Posted on: February 07, 2019

If you’re a member of the TTP (Talk to People) Program, it is highly likely that you’ve closed several deals and earned a few thousand dollars since you started. However, did you know that you have the potential to earn millions from cold calling?

If you want to know how to achieve a feat as awesome, you’re in luck. In today episode, phenomenal wholesaler, go-giver, and TTP guru Brent Daniels shared how he made over $3 million dollars just from cold calling!

If you’re ready to take the wholesaling world by storm, consider listening to today’s episode a must. Brent dished out so many powerful wisdom, actionable tips, and inspiration that you’ll most likely listen to this episode over and over again!

Key Takeaways

  • What the foundation of any successful cold calling campaign is
  • The best list to focus on especially if you’re still starting out
  • Why exhausting the niche list first is recommended
  • The importance of getting quality data
  • Why pre-qualifying should be done each and every time
  • Why active listening is key
  • What the hierarchy of success is when it comes to making calls
  • The importance of leveraging technology
  • Why taking one call at a time is ideal
  • The importance of tracking results
  • Results you need to track
  • How to identify a possible lead
  • Why your morning routine is critical
  • How to have good quality conversations
  • How time blocking can help you focus


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Episode Transcription

Brent: Rhino Nation, it is Brent Daniels, and I am so excited to put together this report for you. This report, this podcast, is titled What I Have Learned Making Over $3 Million From Cold Calling, or what I like to call T-T-P, talk to people. In this podcast. I’m going to give you the best resources, the best practices that I have uncovered and am currently using in my business to successfully make over $1 million a year just from picking up the phone and cold calling. From picking up the phone and talking to people, from being proactive, from going out every single day. Having my team, having my company go out every single day and initiate, be on offense, of quality conversations with distressed property owners. So without further ado, let’s get started with this.
Number one, everything, guys, everything when it comes to cold calling distressed property owners, comes down to the list. It is the foundation of everything that you’re going to build a successful cold calling campaign off of. The list. Number one is the list. Now listen, there are so many properties out there in your community, and 95% of them want to sell at market value. They want to sell it traditionally. They want to put it on the market. That’s not where we’re talking about. We’re talking about that sliver of the 5%. Maybe it’s bigger in your area, it just depends. But that sliver of people that are in a distressed situation. Whether it be the motivation that they have just because of their personal life, or whether it be the condition of their property, whatever it is, they fall into the category of what we would call the distressed bucket. Okay. This isn’t the traditional bucket. This is the distressed bucket.
And if you stay in there, that is where the magic happens. That is where you’re going to have the most impact with people because they have nowhere else to turn. They have to sell their properties for cash. They have to sell them as-is. They don’t have the means to fix up the property or sell traditionally and get destroyed with an inspection from a traditional sale.
They want to trade. This is something that Tom Krol taught me a long time ago. They want to trade speed and convenience of the sale for equity in their property. That’s where we want to stay. Number one, in that list. The king wearing the crown of that list is driving for dollars. Driving for dollars is number one. Because here is the fact about lists. The harder they are to get, the better they are. I am telling you this has been proven time and time again.
I try fighting this. Every single year, every single month I try to find the golden list that I just call and then all of a sudden the deals just start flowing in, and it constantly keeps coming back to driving for dollars. The contacts-per-deal ratio for driving for dollars is lower than any other list out there that I’ve been testing out, and we have made millions of calls. I’ve been doing this for five years. I am telling you driving for dollars is the key. Especially if you’re starting out in this business. Especially if it’s just you making the calls. If you’re personally making the calls, you need to put together your driving for dollars list.
The good side, the good thing is because technology has caught up, and because we have some wonderfully creative people out there, they have put together apps to help you with this process. Now my company uses, and maybe you know, maybe I’ve endorsed them or whatever it is. I don’t know what to call it. But this isn’t a long form ad for them, but it’s just what we use. So I’m going to tell you what we use because it’s successful.
We use DealMachine. If you put in a coupon or the the code TTP, get it at nine bucks cheaper. Which, you know, over the years, over a hundred bucks. It’s not a ton. But you get some sort of discount and I think it’s the best product on the market. I think they continuously try to improve it. And we use that.
We drive around. We look for any properties that look like they haven’t been remodeled. We love going into the older neighborhoods specifically. The older neighborhoods, you’re going to get a lot more addresses for the time that you spend driving around. So we drive around. We get those addresses. We put them into the DealMachine. We export that. And then we’re off and running. So that is a resource that you can use. I suggest you use it today. And you start getting out there.
I don’t care if you’ve got a full time job. I don’t care if this is your side hustle, or your side business, or this is the business that you want to replace everything. This is your passion. You want to be in real estate. You read Rich Dad Poor Dad. You read Think and Grow Rich. You’ve read whatever that has pumped you up and brought you into this industry. Start with driving for dollars as your foundation when you start your TTP process or TTP campaign.
Okay, next is multifamily. Now you can get multifamily lists from ListSource. If you’re part of the Wholesaling Inc. Tribe or the TTP program then you get that at 3 cents an address. Which is a phenomenal discount because I think it’s way more than that if you’re just going out there as “civilian.” But anyway, even if you are, multifamily list, in ListSource, pull them. I like pulling between duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes. I have found over that, people hold onto them a little bit longer and there are a lot more… There’s less motivation there because typically they have kind of their life together and their finances together. If they own something that’s over four units.
So I’d like to focus on four units. I love, love, love… This is a little key. I love when it’s owned by just somebody’s name, right? When it’s not in a trust. When it’s not in an LLC. If somebody owns a multifamily just in their name, you know that they’re more likely to work with you. Okay? There’s something going on there. Like most savvy investors will put that into an LLC or a trust. A lot of times is people just kind of fell into it, or it’s a property they inherited, or whatever. So definitely look for those and get them from ListSource and start calling them.
Because right now in our Academy, there is a lot of money out there and people want to put their money somewhere other than a bank. They want to put it to get passive cashflow. And what’s better than multifamily, right? So make sure you go after those multifamily lists.
Next, niche lists. Probate, pre-foreclosure, inherited, tax default. Any of those niche lists that show indications of distress are huge. People inheriting properties. Like here in Phoenix, when people inherit properties, 75% of them sell within the first 90 days of ownership. Like, you got to look at that. You’ve got to be… You’ve got to really take that seriously. You’ve got to look at it in your market. It is a huge resource for you.
I like getting mine from It’s just Erik Torrente has done a fantastic job of of hiring people that can pull and scrape data, and I just don’t have, I don’t have the processes for it. I don’t, I don’t want to put together the processes for it. I have him do it. He provides lists for me, and I get them, and it has just been bananas. The success that we’ve had with these niche lists. That’s flip this real estate list, and put in TTP. Mention that, and you’ll be moved to the front of the line because he knows that you’re serious, and that you’re out there, and you’re going to do something awesome with it. Which means that he’ll get more business. Everybody’s happy. It’s a win-win for everybody.
So that is it. The first one is get your niche list. You got to be… The harder it is to get them, the better. And listen to me, if you were in major markets, if you’ve got a major market and it is super competitive, I’m telling you everybody has the absentee owner list. It is the easiest to get. It’s what everybody, every traveling seminar that comes into your market tells people to go after. Absentee owner list. And the out of state owner list. Okay. And those are just getting pounded.
Over the last year, the last six months specifically. I mean, it has been a feeding frenzy. I mean you have to… It is so competitive. Properties are getting bid up by multiple offers. So get into those niche lists. And if you are in a major market, then I would really say exhaust these niche lists as much as possible before you start going after those absentee owners, because you’re going to get a lot better results.

Speaker 4: Boom!

Brent: All right, next. Quality over quantity. Listen to me guys. You need to get quality data. Quality data is so important. What do I mean by that? One, you need to make sure that you get the right property owner’s name and address, which you can get from your county assessor’s site, you can get from ListSource, you can get from some of these different apps like DealMachine. And then you’ve got to get the phone numbers, the accurate phone numbers. We use and suggest If you use TTP, it goes from I think 23 or 25 cents to 18 cents an address.
Like I’m telling you, this is game changer, because up until about eight months ago you had to get your own LexisNexis account. That took six months to get. Or your own TLO account. And you had to go through all the hoops. You had to have an office address. You had to have a website. You had to have all these things. These guys have it already available to you. So get that. And the information is absolutely accurate. We use it every single day, or I wouldn’t suggest it. My business would totally wither and die if I didn’t get really, really good quality numbers. Because nothing is more frustrating than spending an hour on the phone making calls, or several hours on the phone making calls, and not talking to the right people. So the quality of data is so important.
And the quality of the conversations is critical. What I mean by that is you need to prequalify these people all, 100% of the time. Okay? We pre-qual based on the four things. Maybe you’ve heard it before, but I call it the four pillars of pre-qualifying. Which is the condition of the property, their timeline to sell, their motivation to sell, and the price. Okay. The more of those that you can get, the more quality of a lead it is. And you know you’re not just spinning your wheels with looky-loos, or somebody that just wants you to comp their property, or they’re just wondering what somebody will pay cash for it, but they have no intention of ever doing business with you.
I see so many people starting out, and they go on appointments, and they go on appointments, and they go on appointments, because somebody said, “Yeah, I’d consider an offer. Why don’t you come see the house and tell me what you’d get for me.” Without knowing the condition. Without knowing that they don’t want to sell for the next three years. Without any motivation or any problem that these people have. And they don’t know the price. And typically the price with people out there that are just like, “Yeah, come over,” and they don’t give you a lot of information, is going to be Zillow or Plus or Trulia or Redfin or whatever it is. Whatever the online E-appraisal is, that’s what’s in their mind, and that’s what they’re expecting, or more. So really, really, really pre-qualify down and get quality leads and stop messing around with people that will never do business with you.
And the motivation should jump out at you. Okay? When you’re having good quality conversations, which means that you know what to say. You’re using the script to be able to break the ice when it’s a cold call. If you need that script, the proven script, just email me and I’ll make sure to send that over to you. And you break the ice, and you’re working it, and your tone is fantastic, and your pacing is mirroring and matching that of the homeowner, and you’re having a good quality conversation, the motivation should jump out at you. They will tell you why they want to sell. They will tell you what’s going on. They’ll open up to you if you are doing the right things on the phone. If you’re building your skills on the phone, the quality of those conversations are going to come out.
One thing that I see is a huge issue, is people are not actively listening when they’re on the phone. What does that mean? What that means is you ask a question, and then you just, you’re just silent on the other end. Like you’re a robot. Or like they’re talking to somebody, and they’re talking, talking, talking, and there’s no interaction. What you need to do is, you need to listen. You need to bob your head. You need to say, “Uh-huh (affirmative). Sure. Yeah. Got it. Oh, that makes sense. Oh, it’s a three bedroom. Okay. Two bath? Okay, got it. Yep. I’m taking notes. Yeah. Oh my gosh. They haven’t paid rent in that long? Oh, okay. Got it.” You got to actively listen. Okay? That doesn’t mean interrupt them. That doesn’t mean be bombastic and blow them out of the water with, you know, level 19 enthusiasm. No. What that means is that you’re just actively listening and they understand that you’re engaged in the conversation. When that happens, people will open up. People will blossom in front of you and they will let you know. The motivation will just spill out of them. Okay?
Next. Listen to me guys. I know you’re listening to this, and some people, right off the bat, they’re like, you know what? I’m going to hire somebody overseas to make these calls for me. And I totally get it. That’s taught in a lot of different circles. That has been successful here and there, but it’s very spotty. Let me tell you the hierarchy of success when it comes to making these calls. Number one, you are always going to be the best. You making the calls are always going to be more successful than anybody else making the calls for you. “Well Brent that doesn’t make sense. I want to be a business owner. I want to make sure that I hire out my weaknesses. I want to make sure that… I’m just not comfortable with it, and I’m not any good at it, and I can’t be consistent. My schedule doesn’t allow for it.”
I get it. So there’s other options for you. But the fact is, you are the best at it. You’re going to understand what a deal sounds like. You’re going to understand what a deal feels like. You’re going to be the most that gains from a deal. When somebody has motivation and you’re having a good quality conversation with them, and you’re building that relationship, that rapport, and you’re able to carry that over to an appointment, to a contract sign, that is the most successful. Trust me. Around the country, my students, the ones that are getting to deals the fastest now are the ones making the calls themselves.
Now, listen, there’s limitations to that. There’s only so much that you can call. I don’t call anymore. I’ve got a whole staff that can call. But because of that, I… Because I understand the hierarchy, I have to hire more people to be able to duplicate and to replace myself.
So here are the absolute facts. Number one is you at the top. Number two, which is about half, 50% as effective as you will be, is somebody that is calling from your house or your office. Somebody that’s in your world. Somebody that gets to interact with you, okay? Somebody that’s going to make calls consistently that you pay on an hourly basis, and they are calling from your life, right? Your zone. Your galaxy. Your space, right? They’re going to be the absolute best. Because they’re going to be able to run things by you. They’re going to be able to talk to you immediately when they have somebody hot. They’re going to be able to ask questions. They’re going to be able to get critique from you. That is the absolute best.
Next is hiring an American that’s living abroad to make the calls for you. Now, if you need a resource for this, the resource is called This just opened up. Call Listen, it is not cheap. This is anywhere from… I’ve paid $20 an hour for my Americans overseas making calls, but the quality is unbelievable. If you’re going to be serious about it and hire somebody that’s going to consistently make the calls for you and get you piping hot leads, then you’ve got to pay for the quality there and you’ve got to pay for experience. The people that call motivated sellers, they find them, they vet them, they already know the scripts, they know how to use the dialing systems. It’s like you just plug them in and go. So make sure that you let them know in the notes. It’s just a simple website, make them sure that, you know, that I sent you, and they’ll get back to you, and they’re going to hook you up.
Now they also provide the next… The lowest on the totem pole here when it comes to making calls is foreign callers. Now they are way cheaper. I mean, we’re talking $6 to $8 to $10 an hour. I mean half of what you would spend. But they’re about 5-10% as effective as you are. Now using Americans living abroad are going to be about 25% as effective as you are. But let’s face it, if you’re not calling at all, then it’s all success, right? If you’re not going to call at all, then nothing happens, so you might as well get 25%. I mean, you might as well have some consistency in there and get some leads coming in. But the Americans living abroad are about 25%, and foreigners, foreign callers are going to be about 5-10% percent as effective as you would be if you were on the call. You can also get hooked up with them at They can hook you up with that. Just let them know what you’re looking for. That is an unbelievable resource and check that out. Let them know that I sent you.
Next. You’ve got to leverage technology. There are so many dialers out there. I don’t care which one you use. I think the most user friendly is is who I’ve used for years. I know that a lot of people are coming out with different dialers, and there’s different resources, and you can go from… You can get up to five or 10 different lines. But let me tell you this. If you’re going to be calling from five to 10 different lines at one time, you better buy a lot of data. You better skip trace a lot of addresses. Because if you don’t skip trace a lot of addresses, you’re going to burn through that list so fast.
I really think that three lines is the max that I use in my business because anything above that it just… My callers, they aren’t as effective because they are so used to the next person picking up so fast that they don’t reset. And they don’t take the calls one by one. Which is another huge focus that I want to let you know about. You have to take it one call at a time. Bill Belichick, the coach of the Patriots, has this famous saying, “Just do your job for this one play. Just do exactly what you’re supposed to do for this one play.” And he says that to them every single play, right? Like just take it this one play, do exactly what you’re supposed to do, and we’re going to build, and build, and build on all these wins, which makes us win the game. Which has helped him win championships.
And I take the same philosophy when it comes to making these calls. You have to take it one call at a time. If you take it one call at a time, you will be focused, and you are going to be ready for when they say yes. Because that is… You know what, people don’t have a problem. The people that I coach, the people that I’ve talked to, you know what they don’t have a problem with? They don’t have a problem with people telling them no. Or maybe or whatever. It’s when they say yes that they almost fall off their chair. Or they’re like, “What? What happens now? What am I supposed to say? How do I convert this?” Right? It is that you got to expect yes every time. Okay? And you’ve got to take it one call at a time.
Leverage technology. It is a game changer. Instead of hand dialing and taking all the time, you can call up to 100 to 150 dials an hour, depending on what dialer you use. You can get up to way more than that. But I suggest that three is the most.
The next. This is crucial. I mean all of these are crucial. I think I say that for every one of them. But you’ve got to track your results. Let me tell you exactly what to track and write these down, okay? Number one is, how many distressed property addresses do you have? How big is your list? Okay? That’s number one.
Number two, when you go to get them skip traced, not all of those are going to come back with numbers attached to those addresses. So how many of those addresses have phone numbers attached to them? Okay, there’s a ratio there.
Next, you’ve got to call them. Okay? From all the phone numbers called, how many calls did you actually make? From those calls, how many contacts with the actual owner did you have? Calls-to-contact ratio?
Next, what is your contacts-to-leads? A lead is anybody that says yes, they want to sell, or maybe in the future. That is a lead. Everything else is a looky-loo. Everybody else is just wasting your time. Somebody that wants to sell their property is a lead. Okay?
From those leads, how many contracts do you get? How many leads do you need to get to get a contract? You need to know this number, because then you can start predicting your business. Because then you can start to put together plans for the next month, the next 90 days. You can start forecasting your business. Which, once you can start forecasting your business, life gets so amazing.
Your business becomes so amazing because you know what input you have to put. What cause creates this effect. Okay, so how many contacts to leads? How many leads to contracts? And how many contracts to closings?
All this boils down. This is math. This is data. This is black and white. There’s no emotion here. There’s no lying here. There’s no escaping the truth here. If you follow all of those, you will know how many people you need to talk to, how many lists you… How many addresses you need in your list. How many calls you need to make. How many contacts you need to have. How many leads you need to have. And get the contracts to get the closings. Okay? You need to be in love with the exact stats.
Because when, once you have this, you’re going to notice something really, really, really magic. What you’re going to notice is which lists are the best. Which lists should you just triple down on? Which list should you be obsessed with, right? Which ones are getting you the deals, getting you the income, bringing in the results that get you paid, that put money in you and your family’s bank account. That is what we’re going for. That is what we’re looking for. That’s the whole goal of this.
Next, you’ve got to put… The morning routine is critical. Your morning routine, I highly suggest you make your calls in the morning. If you don’t make your calls in the morning, it is going to get steamrolled by the rest of your day. Okay? Creative avoidance creeps in the longer you’re awake. I am telling you, I am a victim to this all the time, especially when I was making calls from home. Oh my gosh. Everything would creep in. Messing around with the paperwork or the deal, and making sure that escrow’s doing their thing or trying to, you know, network with somebody, and trying to do all… Whatever it was to stop me from making those calls was like, it is all these creative avoidance. So you got to master your morning.
Number one, start out listening to something that is inspiring. I love GaryVee’s podcast. It’s like, you know, he has some podcasts that are like five minutes, eight minutes, whatever it is. You don’t have to get crazy with it. Don’t spend an hour, two hours, three hours, unless you’re driving or whatever, on this. But listen to something inspiring Tony Robins, whatever it is. You know what I mean? Like get something in there that’s going to get you in a positive state of mind.
Number two, practice your scripts and your objection handling. Okay? There’s only a certain amount of responses that you’re going to get when you ask somebody if they would consider an offer on their property. There’s only certain objections you’re going to get as you’re having the conversation. So practice them. Practice your script. Practice the objections. And then just like anybody, just like studying lines for a play, or practicing plays if you’re an athlete, or whatever it is, practice it. So that when it’s game time you are on.
Stand up when you make the calls. It makes you sound better. It increases your enthusiasm at least two points. Stand up, move around. Don’t just be slumped down at your office desk, or at your home, or on your couch, or whatever trying to make these calls and just try to be whatever.
And don’t be too gangster about it. Don’t try to be overconfident and just try to get what, your side of it, trying to force the conversation on them. Have good quality conversations. And what that means is ask really good questions, and listen to them, and actively listen to the responses. Okay?
Protect your money time. Protect this time that you’re making the calls. I tell all of my students, you have to imagine that I am there with you, that I am making sure that you’re using the script, you’re making the calls consistently, that your tone’s perfect, that your pace is marrying, matching that of the homeowner.
And most important, you have to imagine every hour that you’re on there, I give you 10 crisp hundred dollar bills. I give you $1,000 an hour to make these calls. You have to imagine this. This is money time. This is your time to uncover, to pull out of the ether, to pull out of the air, opportunities to help somebody solve their problem, and to make a huge amount of money in the process. Okay? Wholesaling is the hitting the lottery. Wholesaling is a cash machine. Okay? You need to protect.
If you’re going to take phone prospecting, TTP, seriously, you need to time block. That means no emails, no texts, no Facebook wandering around, nothing. You focus in on those calls. You make sure that you don’t get distracted. And you make them because that is money time. That is the time that you are getting paid. Okay? And take…
Again, I can’t say this enough. Take it one call at a time. If you get numb to this, if the repetitious boredom of making all these calls starts creeping into your brain, you’re going to not be as effective. Okay? Start it. Start every day at zero, like you have no leads. You have no opportunities. You have no deals in the pipe. You have no money in your account. And take it one call at a time. And you will be so successful.
That is it. That is the lessons that I’ve learned making $3 million from doing it myself, to building up a team, to consistently doing it actively right now in a competitive market. We are doing this every single day. These are… I’m telling you, if you just take this podcast, listen to it over and over and over again, and you take action on this. You use the resources that I outlined here, and you really take action and start making calls, you will win.
I’m telling you, you start stacking the small wins. When you start this process, or if you did it and then you’re not doing it anymore, or you’re not being consistent, it’s because of a couple of different things. One, you’re not stacking the small wins. Okay? Listen, driving for dollars. Getting out of bed, getting in your car and driving around is a win. Getting addresses that you’re going to call and try to have a quality conversation with the homeowner is a win. Skip tracing those addresses is a win. Picking up your phone is a win. Dialing the phone is a win. Having conversations is a win. Getting the leads and following up with them is a win. Getting a contract signed is a win. Like all of those things build up. You have to go with the small wins. You’ve got to stack those small wins.
Don’t think that to win this business is all about, I need to get a contract signed, and sell that contract, and get money in my account. That’s the only way I can win. No. It’s all the little actions that you take every single day consistently. The time that you protect your mornings. Waking up with a positive attitude and listening to good, inspiring things is a win. All of these things are wins that you need to stack every single day to get to that big successful win. To get to that wire from the title company or closing attorney into your account. Or the big check that you post on Facebook that I’d love to see. Like all those things. That’s the big win. But it takes all these little steps, all these little actions to get to that win.
So just focus on the little wins. Build up your confidence. Build up that sense, that identity that you have inside of you that says, I am a winner. I am going to do this. Don’t let all the little failures, and the judgments, and the rejections sidetrack you. Focus on those small wins. You become what you focus on. Focus on those small wins. Protect that identity that you have, that you are a winner. That you can succeed in this business. That you are a strong, passionate, proactive business owner, and you’re going to make wholesaling work for you. And you’re going to turn this wholesaling business into buying assets,, or paying off debts or getting into just a such a strong financial position.
Because let’s face it, wholesaling is a stepping stone. Once you learn how to source opportunities, everything else unfolds for you. You get other opportunities to joint venture with people, or to raise capital, or to put together a holding company where you hold millions of dollars worth of real estate and you get passive cashflow and you can do whatever you want. Whatever makes you happy in your life. You can do whatever you want. Once you get to that point, when you’re building up so much value in the marketplace, in your community, that you can start buying assets and being smart and not just spending your money, but investing it. You’re not just consuming it. You’re investing it. And you’re looking for the future.
And you’re just… You’re showing everybody in your family, everybody in your sphere of influence, everybody, your friends, people around you, people that see you on social media, what it means to be somebody that is taking massive action. That goes back to Tom Krol’s “progress not perfection.” Like somebody that is going out every single day and is such an inspiration to everybody else around you.
That is what I want for you. Take these steps seriously. Implement them into your business. Start rocking and rolling every day. And just talk to people. If you want to join the most proactive group in real estate, you’ve got to join the TTP program. It is a mentorship with me personally. There’s no other coaches. It’s me and you. And you get full access to me, whether it be on the phone, or face to face, or whatever it is. I would love to work with you. I love being surrounded. The TTPs, people in the TTP program, are the absolute best, most proactive people in the country. I love them all. I’d love you to be a part of it. If that is something that interests you, go to Set up a call with my amazing team.
These are not people that don’t know the business. These are the absolute best of the best. Have a conversation with them. At the least, you’re going to know how to progress in your business. Take the time. It’s a phenomenal call. It’ll be the best call of your year. Set it up. If you join the program I am so excited to work with you one on one. And if not, take this podcast and start taking action right away. Either way, I love you all. I hope you got value out of this. Until next time, talk to people, baby. See ya.

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