Episode 24: How to Outsmart Your Competition!

How to outsmart your competition!

Would you like to discover a strategy that brings you 5 to 7 deals a month? I’m talking about a “Ninja” tactic that practically nobody knows about!

Today’s guest, Brent Daniels, is KILLING it in his Wholesaling business and is going to reveal his secrets, in depth. He’ll show you exactly what he is doing (the formula is pretty simple) and how he discovered it. This method is a surefire way to outsmart your competition with ease.

To find success in this business you must ALWAYS be willing to think outside the box and do things that others aren’t willing to do. Brent has built his business for 3 years now and in this episode you will learn how he got started and why he has found SUPERNATURAL success in his wholesaling business!

You will also discover what he refers to as “active marketing”, what his pipeline looks like, and how he stays determined and motivated.

This episode is a game changer and will get you out there knocking doors and calling anyone and everyone you can, to make some deals.


  • How one book made him take the plunge into real estate
  • How he tripled his income just by joining the tribe
  • What he is doing RIGHT NOW that is making him so successful
  • Passive vs Active Marketing
  • The best way to go driving for dollars
  • The “Secret” to cold-calling like a boss
  • The elements of a pre-qualified lead
  • Success ratio for every call
  • Why follow up will make or break this kind of marketing
  • What a deal looks like for Brent
  • How he earned an easy $29,000 on this deal!
  • Changing perspective in your business
  • and so much more…

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