Posted on: February 04, 2019

Imagine living from paycheck to paycheck, working 12 to 14 hours each day, working holidays, nights, and weekends and still not earning enough to pay the bills. That’s what today’s guest had to put up with for many years. Fortunately, that’s a thing of the past now for Makeba Hart.

Makeba is a kind and vibrant rhino from Kansas, Missouri. Prior to doing wholesaling, the doting mother of 6 lived from paycheck to paycheck just like many people.

However, after working really hard, providing exceptional service, and getting the right mentors, she now earns more just doing a few deals compared to working full-time for a year!

After netting $4,000 from her first check and $12,000 from her second one, Makeba still has 4 more deals in the pipeline and is poised to earn a whopping $31,500 more!

If you want to escape the rat race and achieve financial freedom through wholesaling, today’s episode is exactly what you need to hear. Makeba shared so many powerful and profound tips and insights that will make you believe wholesaling success is possible for you too!

The Deal

  • Makeba sent tribe postcards to the unknown equity list.
  • A motivated caller got in touch with her. Rather than focusing on how she can close the deal, Makeba prioritized finding ways she can be of service to the homeowner and provide the right solution.
  • After all was said and done, she was not only able to help the homeowner, she also earned $3,000 for the remarkable service she provided.


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Episode Transcription

Cody: Hello Rhino Nation. This is Cody Hofhine. I’ll be hosting today’s podcast, episode for Wholesaling Inc, the number one coaching program in America and I’m super excited to talk about wholesaling real estate. What is wholesaling? For those of you that are new, first time listening to the podcast, first and foremost, welcome to the podcast. And then second is what is wholesaling? Wholesaling is just simply the art of finding a deeply discounted property and then turning it for a huge profit. And there’s so many ways you can do that. There’s so many exit strategies. Some people like to fix and flip. I don’t. Some people like to keep them for rentals. I do. And then you got other ways of doing it where depending what state you live on, you can do a double close or simply just sell the contractor. There’s so many ways. But really you make your money in finding deeply discounted properties and we’re going to be talking all about that right now on this episode.
We have Makeba Hart from Kansas City, Missouri. She has been in real estate since 2008 and has failed her way forward in so many ways, has found the right way. The wrong way has gone through trial and error. This game does not come easy, but it is worth it. And then she joined the Tribe in 2017 but didn’t really start taking action until 2018 and has since put some deals under contract. We’re going to be talking about one of those deals. So get ready, get a pad of paper, get a pen and get ready to jot down some gold nuggets that she’s going to share with you on how she just did a deal that paid her some money that I’m not going to share until the end. I’ll let that be your story. But then she has more deals in the pipeline to close to make even more money. So let’s get right to it. Makeba how in the heck are you?

Makeba: Good, I’m so excited!

Cody: I absolutely love your energy every time. So we just saw you. I just saw you in Asheville, North Carolina, and I just love how bubbly and energetic and smiling and laughing and just how happy of an individual you are. Tell us a little bit about who you are, little bit about background and then maybe what is it that got you into wholesaling?

Makeba: Oh goodness. So I am a mother of six children and what my background is before real estate, I was in retail management and I was always working, 12 hour days, 14 hour days, nights, holidays and weekends, never got to be around my family. And at the end of the day, the paycheck just wasn’t even paying the bills. And that’s when we started looking for something else.

Cody: But wait, don’t you have to have just a ton of money to get into real estate wholesaling?

Makeba: No!

Cody: I mean, you just have to have so much money saved up in the bank to get into wholesaling?

Makeba: No, actually as a matter of fact, I had absolutely nothing. And when I say nothing, I really truly mean nothing. I didn’t have money for marketing. I didn’t have money to pay for all these fancy tools that people use. You know, I had absolutely nothing.

Cody: I feel like 99% or 99 out of 100 people are actually a match of this story right here. I didn’t have money, had no money and the other one person is lying.

Makeba: Yeah. Yeah.

Cody: Everyone wants to get into real estate. They think it takes this huge amounts of money. And then realizing that wholesaling is one of the ways you can do it while living paycheck to paycheck. I was in that, I was in that. CNN just did a recent report. 60% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and only have $800 or less to hold them over to their last paycheck. Cody Hofhine was part of that statistic. And it sounds like you might’ve been right there in that same boat with Cody, paddling, wondering where that next paycheck’s coming.

Makeba: Oh yeah. Yeah. I mean, so the truth is, Cody, when I got my first deal, my first deal, like Tom says, you’ll never forget your first deal. It completely, completely changed my life. So, the biggest check before that I had ever received was always my tax return. And that was like $5,000 or $6,000. And to us that was like, “Wow, we can buy new clothes or we can pay off some bills.” But the very first check I ever got from wholesaling was $4,000 and the second one was $12,000 and it was, I looked at my tax return for that year and it was almost the amount of money that I made for the entire year working full-time in retail management.

Cody: Holy smokes, this is why I love it! Well let’s go right to the meat and potatoes of this. You’ve now told us kind of the industry came from, you come from the background where a majority of us come from not having money. Tom, my business partner, the other coach here, same thing, he was bankrupt. This guy couldn’t sell, couldn’t close a door. It was these times that you have to realize there’s ways out there to do it. And so I’m glad that you’re sharing your story and let’s go right to the meat and potatoes and help each one of our individuals that are listening to this day Rhino Nation. Help them understand how you just recently did a deal that gave you a great little payday. Let’s start it right from the beginning. How did you come across this deal in the first place? What was the marketing channel and how did you know who to mail it to?

Makeba: Okay, awesome question. So it was the Unknown Equity list.

Cody: What is the Unknown Equity list?

Makeba: So the Unknown Equity list is the list that you pull from ListSource where they do not know how much equity is actually in the house. It was probably something that wasn’t recorded.

Cody: Okay. What is ListSource?

Makeba: So ListSource is a online resource to pull various lists of homeowners, types of lists of homeowners, like absentee owners, owner occupied, high equity and the Unknown Equity list.

Cody: And the Unknown Equity! And when you go on there, is this a list that costs money?

Makeba: It did, but it was like the most dirt cheap list that I ever bought in my entire life.

Cody: What’s really nice about ListSource is it is a source that you can go there and buy names and addresses of people that fit the criteria you’re looking for and there is a price for the list. However, the number one ListSource price in the nation is given to all Tribe members, which is super, super nice. So you’ve got this list of Unknown Equity, people that they don’t know how much equity is in the home. And then ultimately what did you do? How did you get your message to those individuals?

Makeba: So we mailed it, we did direct mail.

Cody: Was it a postcard or was it a letter?

Makeba: It was postcard, it was the one in the Tribe postcard and it was awesome. Super, super awesome. And this one, we had actually mailed in August and the person that we got this deal from actually didn’t call on the postcard until January.

Cody: Wow. So you sent this mail out back in August. They didn’t call you until just this month that we’re in, by the way, so those of you listening, it’s 2019 it’s January. You received a phone call. You just brought up an amazing point for those out there that are already sending direct mail. The phone calls that come in the end, get ready. They are the hottest phone calls alive. The ones that actually hold onto your mail and then call you. They’re not calling you three months later to say, remove me from your list. They’re calling you because they are very, very interested. So okay, this individual calls you. How did you know that, “Hey, this might be a deal?”

Makeba: Okay, so here’s what’s so awesome about this. The person who called me was actually the son of the owner and he has been taking care of his mom for a long time. His mom had a stroke and it was right away. I mean, you know it’s good when right away you don’t ask anything, you just shut up and listen and they tell you like everything, everything, everything about the property, what’s going on the situation. And the first thing that came out of his mouth to me was “I want to sell. I just want to let you know it’s a shell of a house. It needs almost everything.” And then he went into the story of everything that happened with the house and all stuff. I mean, super motivated, super motivated.

Cody: So tell me this, because you have something very unique. I’ve spoken to you many times, just on the phone and we talked about a point just oh, a few months back, how you are very good at what you do on just going in there and being assertive and being kind and being loving. You do it so well. And what was it that allowed them to realize Makeba’s someone I want to work with?

Makeba: Oh wow. One of the things that I do when I talk to people in regards to their house and wanting to sell their house is something that you guys teach is providing value, adding value. And I told him from the get go, “I’m going to do my absolute best to get this thing done for you. Here are the solutions that I can provide. If these solutions don’t work out, I’ve got some other things that we can try so that we can take that burden off of you.” And for me, when I talk to homeowners, it’s not necessarily, it’s not about the deal itself, it’s about their situation and what’s going on and how can I help?

Cody: Wow. I want each and every one of you listening to this right now, this is a key point. It’s not about real estate. Wholesaling has very little to nothing to do with real estate. What it has to do with is what Makeba just said and nailed it just perfectly. And that’s listen to the situation and see how you can be a solution. And here’s the best part, whether you, yourself are really the solution or not, that you still take the time, even if you’re not the solution to help them find the solution and Makeba you’ve done some of that better than anyone I’ve ever met is even if you aren’t the option, you’ve been able to sit down and care for these individuals to still help them find the right option. And this is what it’s all about. And so I love this. So you go out there, you establish this great amount of trust with this individual. You go out there and you talk solutions. Ultimately it sounds like they loved your solution. What did that sound like?

Makeba: So this is so awesome. Here’s what’s so awesome about this. Okay, so my solution was-

Cody: I told you guys, she’s got energy, she’s happy, she’s bubbly, she’s always laughing, get ready. She might laugh through this story. Here we go. Let’s do it.

Makeba: I told them, “Here’s what we plan to do. We’ve planned to sell it to another investor for a profit, right? But my fear is because of the amount of work that needs to be done, it might not be profitable for an investor. I just want to let you know that ahead of time. So we’re going to do this for this time period”. And the ultimate solution to this, this warms my heart so much. Okay. So this house meant so much to them. They owned the house for 67 years. The entire family grew up there. The grandkids grew up there, it meant a lot to them. And ultimately the person that I sold it to wasn’t actually an investor. It was a family who wanted to buy their own house that they could fix up to start their brand new family with. So before we closed, I got the privilege and the honor to tell them, “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that it wasn’t actually an investor who purchased the house. It was a family who wants to fix the house up and start their family in that house. So it’s going to create even more memories in the house.” And I think that was like the biggest-

Cody: Icing on the cake.

Makeba: Yes! It was so beautiful. I mean, that-

Cody: You sound so depressed right now, Makeba. I’m just kidding. Totally kidding. I love this. This is so awesome. So you provide now a family, a home that they can get at a discount because they may not have been able to afford a brand new home, but something they could work on and make their home.

Makeba: Yeah. Yeah.

Cody: Awesome. Awesome.

Makeba: Well, the buyers, too. Just a quick thing for everybody. These individual, this buyer, right? They were bidding on other houses that were fixer uppers, but they were bidding against all these investors who have tons and tons of money and they were getting outbid every time and they were so frustrated they couldn’t get anything. They had cash, they had a little bit of, but they didn’t have enough to get a loan or the credit to get alone. This was their only option to be an actual homeowner. And the fact that we were able to do that, I mean this is why wholesaling is so awesome! So, anyways.

Cody: I can’t stop smiling. I just listen to you and I just smile. I love it. So what ultimately did you put the home under contract at?

Makeba: So we put it under contract for 5,000 and then we sold it for 8,000 plus the buyer paid the closing costs.

Cody: Oh my goodness.

Makeba: Yeah. It was fantastic.

Cody: That’s awesome. If I do my math right, this shouldn’t be hard math for even someone like me who doesn’t do math. But in this deal and this scenario, you are able to make $3,000 to facilitate this whole from start to finish.

Makeba: Yeah, yeah.

Cody: Oh my goodness, Makeba! Hold on one second, you know what’s coming.

Makeba: Oh am I getting a bell? I’m getting a bell!

Cody: Makeba, you are like my idol when it comes to just happy for life and just a love for life and a love to serve people. It is so, so awesome. Now because of this and because you’re so good at just serving people and loving people and making people feel all warm in the heart, you have how many more deals in the pipeline?

Makeba: Three.

Cody: Three more deals!

Makeba: Actually, no, it’s four because we just picked up a duplex a few years ago. I just bought that.

Cody: Four! So four deals. And in those deals, what will you make when all these close here in the near future, how much more money will that bring in?

Makeba: So one is 10,000 there’s a duplex that’s 10,000. Another one is 4,500 that’s another little house that needs almost everything. And then another one is 3,000 and then on the duplex we just got it under contract for 36 we want to sell it for 50 so I think that’s 15.

Cody: So if I’m doing this right, 17, 5 and 14 you’re looking at 31,500?

Makeba: Oh my God, yes!

Cody: That I think I just brought the reality to what’s going to hit Makeba’s account here in the near future. That sounded like a, “Oh my goodness. It really is.”

Makeba: Yeah, I didn’t even think about that!

Cody: Well, holy smokes.

Makeba: It’s been going from deal to deal to deal, you know, pushing and pushing and pushing, you know?

Cody: Yes. Well Makeba this is absolutely amazing. I love your energy. I love the golden nuggets, but we always like to leave with two tips at the end of every podcast. First and foremost, what is the book that would recommend to Rhino Nation listening today?

Makeba: Oh, I can’t. Okay. Not just one.

Cody: Just the one. Just the one we remember were singular focus individuals, just the one. It’s going to be hard for you cause you love so many.

Makeba: Yeah, okay, so the first one, get your mind right, faith, trust, conviction, The Four-

Cody: Spiritual laws of prosperity.

Makeba: Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. I mean, if they’re only going to pick one, that’s the one.

Cody: I love it. Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity for the abundant mindset and then the second one. Looking back, hindsight, you’ve gone through a journey since 2008 you’ve gone the wrong way. You’ve now done it the right way. Now looking back, it’s like, “Okay, I have perfect vision of where I was wrong, where I was right.” What would you say is your number one piece of advice to give to those that are just beginning? There’s so many on this podcast listening right now that are just at the beginning stages. What would you tell them as the number one tip from Makeba?

Makeba: Oh, this is easy. Tom said, I don’t remember where it was, if it was on a call or something like this. But here’s what Tom said and it’s so true. Like for me. He said, “The difference between me and those of you who haven’t done this yet is if I were to start all over again today, which is what I did. The difference between me and you is I know for a fact, without a shadow of a doubt, I have faith that this works and I’m going to do anything and everything to make it happen.” And it is the absolute faith, the absolute conviction that no matter what happens, the contract fell through. The deal didn’t work out. Title work wasn’t clear. You have people upset about whatever or you know, I have that thing.
And knowing that it’s okay to fail because when you fail, you learn so much from when you make mistakes and it makes you even better and it makes you even stronger. And if you just remove that fear or if you find it impossible to remove the fear, have the fear with you, but do it anyway and just have that conviction, that faith, that this is possible, that this is something for me, this is my time, this is my dream, this is my vision, this is my goal and I know this works. I’ve seen proof of it, I’ve had proof of it myself and I’m going to make it happen no matter what, no matter what. So that’s what I would say.

Cody: My goodness. I felt like I just left the Tony Robbins seminar again. This was empowering. This is good stuff. So have faith in yourself. Pick yourself up. Such good words, Makeba, holy smokes, you’re going to have an amazing 2019 I’m excited to follow up with you and we might even bring you on here in the near future and do like a follow up like follow up series with Makeba, the happiest individual on the face of this earth. We’ll see how it goes. But Makeba I want to thank you so much for being on the podcast today and sharing your story with all of the listeners right here on a Wholesaling Inc podcast. Thank you so much.

Makeba: You’re welcome. It’s been an honor and a privilege. Thank you so much, Cody.

Cody: You are very welcome. Rhino Nation, you just heard an amazing episode where you could take a lot more than just the one action or the one gold nugget that was given on this episode and turn it into a deal. Get out there and take massive imperfect action. Don’t wait for a perfect plan cause a perfect plan doesn’t exist. You are far better off to just go out there, take action, and if you make a mistake, it’s okay, but do what Makeba said and that is those mistakes are going to make you stronger. They’re going to make you better. And that’s exactly what it will do for you. But realize this is real. There’s so many people out there that are in this same financial boat, living paycheck to paycheck and wondering, “How much longer can I do this?” This is an option.
If you want further help and further information, please continue to listen to all of our podcast episodes, but also go over to and listen to all of the reviews that are on that website and it will inspire and motivate you to let you know that you could do this too. And if you want help building your personal wholesaling business and you’re looking to take it to the next level, fill out and book a call with our team. We’ll get you on the phone, we’ll see if it’s a good fit and if it is, we’ll introduce you to the amazing Tribe and get you well on your way for 2019. Take care guys and we’ll see you on the next episode.

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