Episode 252: The #1 Secret to Become Wealthy at Wholesaling

When it comes to wholesaling, your success and failure can rest on several key factors. Ranking high on the list is the wrong belief system. How important is your belief system? For starters, whatever you tell yourself and believe to be true is true for you.

While the idea of being mindful about the stories you tell yourself can seem like an unconventional concept for many, it can actually spell the difference between success and failure in the wholesaling space.

If you’d like to understand the importance of the right belief system and how it can impact your wholesaling business, you’re in luck. In this episode, no less than America’s top wholesaling coach Tom Krol discussed the significance of the right belief system and how you can use it to achieve wholesaling success.

As an added bonus, Tom also shared a few actionable advice you can apply immediately so you’ll achieve wholesaling success. You’re definitely in for a treat so don’t forget to join him! Besides, the wisdom, insights, and tips you’ll learn in this episode might just be what you need to propel your wholesaling business to the top!

Key Takeaways

  • Why the wrong belief system is a difficult thing to work with
  • Why you need to be very careful about what you tell yourself is true based on the evidence you’re seeing
  • Why it’s recommended to take an experience on its own accord
  • Why a large part of your assignment fee is a direct reflection of your confidence and belief system
  • What some of the generalities are in wholesaling
  • Why it’s easy to be part of the 98 percent as opposed to the 2 percent
  • Why you should not prematurely build a negative belief system based on just a limited number of experiences


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