Episode 250: How a New Rhino Failed His Way Forward to Over $100,000 in Revenue

Are you earning good money but still get this nagging feeling you’re putting your dreams in the backburner? Do you feel like you’re helping others build their dreams instead of working on yours? If so, the story of today’s guest will surely resonate with you.

Kacey Gorringe is a charming and steadfast new rhino from Austin, Texas. While he was already earning a 6-figure income from doing sales, he realised he was not okay with the idea of just helping others build their dreams instead of working on his own. So he decided to become an entrepreneur. While his first venture into entrepreneurship has not been smooth sailing, he was willing to fail his way forward.

Fortunately, his fearlessness paid off tremendously when he discovered an avenue that allows him to be an entrepreneur and earn a lucrative income at the same time—wholesaling. In fact, in his first 3 months alone, he has already earned over $35,000 in revenue. What’s even more awesome is he has another $70,000 in the pipeline!

If you’re considering quitting that job and becoming your own boss, this is one episode you should definitely listen to. Kacey’s story will surely inspire you to also go out there and make your dreams happen!

Key Takeaways

  • How he found his first 2 deals
  • Why he partnered with a local investor and what the partnership looks like
  • What the process of marketing through Google Adwords is like
  • Some of the hurdles he encountered along the way and how he dealt with them
  • How he showed properties to prospective buyers
  • How to create a feeding frenzy among buyers
  • The amazing strategy that can help wholesalers get a higher price for a property they are selling
  • What his game and marketing plans are for the year
  • Piece of advice he’d give to wholesalers who are just starting out
  • 3 traits he attributes his success to
  • 3 books he wants to recommend to listeners


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