Episode 272: How to CRUSH IT in New York with Billy Alvaro

Aside from California, New York is another state many wholesalers find incredibly challenging. For starters, competition in New York is very fierce. However, one person is totally crushing New York’s real estate market and he’s here to tell us how to duplicate his success!

If there’s anyone who knows how to rise from adversity, it’s Billy Alvaro. After finding himself $14 million in debt, he was able to bring himself back to solid ground in just a short amount of time thanks to his real estate investing and marketing prowess.

Over the years, the visionary, serial entrepreneur, and practitioner of the Law of Increase has built numerous organizations and has been involved in over 11,700 real estate transactions. He also owns Easy Sell Fast Cash House Buyers and is the Chief Wealth Creator at Max Returns LLC.

For those who want to crush the New York market (or any wholesaling market for that matter), today’s episode is something you can’t afford to miss. Billy generously and candidly shared many gold nuggets that has helped him dominate the New York market with ease.

Have a pen and ready and be sure to take down notes. Who knows, it might only be a matter of time until you’ll generate almost a million dollars in revenue every quarter, just like Billy!

Key Takeaways

  • Unique challenges wholesalers are likely to encounter in New York
  • How to effectively manage possible objections attorney’s might bring up
  • The importance of going through all the potential “deal killers”
  • What a stick call is
  • Why you need to set expectations and have the seller fully understand the process
  • Their typical exit strategies
  • His recommendation to those wholesalers who are starting out in New York
  • Why it pays to have a fresh and massive buyer’s list
  • The importance of knowing your key performance indicators or KPIs
  • Why constantly improving your sales skills is key
  • Books he recommends that can make a difference


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