Posted on: July 08, 2019

Are you one of the many who thinks you have to be an expert and put in 40 hours each week to succeed in wholesaling? The wholesaling experience of today’s rockstar rhino will prove those two are nothing more than gross misconceptions!

Jason Whitsell is a fearless new rhino from Tennessee. Apart from the fact that he’s no wholesaling expert yet, he also has a full-time job. However, both factors have not been a hindrance to his wholesaling success. In fact, four months into his wholesaling business, he was not only able to find one deal but two!

Of course, Jason’s hard work coupled with his willingness to make massive imperfect actions has been rewarded handsomely. For starters, he was able to earn an impressive $22,500 on the first 2 deals he ever did. What’s even more amazing? He spent roughly 6 hours on both deals!

If you’re a new wholesaler who could use some motivation and inspiration, today’s episode is exactly what you’re looking for!

The Deal

  • Jason found his prospect from the equity list (owner occupied and absentee owner) he sent out direct mails to.
  • After scheduling an appointment with prospect over the phone, he went to see the property and built rapport.
  • Eventually, he was able to purchase the contract for $120,000.
  • While he marketed the property for only $132,000, he got an offer of $137,000. That’s a $17,500 reward for his willingness to fail his way forward and make massive imperfect actions!


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