Posted on: April 11, 2019

Is it possible to work full-time and still earn huge money doing wholesaling on the side? For a dedicated and passionate wholesaler like Alfredo Elias it is. And he has a $69,000 cheque to prove it!

While only 27, Alfredo has achieved something really impressive—work full-time in the military and build his wholesaling business at the same time. After looking for passive income opportunities, Alfredo discovered real estate (and eventually wholesaling) and fell in love with it.

While he had certain assumptions about wholesaling (not to mention a chosen path in mind) when he first started, he made a 180 change after picking Brent’s brain. His dedication to learning, his willingness to fail his way forward, and Brent’s expert help and guidance has made a world of difference for him.

If you are one of the many who would like to give wholesaling a try, Alfredo’s inspiring story will surely resonate with you. If anything, his wholesaling journey is a testament that as long as you are committed, you’ll surely succeed and even get paid handsomely for your service!

The Deal

  • Alfredo found his seller from the tax delinquent list.
  • After talking to the homeowner, he was able to purchase the contract for $318,000.
  • He listed the property for $397,000 and got 4 offers that are above the asking price.
  • After all was said and done, he was able to earn a whopping $69,000 from the deal. Not bad for someone who only wholesales on the side!


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Episode Transcription

Speaker 2: Right. Hey everybody. It is Brent Daniels. Welcome to the Wholesaling Inc podcast, the world planet earth number one podcast when it comes to wholesaling real estate. Thank you so much for listening. Our listeners are the absolute best we hear from you guys all the time with positive feedback telling us that you are listening to these podcasts. You are taking some of these interviews that we have with amazing wholesalers from around the country, and you are most importantly taking action and implementing what you are hearing. Now, today, it is it is a rare opportunity that I get to interview somebody that is an active in the military, an active air force. A, what would that be as a, the servicemen? What? What are you called? A Alfredo.

Alfredo Elias: It’s an airman.

Speaker 2: An airman, yeah. I mean it’s just, this is what this is about. This is what wholesaling’s about. This is the opportunity. He is actively in the military and he’s building his wholesaling business while he is in the air force. This is just so incredible. I can’t wait to share this and ask him questions and for him to share his story with everybody on this podcast because I think it’s going to resonate with a lot of people out there, especially if you are in, in military service. If you’re a firefighter, if you’re a police officer, if you’re a teacher, if you’re, if you’ve got a full time job, that takes a lot and it’s difficult for you to always be on call with this wholesaling business. This is going to hit home with you. So without further ado, I want introduce Mr. Alfredo Elias.

Alfredo Elias: There you go. Yeah, Elias.

Speaker 2: Elias, there it is. Okay. Sorry. Elias, so Alfredo say hello to everybody and give them a little bit about you. Give them a little bit about your background.

Alfredo Elias: Hey, hey everyone. My name is Alfredo, like the sauce. I am active in the military. Been serving for about a little bit over five years. I’m an engineer, and I’ve been very fascinated about real estate for the last two years.

Speaker 2: That’s awesome. And where did you grow up?

Alfredo Elias: I grew up in Puerto Rico.

Speaker 2: Puerto Rico. And how old are you?

Alfredo Elias: I am 27 years old now.

Speaker 2: 27, a young man it at this. I love it. So from Puerto Rico you get into the military service five years ago, right? When did you, what brought you into this beautiful world of real estate?

Alfredo Elias: So to be very, very short story here, I was going to get out of the military after my first four years and just go take all my money and just go travel the world. I wasn’t very comfortable with the idea of not creating, you know, eventually the money was going to run out. So I started looking into passive methods of, of income. I stumbled into real estate, explored different venues of real estate and there was no doubt in my mind that wholesaling was the way to go as far as a building capital goes, building capital very quickly.

Speaker 2: Awesome. Awesome. So did you read something? Did something, did you have a mentor? Did you have an uncle? Did you have, you know, somebody that you knew and the service that was doing it? Like what, what brought you to it? You know what I mean? Like what was like the spark?

Alfredo Elias: Well, I, I did, I was in acquaintance, but this guy that he had been doing real estate and he was doing very well for himself. He just kind of mentioned it to me on the, on the side just, “hey, just go read this risk that for that book”. I had read one book in my entire life. This is very embarrassing. One book in my whole life. I read this risk, [inaudible 00:04:56] for that in like two days. And in the past two years I’ve probably read about 60 to 70 books, real estate and business. So that’s, that’s kind of how it’s gone. I’ve just became very passionate about it.

Speaker 2: I love it. I know it was, it was like the same thing. It’s like after you read that book, for some people it just, you’re just different. You know, you can’t, you can’t look at jobs or working for somebody or being an employee anymore. You know what I mean? And obviously you’ve had your commitment to the service and you’re still doing that and going with that and you enjoy it. You love what you do. But on the flip side, you know, you want to be building the assets, you want to be building big piles of cash to be able to support purchasing a lot of assets, which wholesaling is, wholesaling is not real estate investing. Let’s get into the, I mean that is a fact. Wholesaling is the bridge that gets you to buy those assets. So, it it that’s awesome man. So when did you start getting into the wholesaling business?

Alfredo Elias: So I’ve been doing it very, very inconsistently for about a year. So I would send out one mailing batch and I was like, man, this doesn’t work. Like I, I, I got like two responses so fully started doing it in December of 2018 so about four months ago.

Speaker 2: Awesome. Awesome. And what, what is really fortunate is Alfredo is part of my TTP program and some of the people in the program take advantage. Every Friday I open up my office to the opportunity to come into town and spend the day with me and really look at what’s going on, sit down, make a plan. So it’s been really, really incredible. But he came in on fire because he already had a couple of deals going. He’s got a pipeline going. Like it was just, it was phenomenal spending the time with you. He asked a lot of questions. He picked the brains of all of my people here in my office and I think, you know what, what did you get out of that experience?

Alfredo Elias: Just to see how the actual, I got way more out of it than I thought I would. Right. I, I came into it just thinking I was going to get to see how the business works and see how maybe I can implement that in the future. I obviously got that, but I got way more from it. From picking the brains of your color, for example. That was, I mean that was priceless. Obviously picking your brain and, and looking at it from a business perspective, cause I had, I hadn’t made certain assumptions about the business and, and I had a certain path that I had in mind and after talking to you and that, that path changed almost a 180 change on the path I was heading. And I, I honestly feel like that saved me thousands of dollars over.

Speaker 2: Well, let’s talk about it. So Alfredo came into town and he had a full, I mean, he closed his, is it your first deal?

Alfredo Elias: First and second deal?

Speaker 2: Okay, well let’s, let’s not let, let, let’s build some suspense here. It’s a big deal. His first deal is like one of those deals that, you know, it’s just, it’s going to spoil him for the rest of his career. Okay. But he had plans for what to do with the funds, and his plans were to get a staff to get a lot of things going, to try different marketing channels to turn and try to get other people involved in it and I said, you know, the advice that I gave was Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. You need to save. How much of the, how much of the check did I tell you without saying how much you made, how much of the check did I say you need to put away for you?

Alfredo Elias: I think you said about fifty.

Speaker 2: Fifty thousand right? That’s right. Yeah, exactly. And all this, this’ll be all clear as we get going in this conversation, but I said put fifty away. Imagine that this is all you made on this deal. This is what you have to invest back into your business because at this point Alfredo didn’t have, here’s the thing, when you want to hire on an acquisition manager, when you want to get a disposition manager, when you want to get a VA, when you want to grow the business, you need to have the leads in place coming into you on a regular basis because you are financially responsible for all of them. They don’t work for you, you work for them, and it’s a totally different thing. So you know as you get your first two big checks coming in, you want to guard that money so that you know that you’re not just throwing it out there and hoping that it works, but that you’re building up your business systems and getting it to the place where you’ve got your pipeline so full of leads that you can’t possibly take care of any more of them.
That’s when you start bringing on people, because you are in the role of Rainmaker, you’re the Rainmaker, right?

Alfredo Elias: Yeah, absolutely.

Speaker 2: Yeah. So we pulled it back, we looked at it and he will be there, but he’s going to take a little bit longer to do that. He’s going to get some more deals in that he’s doing, and it’s going to be just way he’s going to save so much money. The only reason I know this is because I’ve lost so much money doing this over and over and over for the last, I mean, I’ve been doing this for fifteen years. So you know, I, I have some experience there, so I just want to avoid that. So first of all, if you’ll sit up just a little bit so we can see if you’re watching this on YouTube, you can see is wearing the beautiful TTP shirt, [crosstalk 00:09:57] the classic TTP. That’s awesome. And if you guys want to see this, remember like 70% of communication is physical. So if you want to see this interview, go to the Brent Daniels real estate coach on YouTube, check it out, subscribe and got some great stuff on there. Poke around, you’ll get some great value. But let’s get back to Alfredo here.
So when did you start making calls and are you making the calls? Is somebody else making the calls? Like let’s break down your current business?

Alfredo Elias: Yes, basically I was going through the, through the program as soon as I got, as soon as I got to the part with the actual spirit, which I think is like the third or fourth module or something like that, I’m pretty sure I’m started that same day.

Speaker 2: Awesome.

Alfredo Elias: If not, if it wasn’t that same day, it was the next day, that evening after work and yeah, I mean, dude, I’m telling you the first hour I was on the phone, I got it a deal.(laughing) off on the first hour. It was crazy.

Speaker 2: Yep. Yeah. So let’s talk about it. What lists were you calling? What did you start with?

Alfredo Elias: So I was actually, I was actually kind of doing my own thing before I joined this program.

Speaker 2: Sure.

Alfredo Elias: So I just so happen to have a foreclosure list in front of me. I know, you know, some people don’t think it’s a very hot list, so I was like, well, I’ll start out with the scrubs. I’ll, I’ll practice with the scrubs and then work my way to the better list. So I called the foreclosure list and I call this lady and I said, yeah, I mean, would you consider an offer on your property there? And she turned around and said, “Well, I can’t because the bank is taking the house from me in two weeks”. [crosstalk 00:11:30] My jaw almost hit the ground. I was like, like, I need you to understand like that this is why I’m here. This is why I’m reaching out. And, and yeah, we were able to help her avoid foreclosure. She had two kids, so we, we definitely helped them out. Moved out with some pocket in there cash. But yeah, it worked out.

Speaker 2: Awesome. So that was in your first hour of calling?

Alfredo Elias: First hour of the call.

Speaker 2: (laughing) Isn’t it, I mean, listen guys, if you’re listening, you’re listening to this and you’d think if you just call for one hour, you’re going to make you know, ten thousand, twenty thousand, thirty thousand, it’s not that often that that happens, but it does happen. You know what, what is guaranteed? What’s guaranteed is if you make no calls, you don’t get those opportunities. You don’t.

Alfredo Elias: Shooters shoot, baby shooters shoot.

Speaker 2: That’s it. That’s it. So from there, well let’s go to this. How do you, I think a question that maybe somebody’s thinking is, how do you have the time and how do you schedule it so that you’re making cold calls while you’re an air force engineer?

Alfredo Elias: Yeah, it’s a, it’s pretty tough.

Speaker 2: Yeah, be honest. It’s like tell us, tell us the, tell us the tough parts about this. I want this to not be like Rose colored.

Alfredo Elias: Sure. No. So I get home most days I get home about five o’clock, let’s call it 5:00 PM so I don’t really want to call too late. So I think the latest I’ve called is til about 7:00 PM cause you know, it’s dinner time and all that. And then in the weekends, as much as I love snowboarding, I, I’m, I love snowboarding man. But I’ve, I’ve cut out on a bunch of weekends to go out to the slopes, just stay here and cold call people all day on a, on a Saturday and a Sunday. So that’s kind of what I’m doing right now. I am in the process of, of hiring a cold caller.

Speaker 2: I love it. I love it. I mean it’s huge. I mean you’re, you’re going to work all day, you’re coming back and then you’re making calls. I mean, it’s an inspiration for anybody that’s got a full time job or, or maybe they’ve got, you know, maybe they’re a stay at home parent, you know what I mean? And they’ve got opportunities here and there when the kids are at school or doing some activity or whatever else that they can squeak it in. But the fact is it’s not time management, it’s priority management. Right? Like you find those times because you make it a priority. Could you prioritize snowboarding? Absolutely. Could you prioritize not making the calls in the, in the evening? Absolutely. There’s probably days that you go through that. I get that there’s probably days that you’d go through that and you still push through and you get it going and you still make, I mean, you still stay committed to doing it and that’s incredible. I mean, you’re such a, I mean, I’m thinking of myself. I’ve, I’ve been a real estate for so long. My day was always around real estate. I couldn’t even imagine going to a job, doing that all day long and then coming home and making calls. I probably wouldn’t do it now I’m just being like, like self-awareness here. I probably wouldn’t have done it. I mean, you’re incredible dude.

Alfredo Elias: No, I appreciate that, man. I appreciate that. I am, I am planning on punching out once my commitments up at the end of the year and fully dedicate to real estate or close down.

Speaker 2: And now, yeah. Can you imagine having a full day to do it?

Alfredo Elias: Oh, I can’t wait. I can’t wait.

Speaker 2: Oh, because we had this discussion. Why not send out mail or pay-per-click or do that? Why do, why do cold calls? Why, why does that work for you?

Alfredo Elias: Again, it’s just like the, it’s just a proactive way, you know? I can, mail can go, can go either way. Right. You can send out five thousand dollars a mail and not hear back at all. Does it work? Yes, it absolutely works, but I, I’d rather have it in my control and talk to people directly. On top of that. I got a call one day from a mailer, a foreclosure and the guy said, “Yeah, I called you, I don’t know why I called you, but like, here’s my stack of mail and I haven’t called any of these people back”. So it’s one of those things that if you’re calling people, you’re automatically way ahead of the competition. And in my my opinion,

Speaker 2: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. How would you even be able to answer the, I mean, can you get on your cell phone when you’re working?

Alfredo Elias: No, no, I can’t. I can’t have my cell phone at work. So its challenging.

Speaker 2: Yeah. So if somebody mailed you a [inaudible], and this is very common, I have some unbelievable students that are active in the military that they just can’t, they, they love this business. They love the idea of making big, you know, checks outside of what their responsibilities are with, with the military, but they can’t have access to their phone for forty hours, like during weekday hours. You know what I mean? Like it’s impossible.

Alfredo Elias: Yeah, no, absolutely. I’m there.

Speaker 2: And they’re like so frustrated because there were, you know, if they send out mail they can’t and then they get calls back, they can’t answer them and then they’ll just call the next one or if it’s a paper, I mean it’s just a whole thing. I mean I think it’s definitely the best option. I think if you can’t get access to your cell phone because you get to have the conversation on your schedule, you’ll get to you, you’re talking to these people. So it’s phenomenal. So let’s talk about this big, this massive deal that you just did. Massive, massive deal. So let’s break it. Tell me about it. Come on.

Alfredo Elias: All right. So I heard Tom make a big sometime pro make a big fuss out of the tax selling point list. So I finally, you know, went the extra five steps to get it from my county. I did have some VAs do a lot of legwork to, to get that list. Ricky tick, good to go. And yeah, once I had that I, this was kind of an accident, so I sent out the postcard via the website. Right. And I hadn’t sent the postcard yet to the people that were going to go to tax sale this year.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Alfredo Elias: I sent that a yellow letter. I have this like format that I kind of created where they’re printed out in a, in ink as if you’re writing it, same with the envelope. So I stuffed about a hundred envelopes or something like that. Then I, I saw, I got to the module with the postcards and the Wholesaling Inc one so I just sent out a bunch of postcards as well to that list and all the rest of the tax lists. So it turns out she calls me, I don’t pick up right because I can’t really have my phone. I call her back and she said that the reason why she called me was because she got multiple, multiple mailings in a row, which I thought was kind of interesting.

Speaker 2: Interesting.

Alfredo Elias: So yeah, here’s the situation. Her mother and her son both lived in the property. She lives out of state. She does not talk to her mother or her son. They don’t talk to each other, they don’t have a good relationship. So I basically explained to her that, Hey, I’m going to put everything on a silver platter for you. We’re not going to kick them out in the street. I’m going to help them move. I’m going to help them find a place. I’m going to do all the coordination. You don’t even have to talk to them like I’m going to take care of everything. And she kind of gave me what her bottom was. I did a little bit of negotiation and negotiated a good price for it.

Speaker 2: So what price did you negotiate?

Alfredo Elias: Over all? It ended up being 318. Three one eight.

Speaker 2: 318,000?

Alfredo Elias: Yes.

Speaker 2: Okay. And this is in Colorado Springs?

Alfredo Elias: Yes. And it’s a, it’s a city called Monument. It’s right next to Colorado Springs.

Speaker 2: Okay. And with this property, you then, you put it under contract. What’d you do to sell it? What’d you do to blast it out to give it to your buyers?

Alfredo Elias: So I, I sent out the email. Right. But I also, I, I’ve been taking a lot of Wednesdays off to go to the option to meet the big, the big players, shake hands, rub some elbows. So I started handing out flyers in the auction for this property. I got yelled at, cause I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to hand out flyers. So then I started passing them out outside of the auction.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Alfredo Elias: And this guy with a big company, he called me, he said he was interested. I also blasted out an email and yeah, that’s, that’s kind of how I marketed it. And, and then we had our inspection. I sent it two hours by chin again, took the day off to do that.

Speaker 2: And how’d you do?

Alfredo Elias: So a listing price. I will add a caveat. I had to pay a 14 the way I structured it, it was just weird. I paid 14,000 dollars in liens. So whatever price I tell you, subtract 14 but yeah, so I, I listed it for 397 which would have been a home run. I got four offers all over asking price. I think the winner came in at 410.

Speaker 2: Four hundred ten and what’d you lock it up at?

Alfredo Elias: I locked it up at 318.

Speaker 2: And what did you net on it? Like what was the check that you received for you to put into your personal bank account? What would, how much was that check?

Alfredo Elias: Yeah, so the, the check came out to, I’m going to add another caveat before I go into that. So I did pay out of pocket before we close for the move for the residents to move out. And that was about nine grand. But I did get a gross check of a 78,000 dollars.

Speaker 2: So you netted how much?

Alfredo Elias: 69,000 dollars.

Speaker 2: 69,000 dollars.

Alfredo Elias: Yep.

Speaker 2: Incredible. How’d it feel?

Alfredo Elias: I feel pretty good man. Like I, I’ve almost met my salary for the whole year for the military. So it’s, it’s crazy. It’s insane.

Speaker 2: It is insane. Tell me and tell me. So after that, so here’s the biggest problem that people have. Our biggest, not problem, but the biggest challenge that they have is after they get a big check, then they take their foot off the gas a little bit and they chill a little bit and they don’t start every day at zero and they don’t go. You know what I mean? Like what are you doing to prevent yourself from not getting complacent?

Alfredo Elias: Yeah, so I, I just got a hold probably 15,000 to 20,000 lists of names. A lot of which are pretty hot lists. And again, like I said, I’m, I’m in the process of hiring that caller. I should have him locked in this week. He should start making calls for me and I’ve, I’ve sent out a bunch of mail and again, in my off time I’m, I’m making calls. I’m so, you know, trying to have the, the throttle full speed. So.

Speaker 2: Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. And do you have any other deals in the pipeline? Anything else that you’re closing? Anything going?

Alfredo Elias: Yeah, so we do have another, we do have another land deal. I do have another one from TTP. I was going to be another big one. I think that’s going to end up falling through and that’s pretty much all I have in the actual pipeline. There’s a few hot leads here and there, but I’m not calling it deals yet.

Speaker 2: Got it, got it. Awesome man. Well it’s just incredible. I mean it’s just taken action. I find it really strange. You know, I find it really strange for everybody that doesn’t do wholesaling. Like you know, you ever talked to like somebody that’s like, you know, friends that you knew from high school or people you went to college with or people in the military probably when you start talking to them about wholesaling and their eyes, like just like gloss over and you lost them and you know what I mean? It’s just a very special, that’s what I think that the audience of this podcast is very special. The fact that they’re even listening to us right now is incredible. Something in them has stirred that. They say, Oh my gosh, this is an opportunity. I can do this. This guy’s in the military and he’s, and he’s still getting a 69,000 dollar check.
That’s life changing for people. You know what I mean? That’s absolutely life changing. I mean, not only that, but it changes I think, and maybe it’s science, I don’t know, but I really think it changes the synapses and the chemistry in your brain. You know what I mean? Once you see 69,000 dollar check for something that you, that’s just you. There’s no, you don’t have massive overhead. You don’t have like 15 other people you’ve got to pay out on this. You don’t have a business partner that you have to give half of it to. That’s your money. Awesome. It is. Awesome. So first give some advice to anybody that is active in the military right now that is listening, that is considering wholesaling. What would you say to them?

Alfredo Elias: Yeah, I mean it’s a, it’s definitely possible. Yeah. Again, just, it just takes a little bit of sacrifice, especially on your days off on your weekends, especially if your work were shifts that may even benefit you if you work on night shifts or something like that. So it’s, it’s definitely possible. Very doable. And I definitely encourage you to do so and I encourage you to reach out if you have any, any specific questions.

Speaker 2: How do they get ahold of you?

Alfredo Elias: I’m on, I’m on the Facebook a Wholesaling Inc group and I’m on the TTP group, so I think the Wholesaling Inc one is a, is a public group, so feel free to, you know, shoot me a message or send me a friend request or something.

Speaker 2: Spell your last name for him.

Alfredo Elias: It’s a E. L. I. A. S. Echo, Lima, India, Alpha, Sierra on Facebook. I’m actually a Alfredo and then my middle name is Paolo. It’s P. A. O. L. O. So that’s how I’m on Facebook.

Speaker 2: Got it. Reach out to them guys. Send them a DM. First of all, thank you for your service and thank you for being on this podcast and really, really incredible. Just an inspiration. You’re incredible. You look good in that TTP shirt. You’re the man loves spending time with you and when you were in town, everybody else out there listening. Again, I encourage you to watch this, this podcast interview at YouTube on YouTube at Brent Daniels real estate coach. Check that out. Also, if you are ready to join the most proactive group in real estate, just like Alfredo, then go to I’d love to mentor you personally and have you up on the 19th floor in my office in downtown Phoenix and spend the day with you. It is incredible working with all these wonderful people around the country, so it is a, it is a true blessing. So other than that, Alfredo, thank you. You are the man. I encourage everybody to talk to people. Love it. Until next time. See ya.

Alfredo Elias: I appreciate it. Have a good one.

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