Episode 254: How a Busy Firefighter Just Landed His First Deal

Are you a part-time wholesaler in search of your first ever deal? If so, you’ll surely find the much needed inspiration and motivation in today’s episode!

Anthony Vetrano is a tenacious part-time wholesaler who just closed his first ever deal. While his wholesaling journey has not been easy, it has given him the confidence that he can make things happen given he is proactive, consistent, and willing to take massive imperfect actions.

If you’re a new wholesaler looking for that seemingly elusive first deal, you owe it to yourself to listen to this episode. Apart from learning invaluable gold nuggets, Anthony’s wholesaling journey will also have you believing that you too can make things happen!

Key Takeaways

  • How he keeps charging even if he’s only doing wholesaling part-time
  • The quality list that led him to his first deal
  • Where he got the “Tom Krol list”
  • The importance of automating mailing
  • Why you need to be consistent and proactive
  • How he gauged seller motivation
  • The benefits of being a truth teller and a truth seeker
  • Advice he’ll give to those who are new to wholesaling
  • Why it pays to have the right mentor
  • The importance of surrounding one’s self with positive people looking to improve their lives
  • Books that changed his mindset


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