Posted on: May 30, 2019

Have you been running a business that takes so much from you yet yields very little in terms of revenue? About time you get into wholesaling! If you aren’t fully sold out on the idea yet, the heartwarming wholesaling journey of today’s guest should be enough to convince you to give wholesaling a try!

Bill Lookabaugh is a new rhino from Sisters, Oregon. After experiencing entrepreneurial burnout, he decided to join the police force. While training at the police academy, he listened to podcasts while driving and discovered wholesaling by chance.

Just like most people, Bill didn’t think wholesaling was a real possibility until he closed his first ever deal and earned close to $20,000 in assignment fee. What’s even more mind-blowing? He only spent a total of 6 hours working on the deal!

If you think wholesaling is not a possibility for you and you can’t make it happen, today’s episode is exactly what you need to hear! Bill’s inspiring wholesaling journey will give you a glimpse into the many amazing ways wholesaling can change your life and why it is one of the most lucrative avenues to achieve financial freedom today!

Key Takeaways

  • How he found his first ever deal and how he made it happen
  • Why building a referral network of real estate agents in your market is key
  • How he currently runs his wholesaling business
  • Sample of a good wholetail deal he did
  • What a wholetail deal is
  • What he thinks the biggest and the best cash buyer’s list is
  • Number of hours a day he spends making calls
  • How he stays focused and consistent
  • An incident that threw him off his game temporarily
  • The biggest instruction he can give to those who are starting out
  • Why he stopped reading sales books
  • The biggest takeaway he got from a conversation he had with Cody Hofhine


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