Posted on: June 24, 2019

It’s safe to assume that those who are making a killing in the wholesaling world have mastered one very important role—that of a marketer. While marketing can seem complex, it is actually straightforward. And in today’s episode, you’ll discover the basics of marketing and the pivotal role it will play in your wholesaling success.

If you think your current marketing strategy can use a little polishing, today’s episode is for you. So get a pen and paper handy and be prepared to take down notes. While today’s episode is short, it is filled with so many marketing gold nuggets, you’ll have plenty to take note of!

Key Takeaways

  • What marketing is
  • What the primary purpose of marketing is
  • Why marketing should be consistent
  • How a VA can help you with your marketing
  • Why you should aim for high value marketing
  • The one thing that can kill a deal
  • Why speed of response is key
  • Why it’s crucial to just focus on one marketing channel


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Episode Transcription

Speaker 2: All right, everybody. Let’s talk about marketing and what works for motivated sellers to find more motivated sellers who are willing to sell their house at a discount. If you don’t know what wholesaling is, wholesaling is the art of consistently finding discounted properties.
If you can become good at finding discounted properties, you will become a multimillionaire. Whether you’re starting from zero, you have no experience, no money. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what your exit strategy is. If you’re a landlord or a rehabber or you’re going to assign the contractor, you’re going to buy the house and resell it quickly, it doesn’t matter.
Or even buy the house and keep it longterm or do owner financing. Every single good deal, whether you are Donald Trump or Robert Kiyosaki, it starts with a discounted property. So if you can get good at that, you’ll become a millionaire. That’s what wholesaling is all about.
So let’s talk about marketing. Marketing is the art of creating a sales event. That’s the only responsibility of marketing. So some people get confused with marketing verse branding. Branding has nothing to do with it. So when you think of your marketing, it should be producing the ability for you to make a sale.
And in our case that is the ability to have motivated sellers either contacting you or you contacting them. Let’s talk about why marketing works and how to get it to run without you, it’s going to be so simple. You’re going to love it.
So number one, marketing. The key with marketing is, it is consistent. That’s rule number one. All marketing must be happening consistently. Now know this, you are either an owner or an entrepreneur, you stink at marketing or what I should say is at least, you stink at marketing consistently. That’s not what you’re good at.
So what I would suggest is one of the very first hires you should have in your business, is somebody like a virtual assistant, who’s overseas, who could make sure that your marketing, whatever it is, direct mail, bandit signs, billboards, television, radio, Facebook, PPC, SEO, cold calling, direct mail. It doesn’t matter, is going out consistently.
It’s so important and life is so easy when you have a VA to do it for you. So number one is consistency. Every single week. If I owned your business, the only thing I want to know is how much marketing went out last week. That’s rule number one.
Rule number two, when it comes to marketing, is volume. High volume. When you think of marketing, go big or go home. If you’re doing direct mail, for instance, the guy or girl who’s sending out 500 postcards a week is always going to be outperformed by the guy or girl who’s sending out 5 000 postcards a week. That’s a fact because marketing is a numbers game. So number one is consistency. Number two is high volume.
Let’s talk about number three and that is response time. The only thing that can kill a motivated seller or a deal, any kind of deal, even if you’re a real estate agent or whatever you are, is a slow response. That’s what kills deals. If somebody calls and for instance, as a matter of fact, I was just on the phone with one of my mentors.
He had a property he didn’t really care about, he had to sell it quickly. He was out of town. He called for a real estate agent. Agent didn’t pick up, he hung up the phone. He called the next real estate agent on the phone, listed the property. So speed of response is absolutely key. So that’s three, right? Number one is consistency. Number two is high volume. Number three is response. Making sure you’re fast.
Let’s talk about number four. Number four is so important because if you have a conversation with someone who’s struggling in business or you have a conversation with somebody who’s doing really well in business, like a wholesaler who’s consistently making over $50 000 a month, you always get the same answer.
The person who’s struggling is always marketing in multiple channels simultaneously. They do a little bit of bandit signs, a little bit of Facebook, a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a whole lot of nothing, right? But here’s the deal. If you want to totally dominate your market, experience financial freedom and true wealth, dominate one channel.
What channel is the best channel? Whatever channel you think is the best channel. If you focus on that one channel, right? What does Mike Michalowicz teach us from The Pumpkin Plan? What does Gary Keller teach us from The One Thing? What does Scott Alexander teach us from Rhinoceros Success, right?
Charge at one thing, right? What does Daniel Lapin teach us from Business Secrets from the Bible, right? The art of specialization. One thing every great man and woman who has come before us has taught us the same lesson, focus and grow and concentrate on one thing. That is the secret to marketing.
So when it comes to marketing, number one, consistency. Number two, high volume. Number three is response time and number four is one channel. Pick one channel and totally dominate it and then delegate it so that it’s consistently producing a result and then go onto another channel. That is the key. So if you want to find motivated sellers, people who are motivated to sell their home at a discount, check that out for marketing. It is so key.
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