Episode 258: How a Rockstar Rhino Was Able to Do 15 Deals in a Year

In today’s show, we brought back a rockstar rhino who has graced the show over a year ago. What has happened since the first time he closed his first ever deal? Steve Leigh, our rockstar wholesaler from Dayton, Ohio gave us an update into how his wholesaling adventure has been like since he first started.

While Steve is now consistently making a killing in the wholesaling space, his journey has not been all bliss. Just like many wholesalers, he’s had his share of wholesaling ups and downs.

Fortunately, with guidance from the best mentors and his willingness to make massive imperfect actions, he was finally able to get the consistent results he’s been looking for. In fact, he was able to close 3 deals, 3 days in a row and closed a total of 15 deals in a year. Talk about impressive!

If you’re a new wholesaler looking to achieve consistent results, you’d surely love today’s episode. Ever the go giver, Steve generously shared effective tips, tricks, and wisdom so you can mimic the success he’s currently enjoying. Have a pen and paper handy, you’ll have plenty of gold nuggets to take note of!

Key Takeaways

  • How he was able to do 3 deals, 3 days in a row
  • The importance of being consistent with marketing
  • Why following up is key
  • Why it’s important to consistently make offers
  • The marketing channel he’s focusing on right now
  • Why automating direct mails is considered ideal
  • An example of a successful deal he did
  • What he’ll tell people who are new to wholesaling
  • Why it’s necessary to be clear about your why
  • A book that has helped him


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