Episode 240: How an Exceptionally Determined Wholesaler Achieved Wholesaling Success

Imagine working really hard the first 90 days of your wholesaling journey and not being able to close a single deal. Most people probably would have thrown in the towel and looked for something else to do. But not John Pene.

John is a phenomenal new wholesaler whose determination is just extraordinary. Even if he didn’t get to close a single deal the first 90 days of his wholesaling journey, he never gave up. On the contrary, it motivated him to work even harder.

Six months in and his determination has been rewarded handsomely—so far, he has bought 9 contracts (7 deals closed and 2 in the works) and earned $20,000 from one of the deals he did. Definitely a fitting reward for his remarkable drive!

If you’re considering throwing in the towel, do yourself a huge favor and listen to this truly amazing episode first. John’s story will surely inspire you to try harder until you achieve that wholesaling success you have been looking for!

Key Takeaways

  • What skip tracing is
  • How he pre-qualifies prospects
  • What the first 90 days of his wholesaling journey has been like
  • How he remained committed to making wholesaling work for him
  • How he kept his focus and drive
  • How developing a morning routine has helped him significantly
  • The difference between identity and role
  • What his morning routine is like
  • The significance of having quality conversations with distressed property owners
  • What active listening is and why it’s key to wholesaling
  • His future goals


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