Posted on: January 31, 2019

Regardless if you’re a new wholesaler still looking for that seemingly elusive first deal or an experienced rhino looking to add a few extra deals in the next 90 days, you’d surely love today’s special episode!

Phenomenal wholesaler and TTP guru Brent Daniels breaks down easy to follow steps you can take to dramatically explode your business in the next 90 days.

Today’s episode is full of amazing insights and powerful tips only an extraordinary wholesaler like Brent can deliver. So if you want to enjoy massive wholesaling success in the next 90 days, this is one episode you can’t afford to miss!

Key Takeaways

  • Why you should decide on a realistic number to target
  • Why it’s important to have an accountability partner
  • Why priority management is key
  • Minimum number of addresses you should aim for each week when you drive for dollars
  • What your tone should be when talking to prospects
  • Why active listening is so vital
  • Why you need to take note of objections and prepare at least 3 good responses to them
  • Ideal number of homeowners you should talk to daily
  • Why following up with leads consistently is crucial
  • Question you should ask yourself when you wake up each day
  • Minimum number of people you should have in your buyer’s list
  • Ways you can effectively increase the number of people in your buyer’s list
  • The importance of staying patient yet productive


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Episode Transcription

Speaker 2: And Brent Daniels and I have put together and written down a 90 day action plan for your wholesaling business. Now this is for somebody that is just starting out or if you do have some experience, this is how you add a lot of extra deals in the next 90 days. Now, let’s start with this question. Why did I break it down to 90 days? I think it is vitally important that you put together a year plan. I get it, but you have to chunk it down to 90 days because one, it’s short enough to where you can stay. It can keep your attention, but it’s not too short to the point where if you don’t make it happen in this week or this month or whatever, you just quit and you stop and you don’t keep going and you don’t keep building the momentum in your business.
This business is all about momentum. It is all about stacking the wins on top of each other. So 90 days is the perfect, and the most beautiful timeline to be able to chart and really look at the data of your business. To really look at the actions that you have. Take the actions that you take on a daily basis and what are the effects, right cause and effect on all of this. So that’s why we’re breaking it down to 90 days. Now, number one here, I want you to write down a realistic goal of how many deals you want to do, okay? Don’t focus on the money right now, okay? Focus on the amount of deals that you want to do because if you’ve never done a deal, the difference between belief land and factory land is ginormous, okay? Once you go from that point where you believe you can do something to where it’s a fact, everything changes in your mind.
Everything redirects in your mind and you know, you now know that you have confidence, you have faith that you can do it again, okay? So that’s really, really important. Track the amount of deals that you want to do. Now listen to me, there’s an important word that I said there. It is realistic, okay? Unless you have a gigantic marketing budget that you can throw at a marketing campaign and or hire the dozen or 15 cold callers right now, you are not going to go from zero to a hundred deals in the next 90 days. You’re not, okay. So it has to be realistic because what people do is they have these fantasies and they go out and they want to go 10x and I get it. You want to be passionate and if you don’t hit it, you know, aim for the moon. If you don’t hit you land amongst the stars, whatever the hell that means, you know what I mean?
Like, get something realistic to where you can build your confidence from, okay. That you can build your business from. You can get your commitment to it and build that confidence, that courage that you need. Okay? So get something that’s absolutely realistic. Get an accountability partner, okay? If you were out there and your family’s not supporting you and your job’s not, so your boss and your job’s not supporting you, maybe your spouse isn’t supporting you, your friends think you’re a wackadoo because you don’t eat. They don’t even know what wholesaling is. Get somebody that’s in this world getting an accountability partner. Guys, they’re on every Facebook group you can imagine. Find somebody, find five people in one will. Last. I’m telling you, most people are just full of it when they come to actually committing to this business. So really, really, really find somebody that’s going to do this work with you.
Find somebody that watches this video is like, I want to do this. Watches it, does, you know has a game plan, has a strategy, has the passion and the commitment that you do and have an accountability partner cause I’m telling you. If you share your results with this accountability partner every week, every month, this is going to be so much easier and so much more successful for you. Got it? Understand priority management. Listen, I’m saying a lot of these key things right now and it’s not really the nuts and bolts of how many people should I talk to him? I’m getting there. I promise I am getting there. Priority means I’m building the foundation so that you can be successful in this 90 day period. Priority management. It is not about time management, okay? We do not live in a country where you have to walk 9 miles to get clean water and 9 miles back and then you got to fit in everything else in your day, okay?
Everything is made to order here, okay? You have time. You have 168 hours. If you sleep 56 hours out of that, you still have, so you have 112 left. Even if you have a full time job for 40 hours, you have 70 over 70 hours left. What is your priority management? This is not time management. How much time do you watch TV? How much time are you goofing around? How much time are you at the bar? How much time you run around doing nonsense? Okay? This is about priority. If you’re going to be serious about the wholesaling business in the next 90 days, you have to make it a priority. This has to be an obsession for you. If this is an obsession, your priority is the priority for his business. This work, the actions you’re going to take, it’s going to shoot through the roof and you will win.
It is flawless. Okay? I like this part. Set a 90 day reward. Set a 90 day reward. Okay? What is it? Is it a nice pen? Is it a new phone? Is it paying off debts? Is it putting money away for your college, your kids’ college? Is it paying down your mortgage? What’s your 90 day reward? Set it. Put it in front of you. Keep it in front of you. What’s your 90 day reward that you’re going to reward yourself with? Right? Like with my company, the yearly reward is broken down into what we need to do quarterly. But the yearly reward is we go on a trip. Last year was Kuwai this year’s Costa Rica, right? So what is the 90 day reward that you’re going to set for yourself? If it’s a trip, it’s a trip. If it’s something to set a reward and it’s something that you are going to go for, it’s really, really, really important.
Listen, now we’re going to get into the nuts and bolts of all this. Okay? Listen to me. If you are not driving for dollars coming up in 2019, right? If you’re not driving for dollars, you are losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars this year. I am telling you with everybody getting lists, with everybody buying the same list with the internet being what it is, which is a unbelievable resource that most people didn’t have. You can go on any chat room or Facebook page or Instagram or whatever and find lists to buy. Guess what? When you’re buying those lists, everybody’s buying those lists. Guess what happens when everybody buys those lists? Everybody markets to those lists. Guess what happens? Then you have competition. Listen to me. Download the deal machine app. I’m telling you, put in coupon code TTP. You get it for $9 off a month, but download the deal machine app.
I’m telling you, drive around the neighborhoods and go and get at least listen to me. This is the, this is the like action items I’m giving you. Get at least a hundred addresses a week, a hundred addresses a week. Get it into your deal machine app and get those skip traced. Get their phone numbers. Okay? You can go door knocking if you want. I don’t care, but it’s a lot more. You can leverage your time and leverage your ability to communicate with more people if you use the phone, so get those, skip trace it, Make sure you put in TTP for the coupon code and get it at 18 cents an address. Next I’m going to put a link on this video to download the TTP script. Okay? Get the script and listen to me, practice it. That sounds bananas, but practice it. Do you think NBA players never practice free throws or jump shots or plays or anything?
They practice it over and over and over and over till it’s perfect. You need to practice and it needs to be perfect practice. I don’t want you to practice with no enthusiasm and making up your own things and really working it and doing it with, with like no confidence. No, you need work on the script. You need to watch your tone of voice, okay? Your tone, it needs to be kind and optimistic. In your mind right now, whoever you think is the kindest and most optimistic person in your life, that has to be you on the phone. That has to be you, okay? Kind and optimistic. Okay, next, watch your pacing. Don’t pull those people by going too fast. Don’t go slow because you’re an analytical mind and you want to take time to make sure people are hearing exactly what you say. No, understand the tone, mirror and match that of the actual property owner that you’re talking to.
Okay. Practice, practice, practice and practice active listening. Listen to me. Active listening. Now obviously all of these things are all about being proactive. Let me rewind it just a second. You got to be proactive. You’ve got to go out and you’ve got to create the business. Do not buy it. Create the business right now. Keep your marketing coach and budget low and go out and create the business, so that’s what this is all about. This is all about TTP, baby. Is all about talking to people on a daily basis, so go and active listening. Active listening is you not being silent while somebody is talking on the phone. You say reaffirming things like, “sure, uh uh, okay, got it. Three bedrooms. Yep, sure. Okay. You’re going to for 40 years. Oh wow. That’s incredible. Sure.” If you are silent on the other line, you will sound like a telemarketer that is in India or the Philippines or South America that they’re just, they’re just reading from rescript and responding on a script.
You need to have interaction for people to open up, active listening. Huge. Okay. Listen to me. Work on your skills every single day. What that means is every time you get an objection, I don’t care if it’s face to face over the phone, whatever it is, you need to write down that objection and find three responses for it and practice them. Three responses for it, okay? There’s a ton of different responses. You’ve got to get into what you feel is going to be the most effective. You can Google it, you can look it up, you can YouTube it, you can find it. You can ask people that are doing it. You can find people that are amazing at this like sales process and really get it. But you need to write down all the objections you’re getting and master them. You should be like a gunslinger.
When somebody throws an objection at you, you should be able to just go and get a good quality objection handler in your arsenal right now. Okay? Set a minimum goal for the amount of new property owners you’re going to talk to on a daily basis. I highly suggest it be 10 every day. 10 new homeowners every single day that you ask them, “Would they consider an offer on their property?” 10, make that a minimum. It could be more, absolutely it can be more. My guys downstairs making cold calls right now, talk to 80 to a hundred a day and I have eight of them. Okay, so you can’t lose in that business, but if it’s just you out there hustling every single day, make a minimum of at least 10 new owner contacts every single day. You can do that by driving around. Use the deal machine app, skip, trace it, boom, put it into a dialer, put it in or hand dial them.
I don’t care. Call them up and talk to them. There you go. Follow up every single day. No exceptions. There should not be a day that you that goes by that you are not following up with your leads. This is a crucial, critical error I see all the time. Okay? People have no problem making a cold call and talking to somebody, but now that they’re on the hook, they’re like, “Oh no, what am I going to do? I don’t want to do lead followup. I’ll call him tomorrow. It’s not a good day today. Oh, I’ve got a lot of things going on. I want to make sure that I’m sitting down in my office, in my house making the calls so that I’m not distracted by anything.” Just follow up. All it is picking up the phone. Don’t even think about it. Just pick up the phone. Dial the number, talk to him.
Okay? Follow up every single day. And every single day, wake up with this question in mind. Who’s going to sign a contract today? Who’s going to sign a contract today? If you wake up with that, I’m telling you, everything changes. You’re going to look for it and you find what you look for, right? If you go out and you start saying, I want to buy a Toyota Tacoma and you’re going to start seeing a Toyota Tacoma everywhere on the street when you didn’t notice them at all before, right? You find what you’re looking for. That’s the way our human brain works. Okay? Pre-qualify every single lead every single time based on the four pre qualifiers. Condition of the house, timeline to sell, motivation to sell, and what price do they want? Free qualifying because it’s going to save you a ton of time. You will waste so much time if you’re driving around with un-prequalified people that will never do business with you.
So I’m telling you pre-qualifying every single time. So lets, let’s recap a little bit here. We are setting our 90 day goals. We’re setting our 90 day rewards. We’re being realistic. We are setting up, we’re, we’re setting up our business to be proactive. We’re talking to at least 10 people a day. We’re getting a hundred people from our driving for dollars list a week. We’re getting them skip trace so that we can call them so that we can leverage our time. Next you need to network and build your cash buyer database to at least a hundred people, at least a hundred people. There’s so many different strategies for building your cash buyer database. I’ll do a ton of videos on it, rest assured. But here’s the easy, simple thing. Just find people that are buying properties with cash. Okay? Find people, get a realtor to find you every flip property going on or any cash that’s going on or look it up on list source and get all of those addresses, skip trace them and get the phone number and talk to those people.
Okay? Get into networking groups, go to meetup groups. Get on Facebook pages, whatever it is, find them on Craigslist, whatever it means, whatever you need to do, talk to your title companies, talk to your private money, hard money lenders, all of these people, you know. Build it to a hundred people in this next 90 days. Okay, next. Here it is ,so important, and I want to make a specific distinction here. I want you to be patient. And when I say be patient, that doesn’t mean don’t be productive, don’t take action, don’t sit around doing nothing. What it means is you need to build this thing up. It is momentum. It is a snowball. It is a train starting on the tracks. Real slow, real slow, real slow, until it builds up the momentum. You need to be patient, but absolutely productive. Absolutely action-based. Absolutely proactive. Okay, so we’re going to set 90 day goals.
We’re going to write them down. We’re going to have a specific reward. We’re going to be realistic. We’re going to get a hundred driving for dollars a week. We’re going to talk to 10 a day. We’re going to talk to, we’re going to build our cash buyers base up to a hundred days. We’re going to download the script. We’re going to practice the script. We’re going to write down every objection that we get and find three responses to it. We’re going to build our skills. We’re going to build our confidence and remember the four Cs. Okay? You’ve got to be committed. Commitment first, courage, competence, and then confidence. The four Cs. Okay? That is your 90 day action plan. Don’t get distracted. Take massive action. Be an absolutely rhinoceros with this and you will win. I love you guys. I’m so excited to see results in the next 90 days. I am so grateful to be able to provide as much value as I can to you guys. I see you next time.

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