Episode 280: How to Fund ANY Deal with Mike Zlotnick

Are you a seasoned real estate investor and wholesaler who’s ready to take your business to the next level? If so, consider yourself lucky because in this episode, Tom talked to one of the rockstars in the real estate world. And you have front row seats!

Mike Zlotnik is a long-term investor who has a passion for real estate. He has also been a real estate debt and equity investor since 2000. In 2009, Mike joined Tempo Funding, LLC as a managing partner. At the same time, he was also Tempo Funding’s vice president of funding operations.

In January of 2014, Mike became Tempo Funding’s CEO. Under his guidance and leadership, the company saw massive transformation and growth and delivered strong returns to their fund investors.

Mike is also a member of investor and real estate mastermind groups including Venture Alliance, CA Investors, Freedom Founders, and Collective Genius.

If you are ready to scale your business big time, consider listening to today’s episode a must!

Key Takeaways

  • What hard money lending is
  • What the benefits and pitfalls are of hard money lending
  • How to find hard money lenders
  • What hard money lenders are looking for
  • Typical fees and expenses
  • What “skin in the game” is
  • The the typical length of a loan is
  • What the point system is in hard money lending
  • What wholetailing is
  • Where new wholesalers can find hard money lenders to work with


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