Posted on: June 13, 2019

Have you been listening to numerous episodes of our podcast yet you’re still unable to achieve the level of success you are looking for? Your current mindset might be getting in your way!

Fortunately, in today’s short but highly valuable episode, rockstar wholesaler and TTP guru Brent Daniels discussed the crucial role your mindset plays in your wholesaling success. He’ll also help you identify the kind of mindset you currently have.

More importantly however, Brent shared how you can make the most out of every video you watch, every podcast you listen to, and every interaction you have with successful people in the wholesaling world.

If you’re ready to see your wholesaling business explode massively, this is one episode you can’t afford to miss!

Key Takeaways

  • The difference between a fixed and growth mindset
  • The importance of writing down 3 things that you’ve learned and acting on them
  • Why it’s crucial to have the right mindset
  • Why you need to determine the importance of a task
  • Why providing value is key to your wholesaling success


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels: Rhino Tribe, this is Brent Daniels and this is going to be a quick little podcast today. It’s not going to be an interview. This is going to be more of a mindset podcast and I think this is really important. You know we work really, really hard. Cody, Tom and myself work really, really hard to make sure that this podcast is number one, that we’re giving the best instruction possible. Okay? Now with a lot of podcasts, or with every podcast or with every YouTube video, with everything, there’s three main things at play. Is it entertainment? Is it education? Is it instruction? And of course there’s some of that and mixed into all of the podcasts. But what is the backbone? What is the spine? What is really supporting this? What is the scaffolding of a great podcast or a podcast that that can get people great results?
And, and we truly believe, we came together and we truly believe that it is all about instruction. So with that, I want to challenge you on this podcast. I’m want to challenge you to think and be really honest with yourself. I want you to really, really look at yourself, when I ask this question and let me know what you think, or at least let yourself think about this. And be honest with your answer to yourself. Do you have a fixed or a growth mindset? And what I mean by that is, and we all have a combination of both of them, but are you fixed in your ways? Do you feel like you know the best way to be successful in this business? Or do you feel sometimes you hear something on these podcasts and you’re like, no, that won’t work or this won’t work because of that.
Or I tried that once and it didn’t work, therefore it never will work. Do you have a fixed mindset or do you have a growth mindset? Are you reading a lot of books? Are you putting a lot of positivity into your brain? And more than that, when you have this coachable attitude, when you have this coachable mindset, when you have this growth mindset, are you actually writing down things as you listen to podcasts or as you watch Youtube videos or as you go to networking events or seeing people speak, do you actually write down? Here’s something that read from a book, The Happiness Advantage, and I think it’s such a powerful tool that I literally just wanted to make this podcast about it, and share it with you. But in any situation where you have the opportunity to grow, challenge yourself.
Here’s the challenge of this podcast. Challenge yourself to write down three things that you learned. Or three things that you are going to take action on, most importantly, okay? If you write it down, if you’re going to take action on these things, if you’d make it a conscious effort that no matter what happens, whatever the speaker’s telling me, whatever this YouTube video is telling me, whatever this podcast is tell me. I’m going to find three things that either I didn’t know or that’s going to be a tool that I put in my tool box or it’s going to be some action that I’m going to take. There, I’m going to find three. I’m telling you, if you look for three, and am trying to prove this wrong, trust me, I’m trying to listen to things that I thought I would never get value out of.
And I always keep finding at least three things. If you look for it, you’re going to find it. So are you just, do you have that fixed mindset that says, you know what, I’ve heard this all before. This is all just some reiteration of things that I already knew or already heard. But what are you doing with it? I mean, I did the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge last year where I read 52 books, business books, mindset books, biographies, these things in 52 weeks. And honestly afterwards I felt like, Oh my gosh, these all are kind of mixing and melting together and they all kind of say the same things and I’m going to just take a break from reading, you know, a book a week for a while. And what I really found was doing that, it really affected my mindset.
All of a sudden I felt like I had a fixed mindset, that I knew from all these books and all these people that I get the fortune to be around and to network with. That I almost got this more fixed, more rigid mindset and it was not great. You know, just internally. I mean, it didn’t negative effectively affect my business. It didn’t negatively effect my relationships. But I could just feel it internally like a little bit of my brain was not firing at all cylinders. There wasn’t the positivity. I mean it’s always positive, but there wasn’t the same level that I had when I wanted to have a growth mindset. So I think it’s very, very important. Any podcast, any book, anytime you’re reading a book, any chapter in a book, anytime that you’re networking with somebody or you’re having a conversation with somebody, what’s three things that you can learn or take from that? And actually write it down.
That’s the first thing. Second thing I want to talk about is this. It’s a line in the book, it’s a quote in the book, from The Happiness Advantage, and it says the mental construction of our daily activities, more than the activity itself, defines our reality. Now listen, I probably read that goofy or didn’t hit the right pronunciation or whatever else, but let me read it again and I’ll kind of explain. The mental construction of our daily activities, more than the activity itself, defines our reality. What does that mean? What that means is, when you pick up the phone, OK. When you know that you can be proactive and you can pick up the phone, and by the way you have a list of distressed property owners that you can talk to. You have their accurate phone numbers and you’re making your calls.
That activity of picking up the phone and calling them, is it different when you say, Oh, I gotta to make these calls. I hope I don’t get rejected, I hope I don’t go through, I hope people don’t get mad at me. Or do you have the mental construction that says, I get the opportunity to find somebody, to speak to somebody today that is in such distress, that is so stressed out about their property that I can help them. I can take that weight off their shoulders. I’m the luckiest person to be able to do this. This is absolutely phenomenal. An example in the book when they talk about a janitor can be like, Oh, I got to clean up everybody’s mess. Or a janitor can be like, I, I get the opportunity to make this whole area hygienic for children and families and people don’t get sick because I do my job.
There’s a huge difference there. There’s an unbelievably huge difference there in the mental construction of both of those. I mean we get, I get it all the time. Brent, I don’t do lead follow up. Even with my own business, why didn’t the task get done for lead follow up? Oh, this, this, and this happened. Or you know what? I’m not doing enough lead followup that I need to to be successful. Well, you have the opportunity. I think that if you feel like it’s a burden instead of a blessing, it’s always going to be difficult to do. But if you change that mental construction inside your mind that says, I have the opportunity to talk to people every single day in this beautiful country of ours, and with the freedoms that we have, to provide a solution for distressed property owners in my community every single day.
That is a whole day. You’re going to look at your day, your daily schedule, your daily tasks, completely different. And when you look at those tasks, ask this question. What is the purpose of this task? What result does it lead to? If the purpose of the task is Brent, I want to get deals to make money so that I could buy assets so that I have passive cashflow so that I could surf all day, or I could go in the woods, I can make canoes, I can do whatever it is. I could just not have to worry about money. I get the freedom to do whatever. That’s great, but that’s not what’s going to make you successful. OK? The end result of the tasks that you do, where that leads to, is you provide value to somebody in your marketplace, your community that needs it. That’s it.
Our income is equal to the amount of value we provide to the marketplace. Just like on page 13 of the Go-Giver, it says there is nothing wrong with making money. Lots of it, in fact. It’s just not a goal that will make you successful. Because the goal should always be to provide value. Pulling it back, that goes back to the mental construction of our daily activities. Are we so excited? Do we feel fortunate? Do we feel lucky? Do we have that fire, that enthusiasm, that absolute passion to wake up every single day knowing that we can go out there and help somebody that’s seriously in distress or seriously just wants to get a burden that they have been carrying off of their back. Really, I mean that’s what this whole business is about. That’s what wholesaling is. That’s what finding and sourcing opportunities is all about.
We have quality conversations with distressed property owners. That’s the key to the whole business, that’s the key to it. And so when we’re thinking about the way that we’re running our business, the tasks that we have every day, don’t think of it that I have to pick up the phone and I have to make two, three hours of calls. Think about it as the opportunity, you have that beautiful opportunity to talk to somebody today that would have never called you on marketing that would have never been referred to you. But you have their number, you have their address, you have the time and the ability and the skills and your personality, to help these people out and you go out there and you do it every single day. Do you have a fixed or a growth mindset? Are you going to write down three things that you learned from every podcast, YouTube, speech, conversation, networking.
Are you going to grow, grow with me here guys, take this challenge. Let’s do this together. I know that as the Rhino Tribe, we are progress, not perfection. We are going forward, we are growth minded. So, let’s all focus here. Basically to end this podcast right now. I just want to give you a little bit of fire for this week. I want to give you a little bit of fire for today. I want to give you a little bit of fire. I’ll challenge, just this challenge right here that every time you have the opportunity to learn something, you write three things down and watch your mind and your business and your life just absolutely explode with positivity. You guys are the absolute best. If you’re interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate, please go to That’s
Check out the page, check out what it’s all about. Check out all the testimonials and if it’s something that you feel is the right fit in your gut, you feel that kind of nervous energy when you read and you see that stuff, sign up for a call. It will be the best call. I really look forward to working with you personally. All of my students work with me personally. They have my phone number, they have my ear, they have my attention and I love it. So anyway, other than that, if anything else, I hope you wrote down three things from this podcast. I love you all and I encourage you to talk to people. Till next time guys, see ya.

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