Episode 25: What You Need to Know Before Hiring an Acquisitions Manager

What You Need to Know Before Hiring an Acquisitions Manager!

Are you the guy or gal that does everything in your business? Are you sometimes running around like a chicken without a head, burning yourself out? Well, you would “think” the logical answer would be to hire an Acquisitions manager, right?

On the SURFACE, that may be the correct answer but..why haven’t you done it up to this point?

You’re smart enough to know you NEED one, so why haven’t you done it? Is there something stopping you from hiring an Acquisitions Manager?

Is there some deep, inner fear that maybe that person might be BETTER than you and start snapping up deals on their own?

That you might spend dozens of hours (maybe even hundreds) training them only to have them leave and start their own business?

There are quite a few reasons why the person standing in your way right now… is YOU. In this Podcast, Tom uncovers the many HIDDEN reasons why you might be struggling to hire an AM…and shows you how to overcome them, FAST!

Don’t let yourself be caught in a trap that will only limit your income!


  • Tom uncovers an important “clue” that might be preventing you from hiring
  • What Tom does as a coach
  • Why you might be AFRAID of an acquisition manager
  • Be wary of a scarcity mindset
  • How to shift to an abundance mindset
  • Every blessing has a burden
  • Why being a go-giver never fails
  • and so much more…

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