Posted on: June 03, 2019

If you think you need to be an expert to succeed in wholesaling, think again! One of the many amazing things about wholesaling is you don’t need to know everything about it to succeed. If anything, you just have to be courageous enough to get into it and make massive imperfect actions each and every time. And the wholesaling success story of today’s guest is a testament to this.

John Harcar is a thriving rhino from Las Vegas, Nevada. Just like most people, John was no wholesaling expert when he first started. What he lacked in wholesaling knowledge and experience however, he made up for in his willingness to learn from the experts and take massive imperfect actions.

As expected, his courage to take massive imperfect actions and go after what he wants (even at the risk of committing mistakes or failing) has paid off lucratively! Nowadays, John has been doing deals consistently and is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve his wholesaling business.

If you’re looking for that courage to finally get into wholesaling, today’s story might just provide the much needed inspiration for you to finally take that leap!

Key Takeaways

  • How he got into wholesaling
  • What his real life experience was like when he started cold calling
  • What his business looks like now
  • What he’s consistently doing
  • Recent deal he found through texting
  • What he’ll do differently if he has to start all over again
  • Game-changing book he recommends


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