Posted on: January 24, 2019

Imagine working really hard the first 90 days of your wholesaling journey and not being able to close a single deal. Most people probably would have thrown in the towel and looked for something else to do. But not John Pene.

John is a phenomenal new wholesaler whose determination is just extraordinary. Even if he didn’t get to close a single deal the first 90 days of his wholesaling journey, he never gave up. On the contrary, it motivated him to work even harder.

Six months in and his determination has been rewarded handsomely—so far, he has bought 9 contracts (7 deals closed and 2 in the works) and earned $20,000 from one of the deals he did. Definitely a fitting reward for his remarkable drive!

If you’re considering throwing in the towel, do yourself a huge favor and listen to this truly amazing episode first. John’s story will surely inspire you to try harder until you achieve that wholesaling success you have been looking for!

Key Takeaways

  • What skip tracing is
  • How he pre-qualifies prospects
  • What the first 90 days of his wholesaling journey has been like
  • How he remained committed to making wholesaling work for him
  • How he kept his focus and drive
  • How developing a morning routine has helped him significantly
  • The difference between identity and role
  • What his morning routine is like
  • The significance of having quality conversations with distressed property owners
  • What active listening is and why it’s key to wholesaling
  • His future goals


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Episode Transcription

Brent Daniels: Welcome to the whole ceiling inc podcast, the number one wholesaling podcast on planet Earth. My name is Brent Daniels and it is my absolute honor to host this podcast today. Now, I want to thank everybody out there. If you are listening to this for the first time, I want to thank you for finding us. If you are a loyal listener, which we have just so many around the country and the world, I want to say thank you for coming back to this. We try to provide as much value as possible and this podcast will not be any less than that. This podcast is going to be absolutely on fire. This is an interview here in my office in Phoenix, Arizona with an incredible local real estate wholesaler that started six months ago, that is from, he’s not even from the United States. He was born in the Congo and he is just doing incredible things in one of the most competitive markets in the country. So with that, I want to introduce the outstanding, the amazing Mr John Pene.
Welcome to the podcast. Welcome to the YouTube video. Say hello to everybody.

John Pene: How’s it going? It’s a pleasure to be here.

Brent Daniels: Okay, so John, so give us your background. Tell us about you. Tell us what’s going on. In the intro, I mentioned that you were from Congo, that you had just started out, that you’re doing some amazing things here, locally here. There’s a big buildup here. Let everybody know about you and what you got go on because I think you’re amazing. Let’s hear your story.

John Pene: Yeah, definitely. I was born in Congo like you said, and I moved out here four years ago and I do driving For dollars and I work with [Joseph Morando 00:02:38] of Pleasant House Buyers. I’m an affiliate and pretty much, I’ve been doing real estate for the past six months. It’s been a great journey. I love it. I love every bit of it. I love the excitement, the chase, the hunt. I love everything about it. It’s awesome, man.

Brent Daniels: Okay, so wait a second. How did you go from the Congo to Phoenix, Arizona?

John Pene: That’s a great question. I was in Johannesburg, South Africa. I was born in the Congo and then my dad sent me over to Johannesburg to get a little bit better education and from there I always wanted to play basketball. I was really good at it and I got recruited to South Mountain Community College where I played for two years. After I graduated there, I was pretty much in real estate business.

Brent Daniels: Got it. You mentioned you work with Joseph Morando and for anybody that knows, on this podcast or from watching this video, Joseph Morando is an incredible wholesaler in Phoenix and he’s built his whole business around TTP, about all around cold calling, all around prospecting, all around being proactive. You’re kind of related to him.

John Pene: I am. I am. Interesting story because my girlfriend is actually Joseph Morando’s sister-in-law and she’s the one that introduced me to him and I was always into reading books and self development and she told me, “I know a great guy that does real estate. You should probably meat him.” That’s how me and Joseph got to know each other and it’s history from there, pretty much.

Brent Daniels: Got it. You’re done with college. What are you doing with your life after college? I mean, were you working or did you have another job? Did you have another career path that you were looking at? What was going on?

John Pene: When I was done with college, I was literally on rock bottom zero. I was broke. I had no money and I used to pretty much get some income from FAFSA and after I was done in college, I didn’t know where to go. I didn’t know what to do. My girlfriend was pregnant at the time and then our baby was on the way.

Brent Daniels: Here comes that motivation.

John Pene: Yeah, that stress level just to learn through the roof and I was motivated. I wanted to do something with my life and basically get into the building on wealth and developing something that I would be proud of. Something I would do something and my son pretty much live off for that and not worry about where his next meal’s going to come from.

Brent Daniels: Then you found wholesaling?

John Pene: I found wholesaling through Joseph. She told me to sit down with him and the funny thing is when we sat down that day, I’m like, “Okay, I’m meeting this guy that knows everything about real estate. He’s about to blow my mind.” And I’m like, “Okay, Joseph, where do I start?” And he’s like, “Well, you get in your car, go around the neighborhood, find 10 vacant properties. Then we’ll talk.” I was like, “That’s it?” He’s like, “Yeah.” I didn’t take action at first. I wasn’t as motivated and my baby was born and boom. I was like, “Okay”-

Brent Daniels: Well, that’s the biggest motivator of all time. Oh my Gosh. Holy cow. I can get by living in my car, but now, you know what I mean? It’s a whole different, the life changes big time. You have a little baby. You’re introduced to Joseph. You get the opportunity to then just drive for dollars for yourself.

John Pene: Just drive for dollars. Just for myself and he told me, and I remember I called him. I called him up when I was finally motivated and I wanted to take massive action. I told him, “Got to call Joseph.” So I called him, and I’m like, “Joseph, do you have a position for me?” And Joseph goes, “No. I don’t have a job for you, but you can get affiliate and then you can drive for dollars for yourself.” And I was like, “Okay. I’ll do that.” We got into it and I started driving and I was pretty much running around the Phoenix area. I drove for about for about a week. Got 50 properties. Skip traced them and give them a call and nothing.

Brent Daniels: Just to break it down real quick. Skip tracing is basically just uploading the addresses and the homeowners’ numbers and homeowners’ information into a database and getting accurate phone numbers back. That’s what skip tracing is, if this is your first time listener, if you’re not familiar with it. You drive around, you get the addresses and then you do research. You get the homeowners’ names and then you’re able to get their phone numbers?

John Pene: Phone numbers.

Brent Daniels: Got it. Okay, and then what?

John Pene: That’s [inaudible 00:07:05].

Brent Daniels: You better believe it.

John Pene: [inaudible 00:07:06] and I pick up the phone, call those home owners and find those distressed sellers and pretty much get on the phone and talk to them and find out what the motivation is, find out the condition of the property and then take them off and then try to get that deal closed as soon as possible after that.

Brent Daniels: Yeah. Yeah. When you’re pre-qualifying any leads out there, listeners, it is the condition of the property, the timeline they want to sell it, the motivation and the price. That’s what John is trying to get when he’s having those conversations with the homeowners. You’ve got a list. Is this just a printed list?

John Pene: Nope. I have to write it down by hand, one by one as I’m driving.

Brent Daniels: No. I mean, once you have all the information, and you have the addresses, and the phone numbers, is it just printed on an Excel and you’re just hand dialing?

John Pene: Yeah, I put it in Excel and I call them one by one. One at a time. When I go to voicemail I leave them voicemails and that’s the quickest way for them to get back to me. And I leave my phone number in the voicemail now and I get a lot of call backs. If they don’t, they text me back and tell me to call them. And I call them and we get those contracts.

Brent Daniels: Love it. How was the first 90 days of your real estate journey? This is a really interesting podcast and if you watch the video, you can watch this video on Wholesaling Inc’s YouTube channel, but John is in the same office as I am, right? It’s a shared office space here in downtown. I’ve got to see this whole maturation process go with my own eyes. I’ve seen the low, low, low, lows to getting the deals to get going to being consistent. Everybody out there, let’s be realistic. You went, you got those addresses. You got the phone numbers and you call them and…

John Pene: I got a bunch of Nos.

Brent Daniels: Got a bunch of Nos. Okay.

John Pene: The first couple of calls with a bunch of nos. They’d be like, “No, no, no, no, no, no.” And for 90 days, Brent, 90 days, no deals, no contracts. And then by this point, my baby’s born and stress level is even higher and the bills are piling up and I’m still pushing every single day. Those first 90 days, for me, were really hard because I just drove and no return, but I was building. That’s what happened. The whole time I would speak to Joseph and he told me, he’s like, “You’re on that wheel and you’re pushing and doing all the effort to get it going and then wants to start spinning, all you have to do is just put your foot down and give it a little push and gone.”

Brent Daniels: Keeps going.

John Pene: Keeps going.

Brent Daniels: Yeah. I love it. How did you get through it? How do you keep your mind so, because I saw you. I personally saw you. You came in everyday, you were consistently making calls. You were here when it was dark and that’s in the summertime. It takes like till eight o’clock for it to get dark here. You were making calls until it was dark. You were driving around all day. You were coming in every single day. How do you keep your mindset strong enough to stay motivated or committed? Let’s just say that. Let’s use that word. Committed to making this happen. Why not just go get a job? Why not quit? Why not bury your head in the sand? You know what I mean?

John Pene: It’s about not getting complacent and I wasn’t going to allow myself to get complacent and get comfortable at the idea that I’ve been driving and I had to start every single day fresh. It didn’t matter if I had 50 properties before, I had to start fresh as though this was my first day driving for dollars. I kept that fire burning, that hunger, that desire to continue to go after it every single day as though every day was the first day. And that kept me grounded and that allowed me to put in that extra work. Every single time that I’m here, people that are traveling around with Phoenix, they say, I get 50 properties. I’m like, “Okay. Get 50, I’ll get 100.” And they say, “I get 100.” “Okay, get 100, I’ll get 200.” That’s what kept me going. Yeah. [crosstalk 00:11:09]

Brent Daniels: It’s an athlete. It’s that competitive drive.

John Pene: You fight for everything.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, but didn’t you feel down? I mean, didn’t you feel mad or sad or anxious or maybe depressed? Did any of that creep it in? Did you have to fight against that?

John Pene: I did.

Brent Daniels: What did you do to get past all that? Because I think there’s a lot of people that might be listening to this that they’ve gone out and they’ve tried a little bit. They’ve gone out and they’ve tried, maybe it’s not even real estate. Maybe it’s something else. Maybe it’s some other kind of side business or whatever and it didn’t work out and they got anxiety. They felt like they failed and they couldn’t get through it. And then that makes them feel even worse, that they gave up. You went through all these things. How do you keep doing it? Keep showing up every single day.

John Pene: It was taking advantage of myself and, basically, I started reading books. I wasn’t reading books before I did real estate. I started reading books about self development and I started waking up in the morning and developing a morning routine every morning and investing in myself and my own mind and positivity. I was meditating and doing all these things that I didn’t do before. All of a sudden now I have this boost of energy in the morning and I’m ready to go. I’m fired up. Affirmations work for me. I wake up in the morning and I’m yelling in the showers and my girlfriend is like, “What’s going on in there?” I’m like, “I’m getting these deals. I’m getting these deals.”

Brent Daniels: I love that, yeah.

John Pene: That gives me a source of positivity to pretty much keep me going when things get tough.

Brent Daniels: Got it. The first 90 days, nothing.

John Pene: Nothing.

Brent Daniels: How was the last 90 days?

John Pene: The last 90 days, nine contracts, seven closed deals.

Brent Daniels: Seven closed deals, nine contracts.

John Pene: Yeah. Can you imagine?

Brent Daniels: Oh my Gosh. I mean, that’s what it’s about. I mean, honestly. You’ve been putting property under contract every 10 days.

John Pene: Every 10 days.

Brent Daniels: Every 10 days and you’re still hand dialing?

John Pene: Still hand dialing.

Brent Daniels: Still leaving messages?

John Pene: Still leaving messages.

Brent Daniels: You’re still driving yourself?

John Pene: Still driving myself.

Brent Daniels: You’re just building it up, building it up, building it up?

John Pene: He always told me when I came in, he told me, “You know what? You have to make those calls. You have to make those thousand quality conversations with distressed sellers and once you reach that point, it’s like clockwork. It’s second nature.” That’s what I’m going after. The closer I get, the more comfortable I get. Now feels like clockwork. It’s just cranking those numbers out. Getting those numbers.

Brent Daniels: Well, and I also know, I mean, just based on conversation that you and I had, we had a very serious discussion in this room about the difference between identity and roles. Right? That identity part of you, that castle that sits inside me, that winner part inside you that you have to tap into whenever things are going bad, when everything is going rough with your roles. Being a father is a role. Being a boyfriend is a role. Being an entrepreneur is a role. Being in wholesale is a role. Being a brother or a son or whatever, those are all roles. Well, what’s that mean inside of you? You have that winner part inside of you. You were just getting bogged down by all those roles and then you’re like, “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I got this and you went and have… You just went crazy.

John Pene: Yeah, and now I saw those roles and I went ready to do all those head first because I know that once you start getting going, once that first little hits, that feeling, that excitement. I’m sure you remember-

Brent Daniels: It goes from belief to fact. I mean, you can believe that you can do anything. I can believe that I’m going to play center for The Suns, but it’s not going to be a fact. You know what I mean? You take them from the belief lane to fact lane. It’s just a whole different thing and then I really think it changes the synapses in your brain or whatever. Just whatever’s going on in there and you just know that you can do it and it just builds and builds and builds and builds. That’s why I always talk about stacking small win every single day. If you’re in a slump, if you’ve never dealt deals before, sack the small wins. I mean, you break down the small wins perfectly when you talk about your routine. Go through your daily routine.

John Pene: Yeah, definitely. My morning starts at 5:30. I wake up at 5:30 AM.

Brent Daniels: That’s a win.

John Pene: That’s a win right there. I get down into my prayer routine for about 15 minutes. Another win, get into my meditation for another 15 to 30 minutes. And then after that I do some exercises to get my blood pumping, to get me going and then once I’m ready and hyped, I sit down and plan out my driving for dollars. Then after my calls, I follow up leads and pretty much get as familiar and comfortable with this trip as I can to pretty much make it my own thing and I just prepare my day before I start my day.
By the time I’m out the door, I’m at the office in, usually around, I’m not at the office, I’m driving for dollars. I go out to whatever area that I already prepared for. I drive around for about four to five hours, then come back to the office, start calling. That’s usually around 2:00 PM. I’ll be back at the office and I start calling all the way until six to 8:00 PM. And then when I’m done with that, I go back home and then the next day forget about the previous one, start fresh. Go after somebody else.

Brent Daniels: Yeah. Love it. He gets out of the bed, he prays, he meditates, he works out, he goes and gets in his car, he drives for dollars, he gets a certain amount of them. These are all the little wins. Now, did he get paid for any of these things? No. You know what he gets paid for? He gets paid when he picks up the phone and he makes a contact with the homeowner and you provide value to the homeowner and you solve the homeowner’s problems. That’s when you get paid, but all those things leading up to it, all those little wins, equal that big win. Equal that big win of actually getting paid. Right?

John Pene: It’s all about the mindset and the way you look at it. I don’t look at it as it’s a sacrifice for something, that I’m losing. I look at it as an investment I’m making to lead up to that big-

Brent Daniels: Beautiful.

John Pene: It’s just an investment. You’re investing in your own success and that’s the only thing that you can do. The price is easier.

Brent Daniels: Yeah. What’s the biggest deal that you’ve done?

John Pene: The biggest deal that I’ve done was a condo deal. New properties. I made about 20 grand.

Brent Daniels: 20,000?

John Pene: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: Beautiful. Isn’t that nice? Hand me that bell right there. Hand me that bell right there. 20 grand and when was that? When did you close that?

John Pene: That was last month. Love doing that. I love it. The God of real estate.

Brent Daniels: He made $20,000. Now, that was one seller, three properties, right?

John Pene: Yeah.

Brent Daniels: And that’s from one phone call, guys. That’s what the one reaching out. It was a drive for dollars, obviously, right? Why did he want to sell them?

John Pene: We had a previous deal with him where we had a property in Maryvale that went-

Brent Daniels: This guy did more deals?

John Pene: He did more deal with us off of one good, quality conversation on the phone.

Brent Daniels: Yeah, that’s it.

John Pene: We spoke and after that we had good rapport and then he called me back and said, “You did a good job with the first. One I got three more for you.”

Brent Daniels: Love it. Did you hear what he said there? Quality conversations. Guys, boil this whole business down to one thing. Listen to me. Having quality conversations with a distressed property owner on a regular basis, you will win. You will win. It is flawless. It is undefeated. You will win if you’re having quality conversations with distressed property owners as often as possible. “But Brad, what about the presentation and the contracts and the cash buyers?” I get it. All those things are the easy part. Those are all easy parts. You got to figure out all that stuff. The hard part is having those quality conversations with distressed property owners and that’s if you want to master sourcing deals. If you want to be the master of sourcing deals, I don’t care if you want to build a real estate portfolio or flip them or develop or wholesale or whatever it is. The person that sources those deals is always going to get the opportunity to make the most amount of money on those deals. That’s what you’re talking about. You’re talking about going out there and having a quality conversation with them.

John Pene: Yeah. It’s not some magical, you have to be a genius to know how to do this stuff. You just get up in the morning, you get in your car, drive around your own neighborhood, you will find distressed properties, guaranteed. I bet you that as you’re driving around, within an hour, you will see something that doesn’t look like the other properties in the neighborhood. You get that address down. You can use your pen and paper. You can use Zillow to make sure you’ve got the right address. And there’s also an app that I also use as well, Deal Machine.

Brent Daniels: Deal Machine.

John Pene: With the TTP discount. I use that and I can get the owner’s name and phone number and give him a call right then and there and try and get a quality conversation and if they’re a distressed seller, is that a good deal right there.

Brent Daniels: That’s it. Here’s the deal. I’m going to tell you the two things, I think, are your biggest strengths. One, consistency, right? Consistency comes with, it can be interchanged with commitment, right? If you’re committed to it, you’re going to have that consistency, right? And then number two is you’re an active listener. And I think guys, this is so important. If you are thinking about seriously using TTP, if you’re seriously thinking about cold calling or prospecting for your business, which I hope you do because it is so incredibly profitable. And you can get shown right with very little budget, but anyway, active listening is so important. Active listening is nodding your head when you’re on the phone, saying, “Uh-huh. Sure. Yes. Exactly. I hear you.” Those little things of active listening. I hear you on your phone call. You’re doing it the whole time. Like that. Like that. That’s perfect, right?
For real, that is so important because if you don’t, if it’s dead air, if it’s silence on the other end, people feel interrogated. Something in their brain clicks and they say, “Wait a second, somebody is trying to get something from me. Somebody is trying to take advantage of me. This doesn’t feel right. I don’t know why I’m under the pressure here.” If there’s any kind of friction, if there’s any kind of pressure there by that silence, which there will be, then you’re going to lose those deals. But if you’re active listening and you’re following and you’re nodding and you’re listening and you’re replying to them and you’re just saying little things, just affirm that you’re here. “I’m sure. Yeah. Got it. Okay. Three bedrooms, sure.” All those things. You will be a master at this. A master. Then you can do it in any market, in any situation. If you talked to 1,000 homeowners, which we’ve talked about, once you’ve talked to 1,000 homeowners, you can talk to anybody about this.

John Pene: It becomes second nature, pretty much, and think about it. When people call you, you don’t want to be talking to a robot that’s asking you questions. You want to feel comfortable. It’s like you’re talking to someone, like we’re talking here right now. Comfortable, laid back. That’s how you want to be on the phone because people respond to people that have good positive energy and I just incorporate that in my calling and boom. That was my key.

Brent Daniels: Boom. I love it. Seven deals in the last 90 days. You’ve got two pending. Where does John Pene go this year? What does this year look like?

John Pene: My goal for this year is to establish myself in the real estate market.

Brent Daniels: As your own…

John Pene: As my own-

Brent Daniels: Company?

John Pene: Company. Right now, I’m working with Joseph Morando, great guy, because he’s had me with him for six months.

Brent Daniels: Family.

John Pene: He’s family and that’s a benefit. That’s a plus. He’s been teaching me every single thing every step of the way. He’s been guiding me and I have you as well when I come up and you show me, which way to go because some of these things, you’re not going to have a blueprint or book that you’re going to read and you know what to do. You learn as you go. The thing is I just keep taking action and what I’m going for this year is pretty much becoming my own company and start to build a buy all this so that I can make more of those deals. Of course, getting into that network because, for me, seven deals is 30 grand. For you, seven deals is 100 for you. I’m trying to get to 140 and even higher, if possible. The sky’s the limit and that’s what I’m aiming for this year. Sell them those routes into the market and letting the tree grow. Now, listen, I’ll water it. Water it and let it grow to as big as it can get.

Brent Daniels: I love it. I love it. You’re going to be unstoppable. It’s just staying consistent. John starts every day at zero. He literally starts every day at zero. It is so important. It sounds silly to say it, but he starts every day and zero. This guy gets up like he has no leads, no money in the account, and it wasn’t hard to imagine for a while because you didn’t, but now you do. But now you’ve built up your pipeline, right?
I mean, I know on average, in Phoenix, it takes 92 days to close a TTP deal from the first contact to getting money in my account, right? It’s 92 days. You went through that 92 days and, hell, you went through that 90 days of really questioning, can you do this? Does it work? Am I saying the right things or am I talking to the right people? Should I be doing something else? Should I try to sell Bitcoin? No, no, no, but all these different things and now you’ve got a pipeline. Now you see the fruits of your labor and, literally, after 90 days, then you start closing those deals and the last 90 days has been fantastic. Now you’re rolling into this next 90 days with already a headstart plus you’re staying at zero and building it up, building it up, building it up.

John Pene: Like you mentioned. Yes. It’s all about building up with the small wins, like you mentioned, man. Getting my numbers up, another. I know my numbers. I know that it takes me this many calls to get a lead, this many calls to get a deal. Now I know that, okay, when I’m driving for dollars-

Brent Daniels: What is it, typically?

John Pene: Typically, for me, every 102 calls gives me a deal.

Brent Daniels: A deal. Now, is that calls or contacts?

John Pene: Good conversations. [crosstalk 00:25:26] Every good 102 good, quality conversation is made.

Brent Daniels: Gives you a deal?

John Pene: A deal. I’ve been getting seven deals and you can [inaudible 00:25:37].

Brent Daniels: Talked to a lot of people.

John Pene: A lot of people. [crosstalk 00:25:41] I feel more comfortable on the phone right now and just getting those small wins every single day. Getting my mind right and making sure that I continue to build that pipeline because if I’m not driving, I’m calling and if I’m not calling, I’m driving. I’m trying to maximize that as max as I can and do it as much, as often as I can to get on that phone and to getting those deals [inaudible 00:26:06]

Brent Daniels: Let’s work these numbers real quick because I know people are listening to this in their car screaming and they want me to ask these questions. Okay? How many contacts do you make per hour?

John Pene: How many contacts do I make per hour? I would say I’m trying to get about 80 to 100 contacts.

Brent Daniels: An hour? No. Calls.

John Pene: Calls.

Brent Daniels: No, how many people do you actually, because you said it was 102 contacts to a deal. Can you only talk to five an hour? Do you talk to 10? Because what people are wondering right now listening and watching this is, “How long does it take him to get a deal?” And then they think, “How long will it take me to get a deal?” That’s what it boils down to. Typically, I mean, I know from my experience hand dialing that I would only talk to, if I was hand dialing and people called me back and whatever, I would get seven contacts an hour. You know what I mean? Is it somewhere around that or you talk-

John Pene: Around that. I try to spend more time with people that want to sell and less time with people that don’t want to sell. I’ll go between, close to eight to 12 an hour. I’m here usually-

Brent Daniels: Let’s say it takes you eight to 10 hours to get a deal.

John Pene: Yeah. Pretty much.

Brent Daniels: Right. And let’s say that what you should be, minimum, should be 10 grand a deal, which should be 15 grand a deal, which probably should be 20 grand a dealer in this market, right? And let’s say it’s 10. That means you’re getting paid $1,000 an hour, if you can work your brain that way, to make those calls. I always say that you have to imagine, with all my TTP students, I tell them, like a sliver in their brain, I want them to imagine that I’m standing there with them. I’m making sure that you’re using the script. I’m making sure that their tone is perfect, that their pace is mirroring and matching that of the homeowner and that every hour they’re on the phone, that I hand them a crisp 10 brand new 100 dollar bills. Right?

John Pene: That sounds-

Brent Daniels: Right? And they don’t even look up. They just open their palm and put it into their palm, they put it in their pocket and keep going because they know in 60 more minutes, they’re going to get another $1,000.

John Pene: That’s exciting.

Brent Daniels: That’s it.

John Pene: Why stop calling if you can anticipate-

Brent Daniels: Tell me what a business person or profession or whatever, gets $1,000 an hour, gets to work pretty much when the sun’s up. Right? You know what Isn’t on a call all the time, doesn’t have to have $250,000 in student debt or whatever. I mean, we’re talking attorneys, doctors, all these things don’t make that. A lot of them-

John Pene: That’s true. They don’t make that. [crosstalk 00:28:49] We can make it.

Brent Daniels: Through driving around-

John Pene: Driving around in your own car. Okay? Writing it down by yourself. No one literally charging you anything.

Brent Daniels: This is amazing.

John Pene: And don’t say gas. Don’t say gas.

Brent Daniels: Don’t say, “Well, water up and gas. It costs something.” Yeah, exactly. Awesome, man. Really, really great. I’m really glad that you came on here, you got to share a story. I think a lot of people can relate to being at nothing. Whether their nothing is they have a job that they hate and they don’t want to do it anymore, but they don’t want to replace their income or they’re literally, they have no money. They’re in college or they’re getting out of the military and they have no profession set up. Whatever it is, this, going from that and seeing transition in six months to really being able to provide, to thrive and to grow. You’re an inspiration, man.

John Pene: Thank you.

Brent Daniels: You truly are an inspiration.

John Pene: I’m learning from the best. [crosstalk 00:00:29:51].

Brent Daniels: Well, thank you. Thank you. [crosstalk 00:29:53].

John Pene: For me.

Brent Daniels: Thank you. If people want to reach out to you and just come in contact with you, what’s the best way for them to reach you?

John Pene: Definitely. You can reach me on my Facebook account and my Instagram. My Facebook is John Pene, which is J-O-H-N, first name. Last name, P-E-N-E, and my Instagram is John Pene 13, one three at the end with no space. John Pene, one three, no space. That is my Instagram. You can definitely send me a direct message would be great. I’d love to talk to you guys and let you know about how this journey has been for me-

Brent Daniels: And we’ll put this at the bottom in the notes of the video. If you are interested in joining the most proactive group in real estate, please check us out at I would love to personally mentor you myself. I guess that’s what personally mentor means, but I’d love to mention you myself. Check us out at You’re going to talk to an amazing team of people. It’s not weirdos that are in some of their country and have no idea about this business. These are rock star people that you’re going to be talking to here in Utah.
They’re going to really break it down and see if it’s the right fit for your business. It’s totally worth. It will be the best call of the beginning of your year here. Check us out. Love to work with you personally because all of my students are invited to come up here into the 18th and 19th floor and check us all out. Meet John, meet everybody making calls. See the environment. I’d love to have you up here and I encourage everybody listening to talk to people as much as possible. I love you guys all and I wish you the best of luck. God bless. See ya.

John Pene: Bye.

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