Episode 253: How a Wise Wholesaler Uses TTP (Talk to People) to Scale His Business Big Time

If you’ve been wholesaling for sometime and have no problems finding and closing deals, it is likely that you’re ready to move on to the next level—scaling your business big time. If that’s where you currently stand, you already have something in common with today’s awesome guest.

Tag Thompson is a phenomenal wholesaler from Chattanooga, Tennessee who’s looking to scale his wholesaling business dramatically. Currently, he’s active and doing amazing in 3 markets—Chattanooga, Atlanta, and Charlotte. He aims to be active in at least 10 markets by the end of the year. For some, that might seem like a tall order but not for Tag whose team averages at least 6 to 9 deals a week, thanks to TTP.

If you’re curious about the winning formula Tag employs, you’ll surely love today’s episode. Always the go-giver, Tag generously shared many beneficial insights, wisdom, and actionable tips so you better have a pen and paper handy!

Key Takeaways

  • How he determines which markets to get into
  • Resources he uses to check markets he gets into
  • What his team structure looks like
  • The roles he and his business partner takes on
  • How he compensates and incentivises his employees
  • Average number of contracts his acquisition managers get each week
  • What he does to fill up his pipeline
  • What “hunting” is and how they go about it
  • His first deal and how much he earned from it
  • His first huge TTP (Talk to People) deal and how it went
  • The unique system he uses to sell his deals
  • Typical issues he runs into
  • How he finds his “boots on the ground” and the key qualities he looks for
  • The importance of paying employees well
  • His advice to new wholesalers in terms of mindset


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