to this, listen. You can get a deal today. You can wake up. Somebody is going to sign a contract with somebody. Let that be you and I encourage you to talk to people. You guys are the best. See ya.

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