Posted on: May 16, 2019

If you’re new to wholesaling and you’re struggling to find or close those deals, you’re in luck. Today’s guest is a seasoned and very successful real estate investor who has extensive experience in real estate investing, fixing and flipping, managing properties, brokering, wholesaling, and even coaching. And he generously shared many of the proven tips and tactics that has helped him make a mark in the highly competitive world of real estate and wholesaling in today’s episode!

David Dodge has been a real estate investor for 10 years now. He has also been doing wholesaling full-time for a total of 4 years. David is also the co-owner of Discount Property Investor and House Sold Easy. He is also the co-author of “The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate: Learn How to Buy Properties at a Discount,” a book that guides wholesalers and provides them with a wide range of tactics and tools to help them be successful in wholesaling.

Regardless if you’re a seasoned wholesaler or a cautious newbie still trying to find your way around, you’ll surely benefit greatly from today’s episode. So get your pen and paper handy as you’ll have plenty of wholesaling gold nuggets to take note of in this episode!

Key Takeaways

  • Why wholesaling is a means to an end for him
  • The reason he got into wholesaling
  • Why you make your money when you buy
  • The difference between fishing and hunting for leads
  • Marketing he uses to effectively keep good quality conversations coming in
  • Why he does a lot of AdWords
  • Where 50 percent of his pay-per-click leads come from
  • The number of leads he gets from his radio show and ads
  • How quickly he responds to leads
  • Who handles leads they get from their radio ads
  • Why he refers to his employees as partners
  • What they use when they do cold calls
  • Why it’s important to also cold call property managers
  • What the Rule of Five is and how it works
  • Why he believes in progress over perfection
  • Examples of two lucrative deals he did
  • His advice to people who are new to wholesaling and are struggling
  • Why it should be the buyers who determines the value of the property


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