Episode 245: What I Have Learned Making Over $3 Million Dollars from Cold Calling

If you’re a member of the TTP (Talk to People) Program, it is highly likely that you’ve closed several deals and earned a few thousand dollars since you started. However, did you know that you have the potential to earn millions from cold calling?

If you want to know how to achieve a feat as awesome, you’re in luck. In today episode, phenomenal wholesaler, go-giver, and TTP guru Brent Daniels shared how he made over $3 million dollars just from cold calling!

If you’re ready to take the wholesaling world by storm, consider listening to today’s episode a must. Brent dished out so many powerful wisdom, actionable tips, and inspiration that you’ll most likely listen to this episode over and over again!

Key Takeaways

  • What the foundation of any successful cold calling campaign is
  • The best list to focus on especially if you’re still starting out
  • Why exhausting the niche list first is recommended
  • The importance of getting quality data
  • Why pre-qualifying should be done each and every time
  • Why active listening is key
  • What the hierarchy of success is when it comes to making calls
  • The importance of leveraging technology
  • Why taking one call at a time is ideal
  • The importance of tracking results
  • Results you need to track
  • How to identify a possible lead
  • Why your morning routine is critical
  • How to have good quality conversations
  • How time blocking can help you focus


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