Posted on: May 20, 2019

While the saying “two heads are better than one” sounds cliche, it works very well when it comes to wholesaling. And the story of our two rockstar guests today is solid proof!

Mason and Travis are business partners and wholesaling newbies. However, even if they’re still both trying to find their way around, the two rockstar rhinos are currently killing it in the wholesaling world. In fact, they’ve already found a total of 7 deals in just 6 months. What’s even more amazing? They are poised to earn a little over $70,000 for those deals!

The story of the two is something many wholesalers are quite familiar with. In a way, both are looking for something that’s fulfilling both monetarily and spiritually. After discovering wholesaling is the best option they have, they took massive imperfect actions, and the rest they say is history.

If you are looking for some much-needed inspiration to get your wholesaling efforts off to an amazing start, today’s episode would be perfect for you!

The Deal

  • Mason and Travis got their lead from consistently putting out bandit signs.
  • After talking to the seller, they realized he needed help moving out.
  • Ever ready to serve, the two got creative and helped seller out with his predicament.
  • After all has been said and done, they were able to secure the contract for $96,000, sold it for $111,000, and earned $15,000! Definitely a massive reward for the help and exceptional service they have provided.


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