Episode 256: From Unhappy Restaurant Owner to Successful Wholesaler

Do you feel like you’re slaving away and running a business where money is good but you get nothing in terms of fulfilment or satisfaction? That’s how today’s phenomenal guest felt prior to discovering wholesaling.

Mike Bolen is a rockstar rhino from Napa Valley, California. Exposed to entrepreneurship at an early age (his dad is a successful entrepreneur), he was also able to successfully run his own chain of restaurants.

However, while he made good money, he felt like he was slaving away and doing very tedious work that he didn’t really enjoy. Fortunately, he discovered real estate (and wholesaling)—a business that generates staggering returns in just a short amount of time.

While Mike is a now a very successful wholesaler, there is more to his story than meets the eye. Fortunately, he so generously and candidly shared many of his struggles and tribulations in today’s special episode. As if not enough, he also shared many valuable wholesaling tips for good measure.

So if you’re looking for proof that success is not always linear, today’s episode would be perfect for you. You will not only admire Mike’s persistence, wisdom, and business acumen, you’ll also appreciate his remarkable resilience in the face of adversity. Truly, this is one episode that truly inspires!

The Deal

  • Mike found his seller from the tired landlord list.
  • After talking with the owner, he was able to purchase the contract for the 4 unit apartment complex for $350,000.
  • He got around 7 offers for the property, with the highest offer at $590,000!
  • After a few deductions, he was able to net a whopping $250,000 profit from the deal. That’s a mind-blowing reward for something he only spend approximately 30 hours on!


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